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Nearly 50 senators sign bipartisan letter asking Trump to support joint U.S.-Mexico-Canada bid for 2026 World Cup

It seems there are some fans of the world's most beautiful game lurking on Capitol Hill. On Wednesday, a group of nearly 50 senators sent a letter to President Trump asking him to support an effort for the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to jointly host the FIFA 2026 World Cup.

Una Marson: Jamaica’s First Female Editor and Publisher

Happy Black History Month! For each of the 28 days of February, we at The Mary Sue will have a post about a black woman you should know about—some you may have heard of, some a little bit more obscure, and some fictional who still deserve a lot of love.  ‘Girlfriend of the forces’ Una Marson (1905 -1965) broadcasting to British troops in the West Indies from a theatre in London, 23rd February 1942.

Pentax K-1 Mark II Offers ISO 819200 and Handheld Pixel Shift

Ricoh has just announced the Pentax K-1 Mark II, a successor to the original K-1 that was unveiled in February 2016.

Exclusive: Telegram is holding a secretive second pre-ICO sale

You have to admire Pavel Durov’s audacity. Over the past few months, the CEO of Telegram convinced 81 accredited investors, including Silicon Valley giants Sequoia Capital and Benchmark, to give him $850 million in a presale of his company’s cryptocurrency in advance of an initial coin offering, or ICO.

The case that Idaho’s brazen anti-Obamacare plan isn’t illegal after all

If you want the full breakdown of Idaho’s audacious plan to unravel Obamacare within its borders, check out the piece we published this morning.

Space-saving, planet-saving paper furniture!

If you thought this single-leather-piece card-case was marvelous, wait till I introduce you to Octa. Made out of 3 pieces of corrugated cardboard, the Octa can become a rather sturdy stool capable of taking a grown human’s weight.

North Korea backed out of secret meeting with Vice President Mike Pence at Olympics in South Korea

Vice President Mike Pence was secretly set to meet with North Korean officials earlier this month while visiting South Korea for the 2018 Winter Olympics, according to White House officials on Tuesday, but the North Koreans backed out “at the last minute,” Bloomberg reported.

Black, Male… and Introverted

It took many years before Damon Young could fully accept himself as an introvert. Here he offers five important pieces of advice for fellow introverts.

Floating village of Cambodia

There’s more to see in Siem Reap than temples and ruins, but what? The floating villages of Cambodia, specifically Kampong Phluk, are definitely a less-traveled destination.

Hotel Buhelwirt

Set on a hillside in South Tyrol, Hotel Buhelwirt is a compelling mix of old and new, relaxation and activity.

10 Delicious Ways to Turn Bone Broth into Dinner — Recipes from The Kitchn

I was first introduced to the wonders of bone broth when I experimented with a round of Whole30 last winter.

The King Of The Sports - Worst Blowout Ever

the king of the sports by MarianoSan  Everyone enjoys sports in their own way, and most people discover their love of sports while playing a sport like football, tennis or baseball as a kid.

Everyday Items That Can Kill The Hell Out Of You

As Randy Newman sings in the theme song to the TV show Monk "It's a jungle out there...poison in the very air we breathe", but it's also a jungle inside our homes- where all sorts of ordinary, everyday things lie around waiting to kill us.

Try not to get hypnotized by this 'shark whisperer' and his calming powers

British marine biologist Alexander Wilcox has been working as an apprentice under Cristina Zenato, a certified 'shark whisperer.' Here he is showing off the insane skills he's learned to divers in the Caribbean.

Ford president leaves the company over ‘inappropriate behavior’

Ford Motor Company President Raj Nair is leaving the company “effective immediately” after an internal investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior.

The Heuer enthusiasts at Calibre11 are releasing a modern take on the Jo Siffert Autavia

A solid tribute to one of the most coveted vintage Heuers out there. Calibre11 is releasing a throwback to the coveted “Siffert Autavia” with the 2018 Heuer Autavia Jo Siffert Collector’s Edition.

This surprising breakfast staple might reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease

Dairy has had an increasingly rough go of it the past few years, as alt-milks have continued to take up more and more shelf space in grocery stores and coffeeshop chains.

Jay-Z just spent $139,000 on a night out, any questions?

We’ve all woken up after a bender and made the shocking realisation that we may have spent a bit too much on a night out.

This man built a singing Furby organ, and it’s the stuff of nightmares

We all know that Furby, the Gremlin-like doll made popular in the ‘90s, are cute AF. But who knew they’re musically-inclined too?

The Flower Beauty Products Our Editors Can't Get Enough Of

Finding low-maintenance, budget-friendly beauty inspiration from Hollywood celebrities can be tricky.