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Why Does Your Tongue Turn White?

Ever wonder why your tongue turns white? As it turns out quite a few things, but the most common causes are pretty easy to keep at bay or clear up.

Video Shows Inside Islamic State’s Sinister ‘Prison Of Death’

Daily torment.

TPCast will launch an Oculus Rift wireless adapter this year

One of our biggest stories of 2016 was the reveal of TPCast’s wireless adapter for the HTC Vive and for good reason; cutting the chord on PC-based headsets could do wonders for immersion in VR.

A Letter to the Fathers of White Boys Who Will Change the Future

  If you’re [a] white man in the USA, it’s open season on you. — Bill O’Reilly The white man is a low person on the totem pole.

WHO chief selects Zimbabwe's Mugabe as 'goodwill ambassador'

Several health organizations have condemned the appointment of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe as a 'goodwill ambassador' for the World Health Organization.

Inspired by #MeToo, I talked to a sexist I actually love

It’s 8pm on a Thursday, and I’m sweating through my t-shirt waiting for the phone to ring. The expected caller is a 64-year-old man who has for decades made inappropriate comments about women, and I’ve reached out so that he and I can have a direct conversation about his behavior.

Watch our talk on climate change live from Dutch Design Week

Kicking off Good Design for a Bad World, our series of talks about how design could tackle the world's big problems, Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs hosts a discussion on climate change live from Dutch Design Week.

Top 10 Chemical Engineering Schools in the USA

Engineering programs are among the most popular and highly in demand courses in universities today, and there are several factors to consider as a priority before entering a university.

Motorway roadworks speed limit to be raised

Speed limits through motorway roadworks could be raised from 50mph to 60mph after Highways England found that people felt safer going faster.

Police Search for Intruder After Break-In at Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Property

Police are searching for an intruder who last night broke into a Bel-Air property belonging to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, according to online news reports.

Thong Jeans Now Exist, But Twitter Isn’t Having Any of It

The first collection from Japanese designer Thibaut was the talk of the town at Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo this week — but not quite for the reasons you might expect.

Stüssy Heads to Hawaii for New Skate Film ‘Plumeria’

Back in July, Stüssy dropped a new VHS-style skateboarding film dubbed TRIBE. For their latest aesthetic, the streetwear mainstay took to Hawaii, now presenting Plumeria.

Marilyn Manson Responds to Twiggy Ramirez Rape Allegations

Marilyn Manson has spoken out after his longtime bassist, Twiggy Ramirez, was accused of rape and psychological abuse by his ex-girlfriend Jessicka Addams.

Death toll from Egypt gun battle rises to 52

At least 52 Egyptian police and conscripts were killed and six more wounded in a gun battle on Friday during a raid on a suspected militant hideout in the western desert, three security sources said on Saturday.

Here's How You Can Master Ethereum and Blockchain Technology

Cash in on the latest cryptocurrency trend with The Complete Ethereum Blockchain Mastery Bundle, now just $29

USA: From Outside Looking In

Embed from Getty Images Coming off a 15-hour direct flight from New Delhi to the windy city and having survived the 3-hour interrogation by immigration and customs, I walked through Chicago O’Hare to the train that would take me to the bus that… ‘CNN Breaking News’ 

Now what?

6 beautiful homes in the woods

Bainbridge Island, Washington. This five-bedroom contemporary-style 2008 house sits on 2.4 forested acres.

This Octopus-Inspired Robot Can Swim, Grasp Objects and Crawl Around

Researchers in Italy built a soft robot based on the anatomy and physicality of an octopus that moves and propels almost exactly like the real thing, they even tossed their prototype in the Mediterranean for a test drive.

Banking lessons for college students

Here are three of the week's top pieces of financial advice, gathered from around the web: College banking lessons College students: Read the fine print on your school-affiliated bank accounts, said Ann Carrns at The New York Times.

What lies beneath: 'Monster' plankton discovered in Arctic ice (PHOTO)

A new species that has been dubbed a hidden ‘monster’ of the plankton world has been found lurking under Arctic sea ice in Canada.