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Infographic: iPhone 8, 8 Plus And X Versus Some Top Android Smartphones

If youРђЎre torn between getting an iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X, or deciding between iOS and Android, this infographic by Business InsiderРђЎs tech reporter Antonio Villas-Boas and graphic designer Skye Gould could save you from unnecessary headache.

Nine years ago Warren Buffett bet on an unknown Chinese battery maker, and it’s sort of paying off

Nine years ago this week, as stocks were tanking in the global financial recession, Warren Buffett put money into a little-known mobile phone battery maker in Shenzhen.

Restoring Due Process on Campus

Watch the latest video at Finally, an end to the dreaded 2011 ‘Dear Colleague’ letter. By The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board The Education Department announced Friday it is formally rescinding its guidance on how colleges and universities should adjudicate sexual assault under Title IX, ending a policy that denied basic due process to accused students and was often used to silence dissenting voices on campus.

Karl Lagerfeld creates logo for Chanel’s upcoming collaboration with Colette

Chanel creative director Karl Largerfeld has created a painterly logo for the upcoming collaboration between the French fashion house and top Parisian concept store Colette.

What Non-Americans Find the Most Baffling About America

(Cows of Ameica by Stephen Brian Philips) What's normal to you about your culture may be seriously weird to someone from somewhere else.

Daily deals: GoPro HERO under £140

Welcome to Pocket-lint deals of the day where we scour the internet to find you the very best deals that are available in the UK today.We will be regularly updating this page, so check back regularly to make sure you don't miss out on some of the best...

Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft: The scramble to beat Apple, dominate hardware, and own your future

ANALYSIS: Google’s $1.1 billion acquihire of HTC’s Pixel team is just the latest example of a mega trend that is turning the tech industry upside down and has enormous consequences for the role technology plays in all of our lives.

Eurofighter jet plunges into sea at Italian air show, killing pilot (VIDEO)

Spectators at an air exhibition near Terracina witnessed the shocking death of an Italian Air Force pilot, after her plane plunged into the sea during a risky aerobatic maneuver on Sunday.

Trump Expands Travel Restrictions to Include North Korea, Venezuela and Chad

By Marisa Schultz, The New York Post President Trump issued a new travel ban Sunday evening to restrict visitors and immigrants from eight countries that have “inadequate” vetting procedures.

on divorce II

on divorce II And they woke to chicken bones scattered across the lawn and the children practicing divination And they were on different continents, having built on a fault line during the time of the gradual nightly drift And it was a season of dragon scales and broken dolls The pet rabbit in pieces on the neighbor’s hill should have warned them all of the coming fire He opened a letter from no one and cried She smiled yellow through the collected pictures on the piano The child swallowed pepper from the dinner table shaker and knew good and evil The littlest one crawled into the bread cabinet and ate an entire loaf before anyone found her The garden yielded bushels of lettuce with perfect spider eggs like pearls in the palm of each leaf At night, the darkness forced itself through the one corner of the house at which the angels didn’t stand, and the children shivered at the sight *** Read more of Leanne Drapeau’s poetry, including “on divorce I.” Interested in submitting poetry to The Good Men Project?

American low-cost fund giant Vanguard is now pulling in £2 million per day in the UK

Vanguard is a titan in the fund management industry, but the vast majority of its $4 trillion assets are in the US.

After 70 years, we’ve finally figured out how to build a better microwave

You’ve probably never heard of Percy Spencer, but you’ve certainly used one of his most famous inventions—probably to make popcorn.

A shoplifting solution billed as enlightened was ruled to be “textbook extortion”

Big retailers, like Walmart, have a massive shoplifting problem. The company loses about $3 billion, or about 1% of its annual sales, every year to theft.

Google moonshot lab cofounder Sebastian Thrun talks flying cars, automated teaching, and an AI arms race with China

Sebastian Thrun has a history of getting in front of trends. He’s known as one of the inventors of self-driving cars, helped launch Google’s [x] moonshot lab, co-founded online education startup Udacity, and has most recently gotten press for his work building flying cars for Larry Page (he’s eying early 2018 to put them on the general market).

Widespread evidence of sexual violence against Rohingya refugees - UN medics

Doctors treating Rohingya refugees fleeing the Myanmar military offensive are reporting widespread evidence of weaponized sexual violence against refugees that corroborates allegations made repeatedly over the past year.

How Obama Knee-Capped His Own Health Reform

By Kimberly Leonard, The Washington Examiner Democrats are fond of blaming Republicans for undermining Obamacare, especially as conservatives attempt to overhaul the law.

Arik Levy creates sculptural kitchen using "unbreakable and unscratchable" material

Paris-based designer Arik Levy has worked with Spanish surface manufacturer Compac to create a marble-like kitchen that is stain- and scratch-resistant.

Flatpack Surf Shack can be configured to suit your needs

Backcountry Hut Company (BHC), the Canadian firm that offers flatpack cabins that assemble "like Ikea furniture," has unveiled a new model called the Surf Shack.

Best UK SIM-only deals: 20GB data for £16 offer

Over the past few years, SIM-only contracts have seen something of a resurgence in the consumer market.

Bizarre video shows electric blue spider crawling on man's arm

This captivating footage shows an endangered blue-coloured tarantula - considered such a mystery even scientists are scratching their heads.