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Meet the Muse | Kathleen Ebbs

Visit the original post to see all 6 images from this gallery. For our latest installment of Meet the Muse, we had the opportunity to get together with Sydney-based model/actress Kathleen Ebbs.

Watch President Obama Joke About His Snapchat Game With Jimmy Kimmel

It appears poor President Obama just can’t catch a break when it comes to family time in the White House.

HOT DEBATE: Megyn Kelly vs. Newt Gingrich on Trump and Alleged Media Bias

Watch the latest video at Former House speaker discusses media bias in the presidential campaign and the balance of power on 'The Kelly File.' Turn off Comment:  Article Image:  Big Top:  No Breaking News:  No Make Sticky:  Yes Attribution:  Watch this video and more on Image Credit:  FNC Homepage Title Style:  HOT DEBATE: Megyn Kelly vs.

Starnes: University: Don't Say 'Man Up' or 'You Run Like a Girl'

By Todd Starnes, Fox News   Athletes at California State University in Chico are no longer allowed to tell a teammate to "man up" if they run like a girl.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 edge: What's the story so far?

Samsung announced the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge in March and the two devices have received huge amounts of praise for their designs, powerful specs and great cameras.No smartphone is perfect though.

Milou Trouwborst's refined, simplistic and melancholic illustrations

The work of illustrator and artist Milou Trouwborst is refined in it’s simplicity. Her thoughtful colour palette, light brushstrokes, and melancholic personality that runs through the work is a unique combination.

So, What Did Obama Know About Hillary’s Private Email Server and When Did He Know It?

Watch the latest video at   By Noah Rothman, The New York Post When did President Obama learn of Hillary Clinton’s “homebrew” e-mail server, through which she funneled even the most sensitive electronic correspondence as secretary of state?

19 Halloween Costumes That Your Black Yoga Pants Are Perfect For

You know an investment piece when you see one, and for you, that piece is a trusty pair of black yoga pants.

Watch Lady Gaga sing, terrify James Corden with her driving, on carpool karaoke

The world is probably divided into two groups: people who would love sitting through a traffic jam with Lady Gaga riding shotgun and those who would find it even more torturous that the traffic itself.

Powerbeats 3 earphones with Apple’s W1 chip are now available to buy

First shown off at the September launch of the iPhone 7, the Powerbeats 3 wireless headphones by Beats are now available to buy.

Apple probably won’t compete with the Google Home and Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo and Google Home are being touted as the next big thing in personal computing. But Apple CEO Tim Cook isn’t convinced.

Check out this DUMB but EFFECTIVE investment strategy for 2016

You can’t spell “market capitalization” without “capitalization.” That’s the sort of insight that shrewd investors use to beat the market.

Google just made a big move to distinguish its VR tech from everything else on the market

In it’s current state, virtual reality technology isn’t exactly seamless. Most versions require that you move your head from side to side to navigate through the virtual screens and operate physical touchpads to click through menu selections.

Elevator Pitch – ManUp Ep 3 Sneak Peek

Alan and Rocket from Lifeline talk to Gus about the organisation and the importance of listening. Gus Worland is on a mission to save Aussie men.

New Balance Unveils Trailbuster in Fall-Ready Burgundy and Wheat Nubuck

Visit the original post to see all 4 images from this gallery. Originally released in 1997, the New Balance Trailbuster was designed for rugged protection and support for the off-road runner, but today, the American heritage brand has revamped the silhouette for contemporary style and a clean lifestyle execution.

99.9% of Americans will know a victim of gun violence in their lifetime

Victims of gun violence are not just the people in direct range of bullets. They’re also those on the periphery.

What movie posters would look like with spoilers for titles

These hilarious altered movie titles tell you exactly what you’re getting yourself in for before even hitting play.

Urban Geography: Why We Live Where We Do

Cities are all cities, but they differ greatly in everything else. You know European cities are older, but you probably don’t know how much that affects everything else about them.

Don't elect a 'do-nothing' Congress: Obama urges voters to pick Democrats in down ballot races

Washington political chatter is turning away from the race for the White House and toward "down ballot" races — the ones that will decide, among other things, which party controls the Senate and which controls the House of Representatives.

Ugly questions loom after look at U.S. Justice Department's police racism files: Neil Macdonald

Anyone tempted to dismiss the angry, in-your-face tactics of the Black Lives Matter movement should spend a little time browsing the special litigation section of the U.S.