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10 Lessons from Jail

__ Do you want to be part of ending sexism, racism, and homophobia? Join like-minded individuals in The Good Men Project Community.

Chuck Schumer accidently crushes Hillary Clinton in latest interview

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said in an interview on Sunday that after losing an election, you shouldn’t blame others, only yourself.

No Need to Stand! Work Your Butt With These Floor Exercises

You don't need to be standing in order to work your butt. Nope. You can tone, sculpt, and strengthen your backside on the floor.

D.C. will be first in nation to offer non-binary driver’s licenses

Washington, D.C., this week will become the first jurisdiction in the U.S. to offer a driver’s license reading “X,” instead of “M” or “F.” RELATED LINKS Oregon becomes first state to add gender-neutral option on driver’s licenses Nation’s first known ‘intersex’ birth certificate issued in New York City Largest-ever survey of trans adults shows high rates of economic instability, suicide attempts The D.C.

Prince Harry Says He Wanted Out Of The Royal Family

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Prince Harry spoke openly about why at one point he wanted out of the Royal Family.

Blog vs. Vlog: Is There a Right Choice?

Embed from Getty Images — Blogging or vlogging isn’t normally what I care for very much; an occasional article read or a video watched is as far as I usually go.

The story of an orphaned black rhino

All photos by Scott Sporleder Last Christmas, Matador founder Ross Borden and filmmaker Scott Sporleder were in Kenya visiting the Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy, a 58,000 acre ranch just over 200 kms from Nairobi.

Denver Comic Con’s “In Memoriam” Artwork Tribute to Carrie Fisher Is Absolutely Breathtaking

Before Carrie Fisher passed away last December, she was scheduled to appear at this summer’s Denver Comic Con.

Forget OINTB, The Real Alex Sets The Record Straight On Her Relationship With Piper

Since Orange is the New Black debuted on Netflix in 2013 — and Piper Kerman's book on which the series is based on was published in 2010 — audiences have only gotten one side of the story regarding the relationship between Piper Chapman and Alex Vause.

Instagram 101: How to Change the IG Story Summer Ice Cream Sticker to a Magnum Bar

Although Instagram's summer stickers will only be here for the summer, the ice cream cone is still currently one of the most fun ones to play around with in Stories.

India’s prime minister is not as much of a reformer as he seems, but he is more of a nationalist firebrand

From The Economist: When Narendra Modi became prime minister of India in 2014, opinion was divided as to whether he was a Hindu zealot disguised as an economic reformer, or the other way round.

Jesse Watters confronts Jesse Ventura for suing Chris Kyle’s widow — then things quickly explode

Fox News’ Jesse Watters got his start at the conservative-leaning cable news network by ambushing people for interviews as a correspondent for Bill O’Reilly’s longtime show.

Why Your Brain Hates Other People

Robert Sapolsky in Nautilus: As a kid, I saw the 1968 version of Planet of the Apes. As a future primatologist, I was mesmerized.

Johnny Depp’s Managers Allege That He Physically Abused Amber Heard And Attempted To Cover it Up

Getty Image Last June, Amber Heard filed for divorce from Johnny Depp while accusing him of domestic violence.

Musks Answers Rocket Questions Ahead of the Weekend’s Second SpaceX Launch

SpaceX is all set to make history with a “double-header” launch this weekend. The first launch and landing went off on Friday (nearly) without a hitch, sending Bulgaria’s first communications satellite into orbit.

The bloodstained leveller

Walter Scheidel in Aeon: Blame inequality on climate change. Until the end of the last Ice Age, some 12,000 years ago, our ancestors lived in small foraging groups.

Power Causes Brain Damage

Karl Deutsch somewhere notes that power is the ability not to learn, that is, to be ignorant and suffer no consequences from being so.

The ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Connection To ‘Venom’ Makes Sense After This Explanation From Kevin Feige

Marvel So there’s been some confusing statements in the past weeks over Spider-Man: Homecoming and its connection to Sony’s own productions featuring Venom, Black Cat, and other Spider-Man characters.

Paris Jackson Got A Very Personal Tattoo To Honor Her Late Father

Paris Jackson just got a brand spanking new tattoo. The 19-year-old model and daughter of the late Michael Jackson had the nickname “Applehead” inked in cursive across the top of her left foot.

These students just received a scholarship from Beyoncé

Maya Rogers had been playing music for nearly 30 years in 2013 when she sustained a traumatic brain injury from a car crash.