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Maya Rudolph And Martin Short Fight Crime And Uncooperative Weather On ‘Fallon’

Try not to be scandalized by this news, but some famous people got up to silly shenanigans on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Scary Moment as Young Child Falls Into Gorilla Enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo

CINCINNATI (AP) — Police say a young child fell into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo and has been taken to the hospital.

25 Signs You're Definitely Bob Belcher From "Bob's Burgers"

Life’s a mess, and you are too. You refuse to be normal — the unconventional is a constant in your life.

Liberal MSNBC Asks Focus Group About Clinton Email Scandal — Just Listen to Some of the Responses

An MSNBC focus group excoriated Hillary Clinton for behaving as if she is “above the rules” in regards to her ongoing email scandal.

The Story Of Three Girls Who Prevented A Rape Will Restore Your Faith In The Kindness Of Strangers

Sometimes all it takes to restore some faith in strangers is a random story of kindness posted on Facebook.

Why My Husband’s Jealousy is Good for Our Relationship

Embed from Getty Images Ultimately, it’s more about recognition than actually being unhappy with the roles we’ve chosen.

Kylie Makes Her First Appearance On Rumored New Boyfriend's Snapchat

Kylie in PARTYNEXTDOOR's snapchat (partyomo) A video posted by Kylie Jenner Snapchats (@kylizzlesnapchats) on May 28, 2016 at 9:53am PDT Kylie Jenner just made an appearance on PartyNextDoor's Snapchat and we are all kinds of curious about what's going on with the rumored new couple.

3 Killer Moves Make For 1 Supershred Workout

Listen up: a short workout is better than no workout at all. And if you add jumping into the mix, along with multitasking moves, you can actually shred serious calories.

Army Rangers Deployed in Afghanistan Release the 5-Minute Video You Should Watch This Memorial Day

While deployed in Afghanistan, Army Rangers Andrew Yacovone and Justin Wright released their latest Memorial Day tribute music video to honor America’s fallen heroes.

The Rock Teased A Photo From "Furious 8" And It Will Make You Feel Things

Hobbs looks…different. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson — the man of our dreams but also one of the men of The Fast and Furious franchise — uploaded this first-look photo from Furious 8 of his character Hobbs.

Easter Island's Statues May Be Washed Away

Climate change is impacting more than just temperatures and snowfall, according to a new report. High waves, caused by global warming, are eroding platforms that have supported the famous statues on Easter Island for more than 500 years, according to a new United Nations report on cultural heritage sites and climate change.

This Is Why You’re Such A Good Friend, According To Your ‘Love Language’

Alf Santos 1. Quality Time You’re the type who sincerely enjoys the company of others, and when you’re there you’re really there.

Iraqi forces fight to reclaim ISIS-held cities

The post Iraqi forces fight to reclaim ISIS-held cities appeared first on PBS NewsHour.

15 Super Easy Ways You Can Trick Yourself Into Feeling More Confident (Without Even Realizing It)

rico.pulido08 1. Make eye contact with people you’re interacting with. We tend to avoid it when we’re feeling particularly insecure, so forcing yourself to lock eyes with whoever you’re speaking to will often convince your brain that you’re feeling more comfortable with yourself than you actually are.

17 Things You Probably Didn't Know About "My Cousin Vinny"

Everything that guy just said is bullshit. Getty Images / Stringer Twentieth Century Fox Joe Pesci drew on memories of different men from his old New Jersey neighborhood for his performance as Vinny.

There’s Nothing Romantic About The Pain Of Your Breakup, But Here’s How It Makes You Stronger

Kaique Rocha For a while, a broken heart hurts so intensely that the pain is actually physical. You feel the smothering weight of sadness and loneliness, of rejection and isolation.

Fitness and Your Best Self: Call for Submissions

How is fitness helping you to overcome your personal obstacles? __ In the Good Men Project Health and Wellness section, we want to hear from you.

Tom Hiddleston Reportedly In Talks To Take Over as The New 007

Various Internet campaigns for the #NextBond have continued on in the wake of Daniel Craig’s apparent departure from the franchise–Gillian Anderson and Idris Elba have been particularly noted favorites, while Priyanka Chopra was recently quoted as saying she’d rather play 007 himself than a Bond girl.

This Is What The Residential Areas In The World's Largest Cities Look Like

(Tokyo- Image Link) Megacities aren't just settings for sci-fi novels or places where Judges like Dredd enforce the law- they're massive cities like Tokyo, Delhi or Shanghai where more than 10 million people live in a space never meant to hold so many people.

Chelsea Handler's Showrunner for Chelsea has Left After Three Weeks

Netflix reportedly paid Chelsea Handler $10 million for a number of projects, including the successful docu-series Chelsea Does, and the more weakly received talk show Chelsea.