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Merkel’s ally touts trade war with US over Trump’s protectionism drive

The EU should not stay idle if the Trump administration goes ahead with imposing tariff barriers on European products and must react with a set of countermeasures to protect European manufactures, a senior member of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party said.

5 Brilliant Kindle Apps and Sites Every Ebook Lover Needs

The paper vs. digital argument about ebooks will continue for some time. But there’s no arguing that Amazon’s Kindle is the best ebook reader around.

Take A Trip Into The Monster-Filled Depths Of The Dark Dark Woods

You've heard this tale many times before- a princess is bored of the royal life, so she decides to go out and find some adventure outside the castle walls, where dire circumstances in a dark forest help her grow up fast.

Earth, Wind, and Sea: The Treasure We Have

This is the layered tale of long forgotten lake, of rising tides and new estuaries. It is the petrological signature created by the patterns and shifts of form, repeated for tens of millions of years in this place.

The Week contest: Honest obit

This week's question: An online obituary in which a family described the deceased as a selfish, "abusive" man whose life served no "obvious purpose" recently went viral.

Tesla Announces Plans to Build 5 More Gigafactories to Meet Demand

Tesla’s first gigafactory, massive in both size and scope, was already a massive achievement for Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, as well as sustainable energy advocates, but in a fourth quarter investor letter, Musk stated that there will not only be a new solar manufacturing plant in Buffalo, N.Y., but he has plans for three more, making a grand total of five gigafactories.

Dan Rather calls Trump a ‘threat to our democracy’ after media ban

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather called President Trump a “threat to our democracy” after his actions Friday banning some media from a press gaggle.

MOKE is a powerful electric fat tire utility bike that seats two

It's like the crossover of e-bikes, with room for two and a capacity of almost 400 pounds.

‘No one Tells me who to Love’ is a Political Statement

Embed from Getty Images — Being a woman and Jewish I know what the experience is like of being the underdog and being ridiculed.  I never met anyone in my family growing up who was a person of color accept in servitude and the folks that worked in my dad’s shoe factories.

See What Past Generations Thought Today’s Cities Would Look Like

Cities of the Future, Viewed From the Past If you turned back time and asked people living in Los Angeles in 1965 what they thought the city would look like in the future (the 21st century), you would probably hear a lot of talk about jetpacks, flying cars, and “Star Trek”-like technology that could teleport humans and create food out of thin air.

Our Computers Are Learning How to Code Themselves

On the Hunt for Code Those of you who followed the first season of HBO’s “Westworld” know that one of the things that made an artificially intelligent (AI) host in the show truly intelligent, so to speak, was the ability to write its own code.

Britain's Parliament Building Needs A Renovation — But At What Cost?

Watch Video Big Ben needs a facelift. Britain's Parliament building, which includes the famously named bell and its clock tower, desperately needs a renovation.  Its structure remains sound, but its inner workings — dating back to World War II — might be dangerous.

Leaked Draft Offers Glimpse Of GOP ObamaCare Replacement

By John Sexton, Hot Air Politico reports today that a leaked draft of the GOP’s Obamacare replacement plan shows the House is not fiddling around the edges but moving toward full repeal and replacement of the law.

The Iraqi Air Force Is Taking The Fight To ISIS In Syria

Watch Video Iraq's air force is taking the fight against ISIS outside its borders. For the first time since it began fighting the terrorist group, Iraq bombed ISIS fighters in Syria.

Watch: Drone footage shows shark sneaking up on unwary surfers

Footage captured by a drone flying over the coastal town of Ballina, New South Wales shows what many would consider their number one fear about wading into ocean waters.

Heath Ledger on Role Playing

Embed from Getty Images — “My nervous energy is usually the easiest form of energy to tap into” — Heath Ledger – – Published on Mar 4, 2014 Interview by Christine Spines Fall 2005, Cassette Tape Her profile ran in Entertainment Weekly Music: The Raggedy Anns “Birds are the Eyes” -written by Tom Beecham YACHT “Ring the Bell” Jahzzar “Fastest Man On Earth” Photos: Shutterstock — Do you want to talk about how to have richer, more mindful, and enduring relationships?

Apple extending Seattle footprint with new offices dedicated to AI and machine learning

Apple real estate news continues to build up this week. After revealing the name of its soon-to-be-opened new headquarters in Silicon Valley, the iPhone maker is growing its footprint and workforce in Seattle—not far from the homes of Amazon and Microsoft.

Dershowitz: I Will Leave The Democrats If Keith Ellison Is Elected Its Chairman

By Alan M. Dershowitz, The Hill Tomorrow the Democratic National Committee (DNC) will have to choose the direction of the Democratic Party, as well as its likely composition.

Lawmakers demand Food Stamps be restricted from candy, soda and sugary snacks

Some lawmakers are weighing whether restrictions should be placed on food stamps to keep recipients from using them to purchase candy, soda, and other sugary products after a USDA report documented just how much is spent on unhealthy foods.

Why Did Greenland’s Vikings Vanish?

Vikings settled in Greenland from 985 CE to somewhere around 1424, then all written records of them vanished.