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DJ gets crowdfunders in a spin with cardboard-housed DIY turntable

Stephen Ying – known professionally as DJ QuestionMark – has developed an all-in-one turntable system in a box that's designed to get those new to vinyl spinning and scratching in minutes.

German FM accuses Erdogan supporters of harassing his wife as rift deepens

As tensions between Berlin and Ankara continue to rise, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has said that personal verbal attacks against him by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have prompted threats to his wife.

‘Madden NFL 2018’ Tops The Five Games You Need To Play This Week

Sony/EA/Pixel Maniacs Every week, it feels like there are more games for more platforms than ever. So, every week, we take a look at the five games most worth your time and money.

Medium will now pay writers based on how many claps they get

Medium plans to start letting more and more authors publish paywalled articles. And to determine how they get paid, the blogging platform has selected a fairly unorthodox method: claps, which are, basically, Medium’s equivalent of a Like.

Grand Theft Auto Online rolls out the machine gun-wielding Ocelot Ardent car

If you’re looking for a way to mow people down in style in Grand Theft Auto Online for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, you might want to check out this new car.

Standing Firm in the Face of Moral Depravity at the Top

Embed from Getty Images This post is the opinion of the the author and does not necessarily represent The Good Men Project.

You Can Now Pre-Order the Xbox One X

Microsoft is finally ready to unleash the Xbox One X onto the world. Despite its truly terrible name, the Xbox One X is a beast of a machine.

Our Favorite Trader Joe's Items That Save Us Time in the Kitchen — Shopping

Among the shelves stocked with quirky snacks, irresistible cheeses, and swoon-worthy desserts are the best gems of all at Trader Joe's.

Field Test: Using the Loupedeck to Up My Lightroom Game

I’m going to start this field test back to front and for one reason only: the LoupeDeck system blew my socks off.

Selena Gomez Discussed What It Was Like To Be On Bed Rest

After taking time off to focus on her health last year, Selena Gomez's gradual return to the spotlight has been coupled with thoughtful discussions about mental health.

Did staring at the eclipse damage my eyes?

Health If you're wondering, you're (really) not alone. So you looked. Everyone told you not to, but you did.

Will Wireless Connections Between Autonomous Vehicles Make Them Safer?

Life-Saving Automation With vehicular deaths in the United States spiking – new data shows a 14 percent rise over the past two years, the first such rise in 50 years – the search for solutions is urgent.

No, ObamaCare's Rising Rates and Evaporating Access Are Not Trump's Fault

Guy Benson, Town Hall I've written about this issue a few times now, but the Left's spin about Democrats' terrible, deteriorating healthcare law -- which Republicans have failed to replace, in spite of endless promises -- is misleading and not credible.

A 10-Step Guide to Combat Fall Allergies

For the 30 percent of Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies, Fall often brings yet another round of itchy, sneezy misery.

Summer Isn't Over Yet & We've Got 4 Lemonade Hacks To Prove It

Aside from the newly reigning rosé craze, what comes to top of mind as a legendary summer sip? Lemonade.

Winter Getaway Savings

For your clients thinking of their winter getaway, The Sebastian-Vail is offering a Book Winter and Save up to 40 Percent offer.

DNC Cash Crunch Fuels Dem frustration, Questions About Perez Leadership

By Joseph Weber, Fox News   The Democratic National Committee just posted its worst July fundraising numbers in a decade, raising questions about why the party machine cannot capitalize on President Trump’s low approval ratings and whether new Chairman Tom Perez is up to the task.

Augmented-reality app Mirage lets you overlay emojis onto real life

This captioned movie shows the possibilities of Mirage, an augmented-reality app by two former Apple developers that lets users add emojis, drawings, gifs and images to their real-life surroundings.

What It Was Like To Watch The Eclipse In Totality With 30,000 People

Via Instagram // @DiamondJunkBox By 7am, people abandoned their camps — some trudging, others skipping, depending on the nights they’d had.

George and Amal Clooney donate $1 million to the Southern Poverty Law Center after Charlottesville

George and Amal Clooney's Clooney Foundation for Justice has donated $1 million to fight hate groups in the U.S.