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2016 Mazda Miata: Saving Manuals and Inspiring FIAT

Could Mazda singlehandedly save the manual transmission *and* make FIAT exciting again? Those might seem like two completely unrelated things but the new 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata has the potential to do both. It’s a tall order from an automaker that ranks 15th in size by production worldwide, but sometimes it’s the smaller guys who rise up to make the biggest impact.

Pink BMW M6 Coupe Spotted in Europe, Wears the G-Power Logo

BMW M6 Coupe has always created a big fuzz whenever seen on the streets, and that because of its aggressive and muscular body language.

2017 BMW 1-Series Sedan Seen in First Spy Video at Nurburgring

BMW is apparently working on the new generation 1-Series, as a spy video with the future model was recently presented by the folks from Motor Authority online auto magazines, showcasing the model on the tracks at Nurburgring.

The Art Of Street Racing

I don’t care how beautiful a race track is – nothing compares to watching racing on a street course. These are cars after all, and they’re meant to be on the street.

This Subie looks so good!

by Flynn Photography

This is the coolest fleet of BMW M4s

Those fellows from Indonesia take the concept of car meets to a whole new level. BMW M Owners Club Indonesia (MOCI) has displayed an impressive and colorful fleet of 12 limited edition BMW M4 Coupes.

BMW, a proud sponsor of Paris Photo LA

Paris Photo Los Angeles just celebrated its third US edition with thousands of visitors (more exactly 20,000) and celebrities visiting the art fair at the Paramount Pictures Studios.

Transport Vehicles To Get Speed Limiters From 1st October

The transport department has ordered transport vehicles such as trucks, buses, dumpers and mini buses to install speed governors thereby limiting their speed to 80 km/hr..

I am a modaholic and I can’t help it

Hi.  My name is Chuck and I am a modaholic. Hi Chuck. It starts slow and insidiously just like this: I love my new BMW.

Motor Mystery Monday: Why Did Lee Iacocca Hate The VW Thing?

I’ve always wondered why VW only sold their rugged, Beetle-based fun car , the Thing, in the US for only two years, 1973 and 1974.

By The Numbers: U.S. luxury car sales in April 2015

BMW and Mercedes-Benz switched spots at the top in April with the Stuttgart-based automaker now leading in the U.S.

Chinese Chrysler 300 Takes Bling To A Whole New Sparkling Level

There are many ways to bling-up a Chrysler 300, but this sample from China takes the cake. Read more »

Holy Crap This FR-S

I saw this at Hyperfest at VIR over the weekend. I don’t think I’m qualified to nominate a car for the Hot Boi Olympics, but I feel like this is a contender.

Mark’s Awesome EVO.

By Flynn Photography

Ferrari Test Driver Hits The Track With F40, F50, Enzo And LaFerrari

You don’t often see four of the most iconic hyper-Ferraris charging up and down the racetrack. Read more »

Your Car Is Not Supposed To Do This

Here we see a Chevy Cavalier with a rear wheel bouncing like a basketball down the highway. That looks safe.

BMW M6 Coupe in Purple – Flashy, but beautiful

Purple colors and cars go together like oil and water, and personally I wouldn’t be caught in one driving on the street.