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Standalone AMG Dealerships To Launch Around The World

The unprecedented expansion of Mercedes-AMG shows no signs of relenting with confirmation that a number of new AMG-dedicated dealerships are in the works.

Watch Estonian Cops Ram And Knock Down BMW Biker To End High-Speed Chase

High speed chases represent a dangerous reality for everyone involved, including innocent bystanders, with the police often having to use extreme force to stop things from getting out of hand.

Loaded, Well-Preserved 1971 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda Asks $1.3 Million

This Plymouth ‘Cuda was loaded with just about every possible factory option back in 1971, and sold for a not-insignificant $5,291, but who could have predicted it would be listed 46 years later for a staggering $1,299,000?

Loaded, Well-Preserved 1971 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda Asks $1.3 Million

This Plymouth ‘Cuda was loaded with just about every possible factory option back in 1971, and sold for a not-insignificant $5,291, but who could have predicted it would be listed 46 years later for a staggering $1,299,000?

Audi Throws Support Behind Electric Rallycross

Audi has thrown its support behind an electric rallycross series, saying that the cars used and the short race format could benefit from electrification.

Next Mercedes-AMG A45 Will Definitely Have Over 400 HP

Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers has confirmed that the next-generation A45 will have over 400 hp. Read more »

Australian Supercars Driver Fined For Sick Burnout Because Cool Shit Isn't Free

Hell has officially frozen over. The evil forces of the world have taken over. The universe has made its anti-fun stance known, culminating in the $3,000 fine lobbied against Australian Supercars driver Chaz Mostert for doing a sick burnout that would make every hoon in Australia shed a single tear of glee.

Range Rover Velar SVT to take on BMW X6 M

It seems that Land Rover is developing yet another vehicle for BMW to worry about. First, it was the new Discovery which will be a very serious BMW X5 contender when it finally makes its debut.

Google's Co-Founder Unveils Kitty Hawk Flyer

The long-awaited electric aircraft from Google co-founder Larry Page has just launched in the form of the Kitty Hawk Flyer.

United Airlines Reviewing Death Of Giant Rabbit

A three-foot continental giant rabbit named Simon allegedly died in the cargo hold while traveling on a United Airlines flight from London’s Heathrow Airport to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport—the same airport where a United passenger was violently dragged off of an overbooked flight earlier this month.

BMW Designworks collaborates with Shell to improve hydrogen refueling

BMW is clearly not done thinking about hydrogen. While the detractors for hydrogen fuel are insatiable, BMW remains steadfast in its belief that hydrogen will be a fuel for the future.

Upcoming BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo spotted on the Autobahn

This Fall, BMW will unveil their first BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo, essentially the successor of the often criticized 5 Series GT, but with a new nameplate.The successor to the current 5 Series GT uses the long wheelbase of the 5 Series, which is only available in China, and will almost surpass the five-meter mark.

Climate Change Is Creating Shipping Routes That Are Better For The Environment, Which Is Fucked Up

No matter which explanation you spin, the Earth’s ice caps are showing a sustained reduction in ice. In the case of the Arctic, this means the ice bridging together the Canadian archipelago is fading away and opening up new waterways that could have a massive impact on the global economy.

Uber Announces Plans For Flying Taxi Cars In Dallas And Dubai In 2020

Uber is hoping to break its streak of bad news by announcing plans to launch its much-hyped flying taxi service in 2020.

Last Call: Penché Edition

A little known fact: Costco Gas Stations are an excellent place to practice your Arabesque. Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day.  It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything.

Expiring Tax Cut Could Prove Disastrous To Mainstream EVs

The electric vehicle market is heating up thanks to new entries such as the Chevrolet Bolt which boasts an impressive range of 238 miles per charge.

These Stupid Goddamn Hondas Are Gonna Get Me Killed

I wake up to its piercing howling every morning. RAPHAEL it wails BUY THAT STUPID MOTORCYCLE AND GO BREAK ALL THE BONES IN YOUR FACE.

Speedway Motors Week to Wicked 1952 Chevy Pickup: The Chassis

Here’s a hypothetical situation, one that some of you will probably relate to (hopefully not all in a negative way): You finally put the last weld, tightened the last nut and bolt, and threw those brand spanking new wheels and tires that have been wrapped up the last couple-few years it’s taken you to complete the chassis for your prized Advance Design pickup.

2018 BMW M550d xDrive Has Four, Yes Four Turbos And 400 Horses. And It's A Diesel

BMW is doubling its 5-Series M Performance models with the new diesel-powered M550d xDrive that follows the gasoline-fueled M550i xDrive.

Meet The Australasian RWB Family

Shortly after the RWB: Life After Birth movie premiere, I regrouped at a private function with Nakai-san, the majority of the film’s stakeholders, and the owners of all six RWB Porsches that were displayed.