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Alfa Romeo Giulia Prototypes Have Landed In The USA

Need more proof that Alfa Romeo's new Giulia is coming States-side? Okay, we…won't blame you if you do, but seeing the sports sedan testing here in the USA is a reassuring sign.

What M3? Cadillac’s 464hp ATS-V Faces The 503hp Mercedes C63 S AMG

Everybody wants a piece of the BMW M3 with Cadillac throwing into the pit the ATS-V and Mercedes doing the same with their new C63 AMG.

BMW’s New 330e Plug-In Hybrid Packs 252PS, Ultra Low Comsumption And Emissions

Let’s not beat around the bush; BMWs have, for decades, been synonymous with driving pleasure and the company’s own moto was “The Ultimate Driving Machine”.

New BMW 225xe Active Tourer Is An AWD, Plug-in Hybrid Minivan

Who would have thought a couple of decades ago that 'AWD', 'PHEV', 'Minivan' and 'BMW' would go together in the same sentence, but it’s happening right in front of our eyes.

Watch The Most Awful Ferrari Challenge Race Ever

Some people say that money can buy anything, but this video begs to differ. Read more »

New BMW 225xe Active Tourer Is An AWD, Plug-in Hybrid Minivan

Who would have thought a couple of decades ago that AWD, PHEV, Minivan and BMW would go together in the same sentence, but it’s happening right in front of our eyes.

Daniel Ricciardo Warns Against Losing Focus While Racing At Monza

While some F1 drivers might enjoy a quick breather between difficult corners, Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo says that Monza isn't a good place to lose focus at.

All-New XC90 & Q7 Ace Euro NCAP Tests, 7 Other New Models Do Well

The good people of Euro NCAP released a whole bunch of new ratings ahead of the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, with two luxury SUVs leading the way in the all-new Volvo XC90 and Audi Q7.

Videos Highlight Pros And Cons Of BMW E46 M3 Ownership

The BMW M3, the E46 model from two generations ago, is still a go-to model for anybody looking for rear-wheel drive, six-cylinder magic.

Prior Design Provides Mercedes-AMG GT S With Wide-Body Kit

Those of us who thought that the Mercedes-AMG GT wasn't aggressive enough visually, can finally rest at ease, thanks to Prior-Design.

Ford “Does A Ferrari”, Will Evaluate Prospective GT Buyers

Trying to ensure its supercar falls in the right hands or make headlines? Whatever the case may be, Ford is copying a page right out of Maranello’s book over the new GT.

Lady Driver In Absolute Denial After Causing A Crash

After a traumatic event, like a car accident, people often feel shock, and sometimes are in denial about what took place or who is at fault.

New Rolls-Royce Dawn's Online Reveal Date Set For September 8

Rolls-Royce will give the world an online preview of its Dawn convertible on Tuesday, September 8 at 2 pm London time.

Nico Hulkenberg Signs Two-Year Extension With Force India

F1 star Nico Hulkenberg has committed himself to his current team by signing a new deal keeping him in a Force India seat in 2016 as well as 2017.

Lamborghini Says "The Sky Will Never Be The Same" After Its Mystery Frankfurt Debut

Lamborghini's new teaser may not display the new supercar they're preparing for the Frankfurt Motor Show, but the tag line undeniably points to an open top model.

Did U Spy Fiat's Upcoming Pickup Truck At The Stelvio Pass?

The Stelvio Pass, or Passo dello Stelvio in Italian, is one of the best driving roads in Europe, but it's also a place where you can often find prototype vehicles.

Porsche Unleashes Its 911 GT3, GT3 RS And Cayman GT4 At Leipzig

The Weissach plant, and its track, might much closer associated with Porsche, but the Leipzig factory, which opened in 2012, also has some nice features.

First Diesel-Powered Range Rovers Go On Sale In October In The US From $67,445

As announced at the beginning of this year at the Detroit Auto Show, Land Rover will introduce its first diesel engines to the US this year.

Jeep Unleashes Black Bear Limited Edition Wrangler

Jeep has added a new special-edition to the Wrangler’s line-up. Read more »

Turbine-Powered Howmet TX Is The Coolest Endurance Racer You Didn’t Know Existed

Installing a jet engine into a car is hardly an original idea but nevertheless an always intriguing subject.