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The World’s Fastest GT-R

This is HKS’s time attack GT-R and it’s currently the fastest R35 to ever lap circuits like Fuji Speedway and Sydney Motorsport Park.

#LifeOnAir: Win Air Lift Suspension For Your Car!

You really didn’t think we’d make you drool for three consecutive days over our On Air Only theme without giving away an amazing prize at the end, did you?

The Ced’ Sled: Reimagining Retro VIP

In February of 2011, the city of Christchurch was shaken by an earthquake of disastrous proportion. Measured as a magnitude 6.3 and striking from an epicenter a mere 10 kilometres from the central business district, the quake caused widespread destruction on a scale not seen in New Zealand for a number of decades.

No Compromise: A Modern History Of Performance Air Suspension

Air suspension as a method of vehicular support has been around since pretty much forever, but the idea of performance air suspension is still a relatively new concept.

Hidden Screams: A Classic BMW With VTEC Secrets

I stood still for a while, parting the crowds as they tried to squeeze past. Despite the tsk tsks and under-the-breath curses, I wasn’t going to move as I silently shifted my gaze up and down the perfect blue panels of the slammed BMW 1502 in front of me.

The Best Of Both Worlds?

OEM air suspension is nothing new of course, but it’s not often that you’ll see it in car – or in this case, a wagon – that packs 570hp and goes 0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds straight out of the box.

Risky Business The Devil Made Me Do It

The pictures I’m about to show you were grabbed in a little over an hour before getting on a flight out of Chicago.

Why So Serious? A Bagged R8 Built To Incite

Do you ever think that sometimes people take cars a little bit too seriously? I’m not talking about elite level motorsport where lives are on the line, but rather your typical car guy, like you or I.

Liberty Walk Muscle: What Do You Think?

Coated in Dodge’s unmistakable Sublime Green hue, the Challenger was impossible to miss inside the hall of the San Jose Convention Center, and every time I glanced over at it there was a sizable crowd nearby.

A Legacy Built For Stance & Performance

Contemplation. Procrastination. Hesitation. Have you ever suffered from any of those things? I know I have – especially when it comes to cars.

On Air All Day: A Multi-Tasking BMW

I want you to put yourselves in the shoes of a highly successful individual whose expertise and talent has earned a number of high profile clients across the globe.


Over the past month we’ve had our #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER inbox flooded with reader submissions containing some incredible cars from all over the world.

An East Coast Channel Job

Cody Walls is one of the behind-the-scenes builders who is destined to leave a big impact on the industry.

Vantastic: A Peerless Volkswagen T5

If I had to pinpoint one thing that attracted me to the Volkswagen scene, it would have to be the incredible attention to detail.

On Air Only

Things have changed these days though, and the era of cheap and nasty setups that provided atrocious handling, leaking lines and burst bags is all but over.

600-Plus Horses Of VIP Drift Style

One of them was Adam Mao’s Lexus GS300 – arguably the best all-around GS/Aristo build on US shores. While the preferred route for most GS owners is to go with a cosmetic-only VIP build, that’s not the case with Adam’s car.

Building Cars To Impress Other People At MotorEx

This weekend just past saw Australia’s largest gathering of custom automotive machinery form under the banner of Meguiar’s MotorEx.

Going Gangster At Wekfest

This Wekfest find comes from the Endless Projects crew, whose name can be found on VIP builds of all types.

A Family Cruiser: Mild Custom Style

While it might not have the highly-prized two-door Nomad body, this family cruiser is a perfect example of a mild custom built with a whole lot of style.

The Unavoidable Progression

I call it progression – the unavoidable consequence of falling for a modern classic, owning one or more examples, and coming to that satisfying conclusion that you have found your car.