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#IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER: Your Moments, Captured

Just in case you hadn’t already noticed, here at Speedhunters we love cars and photography – a lot. We know that many of you share these passions with us, so last month we put out an announcement asking for you to send us your favourite Speedhunting Moments for us to share.

Moments In Time: Formula Drift Texas

Above: Due to the 10 OMT battles, Formula Drift Texas had the longest Top 16 in the history of the series.

Need for Speed: Five Ways To Play

This time around it’s all about gameplay, specifically what it takes to make it on the streets of Ventura Bay and progress through game.

The RWB Miyabi

I’m not sure what to put the whole RAUH-Welt Begriff movement down to. Appreciation? Attraction? Looks?

A Sight That Will Soon Disappear?

I’m not attempting to do anything other than get you guys thinking about gearboxes and how they are continuing to evolve, and hopefully hear your thoughts on the subject.

Meeting Your Rotary Heroes

Every year Mazda can be counted on for a strong presence at the Rolex Historics, and 2015 was no different.

Wild Style & The Roots Of Drifting

For years now we’ve been teaming up with our various event partners across the world to run FeatureThis promotions at many of the different shows and meets we cover.

Learning To Pinstripe At Art Of Speed

One of the great things about heading to Malaysia for the Art of Speed show every year is the chance to meet inspirational people in the global custom car scene.

The 616 Step Success Plan

I’m just going to come straight out and say it: there has always been a certain ‘way of things’ when it comes to modifying an older rotary in New Zealand.

An Alpina E30 For The Street

By definition, what we do here at Speedhunters is hunt. We’re always on the lookout for something unique that stops us in our tracks, and the stories that come from true on-the-spot finds when we are out in the field are always my favourites.

The Cars Of August Revisited

Revisit the stories using the links below the images, and then let us know which car (or cars) gets your vote in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

This Hakosuka Is A Part Of The Family

Although the 2-door coupe variant may hog much of the limelight today, it was actually the sedan that worked to establish Nissan’s legitimacy as a competitive force in sportscar racing during its era.

Charge Of The Fight Brigade: Big, Bad & Blown

Take an ultra-rare factory built British classic, wedge a 650hp blown V8 in the front, leave it in bare metal to show the world your skills and then hot rod the crap out of everything else.

Turbo Spirit: The IMSA GTO Mustang

In the mid 1980s, Ford famously offered a version of the Mustang called the SVO, which featured a turbocharged 2.3-liter motor.

5 Clips You Might Have Missed…

Living The 86 Life If you read Antonio Alvendia’s recent 86FEST Project 86 build introduction story, you’ll know just how crazy he is for Toyota’s lightweight rear-wheel drive sports coupe from the ’80s.

The Honda You Wish Your Dad Gave You

What is the best first car for a young, aspiring automobile enthusiast? Whether you are a newly-licensed driver or a car enthusiast parent looking for vehicle for your son or daughter, it’s a tough question to answer.

Master Builder: Creating RWB Miyabi

As I was standing in front of the soon-to-be-built RWB Miyabi in Kuala Lumpur, a guy came up to me and asked how many of Nakai-san’s builds I had previously followed.

Derek Bell & The Ferrari 512M

Earlier this week, Pedey took us on a tour of Blackbird Automotive, a unique Hong Kong based operation where on the ground floor high-end classic and modern sportscars are restored and maintained at Blackbird Heritage Motorworks, and upstairs a quarterly magazine is published.

When Vintage Racing Goes Badass

That’s why I find myself especially drawn to the race machines found at events like the Rolex Historics.

Project Drop Top Turns Evil

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? After months of looking at four stacked white boxes sporting the BBS logo in the corner of my office, the time had come to finally get them on Project Drop Top.