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A New Widened GT-R Hits The Block

On all the press drives I’ve attended for the various updates of the car since 2007, Mizuno-san, the man behind the san-go project, always focussed on the maniacal research, development and testing that went in to what was to him, the best supercar that Nissan could possibly create.

The Quest For Response

Welcome back to Project GT-R!

A Cima That Just Doesn’t Care

After all, 30 degrees of negative camber has no real use. Or does it?

Is This What Drifting Needs In Order To Progress?

If you think about it, the tried and tested formula of competition drifting is pretty much the same world-over.

Is This Japan’s Most Insane S15?

The S15 is a tough one though, as it’s a popular base car for both drift and grip, and we’ve all seen the various ways people have tuned them.

Through My Lens: This Is Rallycross

Rallycross is a contact sport; violent and gritty. It’s my kind of racing. Sure, off-road short course is fun to watch because of its jumping trucks, but they’re just not relatable.

Dyno-Comp’s Power-Packed Birthday Bash

It’s officially car season in Arizona. While the other half of the country is hiding from the snow, it’s absolutely perfect here and the car events are non-stop. This past weekend I attended a special kind of show; one that has never happened before and probably won’t happen again for many years.

A Loud & Proud RA25 Celica

And this being Japan, there is never a shortage of crazy stuff from the ’70s and ’80s to indulge in. While the clean and meticulously restored cars are cool, it’s something with a little more attitude that often gets your emotions flowing.

Through My Lens: D1GP Odaiba

I say this time and time again, but aren’t we so lucky to be able to enjoy car culture the way we do?

I Am The Alfa, The Beta & The O-Mega Martin

Whilst hunting around the Italian club section of the Classic Motor Show, I stumbled upon this vision in red: a 1977 Lancia Beta Montecarlo Series 1 coupé.

That Time Toyota Built A Hot Rod

It’s one that was built nearly a decade ago, but is still every bit as impressive today as it was then.

When Hoonigans Go Black Friday Shopping

It’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving is right around the corner here in the United States, and that can only mean one thing.

Life Is Full Of Setbacks

I was hoping to bring everyone an update on my Audi Drift Sport D-Mac S1 build, but unfortunately other circumstances have slowed progress down.

The VIP Evolution

Imagine a grenade fragmenting into little pieces, well, in VIP circles those little pieces represent different ways to interpret the style.

Imports In An American Junkyard

As you saw in the first story from my recent visit to Turner’s Auto Wrecking, the vast majority of cars in the stash are of American origin.

Welcome To The Speedhunters Studio

We’re excited to introduce our all-new and improved online store – the Speedhunters Studio. It’s here you’ll find a range of items from the hottest automotive-related brands around the world, including our own Speedhunters Studio products, designed in-house.

Slammed By A Devilish Imp

With a new generation realising the potential of domestic models, there’s an explosion of exciting machinery being built that needs no justification.

Time For Another Video Break…

First up, we’ve got a new clip from the guys at Rotiform, in which an RWB Porsche 964 plays the starring role… Through vision and music, The Roads Less Traveled – LV to LA, tells the story of RWB Atlanta returning to Los Angeles from a week spent on display at the 2015 SEMA Show.

Rusty’s Revival: I Stand Corrected

To tell the truth, I was in the ‘put off’ camp with this one. A purposely rusted rat rod BMW? I didn’t give it more than a passing glance.

The Shed: The End Of An Era

Life has a habit of passing you by far quicker than you expect. It’s been over three years now since I last visited my friends who reside in an industrial unit, simply known as The Shed, located somewhere in Ireland.