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Last Call: From One Project to the Next Edition

It always seems that no matter which of my cars I am presently under, there’s another one nearby, whispering my name.

The Relentless Overcomplication Of Everything.

So, I was in Milton Keynes in a new-generation C-Class. The Buckinghamshire “New Town” is essentially a controlled experiment in post-war urban planning which went viral, overcame its creators and expanded uncontrollably in every direction.

Looking For A Longroof For LeMons? Buy This Benz

For just $700, this 1995 Mercedes-Benz E320 wagon could be your new ticket to LeMons greatness. Now, I don’t mean that you’re going to win any races but you certainly have plenty of room to come up with one hell of a theme… hell the car is already blank-slate white.

Podcast Host(s) Needed!

The Hooniverse Podcast Network is expanding. The Supreme Hooniversal Potentates have given me the green light to develop a weekly motorcycle-oriented podcast.

Podcast: Episode 139 – Running Solo

Rejoice all ye faithful, we’re back with a semi-normal episode. Apologies for the SEMA glut, but Chris and I have been slammed as of late.

Craigslist Crapshoot

Welcome to Craigslist Crapshoot, our weekly search for the most bizarre, awesome, and/or terrible vehicles that the online classifieds has to offer.  The U.S.

Quick Spin: Porsche Cayenne S HybridThe Most Confusing Hybrid on Earth

I turned the key to the right and shockingly, nothing seemed to happen. This was the first of several odd moments I had while driving the 2016 Cayenne S Hybrid.

Hooniverse Asks: What’s the Most Surprisingly Competitive Gymkhana Contender?

Have you ever raced… in a parking lot? When cruising through a suburban enclave do you ponder why it’s not defined by orange cones?

Last Call: Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana Tank? Edition

Nothing says young romance better than playing a recorder while reclining on an MZ ES50. At least that is, if you were an East German in the sixties.

Is the 1990s Nissan Pulsar the most boring car turned interesting?

A friend of mine has a pretty straight-forward approach towards commuter cars. For winter, his idea is to buy the Nissan Sunny that offers the most value for his money – namely, the longest valid inspection for the least initial cash.

2016 Cadillac CTS-V: Catch Me If You Can, Germany

It has 640 horsepower under the hood. It’s capable of hitting 200 miles per hour. It’s well under $100,000.

US EPA Wants to End Emissions Exemption for Street Cars Turned Racecar

In a recent regulatory update, the US EPA has stated that it intends to eliminate emissions exemptions for street cars turned into competition vehicles.

Track Tuesday: Name That Track

Welcome to Track Tuesday where you are asked to identify a (maybe) famous race or test track from just one closely-cropped aerial image.

LeMons Ranchero Update: One Week to Go, All Fired Up and Surprisingly Few Things Left

Next weekend we’ll return to Sonoma Raceway with a somewhat improved (but still genuinely terrible) Ranchero in search of two full days or racing.

Hooniverse Asks: Will You Miss Scion?

As we learned just last week, Scion be dyin.’ This is the latest salvo in Toyota’s reshuffling to get their house in order, and follows the news that the Prius V will also die at the end of its current run, without a replacement to carry the torch.

About Last Week’s Track Tuesday

It looks like last week’s Track Tuesday was a stumper. For those ready to give up, here’s the track in all its glory, as well as its near-by town which also gives it its name.

Last Call: Red and Green Edition

In the early seventies you could get Volvos in Cool and Way-Cool. Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day.  It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything.

No Excuse For Vague Road Safety Policing

“No excuse for poor driving”. Well, what if you’re a poor driver? This dot-matrix sign shows a current UK Gubbmint road-safety initiative.

Diecast Delights: A 1958 Studebaker Golden Hawk in 1:18 scale

This model has actual, genuine, honest-to-goodness, working crank windows. That’s all you need to know, and all you need as justification to go and buy one.

Hooniverse Motorsport News for February 8th, 2016

This weekend held one of the biggest events in international GT racing, or at the very least, one of the major fan favorites.