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How do today's new vehicles match their EPA MPG ratings?

Filed under: Green,AutoblogGreen Exclusive,Fuel Efficiency,Green Driving,Diesel,Electric,Hybrid When you spend a year in a bunch of cars, you can start to track facts and figures.

Volvo: Tesla's Autopilot is just a 'wannabe'

Filed under: Green,Tesla,Volvo,Technology,Autonomous,Electric,Future There is a key difference between Tesla and Volvo autopilots, says Trent Victor, senior technical leader of crash avoidance at Volvo.

There's a bit of the Chevy Volt hidden in the Malibu Hybrid

Filed under: Green,Chevrolet,AutoblogGreen Exclusive,Electric,Hybrid Under the hood, the Chevy Volt and the new Malibu Hybrid are remarkably similar.

Citroen E-Elysee is a 155-mile EV for China

Filed under: Green,Beijing Motor Show,Citroen,Green Automakers,China,Sedan,Electric Dongfeng Citroën has plans to penetrate China's growing EV market with the Citroën E-Elysée.

Saudi Arabia looks beyond oil, easy profits

Filed under: Green,Fuel Efficiency,Middle East A new plan called Vision 2030 includes selling a portion of the state-owned oil company Aramco.

2017 Honda Ridgeline boosts fuel economy by 5 mpg

Filed under: Green,Honda,Fuel Efficiency,Truck The EPA figures make the truck the most efficient midsizer with a gas V6.

Elio Motors completes 'final' design stage

Filed under: Green,Plants/Manufacturing,Fuel Efficiency,Green Automakers High-MPG trike maker Elio Motors says it can start testing prototype for ride, safety.

Recharge Wrap-up: DLR's HY4 fuel cell plane, VW's 'Golden Test Device' for EV charging

Filed under: Green,Volkswagen,Alternative Fuels,Green Automakers,Green Culture,Technology,Electric,Hydrogen Teens in Aarhus, Denmark have turned abandoned bicycles into tiny food gardens.

Ford to build 200-mile EV, challenge Tesla, Chevy Bolt

Filed under: Green,Ford,North America,Electric Ford CEO Mark Fields has just declared its intention to build a long-range electric vehicle.

Mitsubishi North America distances itself from mileage scandal

Filed under: Green,Plants/Manufacturing,Mitsubishi,Fuel Efficiency,United States After checking and re-checking its data, Mitsubishi North America announces that US market cars are cleared of any mpg-related wrongdoing.

This map reveals the cleanest vehicles based on location

Filed under: Green,Chevrolet,Mazda,Nissan,Toyota,Emissions,Green Driving,Electric,Hybrid Looking to lower your carbon footprint?

Toyota 'Mirai C,' a smaller, cheaper FCEV, could debut in 2019

Filed under: Green,Rumormill,Toyota,Japan,Hydrogen Toyota will reportedly broaden the Mirai lineup with a smaller, cheaper model for Japan, and it will launch in 2019 just before the Tokyo Olympics.

Rattlesnake Electric Sport Karts | Translogic 199

Filed under: Green,Translogic,Videos,Alternative Fuels,Driving,Technology,Electric,Racing Racing enthusiasts know go karts are much more than a toy.

Volkswagen's new engine packs a variable geometry turbo

Filed under: Green,Volkswagen,Fuel Efficiency,Technology Volkswagen's new EA211 TSI Evo uses the Miller cycle, variable turbine geometry, and cylinder deactivation to maximize efficiency and torque in a small package.

This solar town in Florida welcomes autonomous cars

Filed under: Etc.,Green,Videos,Green Culture,Transportation Alternatives,United States,Autonomous,Electric,Solar Babcock Ranch, Florida is being developed from the ground up with sustainability in mind.

Watch an Amazon Echo-hacked Tesla drive out of the garage

Filed under: Aftermarket,Green,Videos,Tesla,Emerging Technologies,Gadgets,Infotainment,Technology,Autonomous,Electric A voice-controlled Tesla Model S negotiates the closed garage door by itself thanks to an Amazon Echo hack.

Roof racks burned extra 100m gallons of fuel last year in US

Filed under: Green,Emissions,Fuel Efficiency,United States Roof racks waste increasing amounts of fuel through aerodynamic drag, but better design — and government policy — would help save gas.

Germany will offer 4,000 euro incentives for plug-in vehicles

Filed under: Government/Legal,Green,Germany,Electric,Hybrid German plan will fund as much as $4,500 in perks for those who buy electric vehicles.

Recharge Wrap-up: Tesla adds 150 destination chargers in Europe; True Zero H2 in CA

Filed under: Green,Motorsports,Tesla,Alternative Fuels,Green Automakers,Electric,Hydrogen First Element launches True Zero hydrogen stations.

Musk: 'almost everyone will be able to afford' the next Tesla

Filed under: Green,Videos,Tesla,Green Culture,Electric Continue reading Musk: 'almost everyone will be able to afford' the next Tesla Musk: 'almost everyone will be able to afford' the next Tesla originally appeared on Autoblog on Wed, 27 Apr 2016 15:15:00 EDT.