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Aesthetics – The 1964 Ferrari 250 LM Scaglietti Berlinetta Coupe

2015 marked the first year in some time that the sun joined us on the green for the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in Monterey, California.

On the Beach – Players Show Presents ‘Played Out’ 2015

For several years in a row now, we've taken a Saturday out of August to join our friends, Carl Taylor and Jay McToldridge of Players in the UK, as they host one of the best local shows of the year: Played Out.

The Reign of Roush – The Trans-Am Roush Protofab Mercury Capri

Sportscar racing is fraught with rivalries: they stand as the ultimate motivation in a sport where bragging rights reign supreme.

The Colors of the Silverstone Classic – from Peter Aylward

From the 24th to the 26th of July, the Silverstone Circuit near Northampton in the UK, played host to one of the year's best events in vintage motorsports.

The Original Hot Hatch – Karl Hacken’s Ford Fiesta RS

The econobox has been around for decades now. Volkswagen built the Rabbit. Honda gave us the Civic. Chevy lauded the Chevette.

World Unveiling – The BMW CSL Hommage R

In May of this year, the world was shown BMW's "CSL Hommage," a concept that caters to the philosophies and genetics of the iconic E9 CSL.

Aesthetics – Les Burd’s 1965 Abarth Simca 2000 GT Longnose Coupe

I fall in love with the little details. Each car has its own moments and marks that make it unique and tie it to the story that trails behind through the years, and these little aspects are what draw me in every time.

Kill All Tires – Brian Scotto’s 1972 Chevy ‘Napalm Nova

While "Brian Scotto" may not be a household name in the automotive world, as few names are, there's little-to-no chance that you're entirely unfamiliar with his work.

Nitto Tire Presents: Auto Enthusiast Day 2015

Now on its third year, Nitto Tire's Auto Enthusiast Day has brought together car fanatics from across Southern California for a day under the sun, with a variety of cars and enthusiasts unparalleled by nearly any show.

The Art of the Split – Mario Verswyvel’s Take on the 3-Piece Wheel

"Reinventing the wheel" is a bold statement, and few whom have made such a claim can take it at face value.

Wallpaper Wednesday – Evan Brown’s Item-B/Hoonigan RX7 Does What It Does Best

Last week, Andrew and I took a trip up to the new Hoonigan Industries Headquarters in Long Beach. Upon arriving, with plans to shoot Brian Scotto's "Napalm Nova," it was a pleasant surprise to see that Evan Brown had made the move to Los Angeles.

Envisioning The Future – The E9 CSL Homage Race Car by Khyzyl Saleem

BMW's recent unveiling of the E9 CSL Homage was met with mixed reviews, and the forward styling of the car has left fans of the marque debating its aesthetics ever since.

9 Years & Counting – Stephen Sayer’s 1986 BMW E30 325e

"Like a lot of kids, I grew up with Lamborghini die-casts and posters of hyper cars," Stephen Sayer tells me.

Aesthetics : The 1968 Porsche 907K 023 – A Sebring Winner

In our first StanceWorks Aesthetics, I documented the Porsche 917K, so it made sense to go back even further and explore the elegant lines that gave rise to the 917.

Shark(Nose) Week Fig. 8 – The Alexander Calder BMW E9 3.0 CSL Art Car

After making the pitch to the big wigs at BMW, it's a wonder if Herve Poulain ever fully realized how grand the Art Car Project would become.

Shark(Nose) Week Continues – Figure 7 – Desktop Wallpaper

Shark(Nose) Week continues here at StanceWorks, and with our 7th example out of the way, only one remains.

Shark(Nose) Week Fig. 6 – 1973′s ETCC Champion Hezemans / Quester #51 BMW E9 CSL

Of the 19 factory CSL race cars built, each one presents a story all its own, and each story contributes to a legacy few cars can rival.

Shark(nose) Week Flashback Friday – The StanceWorks 1971 BMW E9 2800CS

In 2011, with the help of Jeremy Whittle, I stumbled across the find of a lifetime. Tucked away in a garage in central Georgia was a 1971 2800CS, sitting right where it was parked 4 years prior.

Shark(nose) Week Fig. 4 – Steve Walker’s 1976 BMW CSL Luigi Chassis 001

It seems that, somewhere along the way, many ex-racecar E9s wind up with wide Group 5 fenders dressed in white.

Roadworthy Batmobile – Ron Perry’s High-Profile & High-Output BMW E9 2800CS

I remember the first time I saw Ron’s 1971 2800CS quite well. I was at the StanceWorks HQ, and having just finished up bolting on my newly acquired Work Meister S1s to my E38, I was feeling pretty jazzed.