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Envisioning The Future – The E9 CSL Homage Race Car by Khyzyl Saleem

BMW's recent unveiling of the E9 CSL Homage was met with mixed reviews, and the forward styling of the car has left fans of the marque debating its aesthetics ever since.

9 Years & Counting – Stephen Sayer’s 1986 BMW E30 325e

"Like a lot of kids, I grew up with Lamborghini die-casts and posters of hyper cars," Stephen Sayer tells me.

Aesthetics : The 1968 Porsche 907K 023 – A Sebring Winner

In our first StanceWorks Aesthetics, I documented the Porsche 917K, so it made sense to go back even further and explore the elegant lines that gave rise to the 917.

Shark(Nose) Week Fig. 8 – The Alexander Calder BMW E9 3.0 CSL Art Car

After making the pitch to the big wigs at BMW, it's a wonder if Herve Poulain ever fully realized how grand the Art Car Project would become.

Shark(Nose) Week Continues – Figure 7 – Desktop Wallpaper

Shark(Nose) Week continues here at StanceWorks, and with our 7th example out of the way, only one remains.

Shark(Nose) Week Fig. 6 – 1973′s ETCC Champion Hezemans / Quester #51 BMW E9 CSL

Of the 19 factory CSL race cars built, each one presents a story all its own, and each story contributes to a legacy few cars can rival.

Shark(nose) Week Flashback Friday – The StanceWorks 1971 BMW E9 2800CS

In 2011, with the help of Jeremy Whittle, I stumbled across the find of a lifetime. Tucked away in a garage in central Georgia was a 1971 2800CS, sitting right where it was parked 4 years prior.

Shark(nose) Week Fig. 4 – Steve Walker’s 1976 BMW CSL Luigi Chassis 001

It seems that, somewhere along the way, many ex-racecar E9s wind up with wide Group 5 fenders dressed in white.

Roadworthy Batmobile – Ron Perry’s High-Profile & High-Output BMW E9 2800CS

I remember the first time I saw Ron’s 1971 2800CS quite well. I was at the StanceWorks HQ, and having just finished up bolting on my newly acquired Work Meister S1s to my E38, I was feeling pretty jazzed.

Shark(nose) Week Fig. 2 – Joe Rodriguez’s Group 5 BMW E9 3.5 CSL Tribute Car

Photography by Herb Allen It was nearly two years ago that word of Joe Rodriguez's creation came to our attention.

Shark(nose) Week Begins – The ’76 24 Hours of Daytona Winning #59 E9 3.5 CSL

As Shark(Nose) Week begins, it's important to start with a bang. The E9 CSL's successes were pivotal in helping to define BMW's brand as a whole; without the devastatingly fast touring coupe, BMW's sport-luxury trademark approach to motoring would likely never have seen the success it has today.

StanceWorks Shark(nose) Week – They’re Coming

They're out there. Swimming amidst the seas of tarmac and prowling through paddocks, the elusive creatures still stalk their unsuspecting prey.

The New Group C Prototype Art Print – A Look into the Process

Today, I released the fourth Lowly Gentlemen print in an ongoing series of artwork meant to introduce automotive passion to the world of interior decorating.

The Daily Grind – All New Everything

It seems rare that a Daily Grind update offers a chance to share so much, but a lot has happened at the StanceWorks HQ since our last report.

On To The Next One – Michael Morelli’s Audi R8

Last Summer, Michael Morelli's Lotus Elise found its way to the StanceWorks homepage; its rough-and-tumble demeanor, exclusive parts, and the widened arches made for a car that few could believe was built to be driven daily.

The BMW Isetta Moto Coupe – Born in Italy, Raised in Germany

From function to form, BMW's Isetta microcar is undoubtedly one of the most unique vehicles in the brand's history.

Italian Heritage – Anthony and Fabrizio Rimicci’s Alfa Romeo Track Duo

On the far side of LA, Santo's Italian Car Service sits just south of the Granada Hills in Northridge, California.

A Preview: Forza Motorsport 6 for the Xbox One

Today, the team at Turn 10 Studios unveiled the latest installment in the Forza Motorsport franchise: Forza Motorsport 6.

Aesthetics : The Porsche 917K 004/017 – A Featherweight Beauty

In our newest segment, StanceWorks Aesthetics, we'll take a moment to focus on the details that add depth to the cars that inspire us.

StanceWorks Wallaper – McLaren F1 GTR chassis 17R

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the monumental win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, we present the latest StanceWorks desktop wallpaper: the McLaren F1 GTR chassis 17R.