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The Le Mans Classic 2014

Roadtrip ideas usually come about after a fair amount of beverages. Usually some time in the early hours of the morning and usually surrounded by good friends.

55 Years at the Track and Still Kickin’ – The Can-Am Mini Challenge 2014

The legacy started decades ago in the United Kingdom. The Suez Crisis left the UK to ration fuel once again, and sales of large vehicles began to plummet.

“Super Light” – Touring Superleggera in Milan, Italy

Coachbuilt cars are, in most ways, a thing of the past. Remaining from a time before unibody vehicles, machine-stamped body panels, and mass-produced model ranges, coach building now represents the pinnacle of automobile craftsmanship, design, and creativity.

Revisiting an Old Friend – Paul Carlon’s 1965 Volkswagen Beetle Type 1

I distinctly remember the first time I saw one of Paul's cars while walking the sweltering aisles of Waterfest in Englishtown, New Jersey.

In The Lobby – The Dinan Turbo 540i World Challenge Sedan

It's been a habit of mine, among many others, to get lost on the pages of Google, Wikipedia, and, enjoying the hidden gems of racing history scattered across the web.

StanceWorks Wallpaper – CAtuned’s Estoril E30

The sum of CAtuned's E30's parts create a car that is the epitome of quality work and time well spent.

Modest Touches – Andrew Farkas’s 1991 Porsche 964 911 C2

Photography by Jordan Unternaher It's undeniable that Porsche's 964 is 2014's go-to car.  We've seen several jaw-dropping examples here on the pages of StanceWorks alone, and we've only scratched the surface - the 964 has found itself as the chassis of choice for many of the year's best looking builds, all emphasizing a return to cleanliness, modesty, and continuity.

Roads less Travelled – Matt & Riley Stair’s 1949 Cummins-Powered Chevy 3100 Pickup

Words and Photography by Riley Stair “How do we become the people we are today?” This is a question I ask myself often.  “Why do I do the things I do, and how did I end up with obsessive nature that hinders my rest at night?

Triumph in Adversity – Justin Presson’s 1979 Toyota Corolla TE31

Photography by Jared Houston A fear that every car enthusiast has looming in the back of their skulls is the chance that our beloved vehicles could be stolen; vehicles that have emptied our bank accounts, split our knuckles, and wicked our sweat as we wrenched away.

Merely A Glimpse – The 1969 Fiat Abarth 2000 Scorpione Concept

Over the past few years, I've had the opportunity to see a number of spectacular cars in person - cars I've seen in books as a kid, or in photo archives on the web, but never expected to see in person.

On The Other Hand – Elmar den Eexter’s 1986 BMW E28 520i

After a tour through Italy in an E28, a stock, red one no less, I found my inner "old man" starting to show.

Defining Our Favorites – The E28 M5 & the Winding Hills of Tuscany, Italy.

For many of us, cars are as much a part of who we are as the blood that flows through our veins. Over time, that love for cars often culminates with the affinity for one car in particular: our favorite car.

Unlawful Confidence – Pushing BMW’s M4 to the Limit at Road America

I am sitting in my hotel room right now, thinking about tomorrow, and wondering to myself:  “how hard is it going to be to drive a 425hp car, that I’ve never driven before, at Road America (in the wet)...

Magnus Walker Outlaw Fever –

Magnus Walker has made a name for himself, applying his own personal touches to the Porsches that make up his growing collection.

Down The Slippery Slope – Jason Morabito’s 2010 Audi A5

After Jason Morabito finished his Porsche 964, he knew that the car deserved a better garage roommate than the V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee it shared its space with.

Unexpected Intentions – CAtuned’s BMW E30 325is

When Igor Polishchuck acquired his '87 325is, it sat as a rolling shell, primered and begging for paint.

STANCEWORKS Wallpaper – Laid Out in LA

It's always a lot of fun to join someone in celebrating the completion of their latest project to document it for the pages of StanceWorks, but I had a particularly good time when it came time to photography my friend Jeremy's recent "Daily Driver" project.

Nick Sahota’s E30 M3 – The Purest E30 M3

StanceWorks is no stranger to classic BMWs with air ride, or E30 M3s brought a lot closer to the ground thanks to coilovers, but a genuine E30 M3 on bags?

When Tribulations Give Way to Jubilation – Kris Clewell’s Porsche 911SC Engine Build

The drift felt good. My arms were crossed and the big port 3.0 sounded great. The tach hovered at 6500-7000rpms.

The 2009 StanceWorks Cross-Country Road Trip – Part III

Dont Miss: Part I and Part II Andrew Sylvia and I had conquered every challenge the deserts of the south west had thrown at us.