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On the road: 2015 LaFerrari video - Roadshow

Brian Cooley drives the 2015 LaFerrari and tells you why it's the supercar of supercars.

Top 5: Cars of 2015 video - Roadshow

Brian Cooley runs down the top five cars of the last year.

GM and the delicate dance of automotive cybersecurity - Roadshow

How General Motors is staying ahead of the cybersecurity curve -- without making itself a target.

Meet the LaFerrari, CNET style (CNET On Cars, Episode 82) video - Roadshow

LaFerrari is a supercar done our way, we deliver the bottom line on auto start-stop, and show you the 5 best cars CNET has reviewed in the last year.

BMW is first carmaker to integrate with IFTTT service - Roadshow

BMW Labs portal now lets customers test new services still under development such as connecting with IFTTT.

Our annual mega-show from Detroit and CES (CNET On Cars, Episode 81) video - Roadshow

Sit back and be blown away by the amount of car tech and passion that kicks off 2016.​

Gorilla Glass windshield is lighter, thinner and hail-proof video - Roadshow

Corning demonstrates the strength of the Ford GT's Gorilla Glass windshield by firing a solid ball of ice at my face at 50mph.

Chrysler's new Pacifica packs parent and kid friendly tech video - Roadshow

We already know that Chrysler's new van is full of big tech features, but we take some time to appreciate the best family friendly features.

Gorilla Glass windshield is lighter, thinner and hail proof video - Roadshow

Corning demonstrates the strength of the Ford GT's Gorilla Glass windshield by firing a solid ball of ice at my face at 50mph.

Toyota and Kymeta rely on satellites to power this Mirai's data connection - Roadshow

They're hoping to achieve gigabit wireless speeds within the next few years.

It's a Jeep thing: 75 years of playing dirty (pictures) - Roadshow

To celebrate its 75th year of existence, Jeep is rolling out a bunch of special editions. Perhaps more interestingly, the company also put out a huge gallery of vintage Jeeps through the years.

Bentley and Monster Audio team up because nothing is sacred anymore - Roadshow

This "audiophile" car beats a Monster Energy collaboration, at least. Maybe.

Tesla no longer offers rear-wheel drive with its 90kWh batteries - Roadshow

Now, if you want the electric automaker's largest battery, you're stuck with all-wheel drive.

Dieselgate could cost Volkswagen $48 billion in the US alone - Roadshow

Much of that dollar figure comes from fines applied to each diesel vehicle equipped with a defeat device.

Hyundai delivers details on its latest green machine - Roadshow

The automaker divulged information regarding its power train options, as well as some pictures of the production interior and exterior.

Mercedes will let you build your own version of Santa's sleigh - Roadshow

This is what happens when you give Web programmers too much eggnog.

Liberty Mutual, Subaru will let you use a driver-monitoring app instead of a dongle - Roadshow

The automaker and insurance company have teamed up to provide driver monitoring directly through the car's infotainment system.

Jeep unveils 75th-anniversary special editions for its entire lineup - Roadshow

We hope you like green paint!

Mr. Müller goes to Washington: US sues Volkswagen - Roadshow

Criminal charges could still be on the way, pending the results of that specific investigation.

Kicks rocks: Nissan to build new global crossover in Brazil - Roadshow

This new crossover, which will be called the Kicks, originally debuted in concept form at the São Paolo Motor Show.