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Demand For SUVs And Trucks Increases, Fuel Economy Falls

As sales of light trucks and SUVS surge, average fuel economy is falling. Does anyone car? The post Demand For SUVs And Trucks Increases, Fuel Economy Falls appeared first on Gas 2.

Oak Ridge Uses Lasers To Bond Aluminum And Carbon Fiber

Scientists at Oak Ridge National Lab have found a way to make better bonds between aluminum and carbon fiber using lasers.

Ohio State Wins EcoCAR3 Challenge

Engineering students from Ohio State University have won the second year of the EcoCAR3 challenge sponsored by the US Department of Energy using a Chevrolet Camaro.

Spain Loves Tesla Campaign Wants To Lure Tesla Factory

Paterna, a city near Valencia, has launched a Spain Loves Tesla campaign designed to convince Elon Musk and Tesla to build its European factory there.

Volkswagen Plans $11 Billion Battery Factory

Sources in Germany say Volkswagen is considering investing $11 billion into a battery manufacturing facility.

Formula 1 2016: Monaco GP Results – FINAL

Get the full wrap-up from the 2016 Monaco GP Results featuring the fastest cars in the world on this, the year's greatest day of racing!

Quick Test: 2016 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Revistied

The Toyota Avalon Hybrid underwent a nearly invisible update for the 2016 model year- invisible or not, however, the Avalon remains a winner The post Quick Test: 2016 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Revistied appeared first on Gas 2.

Formula One Embraces The Halo Effect

In 2017, Formula One cars will have a driver protection device known as the Halo that goes over the cockpit.

Peugeot L500 R HYbrid Commemorates Indy 500 Victory

The Peugeot L500 R HYvbrid is a concept race car for the 21 century. The plug-in hybrid make over 1200 horsepower from two electric motors and a gasoline engine.

Formula E Race Car From Jaguar Begins Testing

Jaguar has been testing its Formula E race car that it will enter in the electric race car series starting this fall.

Interest In Buying An EV Varies By Region

A survey by the Union Of Concerned Scientists and Consumers Union finds a lot of people are interested in buying an EV but know very little about them.

The Difference Between IndyCar And Formula One Is Money. Lots Of It!

What's the difference between an IndyCar and a Formula One car? Money, money, and more money. The post The Difference Between IndyCar And Formula One Is Money.

CR Tests Show No Advantage Using Premium Gas

Consumer Reports recently tested two cars from manufacturers who recommend premium gas. It tested them thoroughly and found no loss or performance or fuel economy when using regular gas instead.

2016 NEMPA Technology Conference At MIT

On May 26. the New England Motor Press Association and MIT jointly presented their 6th annual technology conference.

Tesla Model X Lemon Law Suit Filed In California

Barrett Lyon has filed a Lemon Law suit in California asking for a refund of the purchase price of his Tesla Model X.

Consumers Uninformed About New Automotive Technology

When it comes to new technology in the world of transportation, the latest surveys show that people either don't understand it or want no part of it.

Tested: 2017 Toyota Corolla iM Wagon

I know, I know- that little silver hatchback up there is a 2016 Scion iM, but it won’t be for long. That’s because Scion, as you may know by now, is dead.

Apple Investigates EV chargers. Is It A Clue?

Apple has been nosing around, asking lots of questions about EV chargers. Is it planning to build them or is it preparing to build a system to compete with Tesla's Supercharger network?

Tesla Model S Crashes Into Stalled Van On Highway

A Tesla Model S using adaptive cruise control crashed into a stopped vehicle on a highway. Who is responsible, the driver or the car?

Lease A Toyota, Pay For It With Uber Earnings

Toyota is making a small investment in Uber and will offer its drivers an opportunity to lease a Toyota vehicle and pay for with their earnings from the ride sharing company.