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Available at Auction: Ferrari 250 GTO no. 3851GT

The Monday after Monterrey weekend, you’ll be bombarded by these photos and the accompanying headlines from the media regarding how much this Ferrari 250 GTO will sell for at Bonham’s Quail Auction.

Porsche SA buys Kyalami

Here’s a round of auctioneering you don’t often see. Watch the bidding floor as Porsche SA purchases Kyalami for R205Million.

Robert Ristuccia’s 2014 Pittsburgh Vintage GP

Is there some way we can pool our money together to hire the committee that created the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix and ship them to cities around the country reviving true road course vintage race weekends?

Malte Dorowski’s Lego Martini Racing Porsches

I’m consistently amazed at what Lego builders can do with nothing more than their ingenuity and a handful of Lego bricks.

James Garner. 1928 — 2014.

More at . With a relevant tweet from Ron Howard: RIP James Garner. Admired by all who knew him. When starring in Grand Prix the people around F1 said he had the talent to be a pro driver — Ron Howard (@RealRonHoward) July 20, 2014 You can read this post in its original form on The Chicane.

Proto Go-Pro

I wonder how Jackie Stewart controlled the shutter on this early attempt at onboard driver-controlled photography at Monaco in 1966.

Goodwood Festival of Speed Full Day Replays

Goodwood has done us one better with their live streams of the Festival of Speed and the Revival and archived replays of the entire day’s activities.

British Pathé Presents Italian Motor Racing (1950-1959)

Parabolica. No further commentary needed. You can read this post in its original form on The Chicane.

Reviewed: A Question of Speed

There are a lot of photographic studies of classic motoring available at the bookstore. Most of these are a collection published by a stock motoring photography house, with a variety of photographers images from the past slapped together under a sometimes tenuous theme.

How Does This Happen?

I’m just going assume that this is fake and that photoshop, not neglect, is to blame for this Jaguar XK and Porsche 356 racer rusting away amongst the trees.

Reader Photos: Gary Mason’s 1959 Coppa Città di Asiago Hillclimb

Let’s dig back in to the scores of photos that Gary Mason sent in from his teenage years spent in Italy in the 1950s.

Ferrari F40 Promo Video

The F40 is iconic for a lot of reasons. It was the last Ferrari to be created under Enzo Ferrari’s direct supervision.

From the British Pathé Archives: Racing Drivers School

This racing school at Snetterton charged £1/week in 1959… Sign me up. You can read this post in its original form on The Chicane.

Sir Jack Brabham 1926—2014

Of all the imagery we’ve seen commemorating the passing of Jack Brabham this week, my favorite might this shot of Jack in the Redex Special on the cover of this 1955 Program for the Gnoo-Blas Road Racing Championships.

Jim Clark’s “Swinging Style”

Let that Cortina’s ass slide. You can read this post in its original form on The Chicane.

Jaguar to Build the Six “Missing” E-Type Lightweights

Jaguar’s original plan was to build 18 E-Type lightweights, but ultimately only 12 were built. In the years since, 2 were converted to low-drag bodywork and one is (currently) considered too damaged to rebuild.

Stirling Moss and Merging Passions

“Stirling, there’s still 12 minutes in the race!” “Tea time is tea time.” via Silodrome You can read this post in its original form on The Chicane.

The Less Than Palatial LeMans Garages of 1972

Porsche’s 1972 LeMans garages were a buzzing environment with cars being tuned and prepared, and busy 1970s technicians with 1970s hair.

From the British Pathé Archives: Car Racing Comes Back at Cambridge

Here it is, the first post-war road race in the UK: the 1947 race at Gransden Lodge Aerodrome, Cambridgeshire.

A Certain Inertia

Justin Lapriore has returned to Amelia Island for their 2014 concours and, just as in previous years, has created an absolutely stunning document of the event.