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Ford Calls in FBI for Possible Engineer Espionage

Ford has called in the FBI to help investigate possible espionage after a longtime engineer was recently fired.

Ford F-150 Order Bank Opening Soon – Poor Timing?

Sources tell us, Ford is planning on opening its order banks on the new 2015 F-150 in the coming weeks.

Devolro Diablo Toyota Tundra Apocalypse Beast – Featured Truck

The people over at Devolro have a new Tundra toy they have named the Diablo. We can certainly see why it was given that name.

Do Toyota Tundra Trucks Have Strut/Shock Issues? Not Really

Written by: Aaron Turpen A complaint in a Tundra forum plus a quick look at a few other Tundra owner’s groups around the Web shows that strut failure is sometimes a problem.

Toyota Exec Confirms New Turbocharged Engine Strategy

A top Toyota executive has reconfirmed their plan to overhaul their engine lineup with new turbocharged and fuel saving options.

Toyota Dealers Hope HQ Move Sparks Diesel Tundra, Other Improvements

North Texas Toyota dealers have an interesting take on the corporate companies relocation to that area.

Ford’s new F-150 2.7L EcoBoost Engine – Gimmicky or Good Idea?

Recently at a Ford media event, I was able to talk with a representative who drove the new F-150 with the 2.7L EcoBoost.

Ram’s Growth Good/Bad for FCA – EPA Credits, CAFE Fines, New Powertrains

The sales growth of Ram Trucks is a good/bad news scenario for Chrysler. Why? The convoluted system of EPA credits, CAFE fuel economy targets and Chrysler’s failure to sell small, fuel-efficient cars.

June 2014 U.S. Truck Sales – Toyota Tundra Slips

The numbers are out for truck sales in June, 2014. Leading the segment are Ram and the Nissan Frontier.

Ford, Chrysler Events Showcase New Cars, Trucks – Toyota Tundra Perceptions

Last week, Ford and Chrysler invited Tim Esterdahl to check out their new products. During this time, he got the chance to talk and drive several of their latest truck offerings.

Toyota’s New FCV Pricing Comes In At $69k – That’s Kind of A Big Deal

You might have been asleep last night when Toyota announced their new fuel cell powered vehicle (FCV) in Japan (I know I should have been).

Ford Goes All in On Aluminum – Gamble Grows

Prior to the first aluminum F-150 hitting the dealer lots, Ford is planning on using the new metal alloy in the rest of the their truck lineup.

Some V6 Ram 1500s May Have Cracked Heads – Growth, Quality Concerns Arise Again

Ram’s solid sales growth seems to come at the price of quality, as we’re once again hearing about a major build issue with one of Ram’s products.

2015 GMC 2500 All Terrain Unveiled – Not an Off-Road Pickup

GM has unveiled a photos and specs on their new 2500 “all terrain” pickup. Don’t be confused though, this isn’t an off-road pickup. When GM says “all terrain,” they mean pedestrian cruising on the highways with occasional trips to the hardware store.

Toyota Expands Airbag Sensor Recall to include 2003-04 Vehicles

Toyota is expanding their recall of faulty airbag sensors to include 2003-04 trucks as well. This recall also states they will replace them instead of conducting an inspection on a case by case instance as they other recall dictated.

GM Report Blames One Engineer – Rubbish

If you have been following the GM recall fiasco news, you know the Valukas report basically places the blame on one engineer.

Ram Patents New Tailgate Design – Innovative or Ridiculous?

A new split, swinging tailgate design could be coming from Ram in the next few years. This design is pretty radical.

Diesel Fuel Fluctuations Cause Concern for Light-Duty Truck Buyers? Not Yet.

The rising interest in diesel-fueled pickups is great for auto sales, yet what happens when more demand occurs?

Swimming Pool in Your Truck – Beware

A fun thing for some truck owners is to turn their pickup bed into a swimming pool. This is a bad idea, really bad unless you own a heavy duty truck.

What If Gas Prices Have Peaked? What Would That Mean For Truck Buyers?

“What if gas prices have peaked?” It’s a question I asked myself a few weeks ago, and it’s become a bit of an obsession for me since then.