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Identical Cars on the Road: Have You Seen Yours?

Whatever kind of car you drive, there’s nothing like seeing the exact same car on the road to make you feel less special.

Some Used EVs Offer Better Deals Than Their Gas Counterparts

Used electric cars continue to drop in value. Willing to cut the fuel hose out of your life? It might prove less expensive to buy a used electric vehicle than its gas-powered counterpart.

The Fight Begins to Win Frustrated Volkswagen Customers

It was only a matter of time before automakers jumped on the opportunity to seize leery Volkswagen owners and convince them to jump from their sinking ship.

Time’s Up for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Tell people you own a Mitsubishi Lancer and you aren’t likely to encounter many looks of jealousy. The Lancer, after all, is a standard economy minded family sedan that doesn’t offer much in the way of panache or excitement.

Scion Comes Roaring Back

Toyota handed Scion a pre-wrapped, easy-to-hit home run when it decided the hotly hyped new GT-86 sports car would wear a Scion badge.

Now’s the Best Time to Buy… a Volkswagen?

All automakers in September saw their average transaction price increase. Well, all but one. Volkswagen is the only major automaker to see its average transaction price drop in the month of September.

Getting the Most Towing Capacity for Your New-Vehicle Dollar

Frequent readers of our blog might remember a post we wrote a while back about which vehicles offer the most horsepower per dollar.

Tesla Model X Will Set New Standard for SUVs

It won’t be long before the traditional automakers put out an SUV that has gull-wing doors, electric power, and front doors that open as the driver approaches the vehicle.

Tesla Model X Breaks Open the Electric SUV Market

This week, while the world was finally given an in-depth look at the Tesla Model X, I spent time driving the Kia Soul EV.

Who Will Drive the Alfa Romeo 4C?

All I wanted to do is take my family out to dinner and dance lessons. Last night, though, the universe tried to tempt me with other plans.

The Biggest Factor in Automotive Safety

Can you remember a time when there has been more bad press for car companies? The unintended acceleration debacles with Audi in 1986 and Toyota in 2009 were precursors to the multitude of problems that have reared their ugly heads this year.

When Should We Declare Fossil Fuels Dead?

Kimbal Musk is the brother of Elon, the billionaire founder and CEO of Tesla Motors. He serves on the board of Tesla and is an advocate for finding new ways of powering, and feeding, our world.

To Keep or Sell a Volkswagen TDI?

The Jetta TDI: It sure looks green, doesn’t it? The implications of the Volkswagen diesel scandal are, without a doubt, enormous.

The 10 Cleanest Gas-Powered Cars

If you’ve turned on your TV, logged onto the Internet, or picked up a newspaper in the past week, chances are you’re at least generally aware of what’s currently happening with Volkswagen.

How To Buy Your First Family Car

My first family car was a 2004 Honda Pilot. It was the first car I ever purchased new and was for the specific purpose of transporting two small children (and the 2,673 pounds of gear that goes with them).

Alternatives to Volkswagen Diesels Worth Considering

So, as most people know, the automotive world has been shaken by the announcement that Volkswagen has massively cheated on emissions testing for 11 million of its diesel-engine vehicles across the globe—482,000 in the United States.

BMW, Toyota Join Forces to Take on Audi

Now might be a good time to go after Audi. With the appalling news coming from the VW/Audi camp over the last week, competitors will probably line up to take shots at the automaker while it’s down.

This Automaker Does Fuel-Efficiency Right

According to the United States Government, the average fuel economy for new cars and trucks needs to be at least 54.5 miles per gallon for the 2025 model year.

Could an Apple Car Change Everything?

If you have a spare few minutes, watch Steve Jobs introduce the original iPhone to the world. In that speech, Jobs said, “Every once in a while, a new product comes along that changes everything.” There was a moment of clarity during that speech when, for the first time, it registered that one device could take the role of music player, phone, and Internet-capable search device.

Volkswagen: TDI or TD Lie?

What if it was revealed that your gas/electric hybrid wasn’t really a hybrid? Or what if Ford fans discovered their prized 5.0 V8 was actually only 4.3 liters?