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Five New Cars That Make Us Thankful

Here in New England, autumn holds a special place in our hearts. Be it the changing leaves and cooler temperatures, the knowledge that bitter cold and long nights are just around the corner, or the New England Patriots’ triumphant march toward the playoffs, the fall season brings with it a sense of comfort.

Don’t Get Sidetracked by the Car Vending Machine

Perhaps you’ve heard about the car vending machine. The world’s first fully automated vending machine dispenses real cars and was built by a used car dealership with locations in Nashville and Atlanta.

Questions and Answers About Winter Tires

Winter weather has already started its sloppy march across the northern parts of the United States. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late for some winter tire advice.

The Convertible SUV: Why Does This Keep Happening?

Who buys a convertible SUV? The SUV is meant to be a cargo-ready family transport vehicle that can traverse through nearly any weather.

Despite VW Troubles, Bugatti Chiron Marches On

Would you want a hypercar that can knock the wind out of passengers? We could argue that the hypercar era was ushered in by the 2003 Ferrari Enzo, then secured with the introduction of the Bugatti Veyron.

Chevrolet Sweeps Car of the Year, Truck of the Year Awards

It’s a good time to be Chevrolet. The automaker was awarded two of the industry’s most sought-after awards as its all-new Camaro sports car won Motor Trend’s Car of the Year and the Colorado diesel truck won the magazine’s Truck of the Year award.

Depreciating Darlings: The 10 Best Used-Car Bargains

As soon as a brand new car leaves the dealer’s lot, the depreciation phenomenon commences. There are plenty of reasons to spring for a new car with an empty odometer, of course.

Some of Our Favorites from the Los Angeles Auto Show

Auto-show season has kicked off with the Los Angeles Auto Show. It runs through Nov. 29 at the L.A. Convention Center.

Do You Own One of the Most Unreliable Cars?

How badly would you feel if you spent tens of thousands of dollars on a car, only to have it in for repairs nearly as often as you are behind the wheel?

Faraday Future: An Automaker in Disguise?

Who is behind Faraday Future? The first electric cars were invented in the 1880s but only began to quietly infiltrate the car market this decade.

Karma Automotive Comes Back With Swagger

It’s about time that a little shot of arrogance gets injected back into the auto industry. There’s been a lot of apologizing lately, with the whole Volkswagen fiasco and an unending string of recalls.

Chinese Buick Envision Seems Headed to U.S.

Yesterday came some praise for the United Autoworkers Union because of its part in helping Ford bring production of a much-hyped new pickup and SUV to the United States.

Ford Bronco, Ranger Coming Back Thanks to UAW

I’m generally not a fan of the United Auto Workers union. I believe that automakers should have the right to hire and fire whomever they choose, whenever they want, while paying whatever wages they deem as fair. Without getting into a giant political debate here, I think we can all at least agree that the union has significant control over the actions of automakers.

Longer Range Makes New Nissan Leaf a Smart Alternative to Boring Cars

There are no falcon doors, there is no Ludicrous Mode, and the company isn’t run by a man fashioning himself after Tony Stark.

Chevrolet Colorado Most Fuel-Efficient Pickup in America

There’s an interesting battle going on to be the most fuel-efficient pickup truck in America. It’s interesting not so much for the fact that the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado 2-wheel drive with the Duramax turbodiesel engine is the winner.

Watch Out, New Devices Roll Back Digital Odometers

Analog odometers were a staple well into the 1990s. They were unremarkable devices, but sure made the change from 99,999 to 100,000 miles a lot more fun because of that slow roll of five zeros.

Don’t Call it a Comeback: Mitsubishi’s Still Here

There’s one car company that has been on my “death watch” list longer than any other automaker. This list has seen the likes of Suzuki and Isuzu die in the United States, as well as Hummer, Pontiac, and Saturn.

Does the Nissan IDS Concept Take Autonomous Driving Too Far?

Some people went too far when Tesla released its Autopilot Mode on the Model S. Owners are taking videos of themselves eating breakfast, shaving, and texting (at the same time) while Autopilot is activated.

Volkswagen Scandal Deepens, New Offer Made to Owners

Things aren’t getting any easier for Volkswagen. When the diesel emissions scandal broke in September, the problem was limited to 11 million vehicles equipped with the company’s 2.0-liter TDI engine.

Too Late for Hyundai’s Genesis Brand?

I have vague memories of the first time I heard the word “Lexus.” I wondered if a new car brand created by Toyota and given a funny name could actually compete with established juggernauts.