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Going Topless for $20k

Convertibles in the summer can seem a little cliched, but you have to figure there is a reason for that.

Good Cars at the Best Prices Ever

2007 Saturn Sky Recall drama never ceases to fade. The last few years have given us plenty of topics for conversation, with every major automaker issuing newsworthy recalls.

The American Car that’s Better than a BMW?

Consumer Reports has drunk the American Kool-Aid. The magazine, influential among car shoppers who commonly consult its ratings and recommendations, has made a decision that doesn’t make any sense.

Buick: Still an Old Man Car?

“You know, we should probably check out a Buick.” I had no idea my dad was capable of speaking such nonsense.

The New Breed of SUV: Small Utility Vehicle

SUV is an acronym for Sport Utility Vehicle, which I think has been forgotten as the term now extends to vehicles that are neither sport nor utility.

How To Solve this Smelly Problem?

It started with a smell. The terribly awful odor of death is unmistakable and it came from somewhere inside my car.

Beating the Heat with Cool Cars

Yesterday, we were lucky enough get an invite to the New England Motor Press Association‘s annual Ragtop Ramble.

Own a Car that Changed the Game

Any regular schmuck can own a Camry. A Camry is proven reliable and economical to own. There’s nothing particularly exciting about a Camry, but you can be sure it’ll always be there when you need it.

The Problem with a Teen’s First Car

I’m lucky I survived into adulthood. I was like a baby sea turtle as a teenager. On their long journey from the nest to the ocean, seagulls snatch many little turtles up before they ever get a chance to thrive in the water.

Piloted Parking: Way Cooler than Self-Driving

It’s been my humble opinion that self-driving cars would kill the auto culture in our country. Why would we want to cede control of our cars to a computer and give up the thrill of manually shifting gears and accelerating from stoplights?

Why You Should Go Get Lost

“Do you want to go on an adventure?” My wife asked the question yesterday, which was another 100-degree scorcher.

The New Breed of Muscle Cars

Just because it’s available doesn’t mean it’s controllable. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, the three big automakers in the United States were engaged in an epic power struggle.

Happy Collector Car Appreciation Day!

Happy July 11th! Today is a very special day for car-lovers: the relatively newly dubbed National Collector Car Appreciation Day is a (real and official) holiday celebrated to raise awareness of automotive restoration and collection and its role in American society.

Falling For Mazda and a Turbocharged Wankel

I officially love Mazda. I’ve slowly developed a crush on the scrappy little automaker and have been thoroughly impressed by the new Mazda3 and Mazda6.

Time to Redefine Off-Road Adventures

When you think of off-roading, do you think of massive Jeeps, dirty Land Rovers, and ’72 Fords? I sure do.

$30,000: Honda or Audi?

Remember the parties Audi decided to throw for the 20-something crowd in an attempt to market the new A3?

Subaru BRZ Won’t Become a Classic… Yet

Sometimes the best things in life don’t last long. Puppies turn into dogs, fireworks only last about 20 minutes and our favorite cars typically only last a generation or two.

Honeymoon or Porsche?

My son just wanted to look. As a young car-obsessed kid interested in a future of car design, he is desperate to own a sports car.

Ten Number-One American Cars

Today marks the 238th birthday of the United States, and to celebrate this we have decided to create a list of what we believe to be the top 10 best vehicles ever developed by the American automotive industry.

Futuristic Cars You Can Buy Today

Forget flying cars and hoverboards. The future of personal travel won’t look anything like it did in movies like Total Recall, Tron or Back to the Future.  The way I see it, there are two options for how the future will turn out.