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Hyundai Diving Into EVs With 26 New Models

The year 2020 could become a major turning point for electric vehicles in this country. Aston Martin, Audi, Ford, GM, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Volkswagen, and Volvo are some of the major automakers with plans to introduce at least one all-electric vehicle by the end of the decade.

5 Things to Know About Buy Here, Pay Here Dealers

This Connecticut Buy Here, Pay Here dealer has cornered the market on used Suzukis. There’s nothing inherently bad about Buy Here, Pay Here dealers.

2017 Continental Paves Way for Lincoln Comeback

This could be the Lincoln that makes Lincoln cool again. While it can’t be called a success until we can count actual sales numbers, we can still look at the signs that point to the new 2017 Continental as being the most sought-after and desired Lincoln in a generation.

Cadillac ELR Gets the Ax, Chevy Bolt Prepares for Domination

Automakers, please note: The future of electric cars doesn’t include $76,000 luxury vehicles that look fast but go slow.

Is Anyone Aware That Tesla Will Revive the Roadster?

Perhaps people have forgotten that the Tesla Roadster is what started it all. The innovative electric supercar stunned the auto world all the way back in 2008 and remained in production into 2012.

Can a Car Go Too Far? Our Highest-Mileage Cruisers

Summer’s just around the bend, which means many of us have long weekend drives in our near future. Leaving the day-to-day for a beautiful summer weekend away can definitely heal many wounds, but some of us will need to cover a lot of miles to really get away from it all.

2007 Toyota Tundra Reaches 1 Million Miles

I have a 14-year-old car that’s less than 200 miles away from turning to 100,000 miles. Victor Sheppard passed 100,000 in his first year of car ownership.

The Intersection of Technology and Design Isn’t Boring

Toyota’s FCV Plus concept On May 26, the New England Motor Press Association, of which some of us here at CarGurus are members, will host a conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with the theme Technology Intersecting Design.

Hyundai Hires Bentley Designers, Gets Serious About New Genesis Brand

Hyundai could have a major impact on the luxury car market. That statement may result in eye rolls and thoughts of the Hyundai Azera and Kia Cadenza, which are both are great premium cars, but haven’t succeeded at making a dent in the sales of the top luxury players.

BMW Introduces Quad-Turbo Engine

A turbocharger can significantly increase an engine’s horsepower without adding a lot of weight, which is partly why so many automakers today are adding turbos to their lineups.

Fake Engine Noise Could Lead to Improved Fuel Economy

Shifting by ear is one of the great pleasures of driving. For many drivers, accelerating out of a turn and shifting from second to third just as the engine reaches its peak is a feeling bested only by knowing it’ll happen again when it’s time to shift into fourth.

Buick Verano Discontinued in America, Buick Envision Coming From China

It seemed for a while that Buick was on the cusp of something great. The company had successfully turned away from the stodgy brand image of decades past and started to produce cars that were sexy and desirable.

10 Economical Options for the Sensible Graduate

As Boston-area folks know all too well, another year’s worth of college students will soon graduate and move on to their next stage in life.

Nissan Takes Control of Mitsubishi

Nissan will take a controlling stake in Mitsubishi after the latter’s fuel-economy scandal in Japan. The scandal arose when Mitsubishi admitted it had falsified fuel-efficiency tests on at least 13 models over the last 25 years, resulting in a firestorm of negative publicity in its home market.

5 Ways Young Drivers Can Improve Their Skills, Lower Insurance Rates

Planning to buy a young driver a used car as a graduation present? Or maybe you’re a young person planning to buy your own first car?

Hidden Used-Car Costs New Grads Must Know

In many students’ minds, “car” and “graduation” go together. For some, it’s because a post-grad job requires a vehicle to commute to and from work.

Coming Soon: The Fall of the Pickup?

Remember the build up to the housing market crash in 2007 and 2008? Only a few people saw it coming while everyone else wrote off the impending doom as an impossible occurrence.

4-Cylinder Jeep Wrangler Inches Closer to Reality

Automakers have found themselves stuck between trying to please the Environmental Protection Agency and trying to make their loyal fans happy.

Get Ready for Good Deals at Your BMW Dealership

  There was a time when owning a new BMW meant you had achieved ultimate success. The brand was the pinnacle of luxury and, in order to buy one, you had to be able to pay the asking price.

Mitsubishi’s Fuel-Economy Issues Haven’t Hurt U.S. Sales

Mitsubishi doesn’t sell a lot of cars in the United States. The Japanese automaker has teetered for years on the brink of pulling out of the market, but has managed to sustain itself within a tiny niche of affordable entry-level vehicles.