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Rob Dyrdek’s Selling His Ferrari F12 and Picking Up a New Ferrari 488 GTB

Say it ain't so?! Rob Dyrdek is officially selling his beloved Ferrari F12. As shocking as it sounds, we had a feeling this was coming sooner than later judging by his recent visit to Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant.

Last Call: Dodgy Deal Edition

This is either a typo or representative of Fiat’s latest crazy attempt to move cars, starting with the used ones.

Formula Fun: The IndyCar Detour

As I type this, the final IndyCar race of the season is about to start. A battle in the shadow of tragedy.

Motorboat Monday: Riding Superstar- An Ambition Realised in a Classic English Speedboat.

I was eight years old and she was seventeen, and I’ve been besotted ever since I first saw her. I was on vacation with my parents in the West Country, it was a holiday romance that never happened and I’ve been returning every few years in the hope of seeing ...

What the hell is a Honda Formuling?A Hooniverse Team Investigation

It all started with a simple email… “Just came across this odd Honda roadster on kijiji.  Claims to be made in Ontario”.

How Not to Sell My Salvage Titled Volvo

As you may remember, my beloved 6MT Volvo V50 T5 was rear ended and declared a total loss in April. Some enterprising individual bought the wreck at an auction, proceeded to fix/replace the rear hatch, and flip it on Craigslist.

Hoonivercinema: Monday Movie Trailer

I’m going to come right out and say that this week’s movie, 2013’s Gangster Squad, is a steaming pile of cinematic crap.

The SAM 1957 Long Hauler

What Youth, Imagination, Hard Work, and the Power Tour Hath Wrought

Best of the Best Shops: Jason Graham Hot Rods & Cool Customs Shop Tour

Prior to 2003, Jason Graham was working as a CAD techician for a steel frame building company. Off the job, he was building hot rods—for himself and a few others.

Rocky Mountain Speed: Lanier’s Speed Shop

Empty pockets lead to clever minds in racing; Lanier Henry helped define the model.

Best of the Best Shops: Greening Auto Company

There’s not a hot rodder is the world who hasn’t dreamt of turning their hobby into a full-time gig. And there probably isn’t a pro builder who didn’t start out as a hobbyist with that dream.

Encyclopedia Hoonatica: Asymmetrical Instrument Binnacles

Car designers (usually) work hard to arrange the driver’s cockpit an orderly, coherent, attractive manner.

Muscle Car Road Trip: Two Weeks in a 1978 Chevrolet Malibu, Part 6

Back on the ground after our trip to the top of the Gateway Arch, Danny and I continued our westward trek, a journey that became increasingly fraught with problems.

The Culture of the Four-Speed Is a Beautiful Thing

Up from the carpeted floorboards rises a tall, cold steel shaft. It's strong and polished, and there's not a fingerprint on it.

A Journey from the Salt to the Brickyard and Back

Brickyard Dreams, Salt Flat Memories: The Skip Hedrich Story

This Slammed 1956 Ford F-100 Is a One-Man Backyard Build! Have You Ever Tried This?

The shop that built this beautiful blue ground-scraping F-100 doesn't have a TV show. Or a website. Or a crew.

Hooniverse Asks: What’s History’s Greatest Factory-Sponsored Drag Racer?

We all know the old car company maxim about winning on Sunday and selling on Monday, but seriously, who ever goes car shopping on the first day of the work week?

Cocoon Tree Bed – The Luxury Getaway Tent

Cocoon Tree Bed – The Luxury Getaway Tent Once you get out for the first time in nature, you will never want to go back.

August 31 Weekly Open Thread - Judgment Day

This is the place to talk about anything automotive. As a possible discussion-starter, let's ask the same question Nash's ad copywriter posed: how do you judge a car?

In The Wild and Wonderful World of Cars: What’s Old is New Again

Check out these wacky, cool, and ahead-of-their-time parts, with just a touch of snake oil thrown into the mix, from Hot Rod circa 1950.