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LuAnn de Lesseps Forgives Her Fiancé for Frenching an Ex the Night Before Their Engagement Party

In an interview with People, LuAnn de Lesseps of Real Housewives of New York has publicly forgiven her fiancé Tom D’Agostino (not of the grocery D’Agostinos) for making out with another woman at the bar of the Regency Hotel on the night before their engagement party.

Leslie Jones' Personal Information and Photos Reportedly Exposed in Horrific Website Hack

Comedian and actress Leslie Jones is reportedly the victim of a deeply invasive and dangerous hack that, along with the usual (but no less abhorrent) racist memes, has exposed her driver’s license and passport information, along with several private naked photographs of the Ghostbusters star on her own website.

American Film Institute Cancels Birth of a Nation Screening and Nate Parker Q&A 

The American Film Insitute had scheduled a screening of Nate Parker’s Sundance hit Birth of a Nation for Friday, but Parker’s rape charge from 1999 continues to disrupt what the general public previously considered a much simpler story about a Hollywood triumph.

What Was the Soundtrack to Your First Hand Stuff?

Close your eyes and think back to your early years of sexual activity, where every finished basement was also a hand job den; every Law & Order marathon an invitation to wet kiss.

Tyra Banks Will Be Co-Teaching a Stanford MBA Class on Personal Branding 

Bright, shining diamond and media personality nonpareil Tyra Banks will be taking her act to Stanford Business School, co-teaching a brief class on “creating and protecting a personal brand.” Let’s hope every one of those MBA students is forced to start every session by yelling “TYRA CLASS.” Read mo

American University in Kabul Reportedly Attacked By Militants, Students Remain Trapped Inside 

Multiple news agencies are reporting that American University in Kabul is under attack by armed militants.

French Police Seen Forcing Woman to Remove 'Burkini' As Her Daughter Cries 

A few days after Nice became the latest French town to ban the burkini, the Guardian published photographs on Tuesday of four male police officers on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice surrounding a woman and apparently ordering her to remove a long-sleeved cover-up.

Today's Best Lifestyle Deals: Burt's Bees, H&M, Moosejaw, Pottery Barn, J Brand, and More

An extra 30% off at H&M , discounted Pottery Barn bedding, J Brand for under $100, up to 20% off Burt’s Bees, Moosejaw’s huge fall sale, and more lead Wednesday’s best lifestyle deals.

How Restaurants Get Away With Looks-Based Discrimination

Leslie has worn many uniforms during her time in the restaurant industry. There have been “bikini top Mondays,” sexy Santa dress-ups with short velveteen skirts during the holidays, low-cut shirts, crop-tops that all-but-required sculpted and tanned abs, impossibly short shorts.

Turing Pharmaceuticals, Company Founded by Martin Shkreli, Accused of Retaliation After Sexual Assault  

In February, Turning Pharmaceuticals was the subject of a Congressional hearing over its pricing practices.

Bronx's #1 Grandma Mugged

On Sunday, Laura Passero, an 81-year-old grandmother, was mugged inside her Bronx apartment building.

Naya Rivera Said She Got an Abortion During Her One Day Off From Glee

Naya Rivera’s new memoir Sorry Not Sorry is coming out and she is does not seem to be holding anything back in terms of strong headline reveals.

Bella Thorne Comes Out as Bisexual, May or May Not Be Dating Her Brother's Ex-Girlfriend

Someone—perhaps a fan, or perhaps someone who’s just trying to figure out who she is—asked 18-year-old Boo!

Trump to Campaign in Black and Latino Neighborhoods After Describing Them as Dangerous Hellholes 

Buckle the hell up: Donald Trump and Ben Carson, two men stuck making strained conversation in the deserted waiting room of a Jiffy Lube, will be campaigning together.

You'll Be Ready for Fall Thanks to an Extra 30% Off Sale at H&M

The days of summer are numbered and with an extra 30% off sale styles from H&M, you can be ready for the cool weather for cheap.

Two Cents The Money Saving Habits I Gave Up Because They Waste My Time | Kotaku The Secret Message H

Two Cents The Money Saving Habits I Gave Up Because They Waste My Time | Kotaku The Secret Message Hidden On Sega’s Arcade Bags | Lifehacker This Illustrated Guide Shows You When to Wear Different Dress Shoes | Jalopnik The New Tesla P100D Is The Fastest Tesla Ever, Goes 300 Miles On A Charge | Read

Florida Confirms 5 New Non-Travel Related Cases Of Zika Including One in Tampa Bay

Florida Governor Rick Scott confirmed on Tuesday that there are five new cases of non-travel related Zika, including one in the Tampa Bay area following the very specific travel advisory earlier this month warning visitors and residents to stay out of the Wynwood Arts district in Miami.

Don't Wear an Engagement Ring to an Interview If You Want the Job, Says Male Job Recruiter

Attention all job seekers who also happened to be engaged: if you want the job you’re applying for, leave your giant Heart of the Ocean engagement ring at home because it’s apparently ruining your chances at gainful employment.

Here, Watch Anthony Hamilton And Friends Serenade This Lil' Goat

Life is both very long and very short but trust me that the minute and change you spend watching Anthony Hamilton and pals the Hamiltones sing a song to a goat will be worth it.

Young Thug Is No Longer, He Is Jeffery Now 

Here is a compelling pitch for HBO’s next Big Serious dramatic mini-series: how the artist formerly known as Young Thug came to be known as No My Name Is Jeffery.