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LOL: If The Ten Commandments Were Written In Modern Times For Millennials

[Click here to view the video in this article] If the Ten Commandments were written in the 21st century for millennials, what would they be?

For Designers: Great Google Fonts Combinations For Your Next Project

As a designer, you would probably have spent a lot of time trying to find perfect font combinations for your projects.

LOL: How To Ruin Someone���s Instagram Food Photo

[Click here to view the video in this article] Are you tired of seeing your friends capture food photos for Instagram?

NSFW Clip Reveals How Hollywood Films Sex Scenes To Arouse An Audience

[Click here to view the video in this article] YouTube channel The Film Theorists explores the craft behind Hollywood���s sex scenes in this latest episode of its ���Frame By Frame��� series.

Expressive, Realistic Portraits Of Your Pets Made With Just Color Pencils

Living in Hampton, London, artist Angie creates unique and original hand-drawn portraits with pencils and colored pencils.

Infographic: Your Kickass Guide To A Marketable R��sum��

When searching for a new job, it���s important to have a standout r��sum��. With only ���5 to 7 seconds��� to make an impression, it has to be professional and well put together in order to capture the attention of hiring managers.

Designer Quits Job To Be A Snapchat Storyteller, Now Makes $500,000 A Year

The internet has made it possible to make a decent side income for many people���and for a lucky few, these side gigs became very lucrative full-time jobs.

A Designer���s Guide That Explores Frequently Asked Questions About Branding

Based in Los Angeles, designer and creative director Ozan Karakoc has created a handy booklet titled It���s OK (Or An Optimistic Approach For A Pessimistic Brand Owner that would be very useful for business owners.

Ethereal Watercolor Paintings Of Beautiful, Dissolving European Architecture

Image via @park_sunga Bangkok-based illustrator and graphic designer Sunga Park takes advantage of her unpredictable medium, watercolor paint, to create surreal renderings of architecture.

Uber Rolls Out ���Breathalyzer��� Business Card You Lick To Prevent Drunk Driving

[Click here to view the video in this article] This ingenious in-bar campaign from Russia turns regular ol��� business cards into blood alcohol tests to see if you���re too drunk to drive.

KFC���s Colonel Sanders Is A Ripped Wrestler In New Campaign With WWE

[Click here to view the video in this article] When KFC���s icon, Colonel Sanders, is brought up, one usually pictures a jolly old man.

Graphic Designers From Upstate New York Collaborate To Create Funky Typeface

Over 30 graphic designers from upstate New York got together to create a fun new typeface called ���Excelsiorama���.

Fashion Designer Transforms Ordinary Clothing Into High Fashion Using Only a Pair of Scissors

Fashion designer Adam Saaks demonstrates the incredible power that a pair of scissors can wield. For over 14 years, he has refined a design technique that involves nothing more than shiny, razor-sharp blades and strategically-placed snips.

“Naked Faces” Reveals How Someone's Expression Changes When Becoming Undressed

At first glance, photographer Dylan Hamm has simply snapped two headshots of a single person. These portraits however, have a secret element to them: in one of the images, the subject is naked.

Dress Submerged in Dead Sea Transforms Into Glimmering Salt-Covered Masterpiece

Israeli artist Sigalit Landau has a special reverence for the Dead Sea. From her childhood home on a hill in Jerusalem, she looked out on the northern banks of the briny waters, and her family visited its shores on weekends.

Have You Got the Brain for Street Photography?

It might sound like a provocation, but it’s not. Notice the little difference: I am not asking if you have got the brains for street photography, I am asking if you have got the brain for it.

Photographer Mom Playfully Transforms Daughter’s Shadows into Dream-Like Scenes

The power of imagination can transform a simple idea into a magnificent sight. Self-taught photographer Kelly Tan showcases these magical, inspired moments in her ongoing series I Have a Dream, which features her young daughter casting extraordinary shadows that have morphed into larger-than-life creatures and scenes.

Take a Look at the Hasselblad Camera Add-On for Motorola

Three more photos that allegedly show the Hasselblad-branded camera add-on (or ‘MotoMod’) for the MotoZ and MotoZ Force phones have surfaced, giving us a closer look at the next partnership between a smartphone maker and a major camera brand.

Kind Postman Writes Personal Letters for a Dog Who Loves Getting Mail

Everybody loves getting mail, but perhaps not as much as Pippa the dog. Each day that Brisbane mailman Martin Studer walks down the street on which Pippa's family lives, the dog runs toward him with excitement.

You Can Wallpaper Your Whole House with These Photo Studio Backdrops

If you like using Drop It Modern‘s photography backdrops, we’ve got good news for you: they sell those same patterns as wallpaper.