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28 Cool And Practical Home Wine Storage Ideas

If you are a wine connoisseur or just like to spoil yourself with a bottle of good wine, you probably puzzle over its storage at home.


[Image: From "Geometria et Perspectiva" by Lorenz Stöer (1567), via Bibliodyssey]. I just thought these images were cool: geometry workouts engraved in the 16th century by Lorenz Stöer, featuring dense architectural exercises of pure geometry, with shapes drawn for the sake of shapes—on top of shapes in front of shapes—all illustrating what perspectival rendering can achieve with complex spatial environments.

Vincent Laforet

Vincent Laforet

Philippe Ramette 

Philippe Ramette 

Bad By Design: Everyday Objects Reworked to Frustrate Users

[ By WebUrbanist in Design & Products & Packaging. ] They say great design is in the details, so what would happen if you were to twist a key element here or tweak a core feature there?

Tablecloth Only Reveals its True Pattern When Spilled On

If you're always the clumsy one who knocks over a glass of red wine at dinner parties, designer Kristine Bjaadal's Underfull tablecloth might help you feel a little less embarrassed after the next accident.

blurred focus apartments in sydney by tony owen partners

the distinctive façades explore the uses of paint techniques to create a blurred effect that reflects the life and movement of the australian city.

Yoshinobu Miyamoto is a Japanese architect, paper artist and...

Yoshinobu Miyamoto is a Japanese architect, paper artist and engineer. His regular job is as a professor at the Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan where he lectures on spatial design, but his other passion lies in furthering his application of paper design.

Bikerlapse – A Ride Through Melbourne is Further Proof that Instagram’s Hyperlapse is Awesome

It’s been out just a week, but already people are flocking to Instagram’s astounding Hyperlapse app… and this new video, Bikerlapse, does a great job showing you why.

How Fun Hair Salon / JC Architecture

Architects: JC Architecture Location: Lane 51, Section 1, Da’an Road, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106 Year: 2013 Photographs: Kyle You Design Team: Johnny Chiu (lead), Nora Wang, Sunny Sun, Kenny Yang From the architect.

New Evidence that Neanderthals Made Art

Figure 4 from the “A rock engraving made by Neanderthals in Gibraltar” report, published August 12, 2014 (screenshot via PNAS) Researchers have uncovered further evidence that human ancestors may have begun producing cave art earlier than previously thought.

“Barock” Photographic Installation by Renate Buser

Abbey Church of Bellelay, built by Franz Beer in 1714, is made of grandiose ornamented pillars and arches, huge spaces of contemplation and art in the natural light.

MOTA smartring uses vibrations to alert users to notifications

this wearable technology syncs with the smartphone app meaning you can stay connected even with your cell away.

Tracing a Lineage of Tech-Minded Women Artists

Installation view, ‘Coded After Lovelace’ at Whitebox Art Center, with work by Lillian Schwartz projected on back wall, work by Rosa Menkman on TVs in center, and work by Claudia Hart on wall at left  (GIF by Faith Holland) It’s hard now to go more than a couple months without stumbling across another exhibition showing “artists [who] question the boundary between art and technology.” It’s enough to make you never give another crap about the boundary between art and technology.

Takahiro Kimura

Takahiro Kimura

Playboy Watch: Modestly Redone Unit in the Original Playboy Mansion Asks $3M

Before the Holmby Hills estate commonly known as the Playboy Mansion was providing a template for fearless and gaudy grotto-centric pools the world over, there was another Playboy Mansion, a 70-room brick-and-limestone residence in Chicago's Gold Coast built in 1899 for a surgeon named Dr.

The Amazing Sculptures and Installations of Crystal...

The Amazing Sculptures and Installations of Crystal Wagner Crystal Wagner’s installations are a combination of printmaking, cut paper, and cheap, dollar store objects.

street capture project uses reclaimed graffiti as furniture façades

ariel zuckerman studio has attached wooden boards to the street as a clean canvas for graffiti artists, and repurposed the work into functional objects.

House Pula DI

This energy efficient, residential building deftly considers the function, materials, and budget stipulated by the investor.

Objects I Use(d): The Suicide-Committing Jawbone Jambox

Yesterday I had to retire one of my well-used, much-appreciated, everyday objects and figured I'd give it a postmortem, covering what I liked and didn't like about this product design.