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Infographic: Edible Plants In The Wilderness

Here’s another useful infographic that might serve you well if you enjoy the outdoors. Created by UK Oak Doors, this survival guide/infographic points out plants that are safe to eat in the wild.

Watch: How To Find Fulfilling Work

[Click here to view the video in this article] If you have ever felt confused about your career choices or frustrated with a dead-end job, watching this video may inspire you to set off on the path to more fulfilling work.

Creative Mouthwash Ads Liken Bad Breath To Monsters

To promote the effectiveness of its mouthwash, healthcare and beauty chain Watson’s has unveiled a series of ads that likens bad breath to monsters.

Industrial Facility's w152 lamps charge electronic devices

Stockholm 2015: London design studio Industrial Facility has collaborated with Swedish lighting company Wästberg to create lamps that provide power from multiple USB outlets.

In New York City, A Storefront That Is Entirely Shrink-Wrapped In White Plastic

Brooklyn-based studio SO-IL has covered the entire exterior of the Storefront gallery in New York City with tight white plastic film, which creates a “vacuum-packed appearance�.

Playful Popcorn Maker Concept Serves You Puffy Treats From A Flowing ‘Tap’

[Click here to view the video in this article] Designer Jolene Carlier has created a playful concept of a popcorn maker that will make you sit gleefully like a kid as you wait for the kernels to be popped.

Adorable Super Bowl Ad Stars The Lovable Minions From ‘Despicable Me’

[Click here to view the video in this article] Look like even the lovable Minions aren’t immune to the Super Bowl craziness ahead of this Sunday’s game.

Audrey Hepburn, Other Pop Culture Icons Imagined As Colorful Hieroglyphics

Kanye West Artist Zaven Najjar has started on a daily project that had him creating illustrations of pop culture icons, such as Audrey Hepburn and Beyoncé, in the style of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

moresque by alessandro zambelli captures the architecture of alhambra

the slender ribs of european art alternate with the vibrant bands in a vigorous succession of stylized lines.

As If From Nowhere Bookcase Hides All of Your Dining Room Furniture

As If From Nowhere, by Orla Reynolds, is a bookcase with a hidden dining table and chairs! Can you spot the pieces in the photo above?

Art That Reminds Visitors Of A Time When The Railway Used To Pass By

Architect Yong Ju Lee has recently completed DISPERSION, an installation that reminds visitors of a time when the railway used to pass by.

Downright Creepy Ceramics from Israeli Artist Ronit Baranga

Some people get nervous about eating unusual foods, but it’s not often anyone gets creeped out by their dinnerware.

Community Centre CLEC Montreuil / CUT architectures

Architects: CUT architectures Location: 16 Rue des Grands Pêchers, 93100 Montreuil, France Area: 230.0 sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: David Foessel Client: City of Montreuil Cost: 470 K€ excl.

Ashley Oubré

Ashley Oubré

3 Vaults: A Refurbished Apartment in Turin, Italy

This small one-bedroom apartment, called 3 Vaults, was refurbished by R3Architetti. The space now serves as a home and an Airbnb rental in Turin, Italy.

Celebrity Portraits Painted with Emojis

Most people use a camera or a paint brush to make portraits, but not Yung Jake. This multi-talented artist uses something more often used to share enthusiastic and/or ambiguous emotions via text message.

street art stencils show social media culture through graffiti

on the streets of vancouver, iHeart tells the story of a social-media-obsessed culture, and the evident effect it will have on the growing youth.

Desert Cities: Modular Nodal Network Idea for the Middle East

[ By WebUrbanist in Architecture & Cities & Urbanism. ] A combination of contemporary regionalism and sustainable urbanism, this design strategy proposed by an Italian architecture firm involves a series of modules for living, working and interacting at different scales.

Maier Museum of Art Lynchburg, VA

Maier Museum of Art  Lynchburg, VA

Numbers Don't Lie @ 247365 BK

Numbers Don't Lie  Violet Dennison Brian Faucette Jesse Greenberg Graham Hamilton MacGregor Harp Miles Huston Meredith James Scott Keightley Jacques Louis Vidal Primetime 247365 Brooklyn 131 Huntington St.