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Giuseppe Penone “Ebbi, Avrò, Non Ho (J’eus, J’aurai, Je n’ai)” at Galerie Marian Goodman, Paris and “Fui, Sarò, Non Sono (I was, I will be, I am not)” at Marian Goodman Gallery, London

Marian Goodman Gallery is delighted to announce two simultaneous exhibitions of works by Giuseppe Penone at the London and Paris galleries.

james maxwell

Whoa, whoa, whoa… wait. I thought these were perfect key line drawings. They are… except that instead of pencil lines, they’re iron rods.

Shape-shift Seating

At first glance, this simplistic cube stool looks rigid and inflexible… perhaps, even uncomfortable. Take a seat, however, and you’ll find its cleverly constructed to adapt comfortably to your bum!

Polygonal Pavilion in Netherlands by Frank Havermans

Le studio Frank Havermans est à l’origine de cet excentrique pavillon baptisé KAPKAR / SF – P7S situé à Nijmegen, en pleine campagne Néerlandaise.

Five of the most X-rated anime films ever

Last week, five “viral teasers” were unleashed for the upcoming live-action adaptation of anime classic Ghost in the Shell.

Artist Turns Lovable Cartoon Characters Into Terrifying Monsters

[Click here to view the video in this article] Be prepared to kiss your childhood goodbye. Swedish tattoo artist Dennis Carlsson is responsible for these terrifying reinterpretations of beloved cartoon characters.

A Sleek, On-Trend PowerPoint Template That Is Easily Customizable For Your Needs

Based in Russia, web, UI/UX and graphic designer Dima Isakov has created a striking PowerPoint template that will make your presentation an impressive and memorable one.

Transmission — Min: The New Simplicity in Graphic Design — Brighton, UK

MIN, The New Simplicity in Graphic Design, authored by Stuart Tolley, is the first thorough look at this rebirth of simplicity in graphic design.

Solange teases a new music project

In June, Solange revealed that she had finished working on her new album, with what would be a follow-up to 2012’s True and the 2013 compilation Saint Heron.

Bao Yao Fei

The Hague based fashion designer Bao Yao Fei is a true discovery. Usually, writing an article on a designer with compelling images or exciting concepts starts with extensive Google research.


Perspectives by British designer Giles Miller is an organic pavilion structure covered with Cedar Shingles, which sits atop the beautiful Surrey Hills at Winterfold, and throws itself evocatively into the vista that has been opened up below.

Geometric Rugs

Patricia Urquiola’s geometric rug designs made me look!

Watch: Porn Stars Reveal The Weirdest Porn Scene They Have Ever Filmed

[Click here to view the video in this article] Uploaded as part of its ���Ask A Porn Star��� series, Wood Rocket asked several porn stars to reveal the weirdest porn scene they have ever filmed.

Plumen 003

New Plumen bulb! The 003! They really do take bulbs to a beautiful new level with every launch. This latest bulb has stunning golden facets which combined with LED lighting gives off a warm, textured ambient light while also providing a downward spotlight.

A selection of images from the National Geographic Photo Contest 2016

Here are the first images of the National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year 2016! This new edition of the famous photo contest offers photographers worldwide to submit their images through four distinct categories: Animal Portraits, Landscape, Action and Environmental Issues.

Ronald McDonald is now a weird sexy costume for Halloween

Yes, Ronald McDonald is now a sexy costume for Halloween. Girls addicted to junk food will be able to dress up as the iconic clown of the famous fast food chain and replace sweets with burgers.

Ice Cream Books – This strange project crushes colorful ice cream on books

Is it art to crush ice cream on books? Does it make sense to combine literature and frozen delights? In any case, it is the concept of the Instagram account Ice Cream Books, a strange conceptual project that combines books with colorful and delicious ice creams, confronting culture and greed in some pretty visual experiments.

Another World – The stunning surreal creations of Johanna Keller

A selection of the surreal creations of the Russian artist and photographer Joanna Keler, based in Saint-Petersburg, who leads us into a poetic and fascinating world mixing photography, 3D and digital retouching.

Ordering a beer in 16 different countries

Here’s how to order a beer in 16 different countries, from Japan to Iceland through Greece, Australia, Thailand, Egypt or Denmark.

Snapchat Spectacles – Sunglasses with integrated camera to share your life

Snapchat has just unveiled Spectacles, some connected sunglasses equipped with a camera, designed specifically to share your life even more quickly!