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An Animated Guide To The ‘Hero’s Journey’ [Video]

When you look at most major blockbusters, they kind of all seem to follow the same pattern: Average Joe is a nobody; something happens to Average Joe to make him Above Average Joe; Above Average Joe saves the world; Above Average Joe is now a hero and ready for the sequel.

"Prescribed design processes are for bad designers"

Opinion: we must dispel the myth that design is a predictable and sequential process, says Lucas Verweij, because creativity can't be duplicated in laboratory conditions.

Shocking Real Stories of Feral Children Told with Dark Photos

“Feral Children” is the latest photo-project by German-born, London-based photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten.

The Liquid Clock

Rhei est un prototype d’horloge électro-mécanique imaginé par le designer Damjan Stanković, en collaboration avec Marko Pavlović.

NYC Secrets: 10 Hidden Sights in The City That Never Sleeps

[ By Steph in Destinations & Sights & Travel. ] Even if you’re sick of the surface-level, tourist-friendly version of New York City, there are still many sights to be seen, including fun little secret installations right under your nose in busy places like Grand Central Terminal and subway platforms.

Stunning reflection photographs taken with a smartphone

Photographer known as guigurui on his Instigram page opens up a striking array of parallel worlds and mirrored scenes captured in the reflections of puddles in various cities around the world.

An Apartment for a Design-Loving Couple in Brazil

Architect Leandro Garcia designed the Perdizes Apartment for a young couple who have an affinity for both architecture and design.

Gemcorp – London Offices

Archiproba Studios has designed the new headquarters offices of natural resources investment company Gemcorp located in London.

The 90 Most American Photos from NASA’s Apollo Moon Mission Trove

From the time of the 1960s space race till the final Apollo 17 mission, NASA’s team of U.S. astronauts endured the unknown perils of space.

lesabattoirs: Exposition “Dévider le réel” au musée des...

lesabattoirs: Exposition “Dévider le réel” au musée des Abattoirs. Installation du collectif ALP -> à la plage 🔝 #collectifALP #deviderlereel #museum #art #exhibition #lesabattoirs #visitezToulouse #Toulouse #bytoulouse by __l_a_u_r__a

Vizio Now Has A 4K Ultra HD 120″ TV For Your Man Castle

So your buddy is still bragging about his 60″ TV in his pathetic excuse for a man cave? Time to blow him away with Vizio’s new Reference Series, available in both a commendable 65″ and an unbelievable 120″ model.

Behrad Ghodsi Develops a Range of 3D Printable Footwear

Designer Behrad Ghodsi has created ATOSSA, a collection of footwear, made by 3D printing, that would allow the wearer to print them at home.

These GIFs From 'The Martian' Prove How Amazing Visual Effects Are

You may be surprised to know that the recent sci-fi blockbuster The Martian was not actually filmed on Mars and a lot of CGI was put into the finished product.

DiResta's Cut: Tree Slice Stool

Finishing up his trilogy of furniture built from large tree parts, Jimmy DiResta tackles seating in this episode of DiResta's Cut.

Marta Tasting Glasses

While you may not be excited by a simple, short glass, you might like the fact that it’s available in a set of 8 for just under $10.

Design education in the UK is being "marginalised" says John Sorrell

The UK's design industry is under threat due to the government's failure to invest in creative education, according to London Design Festival founder John Sorrell.

How to Shoot a Wedding Photo with Reflections

You know you’re committed to your craft as a wedding photographer when you find yourself doing these things for the perfect reflection portrait of the bride and groom.

Famous Oil Paintings Add a Modern Twist to Limited Edition Boards

Famous oil paintings cover the surface of limited edition boards in both triptych and diptych variations in Boom-art and UWL's newest collaboration.

25 Professional Websites with Ultra-Modern Graphics

Take a look at these 25 professional websites with ultra-modern and sleek graphics and get your needed dose of design inspiration!

Manhattan Townhouse With A Secret Garden Vibe Asks $6.7M

The season for lounging en plein air may be coming to a close, but that doesn't mean you have to stop lusting after sumptuous private gardens.