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15 Artsy Area Rugs for that Extra Wow Factor

We all know that walls with art are more interesting then walls with nothing on them and the same could be said about your floors.

Moulay Ismail Shrine, Morocco Bjoern Obst

Moulay Ismail Shrine, Morocco Bjoern Obst

Street Artist:LiqenLiqen grew up in the industrial city of Vigo,...

Street Artist:Liqen Liqen grew up in the industrial city of Vigo, Spain. He was inspired by the comics that he read, and from a young age graffiti also fascinated him.

A 360 Degree Book of Mount Fuji by Yusuke Oono

Back in 2012 we came across something we had never seen before: a palm-sized book that opens up 360-degrees to tell a story in a 3-dimensional world.

Drawing with the Wrong Hand: The Work of John Atkinson

Source: Drawing with the Wrong Hand: The Work of John Atkinson

Zelda x Studio Ghibli – If Hayao Miyazaki was creating a movie for The Legend of Zelda

With his series of beautiful posters Studio Ghibli x Legend of Zelda, the illustrator Matt Vince has touched a nerve by imagining what might look like the posters of a movie The Legend of Zelda if it was designed by the famous and talented Hayao Miyazaki.

archatlas: Complex Meshes Miguel Chevalier For the “Lumiere”...

archatlas: Complex Meshes Miguel Chevalier For the “Lumiere” Festival, Miguel Chevalier presents the premiere of his new artwork “Complex Meshes” in Durham Cathedral, a building constructed at the end of the 11th Century and which represents the most accomplished example of Norman architecture in England.  “Complex Meshes” is a monumental projection at dusk on the exceptionally designed ‘ribbed vault’ ceiling of the central nave; a daring architectural feature which was way ahead of its time and which announced the beginning of the Gothic art style in architecture.A mesh is a three-dimensional object consisting of vertices, edges and faces which form polygons, used in modeling or architecture.

zzzze: Man Ray, Henry Crowder

zzzze: Man Ray, Henry Crowder


How Audubon Pranked a Fellow Naturalist with a Bulletproof Fish

Notebook kept by Constantine Samuel Rafinesque on a trip from Philadelphia to Kentucky, 1818. On the two pages shown are four fake fish described by Audubon: the Flatnose Doublefin, the Bigmouth Sturgeon, the Devil-Jack Diamond fish, and the Buffalo Carp Sucker.

Developers Explore Wearable Technology with Circuit Board Tattoos

Software company Chaotic Moon is currently exploring the world of wearable technology. They're specifically looking at what they call Tech Tats, which are made of conductive tattoo paint and circuits that fully integrate a user's life.

Fashion Photography by Jem Mitchell

Jem Mitchell is a talented photographer and filmmaker, who was born in England and currently based between London and New York.

Computer Chip Inspires Design of Software Company’s Toronto Office

We’ve seen all kinds of office space designs, but none inspired by a computer chip — until now. That was the starting point behind the Toronto, Canada, offices of MacPaw, a software developer based in Kiev, Ukraine, designed by Baraban + Design Studio.

S-shaped extension links two sides of Copenhagen's Mariehøj Kulturcenter

The roof of this extension to a Copenhagen cultural centre is shaped like an elongated S, and it appears to ramp up over the roof of one of the buildings it adjoins (+ slideshow).

Illuminating the Contents of Our Junk Drawers

Jil Weinstock, “Mrs. J Horwitz Crafting” (2015) (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic) We all have those drawers filled to the brim with objects we use only occasionally or keep simply for sentiment, knickknacks united only by the fact that they lie in an enclosed box.

SideStory City Tours, London: Different guided adventures like insight into London's graffiti and street art

It’s a freezing Monday morning in London and commuters hurry past, heading to the warmth of the Bethnal Green tube station, as Karim Samuels introduces the history of graffiti and the artistic legacy of East London by pointing out stickers covered......

Reference: Common Dimensions, Angles and Heights for Seating Designers

Furniture dimensions don't come out of the air. They come out of heavy research that, thankfully, a lot of people have already done for us and written books on; if you're a designer, you ought have a copy of one of these books (see bottom of this entry).

15 Illustrations That Only Single Girls Can Understand

By Archie Tinkerbell Being alone isn’t fun at all. Lingvistov shows 15 things that single girls will understand.

7 Interior Design Trends You’ll Certainly See in 2016

By Melissa Tylor   New Year is coming, and the new decoration trends are already here. So if you are planning a home revamp next year, check out these trends to predict what you will want in your house in 2016.

Museum Asks Visitors to Put Down Cameras and Pick Up Pencils and Sketch Pads

Rijksmuseum, the Netherlands national museum dedicated to arts and history in Amsterdam, recently launched a new campaign called “The Big Draw.” It’s an effort to get museum visitors to ditch cameras and simple snapshots in favor of drawing the artworks in order to more fully appreciate the easy-to-miss details.