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The Jean Hanger

So smart. The Jean Hanger lets you say goodbye to folding creases and dryer woes, for it delicately holds your jeans up by their back belt loops.

45 Record Case

What to do with your 45s? Well, if you possess plenty of money, might I suggest storing them in this particular record case?

Livada Fragrance Vase

If you or someone you love is challenged in the olfactory department, there’s no need to despair. This Livada Fragrance Vase will help enhance your sense of smell, thanks to its glass bell enclosure.

New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle

Yep, you can get the New York Times in a puzzle. Chances are you’ll want to commemorate a special date- you’ll be able to get any front page since 1851- so have a think about which day you’ll choose.

Samsung Serif TV

It’s here. The Samsung Serif TV by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec is available to purchase. Are you going to put your name on the waitlist?

Pinch Spice Containers

These small wood vessels are intended for tabletop use, as their lids are carved to allow for a small sampling of spices.

Friday Link

Hey, we’re out of the office today, so you just get one link. That means you have less to click through and more time to look out the window while you wait for your Friday workday to end.

Ito Bindery Memo Block

Well, here’s a paper pad that makes me wish I had more notes to take. Each Ito Bindery Memo Block contains 350 tear-off sheets, and, with three modular sizes to choose from, you can combine or stack them as you wish.

Tubelor Grande Trash Bin

Why, yes, we have featured the Tubelor Grande Trash Bin before (back in 2013). But the Rosewood version is new, and can we just take a moment to appreciate how pretty it is?

Sempli’s Incanter

Summer is right around the corner, which means you’ll need cold drinks in good supply. Sempli’s Incanter looks sort of fun, if you can get past the tipsiness that you might feel watching it spin around.

Standard Magnets

Small, turned, wooden magnets will only enhance those papers, notes, and tear-outs that create that elegant web of ideas you have, thus allowing that brain of yours to settle upon brilliant results previously unknown.

Chikuno Cube House

The above photo initially baffled me, as I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking at. The honeycomb structure is what caused the confusion, as the Chikuno Cube is normally shown as a black, charcoal cube, and its honeycomb composition is not usually highlighted.

Jeeves Valet

I’m sure we could play a quick guessing game as to what the above item might be, but let’s jump to its purpose: it’s a valet.

Anodised Side Table by Max Lamb

Reduce a side table down to its essentials, and you’d get something similar to the Anodised Side Table by Max Lamb.

Third Eye Vessel

I could have sworn we’ve featured the Third Eye Vessel by Chen Chen & Kai Williams before, but apparently I’ve been lusting after it for so long that its image is permanently embedded in my brain.

Capello Lamp

Let’s just get this straight: this lamp is $260*. Compared to the Love Letter Light (also by molo), which ran around the $400 mark, that’s a bargain.

Friday Links

– Go see Black & White, Twelve Quilts if you’re in NYC this weekend – Parents, let your kids plan your family vacations – Lazy People Unite: The Ten-Minute Workout Works – Japanese Lego Master Builds Delicious-Looking Creations From Blocks – Your Old Cell-Phone Batteries Could Power Solar Lamps For 3 Years – Has your email been hacked?

On The Edge Lamp

Hmm, this little lamp features a matte finish and multiple convex facets. So what, you say? Well, it’ll look and feel nice, and you’ll be able to position it in multiple ways to get the light right where you want it.

Nello Bike Bell

How about a bike bell that looks like a clown’s nose? It packs 80 decibels of three sound variations, so it will give plenty of oomph when you need to alert someone of your presence.

Open and Closed Helix Keyring

I’ve got a thing for simple keyrings, so of course these two Helix Keyrings by Craighill caught my eye.