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The Autographer

Hmm, if you’re the type of person who likes looking through loads of photographs, then this little gadget will be your best friend.

Future Glass set

The colors of the Future Glass Set remind one of the Spectra Vases, and, lo and behold, they’re from the very same glassworks Holmegaard.

Minimalist 2 Key Ring Bottle Opener

This key ring looks more like a piece of jewelry than a bottle opener, so I suppose we could look at it as multi-purpose kind of accessory.

Hopewell Quilts + Pillows

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured Hopewell’s quilts and it certainly won’t be the last. Have you taken a look at their recent collection?

Strand End Table

This end table has a trick up its sleeve; the base can be fastened in two different positions to change up its look.

Indigo Basic Roll Pencil Case

If all your pens and pencils rattle around on your desk and in your bag, you need to consider a pen case.

Marmoreal Collection by Max Lamb

Like the look of this side table? Well, tough, you can’t have it. Just kidding, you can have it, you just need to fork over $3Gs for it.

MilkMaid Stool Custom

I’m such a sucker for small wooden stools, mostly because they offer quite a bit of versatility. Side table or extra seating, whichever you need, a little stool can be handy to have around.

MATT Pen Holders

How about a ring to round up your pens and pencils? The MATT collection is made of black soft plastisol, a textured, somewhat flexible material that feels like rubber.

Aer Duffel Pack

Your gym shoes stink. Don’t feel bad, it happens to everyone. However, that smell shouldn’t keep you from working out before, during, or after work.

Wasara Sale

You needn’t worry about the tableware for your next outdoor soiree, as Wasara plates, bowls and cups are all 15% off over at Branch Home this week.

Unfold Pendant by Form Us With Love

As you might have noticed, there have been a few posts lately from the recent and oh-so-long-ago past.

Pixo LED Table Lamp (black/brass)

With the new color pairing of black and brass, the Pixo looks like it has put on its tux (or little black dress) and is ready for a night out.

Cedric Walnut Desk

If you’ve a decent budget to spend on a desk, turn your eyes toward the Cedric. Rounded edges provide subtle detailing, giving it a quiet craftsmanship that makes it the sort of piece you’d pass down to the next generation.

Melting Mug by Studio Arhoj

The thick glaze of the Melting Mug will hopefully give you a better grip so you don’t spill your tea/coffee all over your desk/boss/coworker.

ROLU Chairs

If you’re looking for a true-to-materials seating option, check out these chairs hand made by ROLU Studio.

Orbit Collection Bags

There are several simple messenger bags out there, and the Orbit Collection by Sputnik Zurich most definitely belongs in that category.

Bicycle Spoke Keyring

If you’ve spent a lot of time on two wheels, you might recognize that this keyring is made from used bike spokes.

Friday Links

Tiny road: Kensington International Kindergarten “Geraldine Spilker has developed a process of binding ashes with resin, creating a tactile object from cremated remains.” Carbon Fiber Eames Sofa by Matthew Strong.

11+ World Clock

This might seem like just a simple grey clock, but it has a clever rolling mechanism that allows it to display 24 different time zones.