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Friday Links

– It’s an artist’s canvas, and it’s also a speaker. The Soundwall® Chalkboard is pretty neat too. – Say goodbye to stripped screws: Knife Edge™ Screwdriver Bits on Kickstarter – Modern Cornhole on Kickstarter – Donna Wilson Sweaters!


Who doesn’t want a 5-foot strand of ultra-bright, waterproof, and USB-powered LEDs? You could hang one or two strands up in the trees for late night dining, take one with you camping (use the bag as a lantern), or tie or hook one around whatever is handy whenever you need light.

Building Block Leather Sleeves

I’ve got a nose like a bloodhound when it comes to minimal, expensive things, so it really shouldn’t surprise you that this leather 13″ MacBook sleeve is lodged firmly in the mid-$300 price range*.

Cluster Tables

Well, hello there, you set of delightfully minimal side tables. Would you like to come live with me? I promise to only put you in the best of spots, and to only split you up when extra guests show up and need a spot to set down their tea or coffee cup (there will be a coaster, of course) or maybe even their phone, or, if they’re brainy, their books.

Balance Box

Tuck your trinkets away inside a Balance Box, which gently tilts depending on the weight of what you put inside.

Wall Hooks!

Okay, get ready for an influx of wall hooks, straight from Etsy. Whether you need just one for a towel or several for all the coats and scarves soon to be strewn about your entryway, here’s a bunch that are quite pleasing to the eyes and not too terribly expensive.

Mika Barr Textiles

Origami textiles? Yes, indeed. We might have featured Mika Barr’s work previously, but right now our search isn’t working (sorry, we’re tweaking the site), so forgive the repeat if we have shown off her throws and pillows before.

Nest Queen Storage Bed

Remember how I shared that I am building a lake house? Well, that endeavor also involves finding furniture to fill that lake house somewhat soon.

House Trivets

This wooden trivet folds into a small, architectural “objet d’art.” That in itself is pretty cute, but it also means that it’d be easy to tuck away in a drawer or on a shelf when not in use.

New Order Shelving System

I know, shelving is rarely exciting, but this shelving system sort of is. The shelves are made from aluminum- nothing new, I know- but these shelves can be up to 2 meters (>6′) long and they’ll support books and other weighty items, unlike some of the lesser quality aluminum shelves that bend and/or dent under the slightest stack of books.

What is it?

And, now, it’s time for another guess at the game of ‘What is it?’ You see an item made from cast iron, so it’s pretty heavy.

Tropical Walnut Abner Tool Box

This is the nicest toolbox ever. You certainly wouldn’t want to hide it away on dusty shelf in the garage, so think beyond just nails and hammers.

Serra Portable Side Table

Yes, you could just staple a piece of fabric on an existing side table and call it portable, but I very much doubt it would look as nice as the Serra.

Friday Links

– For three days from October 1st through 3rd, Superpowers of Ten, an alternative version of Charles and Ray Eames’ film Powers of Ten, will be shown in Chicago for the inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial.

Mobile Light by Andrew Neyer

If you have a dark living or dining area, may I suggest the Mobile Light by Andrew Neyer? The rotating arms allow for quite a bit of variety in movement, especially considering the arms are 40″ and 48″ in length.

HAY UU Trays

More Hay office miscellany, and this time it’s a tray for your writing implements and other small stuff.

Cashmends, Tweedmends

We’ve featured Cashmends before, but they’re just too good to forget. We all have favorite sweaters, and it’s so very sad when they get worn spots.

Toboggan® Pull Up Table

The Toboggan Pull Up Table is more suitable for a workspace than one’s living area- just take a look at those little plastic feet- they basically scream ‘put me in a shared office environment!

HAY Tape Block Dispenser

What to do with your favorite washi tape rolls? Organize them neatly upon the Tape Block Dispenser from HAY, that’s what.

Hamill Lamp

Looking a little like an ancient artifact, the Hamill Lamp consists of a hammered brass shade, a blackened steel base, and the necessary socket, bulb, and cloth cord.