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Modular Honeycomb Pods Aimed at Music Festival-Goers

If you’ve ever gone to a music festival and spent a night (or three) camped out on the cold or muddy ground in your sleeping bag, then congratulations – you’ve done something you’ll probably remember for the rest of your life.

Desert Home and Courtyard Blend Seamlessly with Landscape

Like the majestic Saguaro cacti that surround the site, this Scottsdale, Arizona home rises from the earth and meets the sky gracefully and with perfect style.

Charming Campfire Table Lamp Brings the Outdoors Indoors

Back when humans were little more than hairy newborns trying to figure out the world around them, fire was both a comfort and an essential life-giving force.

Spanish Stone Farmhouse Gets a Contemporary New Heart

The best type of home is one that both fits in with its surroundings and reflects the personalities and tastes of the occupants.

House of the Infinite: Travertine Jetty Reaches Out to the Sea

Just as the sea seems to extend on forever beyond the horizon, the walkable rooftop of this beautiful travertine stone residence in Spain offers an apparently endless walkway.

Stacks of Kitchen Utensils are Modern-Day Totem Poles

No matter how pretty our kitchen utensils and accessories are, we tend to just throw them into a drawer without giving them a second thought.

From Functional to Fun: Explosion Cabinet Pulls Out Into Chaos

Ordinary and perhaps even a little boring when fully closed, this cabinet hides a secret that’s like a streak of madness in an otherwise prim and proper person.

Calming Tea Bags Let You Watch Your Stress Melt Away

Some people aren’t at their best before their morning cup of coffee…but there are very few people who aren’t calmed by a nice cup of chamomile tea.

Converted Victorian Post Office Apartment with a Modern Feel

A giant concrete room-within-a-room occupies the space where wooden counters and mail boxes once stood inside a converted Victorian post office apartment in London.

Desk Hammock is a Comfy Suspended Spot for Your Feet

Millions of people spend the entire workday in a seated position. Besides being not-so-great for your health, sitting all day can be uncomfortable as well.

No More Fat Cats: Giant Hamster Wheel Keeps Cats Trim

If you’ve ever had a housecat that starts to get a bit fat and lazy after a while, you know how important it is for cats – particularly those to live indoors full-time – to get regular exercise.

Getting Skinny: Narrow Home Could Ease Urban Crowding

Looking to the future, most experts agree that 70 percent of people will be living in cities (as opposed to rural or suburban settings) by 2050.

Historic Greek Stable Gets a New Life as a Vacation Home

On the historic Greek Tinos Island, a traditional stone stable was transformed into a stunning holiday home.

Century-Old Beach House Gets Cozy Modern Renovation

Three rectilinear glass-and-steel boxes update an unconventional 100-year-old beach house in Toronto, adding extra space and a sense of modern flair without compromising the structure’s historic character.

Balancing Act: Elegant Water Jug Tilts to Serve

Part sculpture, part functional object, this water jug could stand as the centerpiece of your dining table in place of a vase of flowers.

Forest House: Minimalist Cabin in the Woods of Germany

Paying tribute to the mythologies and fairy houses of the woods with its dark timber facade and slightly flaring roof, Forest House is a small, private cabin tucked within the pines of Brandenburg, Germany.

Super-Soft Chairs Swallow You in Cushions, Then Bounce Back

There’s nothing comfier than sinking into a soft, cushiony chair that seems to swallow your body as you sit in it.

Fun + Sun: London Townhome Filled With Character + Light

London is home to some truly spectacular Victorian townhouses, but plenty of them have been neglected or poorly treated over the years.

Transforming Home Features Three 90-Degree Rotating Rooms

In Tehran, this majestic and highly unusual house boasts too many luxurious elements to detail. But undoubtedly some of the most visible and enviable features are the three rotating faces which allow the interior of several rooms to entirely change functions.

Smashable Concrete Lamp was Designed to be Broken

You won’t find any stickers reading ‘fragile’ on this breakable concrete lamp – in fact, it comes with a rock so you can smash it yourself.