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4 Awesome Small Studio Apartments With Lofted Beds

Using a lofted bed design can be a great way to save room in a small apartment if there is enough vertical space.

A Design Lab to Foster Interior Ideas

Casa Cor is an annual design event that brings together architects and designers to showcase their talents through the design of individual spaces within a large venue.

Two Sleek Apartments with Interior Glass Walls

The two apartments featured in this post are similar in style though each has its own personality. The simple, sleek designs of both homes call to mind a minimalism, if they are not entirely minimalist.

5 Apartment Designs Under 500 Square Feet

How do you live in an apartment that is under 500 square feet? Quite comfortably if you know a good designer.

50 Uniquely Beautiful Designer Faucets You Can Buy Right Now

Whether you’re redoing your entire house or just want to freshen up your kitchen or bath, a new faucet can be a marvelous start.

A Bright Modern Row House Redone for a Fun Couple with a Love of Cooking

Sometimes the best way to start any large project is to create a focal point that can be the “must have.” It’s no different when it comes to designing a home that perfectly suits a client.

A Midcentury Inspired Apartment with Scandinavian Tendencies

The main entryway and living room benefit from large amounts of natural light. The design takes full advantage of these rays by using plenty of light colors, including a soft cashmere gray for the sofa, a light wood flooring, and white walls.

Custom Home in Sonoma Gives a Modern Twist to Wine Country

Throughout the house, sustainability is an important factor in the design. Concrete flooring, for instance, is not just trendy and clean but offers a low-maintenance flooring solution and helps to control temperature swings, even in Sonoma’s mostly mild climate.

A South African Home the Maximizes Nature Reserve Views

When you have a home perched atop a hill in South Africa, chances are you may get some truly spectacular views.

50 Uniquely Beautiful Designer Table Lamps You Can Buy Right Now

The perfect lighting can make a huge difference in any room. The 50 lamps featured in this post range from the classic to the whimsical, from industrial to minimalist and from those meant for the study to those for the nightstand.

Gorgeous Use of Wood Takes this Artistic Mansion to the Next Level

This beautiful hilltop home from Bligh Graham Architects is a sight to behold both inside and out. Its varied volumes connect seamlessly, emphasizing outdoor spaces, natural light, and of course, wood finishing.

4 Cute and Stylish Spaces Under 50 Square Meters

As it turns out, 50 square meters (538 square feet) is plenty for a beautiful, livable space. And not just for one person, but for a whole family.

A Contemporary Apartment with Lots of Open Space

Open space is key to so many contemporary designs. The flow from one room to another – of people, of color, and of light – is what makes these designs work.

Micro Home Design: A Super Tiny Apartment With Just 18 Square Meter Area (Under 200 Square Feet)

The next time you find yourself wishing you had more counter space in your bathroom or making the excuse that you just don’t have room in your house to workout, think about this micro home.

3 Homes that Make Bold Use of Wood

Wood paneled walls take many different forms. In the three homes featured here, designers do not shy away from their carefully chosen and brilliantly polished wood, letting it become a focal point for the space rather than just a practical accent.

Two Lovely Apartments Featuring Wood Paneling

The first home from visualizer Andrew Skliarov is a contemporary apartment in Kiev. The home measures 98.6 square meters (1061 square feet) and the chief direction from the clients was to maintain simplicity — with neither excess or deficiency.

A “Smart” Penthouse in Kiev is the Perfect Party Pad

The open floorplan in this industrial loft space is no surprise, but the creative way the different rooms and sections are divided is certainly unique.

An Opulent Chinese Mansion Straight Out of the 80s

The beauty of interior design is that no matter what the current trends, the best spaces take inspiration from current styles and marry them to retro or vintage looks to create something that’s ultimately unique.

A Colorful Modern Space for a Stylish Couple

Many modern homes are so starkly simple that they can be nothing but minimalist. Others include lots of artsy design elements and Eames chairs that could never be called minimal.

White Walls and In-Floor Storage Make This Creative House Design Special

White and wood may be common enough when it comes to the soothing simplicity of Japanese-inspired designs.