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Minimalist Apartment for a Family of Four

This apartment in Vladivostok, Russia measure 95 square meters (1022 square feet) and yet manages to make enough comfortable space for a young family of four.

2 Loft Ideas For The Creative Artist

The first space certainly adheres to the philosophy that more is more. On every surface is an image, a texture, or a color that could be a potential source of inspiration.

A Seductive Home with Lush Colors and Double Baths

Most people want their home to feel at least somewhat inviting and certainly comfortable. But there is the idea of plenty of seating and warm light – and then there is this home.

Interior Design For Musicians: 2 Classy Music Themed Home Designs

No matter who we are, the place we live reflects our deepest thoughts, dreams, and preferences. But when we are creative people, that is perhaps even more true.

Black, White & Wood Kitchens

A clean and stylish kitchen can be more than a status symbol. When you have a beautiful space like the kitchens featured here, it can provide that extra encouragement you need to prepare a beautiful meal for family and friends.

Chic Scandinavian Studio With Lofted Bed

A lot of things come to mind when you think about the countries of Scandinavia. Whether it’s a flaky cheese Danish, a a cozy Norwegian sweater, the view of the Aurora Borealis from Helsinki or, you know, Ikea – the region is as diverse as it is beautiful and somewhat mysterious.

Loft Design For A Family That Makes Clever Use Of Its Space

Even people who love the idea of loft living might consider it great for themselves but wouldn’t deign to bring a child into that kind of concrete and metal atmosphere.

50 Square Meter Space Saving Apartment Layout For Young Family

It’s one thing to extol the virtues of small, simple living for an artist or a young couple, but it is an entirely different challenge to make a minimalist space work for a family with a teenager.

40 More 2 Bedroom Home Floor Plans

Two bedrooms is just enough space to let you daydream about having more space. There are as many two bedroom floor plans as there are apartments and houses in the world.

2 Luxury Apartment Designs For Young Couples

When you are lucky enough to be young, in love, and have the means to find and decorate a luxury apartment there is not much more that you can ask from life.

Concrete Finish Studio Apartments: Ideas & Inspiration

Concrete gets a bad rap. It describes a drab, matte color. An unfinished building. A cracked sidewalk.

4 Studios Under 50 Square Meters That Use Playful Patterns To Good Effect

The first space measures 50 square meter and was featured in the PINWIN competition for architects, designers, and decorators.

40 More 1 Bedroom Home Floor Plans

A one bedroom apartment can be plenty of space if you know how to organize things. There are plenty of ways to layout a one bedroom, no matter what the size.

A Suburban Kiev Apartment Design with Luxury (and Budget) in Mind

This weekend home in the Kiev suburbs comes from the talented designers at Yo Dezeen. The appearance and feel of luxury was achieved for this particular family home without breaking the bank.

4 Small & Beautiful Apartments Under 50 Square Meters

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. In these small apartments, each of which measures under 50 square meters (538 square feet), the necessity of creating a livable space has led to the invention of style, the creative use of color, and resulted in four gorgeous homes for daring and discerning residents.

An Intricate Luxury Apartment in the City of Lights

Paris is a place where beauty and style are valued above perhaps all else. That means that when we able to look inside of a Parisian apartment through the eyes of someone like photographer Mathieu Fiol we certainly take notice.

Chic Studio Apartments with Artsy Accents

Studio apartment living is perfect for people who love simplicity. When there are no spare bedrooms or closets to pile full of junk you can truly have a more peaceful life, free from the burden of excesses.

IKEA 2016 Catalog

It’s that wonderful time of year again! No, not the holidays. Or your birthday. It’s time for the 2016 Ikea catalog!

A Moscow House Uses Texture to Create Interest

Color is not the only way to make a space visually interesting. In fact, when too many vibrant colors come into play, it is easy for a space to get a busy, crowded, and distracting.

Skysphere: The Ultimate Solar Powered Android Controlled Man Cave

Man or woman, there are plenty of reasons to want to escape the rigors of everyday life and retreat to your own private space.