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Modern Kitchen Countertops from Unusual Materials: 30 Ideas

Modern kitchen countertops are being made from more and more unusual and unique materials. Some natural materials, some synthetic, some composites.

Designer Fiber Optic Lighting by Sharon Marsten is Beyond Stunning

Designer lighting by Sharon Marsten has that WOW factor - no question. The UK designer has really pioneered the use of fiber optic technology in high-end lighting fixtures and displays.

Best of Modern Home Radiators and Towel Warmers for a Luxury Bathroom

Modern home radiators and towel warmers have come a long, long way. Now they are pieces of art as much as a small appliance.

It Took 8 Months to Uproot Tree Stump and Form the Square Root Table

Racine Carree is French for Square Root making the English name the Square Root Table. By either name, the table is a beautiful melding of a found oak stump, a unique bespoke design by Thomas de Lussac and traditional craftsmanship via the dove tailing that joins the tabletop and single leg with the section of tree trunk itself.

15 Heart Shaped Furniture and Decor Ideas

Heart shaped furniture and decor come in all shapes and sizes, but each item features the idea of a heart whether realistically portrayed or suggested.

Wood Effect Tiles for Floors and Walls: 30 Nicest Porcelain and Ceramic Designs

This beautiful selection of porcelain and ceramic wood effect tiles is an important addition to our original wood look tile collection.

Abyss Dining Table by Duffy London: A Slice of Sea and Land

The Abyss Dining Table is a continuing thought process and experimentation by Christopher Duffy of Duffy London that began with the Abyss Coffee Tables.

Unusual Indoor Benches: 25 Unique Wooden Designs

Indoor benches are some of the most functional pieces of furniture in a home, they can be used behind couches that "float" in rooms, to add a bit of pizzazz to what is usually a not meant to be seen portion of the sofa.

Lightweight Concrete Furniture Collection for Modern Interiors

If you love the visceral qualities of concrete and would like to incorporate it into your home without using it as an architectural statement via floors, walls or even counter tops, adding a piece or two of concrete furniture to your home is definitely the way to go.

Unusual Sofas: 20 Creative Designs

Upgrading your boring living room with an unusual sofa can create a new and refreshing look in an instant.

Popular Mah Jong Sofa Series Gets Beautiful Addition

We got to admit, we're in love with the Mah Jong modular sofas from Roche Bobois. It's hard not to. And we know - there are many people out there who are just like us, who cannot take their eyes away from these artistic furniture creations.

Indoor Hanging Seats: 20 Fun Favorites

There is nothing like sitting in a chair and gently swaying to and from in a summer's breeze. Unfortunately unless it's warm outside most of us hang out inside but we can still swing back and forth in an indoor hanging seat, and it doesn't matter what your taste is, there is at least one fun favorite to choose from.

Best Rain Shower Heads for Modern Eco Friendly Bathrooms

Located in Northeast Piedmont, in Valduggia, a small town in Italy, Tender Rain is a unique and innovative business in the shower field.

Time Kitchen by Snaidero in Timeless Teak

Home is where the heart is, and for chefs, their hearts are front and center in their kitchens, but the same should hold true for anyone and everyone who spends time in a kitchen preparing a meal or even just a snack.

Tree Inspired Furniture: 20 Stunning Designs

With architects and designers everywhere bringing nature and natural elements into the home, it is no wonder that furniture designers have become inspired with creating designs that feature the great outdoors, especially trees.

2 Kitchens with Unusual Stove Hoods

One of the limitations in most kitchens is the need to create venting for a stove thereby limiting the location a stove can be placed, but with a flexible stove hood that limitation simply disappears.

One Sink Does All Three: Soap, Wash and Dry Touch-Free

Anyone who has ever washed their hands knows that the process could use a little streamlining in the design department and that is exactly what Sloan Valve Company did when they created the AER-DEC Touch-free Integrated Sink with its hands free soap, rinse and dry capabilities, all within one high tech sink.

Vanity Consoles for Bathrooms: Modern, Vintage, Art Deco

If you have a small bathroom, and planning to remodel or upgrade it, think vanity consoles as they offer a few benefits.

Chic and Cozy Cat Beds: 20 Modern Ideas

Our pets are our children and we want them to be as happy and comfortable as possible, and if your pet is a cat and you live in a modern home, you cat will want to hang out with you in your living room, bedroom, kitchen and anywhere else you spend time.

12 Bar Cart Designs for Entertaining in Style

Bar Carts (also known as Tea Trolleys) are making a huge come back in interior design, thanks in part to their mobile capabilities.