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Sexy Minimalist Tattoos Created Using Geometric Shapes And Tribal Elements

One look at the portfolio of tattooist Roxx on Instagram and it comes as no surprise that this owner of San Francisco-based 2Spirit Tattoo studio is a spearheader in the ink world.

Little-Known Ways On How To Annoy A Designer

“Yet another hipster coffee shop logo” There are many ways to annoy people, but there are certain stuff that will only affect designers.

Extremely Racist Detergent Ad Airs On China’s Media, Evokes Wave Of Criticism

[Click here to view the video in this article] An advertisement promoting laundry detergent brand Qiaobi has racked up criticism after it was aired across television channels and movie theaters in China.

Client Briefs From Hell That Designers Hate With A Passion

Confusing briefs that say one thing but mean another has to be one of designers’ greatest gripes. Creative Market summarizes 15 types of briefs that designers simply abhor, including contradictory statements, payment after design submission and unrealistic expectations.

Slithery Serpentine Tattoos Inked Freehand That Will ‘Crawl Up Your Skin’

Ophiophilists or snake lovers will find Mirko Sata’s slippery serpentine tattoos right up their alley.

Ultimate All-In-One Backpack Is A Brilliantly Designed Vehicle, Carrier, Charger

[Click here to view the video in this article] Backpacks aren’t just carriers anymore, least not with this cleverly designed transportation device-cum-backpack-cum-personal assistant called ‘Movpak’.

Girl Morphs Into Five ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ Characters In 90 Seconds

[Click here to view the video in this article] Just in time for the launch of Alice Through the Looking Glass this Friday, YouTube channel Disney Style has created a transformation video starring five different characters from the film in 90 seconds.

Photographer Freezes Time, Suspends Foods In His Zero-Gravity Kitchen

Time stands still in the home kitchen of photographer Francesco Mattucci, who captures fascinating images of foods suspended in air.

Copywriters VS Art Directors VS Developers, Shown Via Amusing Illustrations

File type After coming across a collection of graphics that Digital Synopsis had published portraying the differences between copywriters and art directors, Imgur user PickAndWhammy decided to add in a third column dedicated to developers.

Watch: How This Cat ‘Climbs’ Down The Stairs Is Basically You Every Morning

Several days ago, Facebook user 纪由屋 uploaded this funny video featuring a slothlike cat sliding its way down a staircase, obviously too lazy to climb on its four paws.

Stunning Lip Art Inspired By Disney, ‘Harry Potter’, Tim Burton, LEGO And More

Makeup artist Jazmina uses her lips as a canvas to create eye-catching works featuring characters from Disney, Harry Potter and Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas.

Mom Makes Costumes, Takes Magical Photos Of Her Kids As Harry Potter, Rey, More

Anna Rozwadowska is a secondary school teacher from Poland. She also has a wonderful hobby of making costumes and photographing her kids to capture their childhoods, something she’s been doing since her children, Jacob and Barbara, were born.

Internet Sees Photo Of Innocent Otter, Photoshops It Into Ridiculous Backgrounds

Bored Panda users have taken to photoshopping an innocent otter photographed against a mundane backdrop, transforming it into Harry Potter, a disk jockey, ‘Otter Cowell’, an astronaut and more.

Stunning Lip Art Inspired By Disney, Harry Potter, Tim Burton, LEGO And More

Makeup artist Jazmina uses her lips as a canvas to create eye-catching works featuring characters from Disney, Harry Potter and Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas.

Artist Recreates ‘Star Wars: Episode IV’ As An Epic 403 Foot-Long Illustration

Swiss illustrator and graphic novelist Martin Panchaud has shown his love for Star Wars in a rather arduous manner.

‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters Then And Now In One Quirky Animated GIF

Digital artist Prasad Bhat of Graphicurry Studio illustrates characters from Game of Thrones then and now in this single animated GIF.

Foldable Furniture Flattens To Become Wall Art, Perfect For Tiny Apartments

[Click here to view the video in this article] No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Those are a functional table and chairs.

Watch: New ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Trailer Side-By-Side With The Original Film

[Click here to view the video in this article] Two days back, you received first peek of Emma Watson as ‘Belle’ in Disney’s debut trailer for its live remake of classic animation Beauty and the Beast.

Infographic: 12 Things You Do That Make People Dislike You Immediately

Some of the things listed in this infographic by Business Insider might come as a shock, as we don’t really think about these things.

Duo Places Pair Of Glasses On A Museum Floor, People Mistake It For Art

Image by TJCruda via Mashable Art can sometimes be a mysterious thing–so much so that a pair of glasses placed on the floor of a museum left two pranksters, Twitter users TJCruda and k_vinnn, with a comical sight.