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Green City Spectator: Atlanta 10th Street Bridge

The prosposed design is not inteded to be seen just as a normal bridge or a path which is just the shortest link.The exisitng structure fullfills this requirement well enough.

Architecture as Renewable Energy Power Grid Solution

Electrical Energy is the key factor for mankind evolution and at the same time its Achilles heel, the demand of this precious resource keeps growing at exponential rates but our capacity to produce and transmit it is limited.

Wood Shed: Exhibition and Event Space, Taiwan

The Wood Shed project designed by HAO / Holm Architecture Office is situated along the coast, a short drive from Taipei in Taiwan.

A Rejuvenation of Pushkar Lake

The design project reinterprets the Ksiri Sagara, a story of religious Hindu Cosmology and abstracts its embedded ontological process as a strategy of both formal design and functional solution in rejuvenating the ecological condition of the holy pilgrimage lake of Pushkar, India.

Registration – 2016 Skyscraper Competition

eVolo Magazine is pleased to invite architects, students, engineers, designers, and artists from around the globe to take part in the 2016 Skyscraper Competition.

Contemporary Hillside Village in Beverly Hills by MAD Architects

MAD Architects reveals 8600 Wilshire, a residential project located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. 8600 Wilshire is MAD’s first US project and demonstrates founder Ma Yansong’s core design philosophy: to coalesce nature and community into a living environment among high-density cities.

The Quartz: Vertical Farmlands

The Quartz designed by Michael Khoo at the RMIT University Melbourne, Australia is a master plan proposal situated in the bay of docklands which took the opportunity to investigate the role of architecture in overcoming the food crisis due to the predicted population spike by 2060.

House for the Digital Fiend

This USC Undergraduate Thesis by Zack Matthews focuses on the contemporary condition of digital addiction and how the broad embrace of digital space has been at the expense of culturally significant physical social exchanges.

[ours] Hyperlocalization of Architecture

Hyperlocalization of Architecture -> BUY PRINT OR DIGITAL Title: [ours] Hyperlocalization of Architecture: Contemporary Sustainable Archetypes Author: Andrew Michler Cover: Hardback Size: 12″ x 9.5″  Pages: 264 ISBN: 978-1938740084 Publication date: August 2015 What lesson does the largest sustainable office building in the Southern Hemisphere, the smallest of houses in Tokyo, and an underground shopping mall in Mexico City share?

The Circle: House of Hungarian Music, Budapest

MenoMenoPiu Architects proposal for the new House of Hungarian Music focuses on creating a landmark for the park whilst respecting its environment.

Unboxed: Prefab Wooden House for the Mediterranean

Architecture duo Micaela Colella and Maurizio Barberio designed Unboxed, a prefab wooden home that can be completely recycled.

Diatomic: Self-supporting Cellular Assembly

Diatomic explores the agglomeration of cellular components within a self-supporting assembly. The project takes inspiration from the observation of single cell algae whose unique feature is that they are enclosed within a cell wall made of silica.

Excessive Architecture: Cleanness vs. Dirtiness

The solid, rigid material has been the leading role in architecture industry for hundred years, but in this project this definition of architectural material has been changed.

Glitch: Advanced Architectural Design Workshops in Los Angeles, Athens & Innsbruck

X|Atelier is organizing four international intensive workshops of Advanced Architectural Design. The X|A Summer Workshops 2015 are led by X|A principals Erick Carcamo (SCI-ARC) and Nefeli Chatzimina (USC, NTUA), both Allumni Graduates of Columbia University in New York City.

New Gastronomical Innovation Center

The New Gastronomical Innovation Center, designed by Oscar Abrahamsson and Jacob Waas at SCI Arc, is a speculative proposal for the El Bulli Research Campus in Cala Montjoi, Catalonia that explores complex systems and baroque geometry as tools in creating an artificial rival to nature.

Clover House, MAD’s First Project in Japan Breaks Ground

The Clover House is a kindergarten that feels like home. Due to limited land area the owner of a local kindergarten decided to renovate his own family house transforming the original private nursery into a fully developed education institution.

Fashion Boutique Designed as a Constellation of Soft Architectural Forms

The challenge of this project designed by Zelig Fok at the Savannah College of Art and Design was to design a boutique and showroom for the Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons in Tokyo’s Aoyama shopping district.

Breeding Clouds Skyscraper

Editor’s Choice 2015 Skyscraper Competition Davide Coluzzi Italy Prologue On Earth, aridity has always been a problem … Latest scientific research shows that our planet is constantly getting hotter which causes significant changes perceptible for everyone.

Migratory Lantern Flock: Nostalgia Across the Formosa Strait

Editor’s Choice 2015 Skyscraper Competition Cai Zeyu, Du Dikang China The sky lantern flock across the Formosa Strait – A new definition of the skyscraper According to the complicated politic statues, the communication between people in Taiwan and main land may have some difficulties, however, which situation would also exists all over the world in fact.

The Oculus: Regenerating Life Through a Vertical Topology

Editor’s Choice 2015 Skyscraper Competition Rodrigo Carmona United States The Oculus is a vertical community.