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William Pacholski Business Cards

Designed by ENEM Creative Printed by Rohner Letterpress I can personally vouch for the attention to detail and fine line capabilities of Rohner Letterpress, and this business card is a fine example.

The Shipley School Booklet

Designed by Brownstein Group Printed by Prism Color Corp We often showcase the amazing things you can do with paper as you lay ink on it, but this booklet shows you another side to what you can do with paper to illustrate your ideas and share messages with your audience.

Jullien Brothers Business Cards

Designed by Jean Jullien Printed by Jukebox As a huge fan of Jean Jullien -- you should follow him on Instagram if you don't yet -- these business cards make perfect sense for him (and his brother).

Slanted Special Issue--Marrakech

Designed by Slanted Publishers Printed by Gallery Print If you have been reading FPO for a while you know we are big fans of Slanted and their always unique issues.

Spindletop Design Holiday Card

Designed by Spindletop Design Printed by Workhorse Printmakers Can a holiday card and an iconic ball drop come together in perfect synchronicity?

MEXICO Food & Liquor Poster

Designed by Studio 6 Printed by Art Rite An unexpected background and overlaid foil make this skull-centric poster stand out from the pack.

Sam Bumbalo Portfolio Mailer

Designed by Sam Bumbalo Printed by Marketing Tech In a time of PDFs and websites to show work it is refreshing to see a mailer that is sure to stand out from a pile of bills and "Dear Sir," or "To Whom it may Correspond," e-mails.

Mawahib Book Volume II

Designed by Natoof Printed by International Printing Press This second installment of "Precious Book" comes with a new set of talent bundled in an addressable chipboard case that unfolds to reveal a matching one-color cover.

MEXICO Food & Liquor Packaging

Designed by Studio 6 Printed by Johnston Press Just about anything looks good if you add a beautifully crafted skull on it--at least it works for me.

CaroselloLab Christmas Gift

Designed by CaroselloLab Printed by NostroInchiostro A Christmas Gift with no Santa or snowflakes? Yes please!

Bob's Burgers Print

Designed by James Olstein Printed by James Olstein A unique illustration full of character, for a unique celebration, designed and printed by James Olstein.

Call Family Distillers Packaging

Designed by Hired Guns Creative Printed by Wright Global Graphics A package series full of character and charisma that can only be driven by a colorful history that informs and guides the design team every step of the way.

Artcrank Poster

Designed by Simon Lam Printed by Vahalla Studios Geometric shapes. Patterns. Inks. Color. Overlay. All in great fun in the exploration of this poster and what can be done with a few basic elements that are pushed a bit further than usual.

BLCH Ltd. Greeting Card

Designed by BLCH Ltd. Printed by In-Production Printing A fun and interactive card to inspire your summer play here on FPO, even if the subject matter belongs to the cold winter.

We Are The Rhoads 2016 Book

Designed by Kati Forner Printed by PRINTWEST Creating great pacing in this book is the use of imagery and typography, which is--to and extent--expected.

Rumblender Packaging

Designed by Front Page Printed by Glencairn Crystal Studio It's no secret that I don't drink, but that doesn't mean I don't find alcoholic packaging attractive.

ATI Nursing Education Booklet

Designed by DMH Printed by Spangler Graphics A booklet with layers of meaning and various messages that need the reader's attention and hands to fully reveal them.

Studio Pression 2016 Greeting card

Designed by Studio Pression Printed by Studio Pression When this greeting card showed up in our pile of mail we both stopped what we were doing to look at it, touch it, analyze it, and talk about it.

Lustig Elements Collection, The Beauty of Letterpress

Designed by Craig Welsh Printed by George Graves The latest installment of The Beauty of Letterpress takes me to a small restaurant in New York many years ago to a lovely lunch with Elaine Lustig Cohen that revolved around design--we were working on Graphic Design Referenced and she was a great source of information, passion for design, and the work of her late husband Alvin Lustig.

Amanda and William Wedding Materials

Designed by Amanda Buck Printed by Amanda Buck From hand lettering to hand printing, this bride was all hands on deck when it came to her wedding--and I hear she had a blast in the process, and of course on the big day.