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MANA Holiday Postcards MMXV

Designed by ManaMedia Printed by Brown Printing Jason Depew, Printer These were in our pile of mail a few weeks ago and it was a pleasure to open them and touch the paper, finding the details like the tone-on-tone varnish on the envelope, and thinking of what use we could give them.

Gabor Farkas Book

Designed by Marton Borzak Printed by VM Verso Ltd. Having used small pages within a publication before I know how tricky and expensive it can be.

Katerina Kagia Corporate Identity

Designed by Semiotik Design Agency Printed by Goussios Open to interpretation but with flawless production this dental identity surely stands out from its competitors.

The Working Capitol Brand Collateral

Designed by Foreign Policy Printed by Singapore based Foreign Policy's Euclidean Principle inspired stationary suite for co-working space The Working Capitol includes a "Workbook" and a cleverly folded map of the historic shophouse turned creative clubhouse.

Collisions #1

Designed by The Unofficial Press Printed by Printed on site at the Chattanooga Public Library The exploration by Aggie Toppins in the first issue of Collisions — printed on "found office paper using a photocopier and a scrappy screenprinting kit" — shows a wide range of experiments and playful layouts that resulted from granting her access to the Maker Space and all of its tools and materials at the Chattanooga Public Library.

Lauren & Ben Wedding Invitation Suite

Designed by And Here We Are, Ltd Printed by Letterpress Printing: And Here We Are Breaking with convention while maintaining a few details that spell out wedding this fun couple caught our attention though patterns and printing techniques that come together in a beautiful and unexpected wrap.

Be Kind Online Poster

Designed by Michael Buchino BT Livermore Printed by Michael Buchino & BT Livermore I always find it amusing when designers go "old-school" — you can read more about the process here — and work with pre-computer materials--the results are often fascinating.

M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2016 Booklet

Designed by qu’est-ce que c’est design Printed by First Printers This is a booklet that begs to be touched by the various textures it represents, both digital and hand crafted.

Big Belly Band Packaging

Designed by Daniele Simonelli Printed by Self (with Phaser 7500DN inkjet) Drinking your own beer that you make with friends and each of everyone's respective hands from an unlabeled beer bottle is no fun.

Charmaine & Patrick Wedding Invitation

Designed by Charmaine Choi Printed by Scout Books Raaka Chocolate I wonder how many guests kept the nicely packaged chocolate and ate it while strolling the streets of New York as recommended by their nifty city-guide-invitation...

MOTIV Stationery

Designed by Negation Studio Printed by Polish graphic design and illustration studio Negation opts for a copper motif across architectural firm MOTIV's business cards and stationary in order to demonstrate the firm's innovative approach and use of cutting edge technologies.

Holiday Cheer Invitation

Designed by Atheneum Creative Printed by Acrylify Going for glam and memorable impact these invitations spared no expense in exceeding expectations.

Appleton Coated  Brochure

Designed by Rule29 Creative Printed by Independent Printers If you ever wanted to see, feel, and experience varnish in all its splendor this is the piece for you.

Beauty of Letterpress Print, Edition 13

Designed by Gee + Chung Design Printed by TPD Design House The latest print in this great series transforms iconic letterpress tools like the platen press wheel, the ink blob, the composing stick, the line gauge, and wood blocks — young designers might think these are hieroglyphics!

Zady Essentials Collection Packaging

Designed by Zady | Elizabeth Carey Smith, Design Director Printed by Elysia Mann, All Along Press More and more we find companies that are genuinely concerned with the environment and their impact on it.

Aitor & Nerea Wedding Invitation

Designed by La caja de tipos Printed by Minke With the help of the experienced printers at Minke, Spanish studio La caja de tipos proposes a toast to casual, letterpressed and embossed elegance.

Razzle Dazzlers Fundraiser Poster

Designed by Ryan Booth Printed by Kid Icarus An even flood of metallic ink shares the page with a good cause in this small run poster full of heart.

Minus-8 Catalog

Designed by Landscape Printed by Oscar Sturdy, elegant… bad-ass. That's what Minus-8 watches look like and that's the expectation this pitch-black catalog sets up from the get-go.

Blend Bros. Packaging

Designed by Design By Day Printed by Yum Tin I can't vouch for the protein sauce in each tin, but as a designer and athlete I am pulled to the shelf by this packaging that is so different from what crowds the stores today.

Visualmind Business Card

Designed by Roots Printed by Conet Printing Though the subtle emboss on these 1-color, offset business cards didn't come out as deep as designer Jonathan Yuen would have liked, the slight variation in depth is enough to quietly nod to the clients' motto, "What's on your mind?