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A Wedding Walk

Designed by Joel Derksen Printed by Corktown Printing Company Standing out with paper doll cutouts of the bride and groom, this digitally-printed wedding invitation marries interaction and fun.

Christopher Simmons at AIforGA Poster

Designed by MINE™ Printed by Industry Print Shop While most speakers at our event have so far asked if they could get heavier paper for their poster, Christopher went the opposite route and asked if he could get the lightest paper available: newsprint.

Game of Thrones Iconographic Prints

Designed by Dean Robert Smith Printed by BJL Designer Dean Robert Smith's series of 4 mono-weight architectural illustrations pays homage to HBO medieval fantasy series Game of Thrones without resorting to the themes of sex and violence that the series is known for.

"The Constitution of Moiré" Posters

Designed by tind Printed by tind A study in embracing the happy accidents that inevitably occur as a part of the printing process, Greek designer tind and his team celebrate the often under-appreciated moiré effect.

Tommy Shelby Whiskey Packaging

Designed by Scott Biersack Printed by Scott Biersack Phoenix designer and letterer Scott Biersack pays homage to British historical crime drama and Netflix original series Peaky Blinders in his hypothetical whiskey brand named for mob boss and main character Tommy Shelby.

The Fresh News Publication

Designed by Taras Sgibnev Printed by Newspaper Club London coffee delivery service Pact teams with Facebook and Newspaper Club to deliver custom newsfeeds catered to recipients' tastes and garnished with a spoonful of nostalgia.

"Trouble" Book

Designed by Susannah McGowan Printed by Urban Print, Dundee Created as a response to the International Society of Typographic Designer's Milestones Brief, "Trouble" is a one-of-a-kind publication that explores the thirty-year war between Irish Republicans and Ulster Loyalists in Northern Ireland.

Atypical Type Foundry Retro Fonts Inspiration Poster

Designed by George Triantafyllakos Printed by Original Replica Designer George Triantafyllakos, creator of Atypical Type Foundry, shares the original inspiration for some of his retro fonts in this 2-color, screenprinted poster.

Fairy Tales Art Prints

Designed by Familytree Printed by Kangaroo Press Nashville-based design studio Familytree take advantage of blending inks to create a bonus tone in these whimsical, two-color screen prints.

i.E. Magazine #5

Designed by Students of the Design and Graphic Arts Technology Printed by Graphic arts laboratory A regular feature on FPO (see issue #3 and #4), i.E.

AIGA Eye on Design Quoted Prints

Designed by Pat Fennessy Printed by Will Laren Designer Pat Fennessy's quoted creative process prints come as a result of Pat's own open-mindedness to the gritty nature of risograph and the serendipity of happy accidents.

AWAM Engineering & Design Business Cards

Designed by Ashby Martin Printed by Ashby Martin An added bonus to engineer Ashby Martin's innovative, laser-cut business cards are the handfuls of confetti.

Brooke & Ryan Wedding Invitation

Designed by Studio of Christine Wisnieski Printed by Type Twenty Seven Trading die-cuts for scissors and printing each item in one color, Cleveland-based designer Christine Wisnieski created a luxury wedding invitation suite greater than the sum of its parts.

Novum Cover

Designed by Foxtrot Studio Printed by Wolf-Manufaktur Designed by Poland-based Foxtrot Studio, this two-color letterpressed magazine cover for German graphic design publication Novum allows subtle variations in printing to make each of the 12,000 copies unique.

The Typefaces

Designed by Scott Lambert Printed by Blurb This fun print-on-demand children's book turns type into characters who stretch the imagination and illustrate design as play.

"One Ocean" Book for Georgia Aquarium

Designed by EM2 Printed by Geographics EM2's tactile informational booklet demonstrates Georgia Aquarium's efforts in research, conservation, and education by illustrating the connections between ocean and human well-being.

Rock 'n' Roll Pirate Wedding Invitation

Designed by Heather Cranston Printed by Vince Perez - Everlovin' Press Luxe like a box set and pretty enough to steal, this silkscreened and letterpressed wedding invitation for Jen and Mike sets the tone for a perfect pirate party.

Anahata Poster

Designed by Tyler Deal Printed by Tyler Deal Illustrator Tyler Deal's 6-color, spiritual screenprint draws from his own personal yoga experience as well as cultural symbolism for the heart chakra, also known as Anahata.

Atypical Type Foundry Specimens Book Vol.1

Designed by George Triantafyllakos Printed by Christos Goussios Greek type foundry Atypical's unconventional, coptic bound type specimen book eschews technical information in favor of a more passionate portrayal of their fonts.

ON&ON Print

Designed by The Aesthetic Union Printed by James Tucker This two-color, tile-able fine art print was letterpressed in halftones, a useful technique for creating the illusion of dimension.