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So many fun things to keep us all inspired!!! Here’s just a taste of what’s new over at! Click the squares to find out more.


The Saunagondel! Yes - these are upcycled old ski gondolas transformed into mobile 4-person electric saunas! Roundup

Feeling tired and inspired - lots of manual labor is somehow also getting me giddy and excited about design again.

Rapha Citroen H Van Toy

Far too excited about my new toy… Citroen HY Van! These amazingly iconic (and super utilitarian) vans have been a fixation of ours for years now… and when Shawn and i were grabbing lunch and wandering Abbot Kinney, we checked out the Rapha Pop Up, and while their full sized H Van wasn’t there, this amazing little 1:24 scale toy one was! Roundup

Roundup! So much fun inspiration lately - click the squares to find out more about any and all of them!

Vanimals of Jonas Claesson

On happy deep dives into the internet, i just fell into the surfing animal illustrated world of Jonas Claesson.

Matthew Grabelsky - UNDERGROUND

Opening tonight at Thinkspace Gallery, Matthew Grabelsky’s UNDERGROUND solo show can be found in the project room… and it looks fantastic!

LA Love: Compartes Chocolate

With neighbors doing construction on with two sides of our bedroom wall (it’s that time of year?) starting at 7am every day, i’ve certainly been a bit more of a grumpy zombie than i’d like to admit.

Unboxing: Kleenex Facial Cleansing

So, it seems Kleenex is branching out… to new Kleenex Facial Cleansing, which is currently only available on their own online store. Roundup

25 goodies from - click the squares to find out more about each and every one of them! (Want more visual goodness?

The Sill x Brian Giniewski

Yes, i know, i’m totally going through a plant obsession at the moment (as you can see on Instagram), and as usual that comes with a heavy design filter on it.

IKEA ANVANDBAR Illustrations

The new IKEA ANVANDBAR Collection just makes me smile. The water color illustrations breathe life into the product shoots!

The (Hot) Cactus Store of Echo Park

The Cactus Store in Echo Park is something one needs to experience in person. I can’t explain quite how surreal it feels to be in a space the size of my kitchen, tiptoeing through a maze of cinder blocks with terra cotta pots balanced on top of them… each filled with incredibly beautiful and SUPER STABBY cacti. Roundup

Roundup! A week of inspiration from over at - click the squares to find out more! (Want more visual goodness?

Qeeboo Rabbit by Giovannoni

It’s so much easier to cover design fairs from your couch these days… instagram hashtags, snapchat, tweets, etc.

Cybex by Marcel Wanders

The Cybex by Marcel Wanders “Parents Collection” that is freshly launching at Milan Design Week is making me glad we don’t have a baby… because that pig and rocker are pretty tempting!

Luftgekuhlt 2016: Porsches at Modernica

If there was any question that air-cooled Porsches are having a moment, today’s Luftgekuhlt (german for air-cooled) proved it without a doubt.

Petco Dog Toys with (Squeaker) Heart

There’s nothing more delightful than a thoughtfully designed surprise. Especially when you don’t even remotely expect it! Roundup

Inspiration grid from! Click the squares to find out more! (Want more visual goodness? See +

Paintings of Cinta Vidal

There’s something magical about the way Cinta Vidal sees and paints the world - it’s a world that pulls you in to all the details and the potential and endlessness of her tiny planets filled with life, houses, campsites, people, and lovely trees!