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Trader Joe's Coffee: Brew In The Bag

Trader Joe’s Pour Over Coffee that you Brew In The Bag! As usual - Trader Joe’s has fun with the graphic design on their private label goods. Roundup

Happy Chinese New Year! Bring on the year of the monkey! Diving into the new year - here’s another dose of inspiration!

Eliza Frye "Fight Like A Girl" Pins

On fun packages to arrive - Eliza Frye is making lapel pins! And i love that - being the amazing illustrator that she is - it’s not just a pin on a card. Roundup

Woohoo! 25 squares of inspiration from! Another week, another dose to get you excited and inspired - click the squares to find out more!

Made by NOTCOT: Teaser

Patience has never been my strong suit - especially when i’m REALLY REALLY excited. Even Bucky is far better at it than i am (see him up there literally watching the paint dry? Roundup

Another week, another dose of what’s inspiring me that we’ve been sharing over at! And… today we’re soft launching a bunch of newness over there… you’ll notice you can scroll for days… it’s a bit more retina friendly… a bit more centered… a fun new hamburger menu in the corner… and more goodies you’ll find as you use it!

Gift Guide: Valentine's Day Chocolates

Mmmmm chocolate. It should come as no surprise that i love a good piece of chocolate… especially a beautifully wrapped or designed piece of deliciousness.

Color With IKEA

On this whole “Adult Coloring Books” trend - it’s flying around the internet that IKEA now has coloring pages too! Roundup

Get inspired! A taste of inspiration from! Click the squares to find out more. (Want more visual goodness? Roundup

Inspiration 2016! I have good feelings about this year. Feeling super energetic about the future and all it holds - let’s design a mind blowing one!

CES 2016: Audi Booth

Just in via iMessage + FaceTime… a closer looks at the Audi booth at CES this year. As usual - it’s a trippy view that pulls you in… and it’s pretty over the top, yet so precisely designed.

Unboxing: Nextbit Black Sheep Toy

Surprise from Nextbit just arrived! An adorable BLACK SHEEP! When you hear Nextbit, you probably think of the Nextbit Robin - that rockstar kickstarter of a phone that’s all about smart, magically efficient use of the cloud - and it’s coming really really soon to all the backers and buyers!

Aleph Geddis for Filson, Seattle

Wow! Aleph Geddis has hand carved an incredible wooden totem for the new Filson flagship store (in the same building as their HQ) that opened in Nov 2015 in Seattle. Roundup

A big dose of inspiration from as we go into 2016!!! Click the squares to find out more… (Want more visual goodness?

NOTFZJ80: Off-roading Arches National Park

There’s an incredible 20+ miles of unpaved/4x4 trails in Arches National Park! And it’s especially spectacular on a sunny, snow covered winter day!

Epic Holiday Road Trip: LA-Nashville-LA

It has been QUITE the holiday season this year. 2015 will definitely be remembered for all the labs in our life… from Shawn’s Beast who lived to 12.5 years old, our Bucky the NOTpuppy, and the brand new Caleb!

Bass Pro Toy Sets and Ride-on ATVs

Driving across country from LA to Nashville, we had to stop at the epic Bass Pro Pyramid (Bass Pro moved into the Memphis Pyramid downtown) - and it is truly a disney style adventure inside… giant outdoor store with hotel (where rooms have screened in porches with rocking chairs), aquarium, ponds, nature dioramas, waterfowling heritage center, a fish themed bowling alley, restaurant, shooting ranges, an elevator to the top of the pyramid and more. Roundup

INSPIRATION a la! Click the squares to find out more… (Want more visual goodness? See +

Birthday + Roadtrip Planning

How adorable is it that the Google Maps Streetview guy puts on a party hat and grabs a balloon to wish you a Happy Birthday? Roundup

Inspiration time!!! Ok, who am i kidding, it’s always inspiration time, Here’s another dose of goodness - click the squares to find out more!