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Link About It: This Week's Picks: Body positive Barbie, the chattiest state in America and the surprising truth about Earth's birth in this week's look at the web

1. Earth is Actually Two Planets Fused Together A new study conducted by UCLA researchers has uncovered an astonishing twist to the formation of Earth: it’s actually two planets fused together.

Athleisure Wear From AEANCE: A new brand at the intersection of fashion, comfort and performance

As materials and technology continue to develop in the world of clothing production, it makes sense that there is fervent interest in clothes that support active, athletic use while looking good in the process.

ListenUp: Rihanna: Same Ol' Mistakes

For those who don't have a TIDAL subscription, Rihanna's album ANTI is now available on Spotify. Whether you're tearing down the highway to "Desperado" or grooving to the nostalgic, soulful "Love on the Brain" the tracks are delightfully diverse.

Link About It: Whisky is a Better Investment Than Gold

Whisky collectors hoping to cash out on their hobby need look no further than their secret stashes. In 2015, rare whisky outperformed both wine and gold as an investment option, as the Rare Whisky Apex 1000 index rose by 14%.

Not Your Father's Ginger Ale: The makers of boozy root beer try their hand at a new equally boozy, spicy soda

With Superbowl Sunday taking place this weekend, you might already be thinking about what snacks and drinks to serve.

Buy: Ambienta Plant Lamp

The mushroom-shaped Ambienta lamp has two settings (grow light and ambient light) and, like a paint palette, has compartments for six plants.

Buy: Smiley Face Reusable Shopping Bag

A happy combination of two of our favorite makers, the James Joyce + Baggu reusable bag takes the UK-based graphic artist's high-gloss painting—"Here For A Good Time, Not A Long Time"—and adheres it to Emily Sugihara's ever-functional ripstop shopper......

Saint Martin's First-Ever SXMusic Festival: An outdoor electronic music festival with forest parties and infinity beach views

As the music festival scene continues to grow and grow, a new entrant—dedicated to electronic acts—will debut in March 2016 on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin.

Link About It: Earth is Actually Two Planets Fused Together

A new study conducted by UCLA researchers has uncovered an astonishing twist to the formation of Earth: it’s actually two planets fused together.

ListenUp: Moderat: Reminder

Originating in Berlin, German electronic music explorers Modeselektor and Apparat are back with their third album as power trio Moderat.

Buy: Hach Watch

Designed by London-based brand Objest, the Hach watch features a numberless dial that’s anything but boring.

Future Glory Co Bags: Made consciously in SF, luxe accessories and backpacks that give back to local women's organizations

Founded by Theresa Lee (whose resume includes a decade of working in design, from being Design Director at DODOcase to Art Director at Sephora/LVMH), SF-based Future Glory Co takes the art of bag design with sincerity.

Karen Mabon’s SS16 Rosebud Collection: Panda baby showers and cat costume parties perfectly disguised in sophisticated silk scarves

Channeling the seductive stylings of Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly but with thoughtful, contemporary whimsy is UK illustrator Karen Mabon’s spring/summer 2016 Rosebud collection.

Eero Saarinen's Two-Seater: the Womb Settee : Knoll overcomes structural issues to bring the 1940s design back into production

The story behind Eero Saarinen's classic 1948 Model 70 Womb design is simple: Florence Knoll wanted a chair that felt like "basket full of pillows." While most might immediately think of fluffiness and volume, the Finnish-American furniture designer......

Robbie Thomson’s Spectacular XFRMR (Transformer): The Glasgow-based artist on performing live with an electrifying Tesla Coil

Imagine the spectacle of a summer thunderstorm—with its smell of ozone, flashes of lightning and the charge of electricity in the air.

Link About It: A Stunning Mercedes Benz 190SL Barn-find

On a walk through his neighborhood, Michael Potiker spotted a dusty car sitting in a rundown garage. The car, covered in rat droppings and dog fur, turned out to be a Mercedes Benz 190SL that hadn’t been driven for nearly a decade.

Artist Maira Kalman's Union Square Cafe Illustrations : Charming, large-scale pieces announce the return of a New York City staple

After 30 years at the corner of 16th Street and Union Square West, Danny Meyer's celebrated first-ever restaurant, Union Square Cafe, has shifted a few blocks over—the result of his second 15-year-long lease coming to an end and an accompanying price......

Pairing Beer with Khavyar's Unpretentious Caviar: A range of domestic and international products at various prices make for a great entry point

When we sat down with Andy Rosenthal, creative director of Khavyar—a recently launched caviar brand featuring an array of products, both domestic and international, wild and farmed—he shared an anecdote about caviar in the 1800s.

ListenUp: Pussy Riot: CHAIKA

If you don't know who Yuri Chaika is, Pussy Riot's song "CHAIKA" can help fill in the blanks. The punk-rock protest collective, whose performances have gotten a few members jailed, bravely ridicules the Russian General Prosecutor through music video......

A Wilder Life: Print magazine Wilder Quarterly guides readers back to nature in their first book

Since launching in 2011, Wilder Quarterly has been rousing genuine excitement about growing and gardening in people who typically encounter more software bugs than the natural kind.