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Studio Visit: Alder New York: The Brooklyn-based designers discuss influence, diversifying and the gaps in fashion design education

After just a few semesters into school at the Pratt Institute, designers Nina Zilka and David J. Krause took their passion out of the studio and into the marketplace.

Hit City USA's Perfect White T-Shirt: A foray into classic apparel from the Los Angeles independent record label

There's no staple piece of clothing quite like the plain white T-shirt. Its role in pop culture moved it from an undergarment, worn beneath dress shirts, and placed it front and center.

Bay Meats Butcher Shop Beef Jerky: A gluten-free, hand-sliced and 100% Canadian snack

Globalization may have reduced the number of surprising discoveries one makes in foreign lands, but the art of travel can still lead to exciting finds.

A Film About Coffee: Telling the story of the specialty trade, from farmers to baristas

by Chérmelle D. Edwards By profession he’s a commercial photographer, but by passion he's a filmmaker.

Werewolf Role-Play Game: Well-designed cards allow players to transition instantly into a round of role-playing, accusations and persuasive speeches

The party game Mafia—invented by Russian psychology student Dimitry Davidoff in the late '80s as a teaching tool—has been shared and played all over the world (it's called Loups-garous in France, for example), simply through word of...

Music and More at Faroe Island's G! Festival: Nordic acts converge for a raucous and magical annual multi-day event

The clouds sit very low atop rugged mountains, each rising in a dramatic curve directly from the sea.

Curio LED Lighting For The Home: Scanner and copy machine technology reimagined as efficient lighting systems

With each design based on Light Guide technology (traditionally used in scanners and copiers), San Francisco's Curio creates playful, linear lighting options for the home, giving the fading technology a...

Three Experimental Hoodies from Outlier: Somewhere between fashion and performance sportswear, the Brooklyn designers deliver forward-thinking concepts

With a focus on melding fashion, function and performance, Brooklyn-based apparel maker Outlier continues to deliver for the fast-paced active urban lifestyle while offering a simple, elegant aesthetic.

East London Liquor Company: Bringing distilling back to the East End with distinct craft spirits done in the old style

by Cajsa Lykke Carlson Gin has long been the classic London drink, and the spirit is making a comeback in the city’s cocktail scene.

Three Summer Photography Shows: Group exhibitions on both coasts that explore and survey the current state of the medium

As the art season slows down for the summer months and galleries take a breather from the rush of global art fairs, many gallerists take this time to identify and unify themes that reflect some of the concepts being expressed by contemporary artists, and put together group shows.

Brooklyn Delhi, Handmade Indian Achaar : Add instant spice, smoke and Subcontinent vibes to almost any dish

Home to a rich food culture, India boasts cuisine that is among the most expansive and diverse in the world.

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi: A Kenyan sanctuary that protects the endangered Rothschild subspecies, who aren't shy to nab a treat from your hands (or lips)

by Kelly Badal Set on 12 acres of private land within a 140-acre indigenous forest, Giraffe Manor is an ivy-covered 1930s colonial mansion-turned-hotel, with stunning art deco interiors to match.

March + Held Co. Shirts: A study on crafting a truly American garment, made entirely stateside from "soil to sale"

For all the ink that's been spilled over the Made In America movement, the reality is still a little grim.

Leonard & Church Watches: A new timepiece company offering sleek designs and affordable luxury

When Jeff Leung graduated college, he began the arduous odyssey of job searching and, even though smartphones display the time, Leung felt wearing a watch was a necessary part of appearing professional.

ListenUp: Sinkane's "How We Be," Poolside resurrects The Pool, Polygrains' debut and more in the music we tweeted this week

Polygrains: Now I Know Armed with a staunch endorsement from Larry Gus (a part of the DFA family) is fellow Greek singer and producer Polygrains.

Link About It: This Week's Picks : The inimitable Elaine Stritch, a crazy cooler, Wired's innovation fellows and more in our weekly look at the web

1. Vale Elaine Stritch Broadway legend and all-round sassy broad Elaine Stritch passed away this week and the outpouring of grief has been a testament to how special and appreciated she was.

Peak Design's Modular Camera Straps: A camera sling and hand strap with quick connecting links for swapping straps on the move

As any photographer that's been around the block before will attest, few things are as irritating as equipment getting in the way of a shot, whether it's restrictive straps or just poorly designed attachment points that take too much time to adjust.

Mapping It Out: An Alternative Atlas of Contemporary Cartographies: Edited by Serpentine Gallery's Hans Ulrich Obrist, the hardcover features thought-provoking abstractions from artists, designers, scientists and more

A few years ago, an unusual map of Africa began gaining traction throughout the internet. It showed that the continent is, in fact, larger than the United States, China, Japan, India and all of Europe combined....

Henry Liz Bike Helmet Totes: A smart and appealing way to carry the ungainly cycle accessory

There's no denying that once you've stepped off your bike and locked it up, carrying around a clunky helmet is annoying.

Café Racers: Speed, Style and Ton-up Culture: A highly visual survey of 1960s British sub-culture inspired motorcycle designs

Spawned from a 1960s sub-culture of street-racing British rock'n'rollers, the café racer has become a highly admired genre of motorcycle design.