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Airbus' Funky "Mezzanine Seating" Concept

A recently-granted Airbus patent is causing quite the stir. The company's Hamburg-based design team envisions a variety of cabin arrangments with staggered "mezzanine seating" protruding into the "substantially unused upper lobe of the aircraft fuselage," and most press outlets seem to be unfairly demonizing it, accusing the company of trying to stack us like parcels.

Brilliantly-Designed Inuit Fish Hook That Allows the Halibut Population to Replenish Itself

Time to put your ID thinking caps on. Take a second and think about how you'd solve the following problem using design: 1) You feed your family by fishing in the frigid Alaska, out on the open water in a dugout canoe.

How to Think With Your Hands

The following is an excerpt from graphic designer Michael Bierut's recently published monograph, "How to Use Graphic Design to Sell Things, Explain Things, Make Things Look Better, Make People Laugh, Make People Cry, and (Every Once in a While) Change the World." A Pentagram partner and protege of Massimo Vignelli, Bierut is a longtime friend of Core77 and a voice and advocate for design.

No Permission Slip Needed: Get in on the Core77 Conference Field Trips

Who didn't love field trips in grade school? They were a refreshing departure from the sit-down-and-listen-up modus operandi of most curriculums and offered the excitement of socializing en route.

A Sneak Peek at the Upcoming "Design Disruptors" Documentary

Design collaboration platform Invision has announced they're producing a feature-length documentary detailing "how the most important and influential technology companies are using product design to change the world." Judging by the sneak-peek trailer, below, it appears to focus more on UI/UX rather than physical objects, but we're thinking this will still be worth a watch: Called Design Disruptors: How Design Became the New Language of Business, the film looks at over a dozen companies that have a "fierce focus on customer-centric product design." Sadly there's no Apple, Dyson or Festool interviews; the big names featured in the doc include Facebook, Google, Netflix, Spotify and Pinterest, in keeping with the UI/UX focus.

SVA's Products of Design Open House: November 6th

If you're checking out grad schools for next September, be sure to RSVP for SVA's MFA in Products of Design program's Open House & Info Session on Friday, November 6th, from 2-5pm in New York City.

Beijing Design Week 2015: “Everyday Issues (Continued)” and the Baitasi Making Hub

Design schools have long taken to their hometown design festivals to capitalize on a broader audience for their work, and the China Central Academy for Fine Arts is no exception.

Workspace Challenge Photo Contest, 1st Place: Tim Lee, YouTuber and ID Student

From Auckland, New Zealand, ID student Tim Lee snagged first place in our Workspace Challenge Photo Contest.

Workspace Challenge Photo Contest, 2nd Place: Samantha Creeger, ID Student

Second place in our Workspace Challenge Photo Contest goes to ID student Samantha "Sammy" Creeger. Creeger reminds us of the depth of an ID education by showing us not one, but three workspaces, all of which your average ID student might be toiling in during the same day.

Workspace Challenge Photo Contest, 3rd Place: Purple Studio Architects

As the sole office space submission in our Workspace Challenge, Third Prize goes to upstart architecture firm Purple Studio over in New Delhi.

Workspace Challenge Photo Contest, 4th Place: Mark Roberts, the Luthier

Mark Roberts is a product designer and luthier, and he made the top four of our Workspace Challenge for having one of the densest, most functional workspaces submitted.

Building a Better Athletic Mouth Guard

If you played sports as a kid—or have a kid who plays sports—you're probably familiar with the cheap, ubiquitous and not terribly effective "boil and bite" mouth guards sold at most sporting-goods stores.

Make Your Transportation Design Models Look Real by Weathering Them

Those of you enrolled in Transportation Design programs will shortly be making clay models, if you're not already.

What Do You Think of the Design of TiVo's Bolt?

TiVo has unveiled their new Bolt set-top box, and every article written about it cannot help but mention the physical design.

Reporter's Theory: The VW Scandal was Due to Their Corporate Culture

Let me tell you how a car salesman once quickly sold me on a Volkswagen. He was a large, obese man, which is relevant.

The First Shipping Container House We've Seen That Actually Looks Awesome

To be blunt, most houses we've seen that are built out of shipping containers look like total crap. So our hats are off to architect David Fenster, who designed this beautiful 1,200-square-foot home, sited in the Santa Cruz Mountains, out of shipping containers.

Beijing Design Week 2015: The Joy of Joinery

The use of wood is by no means a trend, at least not in the sense that it is a new phenomenon. After all, China has a 7,000-year tradition of sunmao, or mortise-and-tenon joinery, dating back to the late Neolithic era, when it was used in Chinese timber-frame architecture, and it has been employed to make furniture for nearly as long.

More Unusual Dice Designs

As we saw a few years ago with Chuck Stover's work and yesterday's post about Nvenom8 Designs' two-sided rolling die, Shapeways and 3D printing have become a go-to source for unusual dice designs.

Where Your Wood Comes From: Here's How They Stuff Logs Into Shipping Containers

Let's say you're a furniture designer in California working with English Ash. You pick your wood up at a supplier, where it sits neatly stacked in the yard.

Designer & Books Fair 2015 + An Exclusive Deal for Core77 Readers

This weekend you have the rare chance to hear Milton Glaser speak on his life's work and cut in line for first priority seat access.