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Brass, Walnut & Technology: Love Hultén's Beautiful Furniture Combines Old-School and Hi-Tech

There are not many designers who could take the concept of a 19th-Century writing desk and turn it into a modern-day soldering station with a built-in computer.

Team USA Retooling for Giant Robot Duel vs. Japan

Preparations are underway for the U.S. vs. Japan giant robot fighting match. As you probably remember, Team Japan's skipper, Kogoro Kurata, accepted the challenge under the condition that melee combat be part of the contest.

Knife Week: Midori Hamono Chef Knives

It's Knife Week at Hand-Eye Supply! Get 25% off all knives in stock with the code "KnifeWeek2015" now through the end of Saturday 8.29.15!

Jaguar Designer Cesar Pieri's Auto Art

As the Creative Design Manager at Jaguar Advanced Design, Cesar Pieri spends a lot of time thinking about cars.

A Mathematician's Elliptical Pool Table

For nearly 40 years, the Snooker and Pool Table Company of Essex, England has been producing bespoke billiards tables in a variety of styles.

Announcing the 2015 INDEX: Award Winners

Every year we look forward to the INDEX: Awards, a program that staunchly stands by its mission to uphold designs that improve life and seek out sustainable solutions to the most pressing global challenges we are facing.

LG Rethinks Design of Roll-Up Keyboard by Going Solid Rather Than Flexible

Flexible, roll-up keyboards made from silicone, like these two, actually can't be rolled up that tightly, making them awkward in their stored form.

Desktop Organizing: Pen, Pencil & Marker Storage

I've seen a lot of office spaces, and in many of them it's hard to quickly find a good pen or pencil on the desk, even though the resident has many of them.

The Nebia Showerhead Atomizes Your Shower Water

Five years in the making, the Nebia showerhead is designed to get more water onto your body while reducing the actual amount you're using.

When Stormtroopers Keep You Warm: Design Teacher Repurposes Spent Gas Canisters as Sci-Fi Stoves

Alex Dodson describes himself as "a technology teacher at a secondary school tasked with inspiring the next generation of designers." We've no idea what he does in the classroom, but we're guessing his sideline business, "Burned by Design," takes care of the "inspiring" part.

Learning to Sketch vs. Sketching to Learn

Sketching Lab is an annual design conference in San Jose, Costa Rica that promotes the design process and visual communication techniques for students and young professionals in creative industries.

Knife Week: ISO the IXL British Army Knife

It's Knife Week at Hand-Eye Supply! Get 25% off all knives in stock with the code "KnifeWeek2015" now through Saturday 8.29.15!

Trippy Non-Mechanical Ferrofluid Clock Features Self-Assembling, Organic Numbers

You simply have to see this. Imagine an Etch-a-Sketch had sex with a lava lamp, and the resultant offspring was raised by adoptive digital clock parents.

Tesla's Robotic Snake Charging Arm

There are people that we expect to espouse robot snakes, but Elon Musk wasn't one of them. Nevertheless, Tesla Motors has released this video of an experimental robot snake charging arm that plugs itself in: The video comes with no written description, but Wired's got a line on what the robosnake is for.

What Kind of Fabric Can Stop a 2x4 Launched From a Pneumatic Cannon at 100 M.P.H.?

Texas Tech University's National Wind Institute is the place to go when you want to study how to mitigate tornado and hurricane damage.

A Surprising Carbon Fiber Alternative: Nanofibers Made from Carrots

Carbon fiber is awesome stuff, being both lightweight and strong. It's also a difficult-to-produce, non-renewable material.

The 2015 Core77 Conference: The Future Now

Core77 is holding its second-annual design conference in Los Angeles on October 23, and we're pulling out all the stops.

Smart Design for a DIY Air Compressor Cable Reel

I recently purchased this retractable air compressor cable reel: Sixty bucks is more than I wanted to spend, but it's a lot easier than manually winding the cable up each time.

Giant Red Ball Attempts to Flee Ohio for California to Join Smaller Black Balls, Doesn't Make It

You've probably heard that earlier this summer L.A. dumped 96 million "shade balls" into their reservoirs.

The 2015 Core77 Conference: Business Now

Last week, we introduced the first two sessions of the 2015 Core77 Conference, taking place in Los Angeles on October 23.