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Playing "Space Invaders in Real Life"

I thought this wasn't going to be funny, then I almost spit my coffee out while watching it. The comedy & gaming nerds over at Rooster Teeth rigged up an immersive "Space Invaders in Real Life" game, using a Nerf gun, paint ballons and a dolly track and cart.

From the Archive: A Former frog Designer on Why He Started a Sex Toy Company

Ethan Imboden worked as an industrial designer for firms like Ecco and frogdesign, cranking out designs for everyday products (i.e., staplers and monitors), but grew to feel that he had something more to contribute.

Rare, Majestic Bird Keeps Photobombing Northern Lights Observation Camera

The Northern Lights are an elusive spectacle. To help you see it, the Churchill Northern Studies Centre, a Canadian nonprofit research facility, has set up an observation camera with a live feed located within the "aurora oval" that encircles the geomagnetic North Pole.

Meet the Jury for the 1HDC: Judith Glover on Improving the Sex Toy Industry

Judith Glover is a design professor at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia and one of our judges for the Sex Toys of the Future 1-Hour Design Challenge.

Organizing the Office: Desks With Storage

Many desks on the market now are basically tabletops; there are no drawers or other storage mechanisms.

IDEO Joins Kyu

On Tuesday, IDEO announced that it has joined kyu, a collective of creative companies owned by the Tokyo-based Hakuhodo DY Holdings.

Rags2Riches Lessons for Social Impact Entrepreneurs

Looking around, many of us see issues that we feel should be taken care of. It can vary from wicked problems like climate change to smaller—yet important—issues such as garbage on the streets to common courtesies on the street.

Design Job: Passionate About the Great Outdoors? Become Jack Wolfskin's next Footwear Designer in Idstein, Germany

Ideal applicants have a degree in product design or industrial design and 3-5+ years of footwear design experience with a well-established outdoor or athletic footwear brand.

Finally: A Retailer That Only Sells Things That are Built to Last

I am so sick of the fact that we must constantly buy things, throw them out and buy new ones. I can't stand the appliance that breaks, the cheaply-made tool that fails, the object that's suddenly rendered entirely useless because one small plastic irreplaceable hinge has failed.

Sneaker Design Competition: Win $20,000-Plus and See Your Design For Sale at Foot Locker!

Talented footwear designers among you, here's a competition that's too good to pass up: The winner of the Pensole World Sneaker Championship will not only snag $20,016, but will see their winning design go into production and be offered for sale at Foot Locker.

Meet the Jury: Jon Winebrenner on How to Tackle the 1-Hour Design Challenge

2016 is the year of the intelligent sex toy and we're celebrating with the Core77 Sex-tacular, an exploration of the ways that design and technology will shape the future of sex and intimacy.

Reader Submitted: The Grid: A Modular Backpack for Urban Nomads

The Grid is a modular backpack designed for the modern creative on the go; simple, stylish, durable and practical.A high functional, modular backpack that opens up endless possibilities for customization.

Helen Hughes Dulany, 1930s Socialite Turned “Over-Worked Genius” of Industrial Design

This is the latest installment of our Designing Women series. Previously, we profiled the Parisian furniture designer Maria Pergay.

Crazy-Looking Russian Amphibian Vehicle

From Russia comes this bizarre-looking, go-anywhere vehicle: Called the SHERP, it was developed by St.

Design Job: Don't Sit or Lay Down—Fetch This Product Designer Position at Ruffwear in Bend, OR Now!

Candidates will research, create and execute innovative concepts and designs that support the building of performance dog gear that enhances and inspires exploration for outdoor adventurers and their human companions.

Video Visualizations: If the Solar System's Planets Were Closer to Earth

What happens when an astronomy enthusiast develops Autodesk 3ds Max skills? YouTube user Yeti Dynamics uses the program to create solar system "What if's," depicting what our sky would look like with alternate planetary configurations.

Gregory Kloehn Turns Construction Waste Into Livable Shelters for the Homeless

If there are two things American cities have a seemingly endless supply of, it's homeless people and trash.

A Ubiquitous Sex Toy in Desperate Need of a Redesign

While I admittedly dread the seasonal turnover from tinseled holiday wreaths to heart-shaped chocolate boxes, this year I have something new to look forward to.

Welcome to the Core77 Sex-Tacular

Make this Valentine's Day Sex-tacular! Before you swipe right in search of that new Tinderoni or text your ex, sit down, deep stretch and sketch out some ideas for your fellow beloved Core77ers.

1-Hour Design Challenge: Sex Toys of the Future

2016 is the year of the intelligent sex toy.  Once simple products focused solely on ergonomics, sex toys are now enhanced with highly advanced technologies. For example, KIIROO is a teledildonic system that allows long distance couples to simulate intercourse through identically choreographed motion-enabled sex toys.