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Oregon Manifest 2014: Pensa on Collaborating with Horse Cycles, Large Radius Bends and Getting Out of the Way in NYC

Today saw the unveiling of the collaborative bicycle designs,/a> that are going head to head in the third edition of the Oregon Manifest, in which five teams in as many cities set out to create and craft the best urban utility bike.

Method Studio's Elaborately-Crafted Vacheron Constantin Watch Case

Vacheron Constantin timepieces have been worn by the likes of Harry Truman, the Duke of Windsor and even Napoleon Bonaparte.

Core77 Design Awards 2014: The Best Consumer Products of the Year

Perennially the most popular—and competitive—category of the Core77 Design Awards, Consumer Products encompasses everything from health and wellness to comfort and convenience.

Scottish Ecological Design Association Launches Latest Issue of Magazine in the Ruins of a Greek Thompson Church

On Friday, July 25, the Scottish Ecological Design Association launched the latest issue of their magazine, which is published two to three times a year, at Greek Thomson's Caledonia Road Church in Glasgow.

Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project: Meet the Contestants!

Those are the cities, but not the bikes; the big reveal is below... Now in its third edition, the Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project set out a challenge for five teams in five cycling-heavy cities: pairing design firms and bike builders, who can make the most innovative utility bike?

Create Simple Pleasures for Consumers Every Day When You Join Wrigley in Chicago

If creating dynamic holistic user experiences for industry leading brands is your passion you will fit right in at Wrigley.

The HitchBOT's Guide to Canada... Or, the Least Paranoid Android of All

An artist's rendition of Hitchbot on the road Seeing as self-driving cars won't be a reality any time soon, robots need to find an alternate means of travel for the time being.

CarLoft: Raise Your Child Right While Raising Your Ferrari to the Fifth Floor

You really have to feel sorry for rich kids living in cities. Because even if their parents own an incredibly rare Ferrari 250GT, it will be parked in the underground garage beneath their luxury building, and their children will never achieve spiritual growth by sending the car over a precipice like Cameron did in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

In the Details: These 'Kinetic Boots' May Eventually Save Marines From Lugging Around More Than 15 Pounds of Batteries

On any given day, many Marines carry more than 15 pounds of batteries along with all their other rations and gear.

No, That's Not a Cigar Burn. It's a Digital Tattoo! For Unlocking Your Phone!

Sure, smartphones allow us to communicate with anyone in the world at any time and provide access to a global network of knowledge and entertainment, but it's not like we can just pull the things out of our pockets and start using them.

Watch Colnago's Carbon Fiber C60 Custom Racing Bicycle Come Together

It's 1952 in Cambiago, Italy, and a young man makes a fateful decision not to go into the family farming business.

Design at the Glasgow 2014 Opening Ceremony of the XX Commonwealth Games

Underway as of yesterday, the XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow have been drawing lots of comparisons to the Olympic Games of London 2012.

Eat24 is Looking For a *Cheeseburger Artist* (UX/Graphic Designer) in San Bruno, California

When job descriptions are this fun, we find it's best to let them do the talking... "Do your Adobe Suite skills rival Beyonce's dance skills?

Another Use for Shipping Containers: The Room-Sized Kaleidoscope That's Held Together with Zippers

Shipping containers have been becoming a lot of things lately—homes, churches, a Subway sandwich shop...

Designing for Disposal, Part 4: Compost Collectors

A number of my clients now collect compostable materials, either for their own outdoor composting, or for city curbside collection bins.

True I.D. Stories #30: Manu-fracturing Relationships

This is a true story. Descriptions of companies, clients, schools, projects, and designers may be altered and anonymized to protect the innocent.

Hombre_Mcsteez's Brilliant Aug(De)Mented Reality Animation Technique

Using sheets of acetate, some markers and his phone's built-in camera, the artist known as Hombre_Mcsteez creates brilliant animations that overlay his drawings onto the environment.

The Transformation of an Idea into Mass Success: Don't Miss the RKS Presentation with Craig Hickman of Kid Pix

How often during a year, or perhaps a month, do you find yourself frustrated or underwhelmed by a tool, system or product you use regularly?

Introducing the Pinup 2014 Winners: 3D-Printed Masks, Communal Living Designs, Rescue Ladders & More

We've written about Morpholio's powerful app-based design tools in the past (here and here), but you might not know that they also foster design students through an annual competition called Pinup.

Fusing Design and Entrepreneurship on a Global Scale: Chinese Agency BlueFocus to Take Majority Stake in Yves Behar's fuseproject

Oscar Zhao & Yves Béhar: "You had me at hello." Late yesterday afternoon, we learned that Beijing's BlueFocus Communication Group will be taking a majority stake in fuseproject, Yves Béhar's design firm.