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Design Job: "Forever Faster" as the Next Sr. Footwear Designer (Running/Training) at PUMA in Boston

We want to be the fastest sports brand in the world. Thinking fast. Acting fast. But nevertheless sustainable.

"Framing Houses in Minnesota" Video (Funny)

Some of you are architects or designers who know this feeling: It's your initial visit to the jobsite, and as it's still under construction, you're given a hardhat to wear for the very first time.

Sometimes the Distinction Between Art and Design is a Fine Line

In many ways, artist Jessi Reaves is not your typical furniture maker: "some people are in search of the pastoral or the meditative material experiment," says Reaves, "I think my approach is kind of brutal.

Explore the Future of Textiles in Architecture, Muriel Cooper's Pioneering Digital Interfaces and Jasper Morrison's "Super Normal" Design

Jumpstart your week with our insider's guide to events in the design world. From must-see exhibitions to insightful lectures and the competitions you need to know about—here's the best of what's going on, right now.

TableSet: A Modular Family Dining Table 

The concept at the heart of the project is the fact that the tabletop is a part of the table set. By combining the table set with the tabletop a new situation appears - the table offers the people to eat directly from it.

Finally, A Chair That Might Actually Change Lives

Here's a strong statement: One of the chairs that made its debut at Clerkenwell Design Week in London might actually change lives.

How to Make an LED Sign, Build a Desk that Transforms Into a Dining Table and Learn Sanding Basics in This Week's Maker's Roundup

A Clever Clamp Hack Here Izzy Swan demonstrates something the rest of us are idiots for not realizing: You can use an inexpensive caulking gun to replace an expensive clamp.

Weekend Reads: The Awkward History of Time Capsules and the Most Expensive Homes in Every State. Also, Why Does Burger King Have its Own Sauna?

Core77's editors spend time combing through the news so you don't have to. Here's a weekly roundup of our favorite stories from the World Wide Web.

True Temper Throws In The Towel

Bad news is blowing for bike builders and us who love them: True Temper is discontinuing its line of steel tubing designed for bikes.

Kick-Ass Cuckoo Clocks

When you think of cuckoo clocks, if you think of them at all, you probably don't think of minimalism and style.

The Glaring Flaw in That "Land Airbus" Concept Everyone's Talking About

Years ago we showed you this concept for an elevated, tunnel-like bus that would not interfere with ordinary road traffic: Conceived of in China by engineer Song Youzhou, the concept was unveiled in 2010 and scuttled thereafter for being unworkable.

Would Good Design Welcome Worms Into Your Home?

Kitchen waste adds up fast, both at home and in landfills. But getting rid of food scraps without adding to a big problem requires living in a city with an advanced recycling system, or home composting… which usually requires a home with a yard.

Design Job: Product Design on Spin: Join Peloton Cycle as Their Next Sr. Industrial Designer in New York City

This role is an opportunity to lead the industrial design language for an industry leading family of fitness products.

Contours Creates an Adult-Sized Stroller

Years ago my neighbors had a baby boy. Shortly after he learned to talk, he repeatedly said something that terrified his parents: "My hands are bothering me." His hands were obviously causing him some distress or physical pain, so his folks took him to doctors for tests but they could find nothing.

Industrial Design Gets a Voice at This Year's TechNet Meeting

With their ability to innovate and use design thinking to enact positive impact across various scales, designers are uniquely positioned to bring a refreshing perspective to policymaking.

A Return to Glam and Embracing New Lighting Typologies at ICFF 2016

At the 28th annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) over 35,000 attendees walked the show over the course of four days.

Why You Should Use Nails, Not Screws. Also, Why is This Nail Factory Covered in Vegetable Oil?

When it comes to using metal fasteners in natural wood, you can either use nails or screws. The problem with screws is that they're too strong; as the wood swells or shrinks with changes in humidity, with one piece attempting to move across the surface of another, the wood can crack.

10 Coffee Tables Designed for Storage

A coffee table with storage is one way to make the most use of limited space, and there are many different ways to design that storage.

Matthias Wandel Demonstrates the Superiority of the European Window Design

The merits of architectural styles from different regions can be endlessly debated. But there is no question that European tilt-and-turn windows are simply superior in design and function to American windows.

Design Job: Spend Your Summer in the Shop as MIT's IDC Shop Tech in Cambridge, MA

The MIT International Design Center (IDC) is seeking an innovative, detail oriented, hands-on person to help upgrade and maintain the IDC shops, office and classroom facilities.