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Adding Water to These Cars Reveals a Hidden Paint Job

Thermochromic paint, sometimes incorrectly referred to as thermochromatic paint, is neat stuff. It contains pigments that change color as the ambient temperature changes.

Tucking Away the TV

As a professional organizer, I get asked for storage suggestions all the time. And one of the most frequent requests is how to "store" the TV—how to hide a huge flat-screen TV so it doesn't dominate the room when not in use.  One way to do this is to hide the TV with art.

Original Prints of Movies, Music and Photographs are Stored 22 Stories Underground in a Secret Pennsylvania Facility

If you've ever worked in a corporate office, chances are you've seen one of these Iron Mountain file boxes lying around: I always assumed they were just the people that made the cardboard boxes, and boy was I wrong.

Amidst Blazing Temperatures, a "Nugget Ice" Machine Becomes a Crowdfunding Smash

Do you want to know how to raise more than $500,000 in product funding in a single day? Design something that involves ice, and start the crowdfunding campaign during the hottest days of summer.

Ridgid's Tubular Tool Storage, Yea or Nay?

Tons of tool companies have jumped onto the Systainer bandwagon, derivatively creating stacking, rectangular tool storage systems of their own.

A Watch with Interchangeable Drop-In Faces and a More Ergonomic Way to Change Straps

One of the perks of a owning smartwatch is that you can quickly change the entire digital face. Now the L.A.-based Covair Watch Company is betting that consumers will want to do that with analog watches as well.

How to Get Parked Cars Out of Bike Lanes, and Casey Neistat's Entertaining CitiBike vs. Self-Bike vs. Taxi Analysis

It happens every day: The city has graciously created bike lanes along certain avenues, but you don't have to cycle for more than a few blocks before you encounter some jackass in an SUV double-parked right in the middle of one.

Designer/Engineer Builds Steel Treehouse—and the Tree to Hold It

The problem with building a treehouse is finding the right tree. Jono Williams knows this, as he's been building treehouses since childhood, and built this elaborate one as an adult.

In-Chair Beer Dispensing System (Not Cans or Bottles, But Draft!)

Remember Bottoms Up Beer? That was the system we showed you a few years ago, whereby the company invented a way to fill cups of beer from the bottom of the cup.

The New "Vacation" Movie Also has a Fake Car

The original 1983 version of Vacation wasn't a great movie, I get it. But at least the Wagon Queen Family Truckster gag was somewhat trenchant, skewering U.S.

Education Stats: Who Puts in More Hours, Design Students, Architecture Students or Law Students?

The UK's Higher Education Policy Institute has released their annual report [PDF] detailing how many hours college students put in towards learning their chosen field.

The Zero Waste Movement: This New York City Woman Lives Trash-Free

Every few months I head to the local hardware store for another box of 100 contractor bags. Most of it is for the photography studio that I run, which generates an off-putting amount of garbage, but plenty of the bags go towards my own waste, which I haul out to the curb maybe twice a week.

Nursery Works' Senior Designer on the Making of Its $7,500 Gradient Crib

I don't know about you, but when my opportunity comes to bring a smaller version of myself into this world, you best believe that his or her tiny infant body will only sleep in the most luxurious baby crib money can buy.

A Fictional Lampoon of American Auto Design Becomes a Reality

There are plenty of iconic film cars, from the Back to the Future Delorean to Christine's '58 Fury to James Bond's ever-evolving collection of Aston-Martins.

Prototyping the F21 Thread Screen

New York City-based creative agency and rapid-prototyping house BREAKFAST wears many hats marrying advertising, art, graphic design, industrial design and rapid product and prototype production.

Guy Throws Basketball Off of Dam to Demonstrate Crazy Effect of Backspin

Last month these guys spent a day doing what most of us do in summer: Repeatedly throwing a basketball off of a 400-foot dam in Tasmania.

Hell in a Handbasket: Amidst the Drought, Californians are Painting Their Dead Lawns Green

This is being presented as a "drought hack," demonstrating how far one can stretch the definition of the latter word.

A Startling Portrait of African Cities—And How China is Building Them

If a continent's infrastructure is its' bones, then Africa is growing up quickly. From 2000 to 2010, six of the ten fastest growing economies were in sub-Saharan Africa, and the region had to accrue new housing, highways, skyscrapers, factories—much of it financed or constructed by China.

"When Furniture Kills:" Let's Cut Through the Hype

There is actually a headline going around this morning that refers to "Ikea's Deathtrap Drawers." Are you kidding me?

Organizing the Business Cards

While some of us keep all our contact information in digital forms, many people still prefer to keep paper, including business cards.