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ShelfPack: The suitcase that turns into a mobile shelf

According to the clever guy who started this cool Kickstarter project, the last major innovation in suitcase design was in the eightees, with the invention of wheeled cases. A new invention like the ShelfPack was definitely welcome to bring some change in the industry, but will it spark a “revolution” in the travel industry?

Brandversations: when competing logos meet

Brandversations is a graphic design project by Stefan Asafti, a Romanian graphic designer. It consists of a series of posters that display the logo of today’s most famous brands.

Powerful illustrations by Stuart McReath

Good editorial illustration needs to be understood right away. For that, the drawings need to combine complex ideas and compress them into a simple image that explains a situation or an idea quickly.

A Stock Vector Club with Crazy Good Pricing

If you’re a fan of using vector artwork in your designs, but not a fan of traditionally priced (ie. expensive) stock image subscriptions – here’s some pretty awesome news: is a new ‘image club’.

A collection of free tools to compress images for the web

If you are a graphic designer, you probably don’t think to much about size when you need to compress images.

Monstroid – WordPress Theme That Takes Your Breath Away

In this post we’d like to take a look at a new multipurpose WordPress theme created by TemplateMonster.

A font that self-censors itself

An interesting project by designer Emil Kozol. His font “Seen” self-censors itself by automatically striking through words that are monitored by the Feds.

Are recycled plastic roads a realistic idea?

In a perfect world, we would already have alternate clean sources of energy, we would not waste so much and we would stop using plastic bags.

Beautiful corporate identity for the Bolshoi opera by Tyson Cantrell

Creating a visual identity for an institution like the Bolshoi opera is a real challenge for any graphic designer.

Win with StickerYou’s #Stickercreation Contest

Ladies and gents of all designs and styles- we’ve got something great for you! StickerYou is generously giving away free sample packs to all who participate, as well as a $50 grand prize to one lucky winner picked at random.

Miniature worlds by Kendal Murray on everyday objects

Sydney-based artist Kendal Murray spends her time between lecturing about design at the School of Humanities and Communication Arts of the University of Western Sydney and working on her art.

3DXL: large scale experiments with 3D printing

Among the new technologies artists use to experiment with, 3D printing is in my opinion the most interesting.

June Digan creates gorgeous watercolor lettering for quotes

Filipino artist June Digan has great talent for at least two artistic skills: lettering and watercolor painting.

Download Anything You Want From Videoblocks Unlimited Library

DOWNLOAD ANYTHING YOU WANT VideoBlocks has over 115,000 selections and is giving you 7 days to download anything you want from our Unlimited Library: Stock Footage, Motion Backgrounds, AE Templates, Special Effects, Aerials, Nature Clips, Time Lapses etc…Spend this week downloading from any category you want: ▼ START DOWNLOADING NOW!

Menu design at its best

Graphic designers love to judge books by their covers. At restaurants and bars, they can’t stop being critical when entering the place or taking the menu in their hands.

Wearable furnitures that will keep you warm

Lots of sofas and armchairs look very cozy and often are, but these two take it one step further, they include a blanket within the sofa itself.

Design deals for the week

Every week, we’ll give you an overview of the best deals for designers, make sure you don’t miss any by subscribing to our deals feed.

A responsive planter that grows with your plants

Responsive design is a term usually used for web design, to mention websites that are crafted in a way that makes the content adapt to the device or screen size.

A Tesla motorbike concept by Jans Shlapins

While not revolutionnary design-wise, the Tesla car is a real game changer for the car industry. Elon Musk’s cars are the first electric car to get a significant market share.

20 awesome inventions that take advantage of clever design

Here, we have a list of 20 awesome inventions that take advantage of clever design. Some of them are already available whereas some of them are still a concept hoping to get into production.