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15 Photoshop actions to save time designing

This blog introduces you to 15 such Photoshop actions which are free to download and creates stunning effects.

The Kangaroo clock

This clock designed by David Raffouli has a small, useful, pocket that serves as a space to put small stuff.

8 awesome ribbon fonts

Fonts are one of the most essential parts of any design to make it successful. We love those fonts which have their own personality.

8 online marketplaces to sell your art

The technology has so much influence in everyone’s life in today’s world that whether it’s buying or selling, maximum dealing is online.

5 tools to keep your eyes safe when working on screen

We been so much influenced by technology these days that we are harming our health with it’s over use.

Converse typeface by Elroy Klee

Elroy Klee is a former graffiti artist who is talented in multiple fields such as concepting, illustration, 3D and set designs.

Only 1 day left to get the ultimate design library

Don’t miss your chance to get the biggest design bundle ever seen at an incredible price! This brand-new bundle contains thousands of different resources worth an incredible $25,000+ from design heavyweights such as Designious, DesignTNT & Vectorious.

Make it personal with 30 free handwritten fonts

Free handwritten fonts have been gaining popularity recently. Coming in various styles, they can be the typography of choice for you.

Miniature dioramas by Akihiro Morohoshi

Akihiro Morohoshi enjoys creating miniature models, but he doesn’t do it the traditional way. The Japanese artist creates miniature worlds on surprising everyday object, like Pringles boxes or guitars.

Spectacular leaf cuttings by Omid Asadi

Omid Asadi likes the patterns in leaves and regrets that too many people overlook it. He decided to make the beauty he sees in the leaves obvious for others also by creating amazing leaf cutting with very detailed scenes.

10 awesome examples of experimental typography

It’s often difficult to draw a line between regular or experimental typography. In this post I share some of the cool typographic project that I consider as exeperimental.

Pop culture heroes drawn as ukiyo-e characters

Japanese artist Takao Nagawa took on the ukiyo-e classic style by mixing it with modern pop culture heroes like Super Mario or Darth Vader, among others.

Living sculptures by Mike Campau

Strange abstract structures are given life by simply adding clothing to it. It’s interesting to see how a few pieces of clothing make some weird forms come to life.

Cute or scary? Anatomical illustrations of famous cartoon characters

Parts of me want to find these illustrations extremely cute, while another part of my brain finds these bones popping out a bit disguting.

Funny street art on train tracks

Portuguese street artist Artur Bordalo decided to get a new playground for his art: train tracks. He uses the tracks as a grid and integrates it into bigger-than-life artworks.

Visual identity for FYI Network

The TV channel FYI Network recently commissionned Sasha Vinogradova to design their visual identity. The graphic designer played with the 3 letters of the brand’s name and dressed it in 3D.

Spectacular illustrated posters by Ken Taylor

Based in Melbourne, Ken Taylor is an illustrator and designer who made himself a name in the music industry.

4 ways to extract images from PDF files

When you get a PDF file and need to get the images included in it, here is how to extract images from PDF easily.

10 free paint Photoshop textures packs

A texture is the basic fundament which a designer must know in order to build a reliable basement for the attractive design work.

Upgrade your gaming empire: 10 best games WordPress themes

Games create a second reality. They can turn a common office worker into a daemon-slayer or car races.