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11 Ways to Speed Up Google Chrome

One of the most popular web browsers users love is Google Chrome, yet in spite of all the feature updates and bug-fixes, Chrome can be slow at times because of some of its features, extensions or applications.

How to Sign Digital Documents With Preview App (OS X)

For freelancers who work remotely, having to sign a document in person can be a problem. Instead of turning up at the office or meeting with the client, usually, the document is sent to us, we print it out, sign it then rescan it with that scanner we have lying around.

20 Greatest Inventions in Computer Programming

In one of the conversations I’ve had with our senior editor, I was asked the question, "How did the first programmers program?

5 Reasons Why WordPress Page Builders Rock

These days, a typical beautifully designed WordPress theme may no longer make the cut. Designers are demanding and expecting more from the themes they install.

Fresh Resources for Web Developers – September 2015

In the previous compilation of fresh resources for web developers, we featured a list of WordPress plugins to power-up your WordPress-based websites.

Detect Font Face Easily with Fontface Ninja

If you stumble onto a font which you want to adopt for your own use, the common way to find out info about that font is to use the Inspect Element option found in the Chrome browser.

20 Cool Things Google Search Can Do

You can do a lot of things on Google Search but Google Search just keeps on giving. From easter eggs to handy shortcuts that give you want you want and what you need almost instantly, Google Search is becoming an indispensable tool to students, travelers, the curious and the bored.

10 Edgy Features of the New Microsoft Edge

Have you ever spent hours with optimizing your design for the different versions of Internet Explorer with the help of various polyfills, filters, and even more sneaky tricks?

30 Amazing Infrared Photos

We take our ability to see for granted, on a daily basis, and yet colors play such crucial roles in our every decision-making process.

How to Create Recovery Partition in OS X

While I was doing maintenance for my OS X, using the Maintenance app, the app told me that my disk partition needs to be repaired.

10 Assistive Tech for People With Disabilities

Technology has always lent a helping hand for people with disabilities such as visual impairment, speech impairment, people with motion disabilities or disorders etc.

How to Disable WordPress Emoticons

WordPress keeps improving with new features in each new edition. Some of these new features are so subtle that you might have overlooked them.

The 10 Most Fascinating jQuery Grids

jQuery is usually the first choice for most people who want to dip their feet in JavaScript programming as it provides an easy method to select HTML elements and manipulate the DOM.

How to Use Emoticons in Email Subject Line

I subscribe to a lot of newsletters to keep me updated with the fast-changing industry I’m in, web development.

10 Ways the Internet Is Gamifying Real Life (for Better or Worse)

Ever since the dawn of modern gaming, we’ve been a bit more drawn to worlds that mimic life rather than flout its rules.

How to Add Facebook Author Tag in WordPress

Facebook provides plenty of services to let websites be more engaging throughout the social network, such as using the Comment, Likebox, the eminent Like button, and more recently it has improved the Author Tagging feature.

9 (More) Ways To Access Blocked Websites

There are many reasons authorities block access to certain websites. Some workplaces may block social media sites or access to your personal email.

5 Android Apps for Less Boring Lock Screens

The lock screen is both an essential and redundant feature of the smartphone. On one hand it is essential to keep yourself from accidentally calling someone or launching an app, and helps prevent unauthorized access to your phone.

28 World’s Coolest Libraries

Any avid reader will tell you that it is a dream of theirs to have a private library at home. To be able to store and access our favorite books and novels and read in solitude is one of the many ways book lovers chill out and destress.

30 Cool Street Art

Art has been changing its appeal to the man on the street. You no longer have to visit museums and art galleries to get a taste of contemporary art.