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30 Fresh & Free UI Kits for Your Next Project

Looking for more UI kits to expand your web designer’s library of awesomeness? Well, you came to the right place!

Get Published (Part 2): Discussing Writing Terms With The Site

Last time, we talked about identifying your niche and the right site for you to write for. The process involves checking out the guest-posting guidelines, and understanding what the site needs, and what their readers are looking for.

How to Use CSS3 Blending Mode [CSS3 Tips]

Note: This feature here requires enabling from the chrome://flags page for it to work. If you have ever used a graphic or photo editor like Photoshop and Pixelmator, you should already be familiar with Blending Modes.

20 Creative Uses Of Lego You Need To See

The world will probably never get tired of the wonders of Lego, even if it definitely hurts when you step on one.

Basic & Essential Command Lines Every Web Designers Should Grasp

You may have come across instructions in web design and development tutorials that tell you to do things like npm install or git clone, etc.

Controlling CSS3 Animation with steps() Function

Animation is one of the greatest features introduced to CSS. In the past, web animation was only available in the JavaScript or Flash territory.

10 Notorious Hackers That Made Headlines

When people hear of the word ‘hacker’, they usually think of those who are considered black hat hackers.

A Guide To Getting Published: Finding The Right Site

Having one online article published is great, but having multiple articles published is awesome. And, often, the latter has less to do with your writing skills, and more to do with how you handle your articles before and after publication.

Designers: Where In The World Should You Be Working At

There’s a romantic mythology around certain cities. In fact, all you have to do is mention them, and a thousand images are conjured up in your brain, the product of decades of history and popular culture references.

10 Portable Batteries For Your MacBook

One of the things that the MacBook has going for it is its pretty solid battery life except if you have to be on the move a lot.

20 Tips For VLC Player Users

VLC is probably the most versatile video player you can download due to its amazing ability to play almost any codec you throw at it.

Create And Customize Maps With Google Map Builder

There are now plenty of geolocation-based WordPress themes available. They provide customized maps so that the users can easily find specific places like restaurants, event venues, hotels and more.

5 Open Source Synthesizers You Can Build And Hack

The whole do-it-yourself (DIY), open source maker electronics scene that’s really gained in popularity over the past few years has led to a lot of really interesting devices and kits appearing on the market.

15 Tips & Tricks To Help You Master Prezi

If you need to create presentations for high-powered clients, or impress lecturers and professors in university, you may have heard of (or are already using) Prezi.

Designers: How To Gather Ideas That Will Impress

More and more designers are turning to blogging to get their ideas about design out there and be heard by the greater design community online.

20 Inspiring Ideas For Minimal Home Living

The common idea most of us have when it comes to living space is that we are quickly running out of it.

8 Types Of Email Titles That Often Get Ignored

When an e-mail pops up in your inbox, what do you usually do with it? Do you open it, ignore it, or shoot it straight into the “Trash” bin?

20 Instagram Accounts Food Lovers Need To Follow

With 50,000 users uploading 5,000 photos each hour across the planet, Instagram represents a huge mobile photography movement that amazes and inspires.

18 Creative Uses Of Typography In Video Games

There is an argument as to whether or not video games should be considered an art form. Whatever side you’re on, there is no denying that video games do incorporate several forms of art into their narrative and gameplay as part of the storyline, art direction or audio.

These 10 Websites Will Help You De-Stress And Stay Calm

There’s a lot of things that goes on in our daily lives that can lead to a lot of stress and leave us agitated.