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Fresh Resource for Web Developers – October 2015

Last month, we have featured a couple of new tools, libraries, and apps which are aimed to improving your workflow and productivity as web developers.

How to Sync Databases Across Multiple WordPress Installs

Previously, we had a look at how to setup staging environment for WordPress development. If you have followed it through, you might find that the process sometimes involves migrating the SQL database to synchronize the discrepancies between the stages.

20 Creative Wedding Cake Toppers For Your Inspiration

Weddings in general is a serious matter. There are vows and commitments, tears of joy and sadness, and for most it is a promise for the future that is cemented in that one special day.

10 Best Accessibility-Ready WordPress Themes

Building accessible websites that don’t exclude people with different kinds of disabilities has become more of a requirement in web design in the recent years.

How to Deploy SSL & HTTPS in WordPress for Free

Deploying SSL will provide several advantages to your website. Aside from improving website security, SSL would also help users gain trust of a website as well as increase its overall rankings in Google Search results.

70+ Photoshop Mistakes That Makes You Facepalm

The celebrities you see sprawled across the pages of glamorous magazines and on tabloid papers give us unrealistic expectations of how the body of a woman or man should look like.

Holiday Email Marketing: 6 Tips to Getting It Right

As email continues to be one of the leading methods of reaching out to a wide majority of consumers, most consumers have even adapted themselves to look out for offers and promotions while checking their email.

Using High Colour Contrast For More Accessible Design

A high bounce rate is frequently caused by the poor visual accessibility of a website. When fonts are too small, or they are hardly legible, when there are too many distractions or not enough whitespace, many people just leave the site without a second thought.

The Day When Web Design Gets Boring

Nothing can escape the iron teeth of time, and the day when web design gets completely boring and finally fades away will sooner or later come… or perhaps it has already happened?

Bootstrap 4: New & Cool Features You’ll Love

The next major release of the Bootstrap framework is around the corner. The alpha version can already be downloaded from Bootstrap’s development website, and the source code is also available on Github.

5 Things You Should Know About Mobile Advertising

App install advertising is on fire. BI Intelligence predicts that US mobile app install ad revenues will top $4.6 billion this year and grow to $6.8 billion by the end of 2019, growing by 14% a year from 2014.

20 Free Icon Sets For Minimalistic Designs

These days minimalistic design is popular in all areas of our lives: in package design, interior design and, of course, web design.

How to Enable Split View in OS X El Capitan

One of the most anticipated feature in apple's latest os x, El Capitan is probably the Split View. This new feature allows you to focus on two apps simutaneously, side by side, without the distractions of any other apps you have opened on your Mac.

MathML – The Markup Language For Math Notations

MathML is a markup language that can be used to display mathematical notations. You can use MathML tags directly from HTML5.

20 Wireframe Designs for A Minimalistic Lifestyle

If you’re not sure what wireframe products are, imagine a regular box with a special design: you get only the frames, no sides, tops or bottoms.

How to Design For People With Accessibility Needs

The people who use the web are not a homogeneous mass but rather a huge group with incredibly high diversity.

10 Numeronyms Web Developers Should Know

Developers and tech-savvy people have always been attracted to numbers, so it’s just a matter of course that numeronyms, or number-based words have become quickly beloved by them.

20 Simply Stylish Vintage Packaging Designs

Back in the old days, manufacturers were more careful with their products, and will put in more attention into the details and packaging quality.

DevTools Showdown: Edge’s F12 vs Firefox vs Chrome

The Developer Tools of Microsoft Edge, the new default browser of Windows 10 got a modern design and a few new features compared to its predecessor, Internet Explorer 11‘s F12 Dev Tools.

30 Catastrophic Design Fails

Designers do not get enough love from the people they work with. Sometimes they make it look so easy that you’d go, “Hey, I can do that too.” These 30 examples will show you that some people are born to design, and others will just give you a brain aneurysm.