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Desktop Blogging Software, The Ultimate List

Blogging is a demanding job that requires your time and dedication. But even as a pro blogger you have to move around and travel which often leaves you with a weak or low internet connection and...

Spy on Any Website’s Tech Stack with SiteStacks

Ever wanted to learn which programming language or CMS powers your favorite website? Well, SiteStacks has you covered with a free search tool for spying on website tech.

Fresh Resource for Web Developers – January 2018

The new year 2018 is here. If we look at the progress in web development five years ago, it’s totally different from what we have today.

Micon – A Windows 10 Icon Font for Web Designers

The redesign for Windows 10 came with many new features and a whole new look. One of the biggest changes came to the icon style, especially compared to Windows 7 and XP.

How to Import and Export Browser Bookmarks

I like to use multiple browsers and always mess around with any new browser in town. And so, quite often I import/export my bookmarks around.

15 Free Tools to Create Professional Resumes

Different people need different resumes, in fact, every person needs different versions of his own resume to use for various purposes.

50 High Resolution Wood Textures For Designers

Graphic designing is such a magical skill that just by using seemingly minor elements like patterns and textures, you can give out-of-this-world effect to your designs.

Evil Icons – A Clean SVG Line Icon Pack for Web Developers

With a name like Evil Icons, you might not be sure what to expect. But, the project is harmless and surprisingly useful!

10 Best Responsive WordPress Themes To Check Out In 2018

Once, an attractive and engaging content-wise website was considered to be a success. A website that could draw plenty of traffic and maintain its visitors’ interest was in demand.

How to Customize Windows 10 “Send to” Context Menu

The “Send to” option in Windows context menu is astonishingly helpful, but it’s also one of the most underrated features.

Three Ways to Create HTML Documents on the Fly

Creating HTML documents on the fly, with or without JavaScript, is sometimes necessary. Whether the goal is to display an acknowledgment page or an iframe containing a whole page, if the document is...

Create Customized Fonts and Characters with Windows Private Character Editor

Did you know that Windows has a built-in font and character creator? Known by the name of Private Character Editor, it is a lesser known Windows built-in tool that allows you to create and edit your...

Build Accessible Sliding Hamburger Menus with Offcanvas

The free Offcanvas plugin is one of many resources for sliding navigations. You can find a bunch of similar plugins online but Offcanvas stands out for a few reasons.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to PC

Recently, I had to move my Android phone’s contacts to my PC to use them in some desktop apps. To my surprise, there is no one-click method to do this.

Auto-Generate Beautiful Color Palettes with Ambiance

Whether you’re a UI/UX designer or a digital artist, you should know that color is crucial to the final product.

How to Stay Stress Free in a Stressful Line of Work

Most companies are looking to hire a team of people who can work with grace under pressure, work in a fast-paced environment, a self-starter, a team player, and all those bejeweled words that...

How to Fix High Pings in Online Multiplayer Games

For over two years I have played League of Legends with over 300ms ping. However, I finally decided to fix this unbearable ping and stop acting like a noob.

Wired UI – The Best Free Bootstrap 4 UI Kit

With the rising popularity of Bootstrap 4, it’s no surprise that developers are jumping over each other to publish their own plugins & add-ons.

How to Detect and Stop Email Tracking

There are numerous services that allow the sender to track emails, including when email was opened, which links were clicked, what device was used, and even the recipient’s current location....

Dynamic Profile Photos for Interface Mockups with Diverse UI

When you’re designing a mockup, you want to focus on the interface first and less on the aesthetics. The same holds true for wireframing and coding a web layout from scratch.