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Crave Media – Great Migrations – Move or Die (0:31)

Promo for epic campaign by Gentleman Scholar, Clean Cuts Music and National Geographic Channel

Vacaliebres – Alberto Vacca Lepri – Genoa, Italy

I am fascinated by the "different" aspects of communication. I think images are a wonderful way to express something, an alternative path than words and voice.

IDRO51 – Flavio Melchiorre – Monolith (1:22)

Monolith is tribue to the Dirac Equation "(∂ + m) ψ = 0 " It describes the phenomenon of Quantum Entanglement.

NERDO – Discovery – TopGear 007 Special (0:30)

Completion of Action, Cars, Guns and Martini and a little bit of good old cell animation.

Belinda Love Lee – Cardiff, UK

"I see the printed work as an extension of the company's values and ethos. That means, thinking through every little detail, from paper finishes, foiling, embossing, thickness of cards ‒ all of these factors contribute to making the print a little more special and cohesive with the brand."

Islands and Rivers – Polarity Lab (Art Event Promo) (2:31)

Commission from ART LOVERS for their new venture Polarity Lab explore ideas of masculinity and femininity

NERDO Creative Studio – CIELO: MotoGP™ Opening (00:23)

Cel animation for 2014 Motorcycle Racing World Championship

Claesson Koivisto Rune Architects – Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto, Ola Rune – Stockholm, Sweden

If you like to have some stylish patterns on your floor or wall, Claesson Koivisto Rune would be the name you should keep in mind.

Robert Seidel – Berlin, Germany

You could sit on your favourite couch and still be able to view Robert Seidel’s latest exhibition – Magnitude, because this is an online exhibition.

Asep Setiadi – Promote Your Events (1:10)

Promote your music event, club, party, DJ, fashion, festival... No third-party plugins needed!

Lucas Depolo Machado – São Paulo, Brazil

"It is essential to experiment with printing processes ‒ and even create new ones, with different and unexpected materials.

Glassfin – Malaysia Coca-Cola Collectors Fair 2015 (1:45)

Promo video for Malaysia 5th Annual Coca-Cola Collectors Fair, May 2015

IDRO51 – Flavio Melchiorre – Parallel Universes (1:28)

A new artwork series created by IDRO51 inspired by the Quantum theory!

Steffen Knoell – Stuttgart, Germany

Most fascinating about Steffen Knoell’s works is that it can be seen even if only a very few elements are used.

Latin American Design Festival — LADFEST 2016 – Lima, Peru

LADFEST 2016 consists of one day of workshops and two days of conferences celebrating graphic design and visual communication with the aim of inspiring, educating and promoting Latin American Design.

Kevin Alexander – Irreverence Festival Promo (0:45)

Promotional spot for Advanced Graphic Studio at Art Center College

MRfrukta – Typomania Festival 2013 (0:43)

Motion Titles for Typomania Festival (Moscow)

Threaded Magazine Ed.19 – The Cultural Capital Issue – Auckland, New Zealand

Threaded magazine is a publication that is all about people as designers and designers as people exploring who they are and what drives them to do their work.

Man Alive Creative – Tom Bejgrowicz – Lancaster, USA

"I believe strongly that designers have a responsibility to embrace a smart, sustainable, and responsible approach to our printed pieces.

Tony Zagoraios – International Motion Festival Promo (0:33)

Promo trailer for the 1st International Motion Festival in Cyprus