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Miquel Muerto — Barcelona, Spain

“You don’t have to do a 200-page graphic novel. You don’t have to imitate anyone you admire — they and their work already exist.

Alex Arizmendi aka MFK00 — México City, México

What is the attraction of creating sequential art? “To be able to play and have fun with different characters, universes and stories; for me, every time I get to draw something I make it my own.”

Taarika John — Mumbai, India

“What I enjoy most about working with sequential art is that it allows me to explore and experiment with different aspects of the narrative.

Sherif Adel — Barbatoze Comics — Cairo, Egypt/Tokyo, Japan

“What I find attractive about sequential art is the potential to tell your story the exact way that you envision it.

Enrique Fernández — Girona, Spain

“The first thing all artists do with our first book is to try to make our best art, thinking that that will be enough.

Briony May Smith — Devon, USA

“Never assume that the reader knows what is happening: if a character walks into a room, looks for something, finds it and exits, the reader needs to see this over as many frames as possible.

Zimzonowicz — Lubsko, Poland

What mistake or trap should a young artist/designer avoid when working on sequential art? “It’s worth leaving some space, a breather, in both drawing and narration.

Simon Robin — Skyline Jewellery — Hong Kong

“Hong Kong may not be attractive, but it is dynamic and full of charm!!!” Amazed by the stunning night view of the Hong Kong Victoria Harbour, Simon Robin knew it was not only a famous attraction — the heartbeat-like skyline of the harbour also represents the vitality of city.

Butcher Billy — Curitiba, Brazil

What is the attraction of creating sequential art? “I believe the attraction is playing with how people’s brains work in capturing still images and transforming them into motion.”

Simon Robin — Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2017 — Hong Kong

Simon Robin, a Hong Kong based French architect, has won the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2017 organised by the Hong Kong Exporters’ Association (HKEA).

Seed Design — Taipei, Taiwan

‘China LED’ by Seed Design received the 2017 Design Mark from the Golden Pin Design Award for product design.

Jakub Rebelka — Gdansk, Poland

“It’s always better to think small at the beginning. Create short stories, try different styles that will work best for you.

Asaf Hanuka — Tel Aviv, Israel

“I love the minimalism that comics enforce on me as a creator. A good story in comics is told equally by the images that are not shown to the reader and as by those that are.”

Tony Cliff — Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Finish the project you want to make and put it out there. It’s easy to do these days — that’s almost the problem: it’s so easy that so many are doing it, so it’s hard to stand out.

Jiye Kim — London/Seoul

“Sequential art shows the power of visual language. The artist can communicate with an audience by visualising their story.

InFormat Design — Taipei, Taiwan

‘2017 Creative Expo Taiwan’ and ‘Up to 3742’ by InFormat Design received the 2017 Design Mark from the Golden Pin Design Award for spatial design.

Anand Radhakrishnan — Mumbai, India

“In creating a comic page, one has to think about various aspects of image-making including story-telling, eye movement, composition, anatomy, values, etc.

Jordi Lafebre — Barcelona, Spain

What is the attraction of creating sequential art? “Sequential art combines literature and drawing, two of the most expressive art forms.

Jared Muralt — Berne, Switzerland

What is the attraction of creating sequential art? “The possibility of telling stories on every imaginable topic with my own visual and personal language.”

Max Baitinger — Leipzig, Germany

“It’s always surprising to see that my work never turns out as expected. I might have a storyboard or the text written, but when you see everything printed and composed in a book it gives a whole new look and feel to the story.”