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Rocks Burst With Colour in this Beautiful Photographic Series by Inka and Niclas

Inka Lindergård and Niclas Holmström are two Swedish-based artists who collaborate together to create some truly striking images.

I Am A Food Blog Gets Recipes Right With Stunning Photos and Spot-On Type

I find it rare to come across a good food site that doesn’t look like a stock blog template or is filled with nothing but hokey desert recipes (I have a savory palette).

Life in Space as Azuma Makoto Captures Flowers in the Cosmos

Japanese artist Azuma Makoto is taking his work to new heights, literally. His art project, titled Exobiotanica, pits plants high above their home, bursting in color and beauty against the backdrop of a glistening planet Earth and the infinities of space that surrounds it.

Westwind Farm, An Enviable Stone Farmhouse in Upstate New York

The Line has a great story on Laura Ferrara and Fabio Chizzola and their amazing farm in upstate New York.

Hilla Shamia Melds Aluminum With Wood In Her Striking Furniture Designs

Creating surprising combinations in furniture design seems to be the biggest challenge these days. Hilla Shamia, an Israel based industrial designer, has created a fantastic series of pieces which incredibly combine wood and aluminum.

Photographer Sean Mundy Mixes Symbolisim and Surrealisim To Excellent Effect

Canadian photographer Sean Mundy may only be 22 but boy can he take photographs! A native of Montreal, Mundy’s work draws heavily from iconography, symbolism and the surreal.

Sponsored – Webydo Is Shaping The Way Professional Designers Create Websites

Webydo, an industry innovator, is quickly placing the controls for change in the hands of designers. Backed by $7 million in new funding, Webydo’s gearing up to pave a new way for designers to express their creativity in today’s online world.

This New Commercial for Tesla Is More Art Than Advertisement

The allure of Tesla is that they do things differently. They revolutionized the concept of the electric car with their Roadster and Model S, the upcoming Model X is due in the fall of 2015, and the Model 3 is due after that, supposedly being priced at $35,000 yet still offering 300 miles per charge.

The Secret Hack That Lets You Find Out What Your Uber Passenger Rating Is

The world of transportation has been fundamentally changed by start-up ride share service Uber. One feature that differentiates Uber from the traditional taxi experience is their rating system, which allows the passenger to rate their driver and vice versa.

Rovina Cai Wonderfully Illustrates Fantastic Creatures and Worlds

I’m completely smitten with the work of New York based illustrator Rovina Cai. Her sketches and paintings are alluring, with lots of detailed line work and regularly utilizing a muted palette which gives each work a mysterious tone.

Taylor McFerrin’s Sultry “Place In My Heart”, featuring RYAT

You know where I find the best new music these days? The radio. If you live in Los Angeles radio station KCRW is a staple while you’re driving in your car.

Absolutely Stunning Poster for ‘The Last of Us’, Designed by Olly Moss

Designer/artist/illustrator/nerd Olly Moss is an unstoppable creative force. Earlier this morning he shared an image he created for the video game The Last of Us, an incredible collage of a woman’s profile, flowers, and what I think are barnacles.

Martín Azúa’s Shoemaker Chair Takes Its Inspiration From Footwear

We oftentimes find the best inspiration in the oddest places. A song inspired by the name of a woman, a building that takes it shape from a sea creature.

Designer Stephen Kelleher Meditates on Self-Realization and Self-Preservation

Stephen Kelleher is an Irish-born designer based in Brooklyn. For more than ten years he’s been honing his craft; building a portfolio that is packed full of exciting projects and great ideas.

The Art of The Perfect Boiled Egg

There’s nothing simpler than boiling an egg, but perfecting it is a whole other story. Bon Appetit put together a handy guide to boiling an egg to the correct consistency, for say, a salad nicoise or a hearty shoyu ramen.

Mary Wong, A Well-Designed Noodle Bar In Eastern Russia

When you think of the locations of fancy ramen bars, Eastern Russia may not be the first place you think of.

Delaney Allen Photographs Nature in Odd and Abstract Ways

Delaney Allen has a special eye for photography. In particular, it’s his ability to photograph nature that really stands out to me.

Antis Remixes Brigitte Bardot’s Famous Song, “La Madrague”

I was driving to dinner last night when this remix of Brigitte Bardot’s classic “La Madrague” came on the radio.

Degas-Inspired Portraits of Sleeping Women by Andie Dinkin

It’s impossible to sleep beautifully, unless perhaps you’re in a film from the early 20th century. These paintings by Andie Dinkin remind me of that truth.

Pat Kim Makes It Fun To Play With The Alphabet

Last weekend I stumbled upon (not physically) these alphabet blocks by Brooklyn based designer Pat Kim.