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Absolutely Stunning Poster for ‘The Last of Us’, Designed by Olly Moss

Designer/artist/illustrator/nerd Olly Moss is an unstoppable creative force. Earlier this morning he shared an image he created for the video game The Last of Us, an incredible collage of a woman’s profile, flowers, and what I think are barnacles.

Martín Azúa’s Shoemaker Chair Takes Its Inspiration From Footwear

We oftentimes find the best inspiration in the oddest places. A song inspired by the name of a woman, a building that takes it shape from a sea creature.

Designer Stephen Kelleher Meditates on Self-Realization and Self-Preservation

Stephen Kelleher is an Irish-born designer based in Brooklyn. For more than ten years he’s been honing his craft; building a portfolio that is packed full of exciting projects and great ideas.

The Art of The Perfect Boiled Egg

There’s nothing simpler than boiling an egg, but perfecting it is a whole other story. Bon Appetit put together a handy guide to boiling an egg to the correct consistency, for say, a salad nicoise or a hearty shoyu ramen.

Mary Wong, A Well-Designed Noodle Bar In Eastern Russia

When you think of the locations of fancy ramen bars, Eastern Russia may not be the first place you think of.

Delaney Allen Photographs Nature in Odd and Abstract Ways

Delaney Allen has a special eye for photography. In particular, it’s his ability to photograph nature that really stands out to me.

Antis Remixes Brigitte Bardot’s Famous Song, “La Madrague”

I was driving to dinner last night when this remix of Brigitte Bardot’s classic “La Madrague” came on the radio.

Degas-Inspired Portraits of Sleeping Women by Andie Dinkin

It’s impossible to sleep beautifully, unless perhaps you’re in a film from the early 20th century. These paintings by Andie Dinkin remind me of that truth.

Pat Kim Makes It Fun To Play With The Alphabet

Last weekend I stumbled upon (not physically) these alphabet blocks by Brooklyn based designer Pat Kim.

You Can Fully Customize This Designer Lamp… By Carefully Breaking It

The Slash Lamp is a brilliant idea by Dragos Motica Studio which gives the purchaser a choice: leave the lamp as is or use a rock, provided with the lamp, to carefully break it, making the piece a one-of-kind design.

Frenetic, Abstract Artworks by Chyrum Lambert

Los Angeles based artist Chyrum Lambert turns art into art. What I mean is Chyrum uses ink, dye, stain, acrylic, wax, epoxy, and oil to create the pieces of his artwork, which he cuts up and layers into these fantastic pieces.

Beauty and Destruction in Heather Rasmussen’s ‘Untitled (after the fire)’

I find the image above to be hugely arresting. Taken from a series by photographer Heather Rasmussen called Untitled (after the fire), the image depicts what remains of a doorway after a house fire.

A Food Art Project That Transforms Dough Into Colorful Bread Balloons

If I asked you to recreate the idea of bread, would you have any idea of what you’d try to create? If you asked Omer Polak, Michal Evyatar, and Erez Komorovsky, they’d tell you that they’d blow it up.

Magical Fashion Photography by Oleg Oprisco

I can’t say that I know much about Oleg Oprisco other then that facts that he works in Kiev and that his photos blow my mind.

Moody, Monochromatic Food Spreads Photographed by Isabella Vacchi

Really into these monochromatic photo series by Isabella Vacchi, featuring different kinds of foods and meal related objects artfully organized together.

Interview with Los Angeles Ceramacist and Designer Eric Roinestad

You know Eric Roinestad’s work but you might not know he was the man behind it. He’s worked at Capitol Records creating album covers and packaging for bands like The Beatles and Fiona Apple.

Artist Kyung-Woo Han Creates Rorschach Tests from Plastic Bags

Take a look at the image above and what do you see? A bat? A monster? A shopping bag? … Something else?

Eszter Laki Brings A Refined Design Identity to the Terminal Restaurant & Bar in Budapest

I love a good re-use project and the Terminal Restaurant & Bar is a prime example. Designed by István Nyir and built in 1949, The Mávaut Station was one of the largest and busiest bus stations in downtown Budapest.

Oamul Lu’s Paintings Capture The Beautiful Details of Every Day Life

I first came across the work of Chinese artist Oamul Lu last summer, writing about these alluring animated GIFs he was making.

Ken Hermann’s ‘Flower Man’ Photo Series

Copenhagen based photographer Ken Hermann recently completed a photo series titled Flower Man that showcases the merchants from the Mallick Ghat flower market.