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A coffee lid you kiss to drink

Korean designer Jang WooSeok has created perhaps the creepiest coffee lid ever: One that’s shaped like a face that you kiss in order to drink.

Leccare Lollipops

At this point there are gourmet versions of every food, and now we can add to that list, lollipops. Leccare Lollipops are an artisanal take on the kids candy, being made in flavors like Lavender and Marshmallow, Rose and Honey, Salted Caramel, and Watermelon Sea Salt, to only name a few.

Link Harvest

1/ A poultry farm in Hokkaido, Japan is creating eggs with white yolks. I wonder if it effects the taste?

Pantone Cafe

Pantone brings it’s patented color system to the world of food with it’s Pantone Cafe. You can nibble on a 13-0221 Pistachio Green eclair or savor a 17-1227 latte.

Hunting for honey in the Sundarbans

The bees begin migrating from the nearby countryside as early as late January. Their honey appears along with the tight white clusters of blossoms that frost the tips of the khalsi trees.

Moody, textural illustrations by Karolis Strautniekas

These days I find so many new artists and creatives via Instagram. For example, I came across the work of Karolis Strautniekas, a Lithuanian based illustrator via a comment on a recent photo I took.

Joanna Newsom’s music video for “Sapokanikan”, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

After 5 years (how does the time pass so quickly?!) Joanna Newsom is back with a new album this fall, October 23, titled Divers.

Want to experience Paris more fully? Ride the Velib

There are many ways to get around Paris, walking, the Metro, Uber, renting a car. During our trip, Kyle and I preferred the more adventurous option, the Velib.

Wolfgang Puck cooks up a new brand identity

When I think of Wolfgang Puck, I think of… well nothing really comes to mind. To be honest, I imagine that horrible chef who yells at people and somehow has a TV show where he yells even more.

Contrary to the stereotype, the French are quite nice

The French are mean. Ok, maybe “mean” is a bit harsh but sure, they’re not the most cuddly of cultures.

My favorite museum in Paris: Palais de Tokyo

Museums in Paris were kind of a nightmare. This statement might be true of any major metropolitan museum but it was especially true of our recent experience.

8 books to round out your summer reading list

Milk Bar Life: Recipes & Stories by Christina Tosi – Buy it here I don’t have a sweet tooth but I’m a sucker for a good life story.

When you eat Parisian, you hear American

This was a random detail I noticed as we ate and drank our way around Paris. I would estimate that nearly 95% of the places we stopped in were playing American oldies.

Candamill crafts bags with strong geometry and hard materials

Cindy and Cristian Candamil, brother and sister duo behind the label Candamill (read: not Canada Mill) are heading into their sixth season with some impressive work.

Zaha Hadid designs a museum fit for a Bond villain

©San Vigilio – Associazione Turistica What better way to celebrate the life and achievements of a mountain climber than to build a museum into a mountain?

Andy Wahloo crafts spirits into masterpieces

If I had to recommned one bar to haunt in Paris, and this is a serious decision for me, I would choose Andy Wahloo.

Aventure: My thoughts and understanding of Paris

For the last week and a half or so I’ve been traveling around Paris with Kyle, soaking in the sights, eating and drinking all the city has to offer.

Viktor & Rolf’s Fall 2015 Collection makes fashion into art… literally

There’s a division between art, and well, every other creative field. Is design art? Is cooking an art?

Nigel Evan Dennis’ digital organisms

I have a problem with buying art. My problem is, I don’t have enough room on my walls anymore. That’s why coming across the fine art pieces of Nigel Evan Dennis was additionally problematic.

Mister Alphabet, a union of learning and design

It’s not often that a children’s toy grabs my attention but Mister Alphabet is different. Created by Marshall & Haley Roemen, the figurine was designed to bend into every letter of the alphabet while also providing a creative outlet for kids to play.