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10 Types of Designers You Want to Avoid

We are all aware of many client horror stories. In fact, there is even a website called “Clients From Hell” dedicated for it.

The Jaw-Droppingly Gorgeous Illustrations of Phil Noto

It’s hard to tell what makes a Phil Noto pieces absolutely captivating. If it’s not the excellent use of low saturation colour palettes that deal with an experiment of cover.

Interesting Art of Max Zorn, You’ll Never Believe What They’re Made Out Of

Amsterdam street artist Max Zorn has a talent that you have never seen before. It’s the talent of making incredible art using stuff in our home and office.

5 Infographics You Should Definitely Check Out

The role of infographics is to make information understandable, engaging and highly entertaining. It also comes in various formats, static infographics are the most common of them followed by video and interactive infographics.

Featured Artist: Interview with Diorama Artist Clemens Wirth

Director and visual artist based in Austria, Clemens Wirth has a passion for macro photography. He definitely amazes people with his lively work from miniatur people, model building and different view of the real world in his eye-pleasing Dioramas.

Stretch your Imagination with Li Hongbo’s Paper Sculpture

Chinese sculptor Li Hongbo makes sculpture some unique sculptures. Born and raised by a simple farming family, at a young age Li found himself attached to paper.

23 Free HUD Photoshop Brushes

Good day creatives! Exercise your Photoshop skills by experimenting on these awesome HUD (heads-up display) brushes.

How a Font Can Help 1.5 Billion People

Adobe, in collaboration with Google has released a new font called Source Han Sans – a font that covers full support for East Asian characters.

Using Data Visualization to Show The Happiest Places in the World

If you have ever wondered where is the happiest place on Earth? You might want to take a look at Moritz Stefaner’s latest data visualization.

Infographic: Translating Client-Speak Like A Pro

Help! I need a Client to Designer dictionary! Open communication between clients and graphic designers is essential to succeed in business.

The 7 Stages of Creative Burnout

That project you’ve just accepted could be the death of your creativity. Creative burnout can be defined as that heavy feeling of exhaustion and lack of interest in the work that you do.

Amazing Toilet Paper Sculpture by Junior Fritz Jacquet

Who could think that the toilet paper roll can be transformed into such an amazing sculpture? I’ve never thought of that because it always ends up in a trash bin.

Beautiful and Creative Signage Design

How does an establishment catches your eyes and makes your head turn? Is it the stunning architecture?

Gorgeous Multiple Exposure Portraits by Antonio Mora

Antonio Mora, is a Spanish artist who takes multiple photos and artfully juxtaposes them into surreal and breath taking artistic pieces. Multiple Exposure Photography is the super imposition of two images together, to create something else that is entirely beautiful.

Interactive Graphic: The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People

Discover how some of the world’s most original artists, writers and musicians structured their day. Have you always been curious about the daily routine of a creative person you admire?

Desktop Publishing, 19th Century Style

Letterpress artist Kayleigh Phillips does desktop publishing in a vintage way. Aside from decorating her humble abode with vintage furniture, Phillips also likes making her designs look like they time-traveled from the 1940s or 1950s.

The Creative Class – a conversation with Industry Greats

The Creative Class – was a group of intelligent people who would try to be catalysts of social and economic development in the modern world.

Logo Redesigned: Philadelphia Museum of Art, Goodbye Griffin and Hello Fancy “A”

The iconic griffin is taking off from the Philadelphia Museum of Art logo to be replaced by an emphasized and flexible “Art”.

Interview with Hanna Kregling creator of the Barista Font

Have you ever ordered at Starbucks or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – taken a look at the side of the cup and tried to decipher what they’ve written or wonder how they managed to get to that. Seriously.

Cool Illustrations of Popular Music Icon

Music is part of my life. It gets boring if I’m not listening to my favorite playlist whenever I’m travelling, especially when I am just going to work.