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Yusei Nagashima: an artist who paints nothing but fish

Scomber japonicusYusei Nagashima grew up watching fish. He was enthralled by their expressions and colors, and the way they glide through the water.

Crystal Universe: an immersive, interactive installation now open in Tokyo

Beginning today, you can now walk through a universe. And control it with your smartphone. “Crystal Universe” is the latest immersive installation by Japan’s artistic tech wizards TeamLab and it’s currently on display in Tokyo.

Students Turn Candy Packaging Into Fun and Whimsical Characters

a Pretz knight rescuing a Macadamia princessJapan has some of the most bright and colorful candy packaging.

Classical Ukiyo-e Come to Life in Animated GIFs

“Yoshida at Tōkaidō” by Katsushika Hokusai. Part of the Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji series. Travelers resting at the station watch is a Shinkansen goes by.

Split House: A New Home in Tokyo With a 360° Mezzanine

all photos by Masao Nishikawa In a city like Tokyo, achieving both natural light and privacy in your home is a high-wire balancing act.

WalkCar: the World’s Smallest Electric Vehicle That Fits in Your Bag

Move over Segway. Step aside Honda’s Uni-Cub. A Japanese engineer has invented a better way to travel.

Delicate Watercolor Scenes of Japan by Masato Watanabe

Masato Watanabe is an artist who lives in Ashiya, a small city in Hyogo, Japan, where he practiced perspective drawing and illustration for over 25 years.

Absurd and Whimsical Water Faucets Created by Kakudai

The chubby faucet (12,500) is one of several whimsical and absurd products that Kakudai makes The Osaka-based Kakudai has a very serious catalog of products.

Vintage Illustrations From a Japanese Student Protest Magazine

the cover of the 1st issue of Shukan Anpo published in June of 1969 The Beheiren (previously) was a Japanese activist group formed in 1965 to protest Japanese involvement in the Vietnam War.

A Tokyo 2020 Olympics Font Generator

“Spoon Tamago” written in Tokyo 2020 font (our only complaint is the ampersand wasn’t available) The logo for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was revealed 2 weeks ago, on the date that marked exactly 5 years to the opening ceremony.

Now Open: Sebastian Masuda’s Psychedelic Kawaii Monster Café

a cake-shaped merry-go-round is the centerpiece at the new Kawaii Monster Cafe in Tokyo If Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is the reigning queen of Japanese kawaii culture, then the king is undoubtedly Sebastian Masuda.

Nostalgic GIFs of Everyday Life In Japan Animated by Yuuta Toyoi

The swatting of futons being aired out on the balcony. The gentle pitter-patter of rain that falls onto ceramic tile roofs.

Accumulated Piles of Junk Transform Into Illusionistic Shadow Art by Shigeo Fukuda

“Lunch With a Helmet On” (1987) made from forks, spoons and knives We wrote about graphic designer Shigeo Fukuda last month but there was a side of him, one that’s rare amongst graphic designers, that we didn’t get to discuss.

Makoto Azuma Created a 13-ft Flower Bouquet Floating in the Middle of the Ocean

photos by Shunsuke Shiinoki | click to enlarge There are some places where flowers just weren’t meant to grow.

Greendo: Undulating Geothermal Homes Built Into the Side of a Mountain

all photos by Shinkenchiku-sha As if being a small island nation wasn’t enough, 73% of Japan’s land is occupied by uninhabitable mountainous regions.

Misa Sawairi Alters Her Environment With Whimsical Site-Specific Installations

“8 Cranes” | leaflets strewn across the street, transformed into paper cranes. Click images to enlarge If you’re walking down the street and you see a bunch of leaflets strewn across the ground but they’ve been meticulously folded into paper cranes, it’s not the work of a fairy.

Henn-na Hotel: World’s First Fully Robot-Staffed Hotel Opens in Japan

the check-in counter at Henn-na Hotel is staffed by 3 different robots In Japan there’s now a hotel you can stay in without ever having to deal with another human being.

After 14 Years Takashi Murakami is Returning to Japan For a Large Scale Solo Show

Depending on which side of the art critique spectrum you stand on, Takashi Murakami is either a boon to contemporary Japanese art or a blight and disease that is ruining otaku culture.

Revealed: The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Emblem Designed by Kenjiro Sano

In exactly 5 years – on July 24, 2020 – the Tokyo Olympics will open. So today the committee unveiled the official Tokyo 2020 emblems for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Japan’s Largest Treehouse is a Sprawling Structure Built Around a 300-year Old Tree

all photos by Koji Fujii / Nacasa and Partners Inc. Japanese Treehouse Creator Takashi Kobayashi has built over 120 treehouses in the past 15 years.