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Goldfish Bubble Wrap by Daisuke Akiyama

Inspired by watching a single goldfish swimming around in a goldfish bowl, Japanese designer Daisuke Akiyama came up with a rather ingenious product: goldfish bubble wrap.

The Narrative World of Ghibli Art Director Nizo Yamamoto

left: “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” (2006) | right: “Kawa no hikari” (2009) Background from “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” (2006) “A picture is worth a thousand words,” is actually an advertising slogan created by an American businessman, but falsely attributed as an old Asian proverb “so that people would take it seriously.” But despite its fraudulent foundings, the words rings true and, most recently, I’ve found myself identifying them with the work of illustrator and art director Nizo Yamamoto.

Diorama artist creates miniature worlds from everyday objects

  Making simple train replicas was not enough for Japan-based model artist Akihiro Morohoshi. After years making railway dioramas, he chose to give a twist to the traditional miniature models by embedding them into everyday objects.

Artist Recreates Nausicaa’s Jet Glider to Promote World Peace

all photos courtesy Kazuhiko Hachiya | used with permission Earlier this week in Takikawa, on the Northern island of Hokkaido, a large seagull-like contraption sped down a runway and took off into the air.

Chu-Lip: the fictional plant that loves to kiss

Tulip, in Japan, is pronounced chulip. And chu means kiss, which is why it was inevitable that someone would have a little fun with the pun.

A Japanese craftsman’s chopsticks for the physically challenged

Chopsticks are everywhere in Japan and Asian restaurants worldwide. But even though their design is as simple as it gets, not everyone is able to use this standardized tool.

The Mobius Chair by Takeshi Miyakawa

Ever since German mathematician August Ferdinand Möbius identified the Mobius strip, its non-orientable property has presented itself as a muse for artists, architects and designers.

A Look at Some of Japan’s Rising Graphic Design Stars

Each year the Japan Graphic Designers Association (or JAGDA) honors young, up-and-coming talent by recognizing 3 gifted designers.

Tanima Diver | The Cleavage Diving Necklace by Takayuki Fukusawa

The Japanese designer Takayuki Fukusawa established his design firm in 2012 with the objective of “making a world full of ‘humorous art & design’.” I want people to look at my work and think, “he made another ridiculous thing.” And he’s certainly accomplished that goal with Tanima Diver, his latest creation.

Adorable Characters Crafted From Recycled Japanese Cardboard Boxes

The illustrator Takako Handa is usually busy creating logos and illustrations for a multitude of editorial publications.

A Grotesque Three-Dimensional Oral Alphabet by Takayuki Ogawa

Typography and illustration have long been combined to create humorous displays of expression. The French graphic designer Massin, for example, was well-known for his innovative experimentation with typographic forms that often involved animals.

Studio Visit With Model Maker and Special Effects Designer Makoto Aoki

unless otherwise noted all photos by kaori sohma. Copyright Spoon & Tamago It was about 1 year ago that I found myself at a 4th of July party.

A Travel Library Designed to Inspire Wanderlust

If you live in Seoul and love to travel, consider yourself lucky. Japanese design firm Wonderwall just recently completed the Hyundai Card Travel Library.

Makoto Azuma Launches Bonsai Into Space

The botanical artist Makoto Azuma (previously) is no ordinary flower arranger. He’s sort of the rock star of the floral world.

a gigantic kaleidoscope within a shipping container by Masakazu Shirane

For the Kobe Biennial’s Art Container Contest, numerous designers were challenged to create an environment with the confines of a standard international shipping container.

Porigami Laser-cut Popup Cards of Sights in Tokyo

The Kengo Kuma designed tourist information center Tokyo is a city rich in exciting sights and unique atmospheres.

The Newly Renovated Ichihara Lakeside Museum

Ichihara Lakeside Museum. Left: before | Right: after The Ichihara Lakeside Museum is located in the middle of Boso Peninsula; about an hour drive or a 2-hour train ride from central Tokyo.

f,l,o,w,e,r,s | an acrylic ruler embedded with dried flowers for intervals

“If the flowers in the paddy were spaced in equal intervals I could lie down in them and measure my height.” That was the simple, idyllic thought that led designer Norihiko Terayama to create what could very possibly be the single most stunning piece of stationary I have ever come across.

Our Favorite Japan-Related Instagram Accounts to Follow

@instagramjapan These days I find myself clicking on link after link and # after# on Instagram, losing complete track of time.

Pulled Paper Fiber Artwork by Cyoko Tamai

all photos by kaori sohma copyright spoon & tamago | click to enlarge Armed with just a tiny steel dip pen, Japanese artist Cyoko Tamai tears through paper, pulling up fibers to create three-dimensional fuzzed relief sculptures from just ink and paper.