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Futuristic Toyota FCV Plus

Toyota is expanding their sustainable systems portfolio with a concept dedicated to hydrogen electricity – the ‘FCV plus’.

Clear Channel: Where Brands Meet People

This amazing project is the work of Athens-based Charis Tsevis for Clear Channel, one of the world’s leading outdoor advertising companies.

Rider 1991 Watch

Today we want to show you the great looking Rider 1991 Watch from Ukrainian industrial designer, Nazar Malets.

2016 Ducati Diavel Carbon Revealed

Ducati‘s latest version of the “Diavel Carbon” is now more assertive than ever thanks to all-new graphics and several technical-aesthetic features.

Stunning Moonlight Cabin in Australia

In the Australian state of Victoria sits Moonlight Cabin. The stunning structure was designed by local firm Jackson Clements Burrows Architects for a young family, intended to give them refuge while providing sweeping views of the gorgeous locale.

Geometric Tattoos by Jessica Svartvit

Tattoo artist Jessica Kinzer has a gift for producing powerful tattoos. Though only tattooing since 2014, this young artist shows genuine talent within designs that are both captivating and elegant.

SeaXplorer Expedition Yacht

This SeaXplorer Expedition Yacht by Damen yachts. While her entire hull is ice-strengthened, in the most challenging ice conditions, SeaXplorer can go astern using a specially shaped icebreaking stern to break through boundaries that stop other yachts.

Rhei – Table Clock with a Liquid Display

Rhei is a dynamic installation by Damjan Stanković, an animated sculpture, an idea expressed in the form of a minimalistic, digital clock.

Anovos Storm Trooper Helmet

If you’re a real fan of Star Wars or want to draw some attention to your preson – then this excellent Anovos Storm Trooper Helmet is right for you.

Vensepto Concept Car by Steel Drake

Industrial designer from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Steel Drake has come up with impressive supercar design called Vensepto.

Luna: A Lantern That Looks Like a Moon

Taiwanese design firm Acorn Studio recently announced a new lighting system that mimics the color and shape of a moon.

Live Ads: The Nap Tour by Casper

Casper, a US mattress company, has come up with a very novel way to market its special foam mattresses: a nap tour of the United States.

Roof Window Turns Into Instant Balcony in Seconds

Danish window company Velux has designed CABRIO, a dormer that’s made up of two sections, each with a different purpose.

Intricately Detailed Papercut Designs by RIU

Japanese artist Riu creates remarkably intricate paper cut designs. Winner of multiple online art competitions, the young artist maintains an Instagram account and blog that each showcase a stunning display of technical skill within delicate patterns.

Garden Igloo Creates Transparent Canopy for Your Garden

When enjoying the outdoors, it’s nice to have a sanctuary to protect against bugs and sudden inclement weather.

Beautifully Surreal Tattoos by Okan Uçkun

Istanbul-based artist Okan Uçkun composes stunning tattoos using minimal amounts of lines and ink. The subtle, monochromatic body art combines bold geometric shapes with naturalistic subjects such as insects, trees, and animals, which use a stipple technique to give them a three-dimensional look.

Animals Drawings from Hundreds of Multicolored Dots

London-based artist Ana Enshina uses her creative eye to envision majestic animals as an abundance of multicolored spots.

Personal Electric Hoverboard

This Silicon Valley based company aims to build the next big thing in personal mobility – Hoverboard, easy to use, green, because it’s electrically powered, cool, since you use it like a skateboard and practical, it has loads of built in features to assist you on your ride, making it all the more fu

A Compact Mobile Office on Wheels

Belgian-based studio FIVE AM designed a compact, mobile office, or training facility, on wheels that they call “dojowheels”.

The $28k Watch Inspired by Darth Vader

Devon, an LA-based design team, has taken Darth Vader’s blacked-out style and infused it into this elaborate timepiece.