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5 Awesome Installations and Pavilions from Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

Design in the streets Yesterday, the 7th annual Clerkenwell Design Week wrapped up in the London neighborhood the festivities are named after, which has perhaps the highest concentration of creative businesses and architects in the world.

Inside Zaha Hadid's Venice Architecture Biennale Retrospective

Though the exhibition is by no means complete, it offers a glimpse into the late architect's process An impromptu retrospective of the late Zaha Hadid's work that was announced earlier this month has finally opened at the Venice Architecture Biennale.

Drone Photos Offer Bird's Eye View of World's Beaches, Pools, and More

Our weird and wild world, seen from above There's just something about the aerial view that offers a refreshing sense of perspective on the world, in senses both literal and figurative.

World's Monuments and Cities Under Grave Threat Due to Climate Change, New Report Details

The report does not bode well Oh dear: A sobering new report—released jointly by UNESCO, the United Nations Environment Program, and the Union of Concerned Scientists, and recently written up in the New York Times—details the serious threat climate change and associated environmental instability poses to the world's great cities, monuments, and other designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Compact Tokyo Apartment Gets Total Overhaul for Family of Four

The family wanted to maximum the time they spent together With the rise of tiny homes and the ever-shrinking city apartment, urban dwellers are getting more and more creative about maximizing the space they already have.

Dreamy Modern Cabin Has a Green Roof and Tree Inside

A picture-perfect 524 square feet With this green-roofed, tree-hugging woodland house, Ecuadorian architects Luis Velasco Roldan and Ángel Hevia Antuña demonstrate how to incorporate traditional building techniques in a modern design—and all in 524 square feet.

Memorial Day: 12 Impressive Instagram Photos of Our Nation's Monuments

Take a virtual tour Though Memorial Day is widely loved for marking the unofficial start of summer (and a season of barbecues, pools, and beach visits), the purpose of the day is to commemorate those who died while serving in America's armed forces.

5 Tiny Houses We Loved This Week: From the Ultra-Trendy to the Off-Grid

A few are for sale Another week, another fresh crop of tiny house news. Here, we catch you up on the standout projects you should know.

This Developer Put a Green Roof on a Condo Tower, But Then Another Developer Put a Second Condo Tower on That Green Roof

It all happened very suddenly Recently, Flipped managed to hack into the database of the highly secretive architectural firmWillard (+) TRELLISand get a look at some of their recent projects.

Curbed's Guide to Architectural Tourism Across the Country

You can scan social media and admire great architecture and design from afar, but there's something to be said about seeing a great work in its natural environment.

Minneapolis Parks Are Best in U.S. According to New Study

The Minnesota city came out on top in the Trust for Public Land's 2016 ParkScore rankings Ever wondered how your city stacks up against others across the U.S.

All-Wood Health Clinic Makes the Case for Minimalist Beauty

Stripped down to the essentials We've seen how humble plywood partitions can increase storage space in a cramped city apartment.

Roller Coaster-Inspired Desk Chair Is Our New Favorite

The video of this desk in action is a must watch This chair/desk by designer Ian Stell is amazing. You may be looking at the picture above and thinking, How is that a chair?

All-Grey Interiors: How Much Is Too Much?

It may be time to greyscale back White isn't the only neutral taking over homes these days. Perhaps even greater an offender?

12 Designy Toys to Spark Your Creativity

For adults and kids alike! What would toys created by designers—and not professional toy makers—look like?

Iceland Is Full

The country of 330,000 had 1.26 million tourists last year Iceland, population 330,000, had 1.26 million tourists last year as a combined result of it being home to various Game of Thrones filming locations and also being so beautiful as to have drawn Game of Thrones to film there in the first place.

5 Historic Summer Homes For Sale Right Now

They're all right on the water. Welcome back to Period Dramas, a weekly column that alternates between roundups of historic homes on the market and answering questions we’ve always had about older structures.

Driverless Cars Will Shrink Our Roads and Radically Reshape Urban Space

Autonomous vehicles will radically change the urban landscape; one designer sees an era of "feral space" and DIY entrepreneurship It’s become a matter of when, not if, driverless cars are coming, meaning discussion about the developing technology has shifted towards the design of cars, changing ways of live, and the economic impact of robot drivers.

Ask Flipped: My Closet Is a Portal to a Fantasy World, So Where Am I Supposed to Hang My Clothes?

It sounds fun, but it's very inconvenient Welcome back to Ask Flipped, where we answer very real questions from readers who are having problems with home decor, design, or anything else.

New Study Reveals Best Cities for Recent College Grads

See which cities offer jobs, affordable housing, and potential friends New York or San Francisco? Kansas City or Columbus?