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Architectural Photography: Urban Symmetry by Zsolt Hlinka

This architectural photography project is by Budapest-based photographer Zsolt Hlinka. He has titled the project ‘Urban Symmetry’, all of the buildings photographed are located on the banks of the River Danube.

Fine Art Photography Project ‘De-Selfing’ by Hsin Wang

Hsin Wang’s fine art photography project ‘De’Selfing’ is a personal project that many of us can relate to.

Bold Abstract Paintings by Jim LePage

Jim LePage is the freelance artist that created the collection of abstract paintings below. Jim is an artist and designer based in Bellingham, WA.

Stunning Miniature Furniture by Emily Boutard

This collection of stunning miniature furniture is by Emily Boutard, she is currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

Minimal Pastel Branding by Design Studio ‘Super Magic Friend’

Design Studio ‘Super Magic Friend’ have created this minimal pastel branding for ‘Minerals Natural Care’.

Evian Illustrated Campaign by Tom Haugomat

This Evian illustrated campaign is by tom Haugomat, he is an illustrator and director based in Paris, France.

Unique and Handcrafted Bookmarks Hang Teeny Legs from your Book

These unique and handcrafted bookmarks by MyBOOKmark are made by Olena Mysnyk and her team. They are a Ukrainian brand dedicated to creating bookmarks that make it look like teeny legs are hanging from your book.

Surrealist Painter Creatively Combines Portraiture with Landscapes

Beau Bernier Frank is the self-taught surrealist painter behind the project below titled ‘Off the Grid’.

Ink & Scratchboard Illustrations of Classic Monster Movies by Nicolas Delort

Canadian and French illustrator Nicolas Delort has created these ink and scratchboard illustrations of classic monster movies below.

Fantastic Pencil Sculptures by Chien Chu Lee

The fantastic pencil sculptures below are by Taiwan-based artist Chien Chu Lee. He has been pencil carving since October 2010 and updates his Instagram regularly with his most recent creations!

84 PSD Mockups for Book Covers & Apple Products from iPhones to Macbooks – only $27!

PSD Mockups are great for presenting your work to clients, or to the world through your portfolio. They can help your work come to life with a minimum amount of effort and can quickly provide you the insight to how your work will look when it is in action.

Packaging Design for ‘Cocoa Colony’ by Bravo

Independent design studio Bravo have created this packaging design for ‘Cocoa Colony’. Bravo have offices in Singapore and New York.

Incredible Hyper-Realistic Paintings by Philipp Weber

Philipp Weber currently lives and works in Kassel and Berlin, his hyper-realistic paintings are absolutely incredible.

If Tim Burton Directed All Disney Classic Movies by Andrew Tarusov

Andrew Tarusov is the artist behind this  ‘If Tim Burton Directed All Disney Classic Movies’ project.

Landscape Photography Project: ‘Patagonia Dreaming I’ by Andy Lee

This stunning collection of infrared and digital landscape photography is from Andy Lee’s ‘Patagonia Dreaming I’ project.

Colorful Surreal Paintings by 16 Year-Old Artist Dimitra Milan

The collection of surreal paintings below is by 16-year-old artist Dimitra Milan, she is currently based in Arizona.

How To Deliver Greater Value and Save Time

Web design is fun, fascinating, and profitable, but even the best of designers face challenges from time to time that are not of their own making.

Artist Creates Mythical Hybrids of Mice and Butterflies Called ‘Mouserflies’

This gorgeous project called ‘Mouserflies’ by Lisa Ericson features mythical hybrids of mice and butterflies in realistic backgrounds.

Sitskie: The Molding Block Bench

I’m a big fan of comfort in the home. I definitely have an appreciation for those houses that are always immaculate, with couches so cool you don’t want to sit in them, and kitchens so sleek you don’t want to cook in them.

Stunning Autumn Themed Illustration Created with 7 Million Hand-Inked Dots

Xavier Casalta is the artist behind this piece titled ‘Autumn’. The illustration contains around 7 million hand-inked dots, Xavier started ‘Autumn’ at the end of 2015 and the piece took him 370 hours to complete.