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An Inspiring Collection of Hand Drawn Typography by Mateusz Witczak

Here we have compiled an inspiring collection of hand drawn typography, all of which has been taken from the portfolio of Mateusz Witczak.

Weirdly Realistic – Fictional ‘Alien Like’ Character Portraits by Travis Louie

Travis Louie currently lives and works in Red Hook, NY, he has created these amazing Fictional ‘Alien Like’ character portraits.

Surreal Analogue Photography by Rekakoti

Rekakoti has created these stunning images, her main focus is analogue photography and she has re-discovered lomography.

How to Overlay Your Scanned Lettering on an Image Using Photoshop

So you’ve just finished creating your lovely lettering, and you want to scan your piece and overlay it onto an image.

Wall Art Paintings by Sepe

Sepe has created these incredible wall art paintings, he is a freelance graphic designer, painter and illustrator. He has painted in England, Russia, Indonesia and many other places.

The Underwater Project by Mark Tipple

The Underwater Project  below is by Mark Tipple, he is a documentary photographer with clients such as: Christian Surfers, 100Revs, Beyond Water and more.

‘View from Desolation Peak’ illustration by Pete Lloyd

This illustration is Pete Lloyd’s visual response to Jack Kerouac’s experiences that were journaled and compiled into his book ‘Lonesome Traveler’. I found his journals really transportative and I wanted to channel his spirit of adventure along with my own love of the wilderness and outdoors.

Illustrations by Agata ENDO Nowicka

Agata ENDO Nowicka has created the collection of illustrations below, she is based in Warsaw, Poland.

Awesome Illustrations by Marynn

Marynn is a french illustrator based in Biarritz, France. A few of her clients include; CITIZEN K magazine, Olow and  Paulette magazine.

Typography Project – Ice Letters and Flowers by Manuel Persa

Inspired by colorful flowering during a nature walk, this typography project was developed by Manuel Persa.

Truly Inspirational Illustrations by Anton Van hertbruggen

Anton Van hertbruggen is an illustrator and artist currently living and working in Antwerp, Belgium. Anton’s illustrations have been published in multiple international magazines and newspapers such as The Süddeutsche Zeitung, The New York Times, Nobrow, Slanted and The New Yorker.

Use Our Free ‘Blurgrounds’ For More Than Just Backgrounds

Recently we re-launched an old project of ours, Blurgrounds. A free collection of 200 blurry abstract backgrounds that are perfect for use in apps, web and print.

Talented Photographer Gabriella Rouiller

Gabriella Rouiller is a photographer, producer and art director, she is also the founder and editor in Chief at Flur Magazine.

The Moleskine Sketchbook of Philippe Constantinesco

Here is the Moleskine sketchbook of Philippe Constantinesco, born in France and has been pursuing his career in Paris since 2006.

Soda Fountain – A New Free Typeface for your Old Designs

Soda Fountain is a free typeface that will make any of your designs burst with flavor. After a year of creating and refining (and procrastinating), I have finished my very first typeface.

Shattered Glass Animal Sculptures by Marta Klonowska

Marta Klonowska has created these incredible animal sculptures made out of shattered glass, she gets some of her inspiration from old paintings by artists such as; Francisco de Goya and Michel de Bouillon.

Incredible Portraits, Created using Shredded Poetry and Love Letters

Jamie Poole, is an art teacher from the UK and he is a practicing artist, photographer. He has created these incredible portraits that have been painstakingly created with strips of shredded poetry and love letters.

Scotch Tape Series by Naman Photography

Wes Naman is currently based in New Mexico and he has created this hilarious scotch tape series. Naman has stuck layers of tape all around people’s faces giving them rather odd and funny features.

Beautiful Fashion Photography by Aaron Feaver

Los Angeles born photographer Aaron Feaver is the artist behind this collection of fashion photography.

Logo and Typography Designs by Tomasz Biernat

Tomasz Biernat is the artist behind thee typography designs below, he is currently based in Warsaw, Poland.