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7 Strange 3D Printed Objects from Organs to Bikinis

Strange 3D Printed Objects – It’s not inaccurate to refer to 3D printing as a sort of new age industrial revolution.

Chilean Beach Pavilion House is a Private Pacific Escape

A dramatic cliff overlooks the Pacific Ocean from this peaceful, undeveloped region of Chile.  The Chilean Beach Pavilion House by WMR Arquitectos has this incredible view to itself, occupying an outcrop of rock that provides views to the West, North and South.

This 1961 Ferrari 250 GT Spider Can Be Yours at Auction

This isn’t your typical vintage Ferrari. The 1961 Ferrari 250 GT N.A.R.T. Spider by Fantuzzi is one of the few in the 1960s that wore the N.A.R.T.

Desert Courtyard House is a Glass Palace in the Wilderness

When you think of living in the desert it most likely conjures images of unbearable heat and sufferable conditions, but not this luxury courtyard home nestled deep in the Arizona wilderness.

The Vivalnk Digital Tattoo Secures Your Smartphone

Vivalnk Digital Tattoo – The average user spends somewhere around 2.3 seconds accessing their phone. That doesn’t really seem like a whole lot of time, does it?

Viddy Pinhole Camera by the Pop-Up Pinhole Camera Company

Film photography is based on surprisingly simple technology.  All it requires is a photo-sensitive sheet of film and a way of controlling the light that reaches it.  The Viddy Pinhole Camera by the Pop-Up Pinhole Camera Company is a playful take on this technology, using a cardboard pinhole body tha

Alen 55 Yacht is a Weekend Cruiser’s Dream Boat

This 55-foot cruiser yacht is like a boutique hotel room on the water.  The Alen 55 Yacht is a high-design take on the traditional center-console boat, featuring elegant teak lining, leather interior wall panels and lacquered surfaces inside.

Goldencycle Gold One Cycle

Given the gold details of this fine, German fixie, you’d think the Goldencycle Gold One Cycle is worth a million bucks.  Despite the visual elegance, its designer focused on cost savings to make it available to the commuting class, not the collector’s circuit.  The Gold One Cycle is a pure, [...] Th

The Dumb Lock Is Dead: 6 Smart Locks That Will Revolutionize Your Home’s Security

The world around us is getting smarter every day. Ttraditional, ‘dumb’ technology is on the way out, and connected gadgets are all the rage.

Pitsou Kedem’s Tel Aviv Penthouse is an Unusual Sight Amidst the Turmoil

Tel Aviv still has its fair share of problems these days, but it would be hard for the resident of a brand new penthouse complete with its own infinity pool to notice.

Emberlight Turns Dumb Bulbs Into Smart Lights

Emberlight – There’s a buzz-phrase for this: The Internet of Things. It’s a term coined to refer to the fact that every object in our life is becoming ‘smarter;’ connecting up to the Internet so that it can be controlled via our Smartphones, Tablets, and/or PCs.

B-And-Bee Camping Pods Coming to a Music Festival Near You

Not everyone likes camping, and not everyone can afford glamping, but what about a hexagonal sleeping cell fitted with a king-size bed?

Beats by Dre Headquarters Gets Colorful Design in Los Angeles

A lot of architects go for fun and games when they design office headquarters in Silicon Valley, but Bestor Architecture wanted to go for a more mature theme in the Beats by Dre Headquarters in LA.

Sense Sleep Monitor Will Guide You to a Good Night’s Rest

Sense Sleep Monitor – My sleep habits are horrific. Some weeks I’m a complete night owl, more nocturnal than diurnal.

Why Every Man Needs a Good Barber Shop: Craft, Community and Conversation

Something was lost with the rise of the chain salon and discount chop shop. Decades ago, the barber shop was about more than the haircut — it was a place to let one’s guard down and discuss the problems of the day.

Contemporary Cabins: 10 Designer Retreats in the Wilderness

Contemporary Cabins — Escape. Peace. Relaxation. A walk in the wilderness. These virtues have driven us to build cabins in the forest, on the lake and in the mountains for centuries.

Jibo Is A Friendly Robot That Wants To Join Your Family

It stands at one foot tall, and resembles a cross between Wall-E’s EVE and a desk lamp. It’s immobile, but surprisingly animated.

House of the Infinite is a Stoic Seaside Temple

When Alberto Campo Baeza set out to create the House of the Infinite, he was more interesting in building a piece of landscape architecture than just another luxury residential property.

Ritot Projection Watch Shows Time on the Back of Your Hand

A new project by a group of four entrepreneurs in San Jose brings new meaning to the phrase, “like the back of your hand”.  They’ve launched a crowdfunding project for the Ritot Projection Watch – which they’re pitching as the first of its kind.

Forest Cabin by Bernd Riegger Offers Sanctuary in the Wild

Forest Cabin by Bernd Riegger – Nestled deep in the forests of Austria, architect Bernd Riegger has constructed a beautiful minimalist cabin that offers scientists and students alike a chance to get up close and personal with mother nature.