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Get Smarter, Argue Better, by Avoiding These 13 Logical Fallacies

We all think we’re pretty smart. Ask anyone what they want in a mate and they’ll tell you: Brains, beauty, and sense of humor.

A Smoking Jacket Guide for the Contemporary Gentleman

Traditional smoking has fallen out of favor. The increased taxation on tobacco as the government seeks to gouge smokers have kept most away for financial reasons.

Cable and Satellite Free: How To Cut The Cord In 11 Steps

Cable and satellite companies have long been gouging customers, because buyers didn’t have the option to take control of their airwaves.

Suck It Up With The 9 Best Leaf Vacuums

Leaf blowers have fallen out of favor. It seems people have come to realize blowing a giant pile of dead flora onto your neighbor’s yard is rude, and causes more problems than it solves.

Gentleman’s Guide To Cocktail Attire For Men

Broad, weak “Must-See” sitcoms would have us believe that men never worry about what to wear. That’s nowhere close to accurate.

Expand Your Mind and Laugh With 12 Funny Books On Philosophy

Ethics, social justice, religion, good vs. evil, policy, gender and gender roles, human nature, and death aren’t necessarily fun topics.

The 11 Most Expensive Watches Ever Made

A bunch of gold chains with diamonds in them might be the most wasteful and ostentatious form of bling, but for the thinking man who wants to show conspicuous consumption, a decked out watch is even better.

Kick Ass, Take Names: The 14 Best American Made Boots

The land of liberty – back before the NSA watched everything we say and do – was built on hard labor done by rugged individualists.

The 5 Best Laptop Brands For Gaming, Business, and Personal Use

Computers are worse than cars when it comes to depreciation and obsolescence.

Tee Time With The 14 Best Watches Under $500

A stick in the ground can tell you the time, so long as there’s sunshine. That’s free, and completely portable, but lacks reliability.

Ankle Commandos: The 13 Best Small Dog Breeds To Own

It’s technically impossible to say that one breed of dog is somehow superior to another. Every purebred has been genetically altered through selective breeding to fit a particular ideal.

Saving Lives: 12 Brands That Help Animals In Need

The overblown primates we call “human beings” tend to forget that we’re beasts, like every other member of the Animal Kingdom.

Drink Fancy With The 13 Most Common Types of Wine

For as deeply committed to the spirit world as scotch drinkers are, wine “enthusiasts” take it to a whole new level.

11 Barely Used Cars That Have Had Their Prices Slashed

Buying a new car is the worst investment you could make besides buying Twitter stock. From the second you sign the papers, that hunk of metal is losing value.

In The Clear With The 12 Best Vodkas

Believe it or not, there’s actually a textbook definition of vodka. It exists in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms – which is actually a law enforcement body, not the most bitchin’ tavern anywhere.

Be Cruelty Free: 13 Brands That Don’t Do Animal Testing

It was always a mystery to many why some companies – largely those in cosmetics – would test their products on animals.

5 Best Marriage Boot Camps and Couple’s Retreats

To say relationships are difficult is as huge an understatement as saying “life is hard.” Relationships, and especially marriages, are absolute hell on Earth…when it comes to dilemmas and complications.

12 Fascinating Facts About Your Favorite Foods

You are what you eat, is the weird half-truth that is spat out again and again. Luckily, it’s not entirely accurate, because otherwise we’d all be mint fudge chocolate chip ice cream, smokehouse BBQ, and meat lovers pizza.

18 Holiday Gifts That Will Suit Anyone

You love the people in your life, but you don’t always have the time and money to show them how much.

Natural is Beautiful: 10 Brands That Promote Honest Body Image

In sales, the only honor is the bottom line. Trying to do something notable or humanitarian while trying to pitch a product is a game that few play, and almost no one wins.