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15 Minimalist Apartments for Living Simple

Living large used to be the American dream. Big house, big yard, big juicy steaks, and a big 12 cylinder chrome street rocket sitting in the driveway.

Hot Pursuit: World’s 18 Wildest Police Cars

Though most peace officers are stuck driving around in a Crown Vic, or whatever squad car happens to be assigned to them, there’s a few lucky souls who get to hop into a piece of serious hardware.

12 Medical Implants You’ve Never Heard Of

The use of metal and mechanical parts to enhance human beings for medical reasons dates back as long as there have been screws and plates that individuals could cram into their bodies.

What Lies Beneath: 17 Awesome Undersea Animals

As humans, our existence is pretty limited. Due to our need for breathable air, and our lack of gills, we have to spend the majority of our time up on top of the 28% of the world that is above water.

19 Unusual Hotels For Adventure Travelers and Oddity Seekers

Luxurious hotels can be found around the world. They provide plush accommodations that are very quaint, if you don’t mind their yawn-inducing thread counts and the irritation of a personal concierge.

22 Album Covers That Changed The Face of Music

With most music being rendered digitally, only a few stalwart souls, like Jack White, even release albums, much less care about their cover art.

Celebrate Everlasting Love With These 21 Remarkable Couples Tattoos

The first rule of both falling in love and putting permanent ink on your body is: Don’t tat the other person’s name onto your flesh.

Macro Photography By Levon Biss

You have heard about macro photography, but British photographer Levon Biss is taking things to the next level.

Lighthouse Pictures: 18 Stunning Spots Where the Sea Meets the Shore

Lighthouses and photography go together like Thomas Kinkade paintings … and lighthouses. By their very nature, lighthouses exist in some of the most idyllic and chaotic places in the world, where storms are common and the grandeur of the sea meets the land.

Spreading Beauty: World’s Most Beautiful Trees

If you aren’t a dendrologist, odds are good that to you, a tree is a tree is a tree. To be fair, we felt the same way.

Breathtaking 3D Sidewalk Art To Be Enjoyed By All

The beginning of what has come to be known as street art, sidewalk art, pavement art, anamorphic art, one-point perspective painting, and a thousand other things is loosely traced back to the 16th century, when paved or cobblestone streets began to replace dirt tracks in many cities.

Weird Inventions That Make Life Easier, Stranger

The dream of any inventor is to try to improve the world, and make enough money that they never have to do anything other than drink Pina Coladas for the rest of their days.

15 Beautiful Wire Sculptures That Redefine the Art of Twisting

It’s impossible to say when the art of sculpting with wire came about, since humankind has always made items out of the wire they drew from the ores they mined out of the ground.

17 Best Hiking Boots for Heading Into Thin Air

No sport captures the human experience quite like hiking. There’s something about pitting your body against a mountain, going forever up to experience incredible vistas and sights that make the heart soar even as the body aches.

14 Survival Vehicles for Your End of Days Commute

Those of us in industrialized nations are mostly inured from the ravages and strife that infect large portions of the globe.

Gentleman’s Guide to the Best Dopp Kits

Good looks don’t just happen. Even if you spend all your time at the gym and eat whatever gluten-free diet the powers that be recommend, if you’re not quaffed and clean then you’re doing it wrong.

16 Coolest Motorcycle Jeans to Save Your Ass & Look Great

Experienced riders know that motorcycle gear isn’t just about the jacket and the helmet, it’s about having head to toe coverage.

17 Finest Office Chairs For Endless Work Hours

Approximately a third of the average person’s life will be spent sleeping. Another third goes toward leisure activities.

15 Best Single Speed Bikes for Riding Anywhere

Before selecting the right mount for you, it’s helpful to note the difference between a fixed gear (fixie) bike and a single-speed.

17 of the Best Carry-On Bags for Any Traveler and Every Trip

Each year, literally millions of bags are lost, mishandled, damaged, stolen, or incorrectly routed by airlines, and recent studies have shown that number to be on the rise in spite of new tracking techniques being employed by airlines.