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Contemporary Cabins: 10 Designer Retreats in the Wilderness

Contemporary Cabins — Escape. Peace. Relaxation. A walk in the wilderness. These virtues have driven us to build cabins in the forest, on the lake and in the mountains for centuries.

Jibo Is A Friendly Robot That Wants To Join Your Family

It stands at one foot tall, and resembles a cross between Wall-E’s EVE and a desk lamp. It’s immobile, but surprisingly animated.

House of the Infinite is a Stoic Seaside Temple

When Alberto Campo Baeza set out to create the House of the Infinite, he was more interesting in building a piece of landscape architecture than just another luxury residential property.

Ritot Projection Watch Shows Time on the Back of Your Hand

A new project by a group of four entrepreneurs in San Jose brings new meaning to the phrase, “like the back of your hand”.  They’ve launched a crowdfunding project for the Ritot Projection Watch – which they’re pitching as the first of its kind.

Forest Cabin by Bernd Riegger Offers Sanctuary in the Wild

Forest Cabin by Bernd Riegger – Nestled deep in the forests of Austria, architect Bernd Riegger has constructed a beautiful minimalist cabin that offers scientists and students alike a chance to get up close and personal with mother nature.

Soundsight Headphones Record Video and Audio Live

Have you ever imagined that your day-to-day life deserved its own soundtrack? Have you ever had the urge to put together your own music videos from the events of your day?

Abandoned World Cup Stadiums to Housing of the Future?

Football stadiums and other sporting areas have been proven to have little to no long-term economic benefits, which is troubling when you consider the fact Brazil spent $3.6 billion on this year’s World Cup venues.

Ferrari Designer’s Luxury Cruise Trains Coming to Japan

Looks like the golden age of railways is about to make an explosive comeback over in Japan. It’s a well-known fact that the island nation has an extremely extensive railway system, and that it privatized these railways back in the 1980s.

Living the Highlife is a Luxury Treehouse for a Full Family

Many of us have spent the night in a treehouse, but one family in the UK decided to built a luxury treehouse getaway with enough room for the whole family.

World’s Largest Indoor Farm Switches On in Japan

Although modern agriculture is no doubt leaps and bounds ahead of anything seen a few centuries ago, there’s still one tiny problem with it.

Black Diamond Knife Block and Precision Blades

Little lights up my world more than well-designed architecture.

Rambla House by LAND Arquitectos Overlooks the Pacific Surf

In the quiet coastal overlook of Zapallar City, Chile, a new contemporary weekend home features a constant soundtrack of surf.

NIKE Opens Custom-Fitting and Game Optimization Center in Scotland

Golf is a game of subtlety, from the minute changes made to every swing, right down to the fitting of each individual club.

Electric Objects Digital Canvas Projects Hi-Def Art

There’s a new gadget ready to hit the market that I’m positive will have art enthusiasts swooning.  It’s called the EO1, the Electric Objects Digital Canvas that displays that art of your choice on the surface of your choice.

Normal Earbuds are a 3D-Printed Match for Your Ears

The hallmark of a good invention is that it solves a common problem. The hallmark of a great one is that it solves a common problem no one was even aware existed.

Mininch Tool Pen is the Most Compact Toolkit Yet

When it comes to tightening, tweaking and torquing, there just isn’t an app for that.  There will always be a need for good old-fashioned hardware, and this hardware is evolving just like the software-driven world around it.  Meet the Mininch Tool Pen, a compact toolkit that houses a range of [...]

Using Color to Change the Way Students See School

Being stuck inside at school when it’s cold and wet is something most children have to deal with, but one secondary school in Oporto, Portugal has been fitted with a vibrant outdoor recreational area that creates an exciting space for kids during even the gloomiest of days.

Cruise Self-Driving Car Tech Makes Modern Cars Driverless

I’m sure by now that you’ve all heard the stories about self-driving cars; about how Google’s invented a robotic vehicle capable of chauffeuring people to the airport and back.

Historic 4th of July: Exploring the Abandoned Beach Forts of Florida

This year, the 4th of July called for something different.

Specialized McLaren Tarmac Bicycle has a Supercar Spirit

One of the most iconic names in motorsport has teamed up with Specialized to produce a masterfully-engineered new bicycle, the Specialized McLaren Tarmac Bicycle.  McLaren, the maker of seven-figure supercars, has shared its mastery of carbon fiber and supercar styling with the people at Specialized