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“It seems that the presence of an object is required to make its absence felt (or to make the absence of something felt).

Apollo Missions

All of the photos taken during the Apollo missions are up on Flickr in high-res. Thanks for the find, Jason.

♥ / Squarespace

Big thanks to Squarespace for continuously supporting my blog and RSS Feed. Dare to do what you love.

A Walking Bike (!)

The Lopifit is an Electric Walking Bike. Intriguing and absurd all at once. (via)

If I was looking to…

… hire a film editor, I’d definitely try to hire William Laboury. He created this ‘mashup self-portrait’ of movie clips spliced together.

Friday Link Pack

A Tumblr full of cute animal GIFs. There goes my day. (via) – is the largest social network for academics.


“Where focus goes, energy flows”. – Tony Robbins. (via)

CreativeMornings Podcast

It’s a very exciting day here at CreativeMornings HQ: Starting today, we will be releasing some of our favorite archived talks in podcast form!

Karaoke Uber Ride

This Uber driver gets my thumbs up for making rides a bit more fun…

Eye Chart Typography

A short history of eye chart typography. (via Kottke)

Tom Givone’s Floating Farmhouse

Team CreativeMornings is currently on our yearly company retreat, and staying in Tom Givone’s *stunning* Floating Farmhouse in upstate New York.

Friday Link Pack

From now on, sitting in a traffic jam, I will dream of The Trunk Theater driving in front of me… – One of the most prolific designers Switzerland has ever seen: Adrian Frutiger Dies at 87; His Type Designs Show You the Way – Applauding Perry Chen and Yancey Strickler of Kickstarter for keeping it real and redefining success beyond money and power.

A Nesting Shelf

This Nesting Shelf made me look.


“We are always in the position of beginning again.” – Michael Foucault


Luna is an artistic lamp design inspired by the Moon, available in a range of seven sizes from the XXS 3.2 inch model to the XXL 23.6 version.


“People who want to change the world need to hang out with people who want to change the world!” – Maggie Doyne

Flop Chair

I get very excited when furniture is multi functional: The Flop chair looks comfortable and spacious, and it can be easily turned into a functional twin bed.

Creative People Around the World

I am loving the new and improved CreativeMornings Instagram Feed highlighting a creative person a day from around the globe.

Designers & Book Fair

Hey NYC based designers, listen up: The fine folks of Designers & Books are having another Book Fair on October 2nd-4th and it looks fantastic!

Friday Link Pack

(via The Kid Should See This) – My friend started using the No Poo Method for washing her hair. Wow. Worst name in history.