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A Fast Anonymous Browser Fingerprinting JS Library

Fingerprinting is a technique, outlined in the research by Electronic Frontier Foundation, of anonymously identifying a web browser with accuracy of up to 94%.

Benefits and Challenges of Ruby on Rails

Over the last decade, Ruby on Rails has become an increasingly popular solution for building web applications through a fast and cost-efficient development process.

Notification Styles with CSS Animations for Inspirations

There are some simple ideas and effects for unobtrusive website notifications. There are a lot of ways to show an unobtrusive message to a user: from the classic growl-like notification to a bar at the top of the viewport.

Free Download: iOS 7 Wireframe Toolkit for Prototyping

André Revin was creating an app flow in illustrator and he made an Ai file iOS7 iPhone 5 mockup for prototyping.

A JavaScript Powerful CSV Parser for Web Browsers

There’s a thousand CSV libraries for Javascript. Papa Parse is different. It’s written with correctness and performance in mind.

Waves – Click Effect Inspired by Google’s Material Design

Waves is click effect inspired by Google’s Material Design. It’s easy to use Waves. Download the latest version of Waves from Github repository.

A Series of Screencasts and Guides for Ruby on Rails

GoRails is Ruby on Rails screencasts for developers who want to become pros. GoRails is a series of screencasts and guides for all aspects of Ruby on Rails.

A Free Tool to Monitor and Implement DMARC

DMARC is a standard that prevents spammers from using your domain to send email without your permission — also known as spoofing.

Learning to Code is Fun and Easy with Code Avengers

Learning to code is fun and easy with Code Avengers. Whether this is your first time coding, or you have tried it before – their courses guide you each step of the way.

Free Quality Photos for Bloggers and Website Owners

KaboomPics is a collection of good quality photos offered for free to bloggers, website owners, small businesses, freelancers & social media ninjas.

Giveaway: $600 Worth of Services of PSD2HTML is one of the most tech-savvy companies online. It is designed to help with graphic web design conversions into HTML as well as CMS such as Joomla and WordPress.

Google Released Noto Free Font for All Languages

Noto is Google’s font family that aims to support all the world’s languages. Its design goal is to achieve visual harmonization across languages.

Vanilla Masker – A Pure JavaScript Input Masker

Vanilla Masker is a pure javascript input masker. Now you can use a simple and pure javascript lib to mask your input elements, without need to load jQuery or Zepto to do it.

JBox jQuery Plugin for Modal Windows, Tooltips & Notices

Advertise here via BSA jBox is a powerful and flexible jQuery plugin, taking care of all your modal windows, tooltips, notices and more.

Responsive Ads – Fluid & Lightweight with Web Standards

Advertise here via BSA Web advertisements haven’t quite kept up with the web’s shift to responsive design.

Serve Responsive Retina Images with Dense.js

Advertise here via BSA Dense is a jQuery plugin that offers an easy way to serve device pixel ratio aware images, bringing in retina support to your website.

An Open Source & Hackable Browser in JavaScript

Advertise here via BSA Breach is a browser for the HTML5 era. It’s entirely written in Javascript. Free.

Deal of the Week: The Handpicked Bundle with Bonus

Advertise here via BSA Looking for a good way to refresh your resource library? How about stocking up on over $1,100 worth of themes, fonts, Photoshop actions, awesome graphics, and more for only $39?

Avoid Using Similar Colors with CSS Colorguard

Advertise here via BSA Every CSS project starts out with good intentions, but inevitably, one too many people eye-dropper colors into nooks and crannies that you never knew existed.

Create Atomic Design Systems with Pattern Lab

Advertise here via BSA Pattern Lab is a collection of tools to help you create atomic design systems.