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Freelancing 101: How to Battle Obstacles to Success

It took a while for me to get started, really started, as a freelancer. And I won’t lie; it was not always easy.

This Week in Design: July 25, 2014

The word this week in design is “new.” From a new survey about new and young designers to a new typography experiment and a new “smellable” magazine cover, the hope is that you learn something new this week.

Design Dilemma: Using a Humorous Client Sales Pitch

“How do I find clients?” is the question I get the most from beginners, as well as experienced professionals (finding work is tough these days and getting harder for freelancers).

10 Ways to Make Photos Work in Your Designs

Browsing through collections of websites, such as those from Awwwards or The Best Design, you often notice a common theme – great photography.

This Week in Design: July 18, 2014

Well … duh! (Insert eye roll here.) That might be a bit of an exaggeration when you hear things like “user experience is integral to design” or “testing is important.” But sometimes we need the reminder.

Design Inspiration: Tramp Trousers

Tramp Trousers is a fashion brand made in Italy, is everything you expect in an unexpected way; Take out the classic from the substance, but leave it in the form.

Design Inspiration: Slide Concept

A fascinating, and intriguingly skeuomorphic, slide concept for the iPhone. This design was featured on Thursday 17th of July 2014.

Design Inspiration: Releaf

Naming and logo concept for recycling motivation. Hand crafted in woodcut style with natural colours it represents a leaf back to a tree and is yet recognizable for the recycling purpose.

Design Inspiration: Kevin Yun

DESIGNATION is a career accelerator for digital designers. Learn the full stack of digital design skills including User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), and front-end coding (HTML/CSS/JS).

Design Dilemma: The Changing Mind of a Client

Most people second guess everything they do. When it comes to design, clients usually don’t understand the process.

Design Inspiration: Coloured Shapes

An interesting concept for a logo mark that uses colour well to create a distinctive feel. This design was featured on Tuesday 15th of July 2014.

Design Inspiration: Dooply

I find the shape of this logo mark fascinating, it's distinctive and I like the way it incorporates the 'D' concept without being limited by it.

10 Things the World Cup Taught Me About Design

For the last month, most of the world has been enthralled by the World Cup, which concluded Sunday in Brazil.

This Week in Design: July 11, 2014

One of my favorite design gurus relaunched his site this week and it’s got me thinking about good design practices.

Design Inspiration: Warehouse

A beautiful concept for a web site that takes the standard web layout and completely overhauls it. This design was featured on Thursday 10th of July 2014.

Design Inspiration: Mark Sommerschield | Digital Designer

A nautical themed portfolio for London based Digital Designer Mark Sommerschield. Beautifully responsive, fresh and to the point.

Design Inspiration: David Mottershead Web Design

Website for David Mottershead, a web designer living in Bolton, UK. Specializing in websites for small businesses.

Design Inspiration: 8ight logo

Expressive typography logo with negative number 8 hidden in the first letter. The logo is made with letters only and the initial E brings its meaning in the negative space.

How to Create an Emotional Connection With Design

Every project you complete connects with users in some way. The design communicates a message and a tone.

Using Lines and Curves in Design Projects

Some of the most subtle parts of a design can be the most important. Think about some of the details in design projects such as lines and curves.