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Designers Respond to the New Google Logo Design

What do you think of the new Google logo? Most love it, some hate it. Either way, it’s the company’s biggest logo design overhaul in 16 years.

Top 10 Websites for Designers—Commercial Type + McWhopper

REGISTER BY SEPTEMBER 3 TO SAVE $200 ! This month’s  “Top 10″ websites for designers is truly a diverse group.

27 Awesome Posters: The “Pin-able” and the Unparalleled

Is there anything better than a truly well-designed poster? If you’re listing off the obvious responses (Hello—food?

Vince Lombardi’s 5 Motivators Will Kick-Start Your Creativity

Visiting the Pro Football Hall of Fame recently, I was intrigued by a display featuring Vince Lombardi’s “Five Motivators.” Vince Lombardi is widely considered one of the greatest coaches in football history.

In-House Inspiration at the HOW Interactive Design Conference

What happens when the fuel energizing those creative powerhouses under your direction dries up? Professional development is the catalyst that ignites the engines and opens the minds of those who contribute to your in-house team.

8 Social Media Do’s & Don’ts for Creative Professionals

image from Shutterstock Social media can be an effective personal branding tool for creative professionals, but only if used properly.

2014 Promotion & Marketing Design Awards Winners

The Promotion & Marketing Design Awards is HOW’s longest-running design competition. It’s the only award that specifically recognizes outstanding promotional design work.

Visual Faux Pas Explored

The greatest design from all over the world makes its way into the International Design Awards, and the proud winners receive international exposure for their organization.

9 Inspiring Examples of Creative Logo Design & Branding

Before beginning a project, logo designers must consider their objective from a multifaceted perspective. Indeed, a creative logo design takes more than aesthetic appeal.

Google’s Joel Beukelman: “I’m Just a Guy”

Joel Beukelman may have one of the hottest design jobs in the U.S.—mobile UX designer for Android at Google—along with a resume boasting stints at Netflix and AppStack, but his good career fortune hasn’t gone to his head.

A Designer’s Social and Environmental Responsibility to the Future

Listen and learn from lively conversations about the business of creativity and creativity in business.

Design Links: A Chain of Creative Inspiration, Part 8

Editor’s Note: This is part eight in Emily Potts’ inspirational series, Design Links. Every other week, will feature three artists whose work offers fresh, fun and stimulating creative inspiration.

The HeART of Design Business, Part 1: Money

When you, as an owner of a design practice, face business realities like finances, schedules, sales, and employee turnover—does the creative part of your soul start to shrivel?

Magic Mic: 7 Steps to Starting Your Own Podcast

What we listen to is as often tied to our identities as what we do. For creative people, this manifests itself in myriad ways: Curating the perfect afternoon playlist.

Magic Mic: 7 Steps to Starting Your Own Podcast

What we listen to is as often tied to our identities as what we do. For creative people, this manifests itself in myriad ways: Curating the perfect afternoon playlist.

Graphic Design Activates, Enlivens Sports Stadiums

Stand on the grass inside Texas A&M’s newly renovated Kyle Field on gameday and the 102,000 tradition-laden fans will overwhelm.

9 Tips for Freelancing and Maternity Leave

Guess who’s due in October? Me. This time, I’m determined to plan maternity leave better than I did last time.

Willer, Padilla & Arnett: Your International Design Awards Judges

This is the year to enter your best design work into the International Design Awards. If you didn’t already know—HOW has an extensive international reach, and design competition winners gain valuable exposure in HOW magazine and

Edgy & Evocative: The Kairos Typeface

The octagonal slab serif typeface Kairos has a hard-edged and industrial quality. But don’t let its rough looks fool you: it’s not just any slab serif, so don’t take Kairos at face value.

Dennis Cheatham on People-Driven Design Research

I recently had the delightful opportunity to chat with Dennis Cheatham, a People-Driven Design Researcher and an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Miami University in Oxford, OH, about his current projects and his upcoming presentation at the HOW Interactive Design Conference in San Francisco. (Register by Aug.