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Danish Studio Gives Paint Rollers Wild and Silly Twists

After bouncing through this colorful photo series, I realize I’ve been using paint rollers in the most boring way possible all these years.


Bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to a teenie tiny, adorable miniature of a 19th century photo studio.

Visualizing the Wage Gap with Gigi Stetler

If you’re a woman, or if you know a woman, get ready to be angry. Despite a very slowly closing wage gap since the Equal Pay Act was signed in 1963, women still make just 79% of men’s wages.

Time And Space No Longer Exist In An Abandoned Bowling Alley In New Mexico

Out in Santa Fe, New Mexico, there’s a Victorian house where time and space has completely dissolved.

Toy Dinosaurs Travel The World In Delightful Photo Series

Bolivian photographer and world traveler Jorge Saenz has captured something rare that many thought was not possible anymore: dinosaur tourists!

Q&A With Buttafly: Technicolor Paintings Spread Peace and Love

The artist known by the moniker “Buttafly” takes paint to paper to show the world that there is vibrant beauty and color in everything—even everyday things like cows, lollipops, and candles.

What’s In a Mac? An Entire World, According to This Poster

In 2011, the Internet blew up with images from a clever ad campaign by a German recruiting agency, which showcased people slaving away inside everyday machines.


If one person’s trash can be another person’s treasure, why can’t one person’s mind-numbing daily commute through traffic be another’s artistic expression?

Warsaw in Watercolor: Painter Creates Dream City

Poland native Tytus Brzozowski is a dreamer, and it really shows in the pictures he paints. An architect and watercolorist, Brzozowski creates whimsical paintings of his hometown of Warsaw, Poland.

Botanical Sculptor Turns An Italian Car Into A Moving Flower Shop

As a collaborative effort with Fendi, botanical artist extraordinaire Azuma Makoto has created the most adorable flower shop on wheels to promote Fendi’s 2016 spring and summer collection, the theme of which is Flower Power.

This Family Bonds Over Recreating Unsettling Horror Movie Scenes

One of the best items you’ll find in any home is a family photo album full of poised smiles, raucous laughter, tender embraces, and candid moments of serenity.


Every four years, thousands of photographers compete to see who can take the best Olympic photos. The sound of rapid-fire shutters fill the arena while chimping photographers wait for perfect timing and angles.

Photographer’s Found Art Puts a Spotlight on Pollution

In 1907 the first fully synthetic plastic was invented, meaning it contained no particles that naturally occurred in nature.

Epic Office Prank Turns Post-its Into Serious Window Art in NY

Ad agency life can be described as many things: exciting, grueling, challenging, rewarding. In a deadline-driven environment that thrives on creativity and hustle, sometimes you just need to let off a little steam.

This Guy Burns Elaborate Designs Into Animal Skulls—Using the Sun

Animal skulls have become a popular canvas in recent years in both the design and decor worlds. We’ve seen melted cassette tapes formed into various skulls and skulls covered in elaborate bead designs.

Insanely Teeny Tiny Ink Drawings Smaller Than the Tip of a Pencil

As an illustrator and owner of 1924, a menswear and lifestyle brand, Christian Watson travels the country, frequently posting pictures of his adventures on Instagram to feed his many followers’ wanderlust.

Q&A With Duct Tape Artist Extraordinaire, Slava Ostap

Slava Ostap, a Ukrainian native, is vocal about social, religious, and political issues. But his communication method is rather unexpected; he primarily sends his messages with duct tape.

Artist Floats Through the World One Self-Timed Photo at a Time

Snapping photos so it looks like the subject is either flying or meditating afloat is not new. It will always be cool, but it’s a phase that seemingly every teenager tries once they score access to a camera.

No Paint Necessary: Abstract Creations Are Thread and Fabric

If talking about quilting instantly conjures up images of old retired women gossiping in a circle over their needlepoint, it’s time for you to check out artist Sandra Lauterbach and expand your mind.

Vintage Computers Look Like Sci-Fi Relics in This Photo Series

It’s strange how futuristic old computers still look to me. By now, I’m not only used to tech in every instance, I use tech in every instance.