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Here’s What Your Brain Looks Like When You’re In Love

According to centuries of songs, love is a beautiful thing. According to science, it is a very real biological reaction.

Think You’re Empathetic? This Video Shows How You’re Messing Up

Technology allows us to communicate more than ever, but the quality of that communication has diminished significantly.

This Drone System Captures 3D Models That You Can Print

Drone Deploy is an impressive piece of software. Following a predefined flight-path, the system captures and analyzes the world below, then transforms the imagery into a 3D model skinned with bitmap images captured during the same flight.

Gift Guide: 10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Cards for Adults

Valentine’s Day in elementary school was the best, simply because of the actual valentines. Stuffed with candy, covered in glitter, or rocking the latest kid-movie characters, opening a stack of cards was the most exciting thing in the world. Now that we’re grown up, Valentine’s Day is a little different.

Translucent Whales Hold Shipwrecks and Underwater Scenes Inside Their Bodies

Tokyo University of the Arts student Isana Yamada recently revealed his work for the school’s final exhibition.

Skier Spins iPhone Over His Head to Create Hypnotic 360° Videos

You’ve seen a selfie-stick, but how about a “selfie-string”? That’s what Swiss freeskier Nicolas Vuignier demonstrates as he plunges down powdery slopes in this hypnotic new video.

Watch the Story of Your Sex Life Told by Cookies

Lately we’ve been thinking about the complexities of sex and relationships. Relationships are complicated.

These Dazzling Rainbow Towers Change Colors to Reflect Solar Activity

Two concrete silos standing more than 100 feet tall are enchanting drivers on the Périphérique orbital highway and residents of the Paris Rive Gauche neighborhood like crazy.

These Robots Can Climb Walls and Weave You a Hammock

Automated weaving machines have been around for a long time, but what if you wanted to create web-like structures on the side of a tall building?

New Drone Footage Shows the Utter Destruction of Homs, Syria

You have probably seen before and after images of Homs. The once vibrant Syrian city has been torn apart by five years of civil war, leaving little to identify places there were once filled with life.

This 3D Printed Digital Sundial Mixes Old and New Tech

When it comes to technology, a sundial isn’t exactly cutting edge. This example is an exception. Using the latest 3D printing technology and a computer model, French maker Mojoptix has designed a deceptively simple digital sundial which lets light through perfectly angled holes to write out the time from 10:00 to 16:00 in 20 minute increments on the surface below.

This Short Film Will Give You Too Many Feelings About a Wooden Doll

Stuart Bowen’s stop-motion short Woody will tug at your heartstrings and carve up the rest of your red pulpy organ with muted drama.

These Miniature 3D Printed Tiles Complete the Entire Manhattan Skyline

If you love Manhattan, or even one small corner of it, these puzzle-like 3D printed tiles launching on Kickstarter are a beautiful way to appreciate it from all angles.

Watch How the World Population Grew for 2000 Years, then Exploded

Two thousand years ago, when Caesar Augustus ruled the Roman Empire, the entire world population was approximately 170 million.

Twitter Account Transforms Advertisements into Brutally Honest Truths

The problem with advertisements is that they’re always selling you something. They’re like annoying friends you can’t stand (in concept, anyway), but kind of can’t stop inviting too.

This Museum Wants to Make Bullying a Lost Art Form

Bullying is not a trope left to Hollywood, nor is it only a problem within our borders. Indeed, a quarter of the U.S.

Make Love and Art with This Unusual Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. If you’re looking to get a little freaky with your significant other and avoid the cliché stuffed bear and chocolate box, there’s a new gift in town.

Super Bowl 50: The Rundown in Infographics

Super Bowl 50 is this Sunday, February 7, and it is a notable year. Not only is it the 50th anniversary, it’s also the first year the Super Bowl isn’t using roman numerals.

Can You Spot What’s Different About These Civil War Daguerrotypes?

These photos of the Civil War would appear to be historic masterpieces. With the costumes, the settings, the technique—created in the daguerrotype style—you’d expect to see General Lee lurking in the background.

14 World Design Museums to Put on Your Bucket List

Where to head on your next holiday? If you’re a lover of design these 14 museums should definitely be on the list.