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This Librarian Bicycles Around San Francisco Towing a Miniature Library With Free Books

School librarian Alicia Tapia is on a mission to spread the love of reading. Knowing the important influence books can have on literacy and learning she started towing a miniature library around San Francisco in 2013.

Instagram Lets You Publish Landscape and Portrait Images

After years of cropping photos or trying to properly frame your photos to keep within Instagram’s square dimensions, the photo-sharing app has finally broadened its horizons.

Scrum Propoganda Posters to Fuel Your Sprint

If you’re not familiar with Scrum, it’s a project-management process usually used for software development. It’s highly structured, including its own sort of language and traditions.

5 Ways to Know If You Have a Good Idea

Whether you’re a freelance designer, visual artist, or creative working on a brand campaign, coming up with good ideas is tough.

Slow-Down for Impact: 5 Campaigns Show Why Slow-Motion is Powerful

Slow-motion ads are everywhere, and while some are better than others, most work hypnotically well at getting their message across.

#TBT: A Mini-Doc on the Disney Animators Behind “Sleeping Beauty”

Last week, we found vintage 3D renderings from Pixar’s founders that showcased their early attempts. This inspired us to explore what vintage art we might find in the wonderful world of Walt Disney.

Video Shows How to Add Bike Lanes Without Messing Up Traffic Flow

As bike lanes get added to streets around the US one common concern keeps arising: how will this affect congestion?

Well, This is Unsettling… 22 Brand Logos With Their Colors Swapped

It’s no secret that color is one of the most important factors in branding, and no series of images drives that point home better than these.

The New Trend in Film Trailers: Creepy Cover Songs

The movie trailer has gone through many evolutions over time. From indie romantic comedies to blow-em-up action flicks, trailers are now as exciting as the films themselves.

This CGI Sculpted Alphabet is Great (and Gross)

There’s minimalist typography, and then there’s this. When the creative folks at design studio Foreal got their hands on the latest release of Cinema 4D along with new sculpting tools, they went alphabet wild.

Creative Tip: Be Happier and Stop Wasting Time By Using a Website Blocker

The web is one of the best tools for getting creative work done, but it’s also one of the biggest time wasters.

Do Sex and Violence Sell? New Study Says No

It’s long been accepted that more titillating content—hyper sexual or violent—piques consumer interest and is more memorable, thus advertisers throw more ad dollars at that type of content.

Gear Guide: Zone Out with Adult Coloring Books

From stressed out homemakers to over-worked employees at Fortune 500 companies, more and more people are turning to adult coloring books to calm the mind, clear out unhelpful thoughts and bring back a focus on the present moment.

Under Armour’s New Ad Will Make You Shut Up and Practice

It’s tough to make a sports ad that’s different these days. Nike is usually the leader, using the emotion + inspiration recipe to move us.

8 Charts About the Ashley Madison Hack

In the wake of the infamous hack of, a website that helps married people have an affair, hackers have released information associated with 33 million profiles.

3D Printed Zoetropes Illustrate Nature-Like Growth Algorithms

Observing natural growth is mostly a slow affair, but these kinetic sculptures illustrate the process in a brief moment repeated over and over.

What Are The Most Common Jobs Held by Immigrants in Each State?

Immigrants come from all over the world to find opportunities in the US, but what are the most common jobs they hold?

Over 1500 Places from Literary Road Trips Mapped Across America

The American road trip is the stuff of legend. As early as 150 years ago newspaper editor Samuel Bowles wrote, “There is no such knowledge of the nation as comes of traveling in it, of seeing eye to eye its vast extent, its various and teeming wealth, and, above all, its purpose-full people.” That was in “Across the Continent,” possible the first American road-trip book.

Subway Love: This Spoken Word Poem Will Move You

Surrounded by bustling crowds of people, metro riders can still find their daily commute lonely. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Gear Guide: Flashpacking Like a Digital Nomad

When your job requires only a laptop and an internet connection, your office can be pretty much anywhere.