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This Animated Zoetrope Cake Will Make Your Brain POP

‘Animation’ and ‘cake’ aren’t two words you often hear together, but French animator and director Alexandre Dubosc has combined them in bizarre confectionary perfection.

Lex Wilson’s 3D Typography Will Make You Think

For the past 2 years Lex Wilson has been drawing 3D typography that jumps off the page. Each of his words embodies the idea they spell out, revealing clever metaphors and word-play to those who look close enough.

Disney Creates Augmented Reality 3D Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are helping people relax around the world, but this new coloring innovation will have the kids excited.

Gear Guide: Zen Your Workspace

Your workspace should be one of your most sacred environments, optimized to let you do your best work.

In This Mall, Holographic Disabled People Appear If You Try To Park In Their Space

According to advertising agency Bird Strategy, more than 30% of Russian drivers disregard disabled parking spaces without caring about the signs on the ground.

Not a Pretty Picture: Map Visualizes Years of Shrinking Sea Ice in the Arctic

Each year sea ice in the arctic grows and shrinks with the warming and cooling of the seasons. During the dark winter months of September to March, sea ice expands to its maximum extent, then slowly melts away in the warmer summer months.

This Magical Clock Uses Liquid Ferrofluid to Tell the Time

Time literally flows in designer Damjan Stankovic’s new clock, called Rhei. The beautiful piece uses a series of magnets to control a display of liquid ferrofluid.

New Report Shows Brands Are Pushing for Visual Content

Visual storytelling is the buzzword as of late, as writers and designers push to make the most of publishing platforms.

Get Up Right: Learn from the Morning Routines of 6 Highly Successful People

The difference between success and the status quo is as simple as the habits we follow each day. Many stories about successful people would have us (incorrectly) believe they were an overnight success, but what really matters is what they did after each night.

6 Apps to Keep Any Designer Entertained & Inspired

Last week we covered 11 browser-based games that would keep any designer happy… but what if you’re on your phone?

3 Trends That Are Changing the Future of Infographics

In the wake of the infographic rennaissance and subsequent saturation, infographics have been declared dead many a time. Yet that’s just not true.

#TBT: Decaying Daguerrotypes Look Scary and Beautiful

The Daguerrotype was the first form of public photography in the Victorian era. From 1839-1860, the process was hailed as the height of technology—at least until better, cheaper solutions arose.

“Imagination”: An Incredible Stop-Motion & Time-Lapse Film, 1.5 Years in the Making

In the just-released film “Imagination“, a man falls asleep in his room, only to change into a boy again and take off on incredible adventures.

This Desk for Napping Just Made George Costanza’s Dream Come True

Remember on Seinfeld when George Costanza had his desk modified so he could take naps at work? That dream just came true with this minimalist desk that converts to a bed.

5 Ways to Build a Kick-Ass Creative Career

The new age of employment comes with new rules. We work from home, from across the country, we conference call during rush-hour traffic and send emails from planes at 35,000 feet.

The “Magic Lessons” Podcast Will Inspire You Live a More Creative Life

We all have creative blocks from time to time. Sometimes they come after a mega failure. Sometimes they come after mega success.

Vibram’s New Shoe Wraps Your Foot Like a Japanese Kimono

Vibram, makers of the altogether different FiveFinger barefoot running shoe, is reinventing footware again.

This is How Every US State Has Voted, Since the First Presidential Election

It’s become common knowledge that the US is a two-party system when it comes to elections. It’s blue vs.

5 Graphic Design Podcasts You’ll Love

There are times when you need creative inspiration away from your desk, sketchpad, or computer screen.

8 Observations About Everyday Life Everyone Can Relate To

Sometimes we like to express our mood through charts, sometimes through design. It’s Monday, man, and we’re in a little bit of a “what’s the deal?