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Conference and Event Graphics- Why you Should be Caring about them!

Exhibition graphics are hugely important both for exhibitors and organisers as they help to communicate important messages to the attendees.

Valentine’s Day One-Liners Contest – Win Hearts!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. It is that special day when two loved ones express their deepest feelings for one another.

5 Tips to Tell a Story Through Web Design – Layers of Engagement

One of the best memories, for a parent or a child growing up, is bed time stories. Trying to squeeze in those extra minutes of being awake by pleading “just one more story please mummy!

5 Fantastic Animation Tools for HTML5

  Introduced in December 2012, HTML5 is the fifth major revision of the core language. The World Wide Web Consortium recommends the markup language for its rich semantics, rich media support and capability to build Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

The 2013 WordPress Themes That Broke New Grounds in Creativity

  The year 2013 saw the introduction of some awesome WordPress themes that have truly brought a new revolution in the WordPress development arena.

2D or not 2D – Find Real Faces Beneath The Stunning Artwork

  The Russian duo of make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan and photographer Alexander Khokhlov took to recreating some of the finest and most famous artworks of all times such as, Leonardo da Vinci’s lady with a smile: Mona Lisa, or the bold and beautiful comic styled female character of Roy Lichtenstein.

10 Proven Digital Marketing Ideas for Startups

  A new business needs all of the marketing help it can get. Using digital tools to enhance marketing strategies is an excellent way to get your new business recognized.

5 Free Tools To Support Graphic Designers

  Graphic design is a beautiful field – however, in order to succeed in this industry you need design skills, training and a variety of useful tools that will help you create outstanding images and banners.

SEO Tips for Web Designers: A Guide to Beautifully Designed Websites

An eye catching and user friendly design is fundamental to any business trying to find online success, but a great looking website will go unnoticed if it doesn’t have a chance at good search rankings.

Halloween Craze Takes Over Famous Brand Logos

  All festive occasions are special. What makes them fascinating is not just the reason why they happen, but most importantly, the unique celebrations that are associated with them.