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Boola Boola

Boola Boola is Yale University’s fight song (and I suggest that you listen as you read and hum along).

Weekend Heller: In My Beautiful Balloon

Thanks to the Pilgrims we have Thanksgiving balloons. Thanks to Thanksgiving we have yet another way to promote the capitalist system.

Thanksgiving is a Time for Photographs

Today, as we cook our turkeys, mash our yams and point and shoot our selfies, it’s useful to reflect on the gift of photography.

Tower of Babble: The Emoji Paradox

This article was originally featured in Print’s Fall 2015 Issue, the Text Issue. Find it in MyDesignShop.  Contributed by Zoe Mendelson Decoding the failed set of vector files we don’t want to admit we use every day.

Designer of the Week: Stefanie Brückler

At HOW Design Live 2016, Ryan & Tina Essmaker will share the origin story of The Great Discontent, a print and online magazine featuring timeless conversations with today’s artists, makers, and risk-takers. Don’t miss this and other amazing sessions.

Vive la France, Merci Bernard

In the wake of the tragic murders in Paris, AGI-Fr will continue with its Graphisme Transmission conference scheduled for Dec. 7.

The Life of ¶: The History of the Paragraph

This article was originally featured in PRINT’s Fall 2015 issue, The Text Issue, from editorial director Debbie Millman and editor Zachary Petit.

4 Steps for Defining a Target Audience

Identifying your target audience is a key step in establishing a strong foothold in the marketplace. Branding expert Carolina Rogoll shares her vast knowledge on all-star branding in her online course, Brand Building 101: How to Build, Manage and Market a Brand.The following course excerpt dives into the process of defining a brand’s target audience.  Image provided by Shutterstock 4 Steps for Targeting a Brand’s Audience by Carolina Rogoll, from Brand Building 101: How to Build, Manage and Market a Brand We can’t be everything to everybody.

Wood Type in Motion

Judith Poirier lives and works in Montreal, where she teaches at the École de design, Université du Québec à Montréal.

House of (Cue) Cards: Wally Feresten & Saturday Night Live

Since he began working on Saturday Night Live over 25 years ago, Wally Feresten has done cue cards for dozens of television shows, including but not limited to: 30 Rock, Conan, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Def Comedy Jam, Ink Master, and Project Runway.

Beware of Stop Signs

As Bob Dylan sang in Subterranean Homesick Blues: You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

Weekend Heller: Two (Count ’em) Exhibits in NYC Now

Gary Taxali‘s first New York exhibition “Gary Taxali: Hotel There” opens tomorrow, Nov. 21, at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery, 529 W. 20th St., 9th Floor (reception from 6–8 p.m.).

Alan Kitching & Legacy of Letters: Letterpress Printing at the Tipoteca

The revived Legacy of Letters tours have increasingly differed from the original iteration of the 1990s by the inclusion of calligraphy and lettering classes and letterpress workshops.

Designer of the Week: Brad Wofford

Learn to create a native app-like experience with standard web technologies. In this course, we’ll create a stunning web experience for the iPad in the step-by-step course.

Candies Against the Axis of Evil

If you were a child in France and received these contraband boxes of candy, you were doing your part to end the Nazi occupation.

MacDonald Channels Jesus

Ross MacDonald is my favorite pilgrim, an ascetic who believes in the virtue of material things as long as they are handmade and functional.

A Brief History of Automotive Marketing

by Jon Mowat The methods for marketing cars have changed dramatically over the past 120 years. It all began with very simple black and white adverts, produced soon after motor vehicles were invented.

Thanksgiving Hand Turkeys with Rule29

It’s that time of year again. The department stores are already playing “Jingle Bells” and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” But before we jump straight from Halloween to whatever winter holiday you choose to celebrate (or ignore), let us not forget one of the biggest excuses for stuffing our faces and telling the embarrassing stories you’ve collected from your family over the past year.

26 Articles for Typography Lovers

With the deadline for Print’s Typography & Lettering Awards coming this Friday, we decided to take a look back at our type coverage from the past couple months.

The Ugly Face of War

On Nov. 19, Brooklyn Brewery founder and former Middle East correspondent Steve Hindy will sit down with author David Shields and graphic designer Milton Glaser to discuss Shields’ provocative new book, War is Beautiful, which challenges The New York Times‘ front-page representation of war imagery.