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Brooklyn In Your (Type)Face

Type designer Pablo Medina is giving Bushwick an eponymous typeface. Currently engaged in crowdfunding, his reasons dig deep into his own Latino culture.

The Allure of Philodendron

In its forthcoming exhibition spectacular, Philodendron, “a sprawling exhibition that charts the migration of tropical plants from their native habitats to North American and European gardens and interiors,” The Wolfsonian Museum in Miami Beach traces this stylish and ubiquitous house plant.

A Clean Sweep, Design-wise

How many of you knew that designed broom labels were an industry of some note? Raise your handles. I’ve seen the random label festooned with stock-looking images printed in beautifully gaudy and often unregistered color.

The 31st Biennial of Graphic Arts: An International Delight

The Print Typography & Lettering Awards recognizes excellence in hand lettering & type work. Enter your best work today!

Illustrator of the Week: Joey Guidone

Each week, Print will feature the work of an exceptional illustrator whose talent is making waves throughout the design world.

Mexico’s Two-Way Street

Donald Trump would have us believe it’s his way or the highway … and the highway out of the United States into Mexico is exactly his way out of all our existential woes.

Worms & Meatballs: Unearthing NASA’s (Old) New Identity

I’m not usually one to tout a Kickstarter campaign on my beloved PRINT, but this particular project seemed too perfect an opportunity to pass up.

Selecting Smart Color Schemes for Infographics Design

A new course from Adobe Software Trainer and Instructor Sally Cox delivers top-notch instructions on designing an infographic.

100 Years of Color: Beautiful Color Combinations of the 20th Century

Bright, psychedelic colors are reminiscent of the 1960s and ’70s, while pink, black and teal smack of the ’50s.

Weekend Heller: Old Book, Fresh Ideas

Those of you reading this blog may not know that 18 years ago, at the height of the graphic design writing wave, Allworth Press and the AIGA published Design Culture, a collection of texts from the AIGA Journal of Graphic Design, spanning the ’80s and ’90s, edited by Marie Finamore and me.

Designer of the Week: Ian Barnard

Do you design your own typefaces? Have you created a stunning type-centric design? Have you produced a gorgeous handlettered project?

The Post-Postmodern Lettering of Daniel Pelavin

Do you design your own typefaces? Have you created a stunning type-centric design? Have you produced a gorgeous handlettered project?

Why Handlettering is Not Type

When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.” “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.” “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master—that’s all.” —Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll Illustration by Kurt McRobert ( “No typeface would have worked as well as this hand-lettered type by …” writes Ilene Strizver in the latest edition of Type Rules!

Extra Sweet Eye Candy

There’s candy, then there’s eye candy, then there’s candy that is also sweet to the eye. A vintage wrapper lover could overdose on candy wrappers produced in France during the Deco era.

Wearable Design Awards Winners

Here at PRINT, we see designers creating so many brilliant wearables—from T-shirts to fitness devices to tote bags—that we knew we needed a competition just for them.

The Monarch and the Graphic Novelist

Peter Kuper’s new book, RUINS, is a visual experience that follows a couple through Mexico on the path of a monarch butterfly.

What’s the Animal Atop Your Lip?

Did you know that those slivers of fur on men’s upper lips, those fuzzy-wuzzies called mustaches, actually have names?

Draw Me a Bath …

… and a sink and a potty, too. Some of the most well-crafted watercolors I’ve seen—albeit no Paul Klee—are the sample water closets created for plumbing company catalogs, like this one for The United States Sanitary Mfg Co.

Love Letters: Sean Adams on Michael Vanderbyl

Marina Willer, Sebastian Padilla and Dana Arnett are ready to see your design firm’s entries in HOW’s International Design Awards. Enter by Oct.

More Sign Language

George Steere, the proprietor of “Sign Letters,” stated his terms were “net cash,” “no discount” for his white enameled, wood, glass, brass and paper letters for window signs.