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Future Tech: When Sci-Fi Becomes Real

This is an online-exclusive sidebar to Jason Tselentis’ article “Back to the Future” in the Summer 2015 issue of Print.

5 New Trends in the Tattoo Underground

by Nadja Sayej Tattoos have become more than just your typical zodiac signs and mom hearts. A new tattoo underground has started to form, with a number of projects that capture the recent flurry of new movements – from tattoos that raise awareness of illness to Emoji tats.

Gideon And Hubcap, Homeys

A few weeks ago, I was privileged to see a hilarious duo perform The Gideon and Hubcap Show in the living room of a stranger’s apartment in the theater district of Manhattan.

Shared Profession: Learning Interactive Skills from Other Tribes

Is everything you’re learning about interactive design work coming from the design world? If so, it’s time to look up from your desk.

Pre-War European Book Jackets

The book jacket was an experimental canvas for Western and Eastern European designers during the 1930s.

Illustrator of the Week: Dale Stephanos

Each week, Print will feature the work of an exceptional illustrator whose talent is making waves throughout the design world.


I love a colorful pair of socks, though when I grew up the color range was limited to black, white and brown—unless you lived near a golf course.

Weekend Heller: Paris Signs Ohhhhh Louise

The signs of Paree debut this September but you can order it now: Graphique de la Rue by Louise Fili has arrived!

Designer of the Week: Josh Hardy

Designer of the Week Jason Hardy, a digital designer and self-proclaimed “creative generalist,” is executive design director at Nurun San Francisco, where he leads teams to create complex interactive projects for innovative clients.

Helvetica: The Backlash

Neue Helvetica It’s the typestyle you either love or love to hate. Everyone has an opinion about Helvetica.

The Push Pin Pantheon

The following sampling from a series of 63 portraits of Push Pin Studios’ “Luminaries” is a project by Stephen Alcorn, son of designer, illustrator and early Push Pin member John Alcorn (1935–1992).

The Man Who Made Kabel

Rudolf Koch (Nov. 20, 1876–April 9, 1934), the German calligrapher and type meister, designed about 30 typefaces for Klingspor Foundry, the best-known being the expressionist Neuland (1923) and modern Kabel (1927).

Trump: A Smart, Sophisticated, Satirical Graphic Humor Magazine

Never mind the Presidential candidate Clown Car’s current commandeer—that particular Trump may be convenient for cheap laughs (and internet clickbait; see above headline).

The Harper Lee Cover-Up

Much has been written about Harper Lee’s lost companion to To Kill A Mockingbird, titled Go Set a Watchman, and its transformation of Atticus Finch from a symbol of liberal humanism into a dyed in the wool Jim Crow racist.

Culture+Typography: Ghost Signs

It all started with a cultural box exchange between the Honolulu AIGA and the South Carolina AIGA chapters.

A New Mark for America

In the late ’80s and early ’90s, the Jeffries Banknote Company of Los Angeles commissioned LA designers to contribute to its “Evolution” series of conceptual booklets.

Illustrator of the Week: Ken Orvidas

Each week, Print will feature the work of an exceptional illustrator whose talent is making waves throughout the design world.

Wanderite: Eco Design at its Best

From T-shirts to tote bags—you create killer wearables, we recognize the best. Enter Print’s Wearable Design Awards today.

Magazines for Soviet Tykes

The folks at Productive Arts have a knack for finding the most interesting Soviet-era journals. The two below were produced for Soviet children, and are the equivalent of American children’s My Weekly Reader.

Chicago, Oh What a Poster Town

In the 1960s, designers at Container Corporation of America created a suite of posters celebrating the city they loved.