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Isa & David House

Located in Gavà, a municipality in Barcelona, is a two story house with a rooftop for Isa & David, a couple who reside in a no-nonsense and straightforward abode.

håndværk SS16

New York based clothing essentials brand håndværk has been a true companion to our quest for a simple, timeless lifestyle for quite a while.

Fabbrica Series

Fabbrica is a family of objects produced by Venice-based brand Mingardo designed by Revesz+Tatangelo, a collaboration between Omri Revesz, an Israeli designer based in Venice, and Damian Tatangelo, an Australian based in Rotterdam.

Sørensen Leather

Copenhagen based design studio Studio C has produced a wonderful branding project for Sørensen Leather, a Danish design company, focused on quality and craftsmanship.

Life House

Minimalist icon John Pawson has designed a contemporary interpretation of Thoreau’s Walden. Life House is located among the hills and tall grasses of the moor in Wales. The floor plan consists of four wings projected from two long corridors.

Minimalism & Co Parcels

Minimalism & Co‘s beautifully considered Parcels collection is the ultimate in gift candy. Expertly curated from a self-professed Minimalist herself, Aja Nicole Edmond brings together a very fine assortment.

House ALM

Burrowed away in the beautiful and charming city of Tavira, in the south of Portugal, stands House ALM with its shy and understated façade.

Vifa Oslo Speaker

With the consumption of music becoming more and more mobile, a new challenge arises: the high-end but agile reproduction of music from devices like phones, tablets or laptops.


Charles Kalpakian is a Lebanese product designer who draws his inspiration from the ornamentation of his home country and the streets of France to produce a hybrid of cultures, resulting in beautiful products that have drawn notable recognitions.

House in S. Félix da Marinha

Drawn in a very conditioned and rigid plot, adopting the only possible location and implantation area, and with a restricted budget, Portuguese architect Nelson Resende designed House in S.

Light Grain House

In Osaka, privacy is of the utmost importance due to the dense nature of the city housing. Light Grain House, designed by Yoshiaki Yamashita, has the goal of privacy in mind. The façade of the home is almost entirely opaque, broken occasionally by a perforated metal grate that brings light to the interior while adding detail to an otherwise clean façade. In this dwelling, the main living quarters are removed from the street level.

Beau Bertens

Beau Bertens is an independent graphic designer from the Netherlands who encourages a sophisticated, pared down dialogue between content and form.

Bloc Brands

To represent a timeframe isn’t an easy task, especially for an era known for its fearless utopian tone and rich variety.

La Débraillée

Everyone prone to an urban lifestyle knows that moment right before leaving the house: You choose your ensemble for the day.

BKR Bottles

There are surprisingly very few quality water bottles available for minimalists. I’m not particularly interested in cheap, disposable, plastic water bottles.

Petrolified Prints

Petrolified is an online shop by car enthusiast, artist and designer Martin Miskolci. A tribute to iconic cars presented in minimal poster series as this beautiful Porsche 911 in monochrome.

Mark Table

Marc Thorpe Design is responsible of this wonderful and super sleek, minimal design called Mark Table, for the emblematic Italian contemporary furniture company, Moroso.

School in Vila Nova da Barquinha

Designed by minimalist devotee Aires Mateus, School in Vila Nova da Barquinha provides a unique place to learn for some lucky kids.

Sakhi Copenhagen

Sakhi Copenhagen’s organic skincare range is a beautifully housed line, in effortless minimal packaging.

Ammoudi House

Remarkably settled on an obvious slope, a white private house sits proudly, giving the illusion of absolute straightness.