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Djibouti SOS Village

While minimalist designs can be applied to luxurious commodities, responsible designs are what draw my attention.

Marble Lights

Marble Lights is a minimalist collection in marble and glass produced by &tradition, a Danish design company established in 2010 with the founding principle being tradition tied to innovation.

Minamisenzoku House

Minamisenzoku House is an unassuming structure on a bustling neighbourhood street in Tokyo. Designed by Kobayashi 401, this dwelling projects a no-fuss composition that is not unfamiliar in modern Japanese architecture.

Gentle Hint Chair

Nissa Kinzhalina‘s latest conception, the Gentle Hint Chair, is the epitome of restrained minimalism.

Hikeshi Branding

The choice of a mascot type representation of a brand is quite tricky, especially when a strong character is taken to the forefront of packaging design; everything rests on its shoulders.

Table Tennis

London–based photographer Bruno Drummond embarked on a curious experiment this summer. Interested in the behavioural similarity between disparate moving elements — like liquids, and hundreds of table tennis balls — Drummond had 1,500 ping pong balls shipped from China for a photographic project.

Desk 01

The Desk 01 by Artifox was created with one objective: to inspire and refine your personal workspace.

Royal National Theatre

Considerated one of the most notable and finest examples of Brutalist architecture in the United Kingdom, the Royal National Theatre, located on London’s South Bank and completed in 1976, is an astonishing design by the English architect, Denys Lasdum.

Montauk House

Along the dunes facing the Atlantic Ocean sits the subdued Montauk House, designed by the legendary John Pawson.

Éditions 01

Zé Studio and Ward Roberts combine forces to bring the Éditions 01 series to the masses. Based in Sydney and New York respectively, this collaboration of creative direction and artistic execution is based on a calculated and minimal interpretation of music and film combining.

Acne Studios in Seoul

The vibrant Hallyu is a sight to behold. The wave of South-Korean culture is a mix of media and artistic expression that leaves no room for doubting about the country’s potential as trendsetter.

THE ROW Resort 16

Clean cut with an aura of mystique, highly luxurious but modest, conceptually thought through but easy to grasp: The latest THE ROW collection pushes the elaborate design language of Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen to a point where they finally might be spared any reference to their childhood stardom.


If HiddenRadio is one our favourite products ever, HiddenHUB is going to be another. It is the amazing new project of HIDDEN, led by industrial designers John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen and Vitor Santa Maria, which is having enormous success on its funding through Kickstarter right now.

Offset Chair

Offset Chair is a minimalist chair designed by Copenhagen-based designers Johansen Faurschou as an evolution of the traditional armrest chair. The studio was established in 2012 by Anita Johansen and Laura Faurschou with ambition to create products with a long-lasting expression through a precise and effortless style.

Casa en la Ladera de un Castillo

This stunning residence in Ayora, Spain was designed by the distinguished Fran Silvestre Arquitectos.

Sherlock Lamp

Outofstock’s Sherlock Lamp combines thin lines and innovation in illumination. The Sherlock Lamp takes its name from a nod to the nostalgia abounding the stories of the famous detective.

Ingersoll Road House

Minimalism can be the perfect balancing device to co-exist alongside traditional elements and still permeate a good dose of geometry and visual lightness, especially when favourites like Corten steel and exposed bricks fashion the outer shell.

Chiyome FW15

New York City-based women’s accessories brand Chiyome is launching their new Fall/Winter ’15 collection this September.

Carbon Chair

Carbon fibre is becoming more popular among furniture designers these days. Thomas Feichtner, a Vienna based internationally recognised industrial designer, worked with the material for the first time and created the Carbon Chair as an experiment.


Inspired by the minimal art classics, UM stands as an interactive light sculpture, explains Guilherme Wentz, the Brazilian designer behind this elegant and minimalist lamp, created for the Brazilian lighting company, Lumini.