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Neri is a beautiful family of pens and mechanical pencils designed by Giulio Iacchetti for the Italian design brand Internoitaliano.


Twins is a pair of homes designed by WOJR: Organization for Architecture. The upstate New York homes, devised for two brothers, are at once similar and distinct.


The beautiful Crème timepiece by Taste very much lives up to its name. Made with real marble, each piece then has its own unique signature aesthetic, based on the pattern of the veins created naturally in the chosen face.

Hutong House Renovation

Unlike original projects, with all the benefits of a blank slate, a renovation project must deal with various heritages spread throughout.

Margaret Howell Invites

British fashion designer Margaret Howell has worked successfully in both men’s and women’s wear for nearly four decades, with a reputation for her take on fashion staples such as the shirt, lace-up shoe, duffle coat and trench coat, creating timeless, androgynous garments that marry traditional styles with modern appeal.


Cosmos by Huzi Design is a beautifull set of magnetic wooden blocks with cool minimalist aerospace forms.


The Kuvaro project was born out of the idea of fusing simplicity, through well studied shapes; strength, through the use of materials; and harmony, ultimately seeking to balance form and function in a clear, sharp statement of minimalism.

Courtyard of the House

Courtyards have long been a focus of residential architecture. From Italian courtyards designed to circulate air to the gardens of Japanese courtyards that brought nature into the home.

Dion Lee RTW SS16

Dion Lee‘s Ready-to-Wear Spring / Summer 2016 offering is nothing short of simple cool. The Sydney-based Australian Designer has been challenging the forms of fashion since he entered the arena as a serious contender.

Chieut Table

Minimalism can be routinely associated with abstraction and heaviness, an understandable marque considering the austereness of most works with said label; in contrast, talented designers like Seung Jun Jeong inhabit the other side of the spectrum, with utter lightness and visual trickery as his approach.


Know your factories. Know your cost. Always ask why. While this pledge sounds like a good idea for a thriving workspace, at San Francisco based fashion label Everlane, it is also a pledge to the customers.

House To See The Sky

Based in Mexico, Abraham Cota Paredes Arquitectos is an architecture firm that focuses on residential projects.

The Soap Co.

The Soap Co. have produced these well-packaged soaps with a rigorous and beautifully minimalist design in black and white with an interesting twist.

Glass Art Gallery

Tucked on the corner of a residential street in Osaka is the Glass Art Gallery by JAM, founded by Japanese architect Jun Murata.

Guest House in Prague

What is a typical guest room? Usually it’s a bed with very simple side tables and, hopefully, a fully-working closet.

Candamill Fall 15

Candamill‘s Fall 2015 collection sees a series of clean lines manifest as adornment. The accessories collection is a series of small, medium and larger-than-medium women’s hangbags, all minimally constructed and conceived.


Delicate and light, AILE is a desk lamp created by Ferréol Babin, a French independent designer based in Treviso, Italy.

Instrmnt x Freddie Grubb

Minimalist, retro-styled, city bicycles have become increasingly popular over recent years and it looks like the trend is not over yet.

The Power of X

If you are unfamiliar with TED, it is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of powerful talks.

Abercorn Place

Abercorn Place is an refined home renovation in London. Designed by Paolo Cossu Architects in collaboration with MB Design Studio, this stunning residence is located in a classic Victorian townhouse.