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Amicable Android

Anyone who’s played the cult PC game Portal, will instantly connect with the Emo Robo. However, there’s no need to be alarmed.

Fifteen Best of Best Designs from 2015 Red Dot Awards: Product Design

Every year, the Red Dot Awards: Product Design, honors designers and design firms from across the globe, accrediting their innovations with the prestigious Red Dot Awards.

Less is More GT

Everything about the Volkswagen XE Vision Gran Turismo screams lightness. Its rigid (yet somewhat delicate-looking) monocoque framework give it optimum aerodynamics and efficiency during the long haul.

The Flying Car… Sorta

The Hyundai Venture Project is aptly named for its ability to access any area by not only the open road, but also the air!


Geddit! Cat-Man-Doo, Kathmandu? While that may have been one of my proudest moments, let’s talk about cats.

The Double Funnel

Here’s a funnel with a split personality. But that isn’t a bad thing. The Presek Funnel is a funnel redefined.

Good Guy Tulip

Tulip isn’t just another fancy ultra-modern bike (trike?) concept churned out after two nights at a Wacom.

Anti-gravity Aroma

You can do better than spraying that perfume on your wrist. You can have a levitating metallic disc spin around and diffuse the perfume into the atmosphere.

Security Sphere

Say hello to Odini – your loyal guardian and companion. Unlike traditional, static security cameras, Odini is a discreet mobile solution which aims to give privacy when you’re home and monitor and record events while you’re away.

One Beautifully Basic Bike Rack

A part of Artifox’s beautifully simplistic series of minimalist office objects, the Rack is bike storage you’ll be as happy to have on display as the cycle itself.

Helter Skelter Shelter

In the event of a disaster, it usually isn’t the wisest idea to lose your cool and run for your life.

A Thermometer and Much More

Thermaid is a heathcare thermometer that checks and records body, atmosphere temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions of and around baby 24/7.

Adaptable Aquatic Fitness

Aqua Sphere is a physiotherapy product that helps users regain mobility by improving their strength after injury.

The Little Champ Lamp

If lamps were minions, they’d look like the Geni. Say hello to Geni… A little smart-lamp with an microphone and speaker unit that’ll not only light up your life, but will also allow you to talk to your loved ones while it emits a warm comforting glow.

Fancy, Foldy Head-shell

Most fold-able/portable helmets exist only within the realm of the conceptual stage. Headgear like the Fuga Portable Helmet, by Closca are truly a one-in-a-million sort of thing.

Playing with your food

Gun-slinging is illegal. So is cock-fighting. Arm-wrestling isn’t for everyone. How else do you settle scores?

Kien is so cute!

Meet Kien, a flexible sound system that is making waves for being quite affordable. A project by three enterprising people – two Dutch brothers (Jorn and Sten) and Frenchman Florent, the system has some subtle Bang & Olufsen sensibilities, because of the experience the team has had with the audio giants.

Pure Penmanship

The Takumi Pure+ has a ‘+’ sign ahead of it for a reason. Because I “positively” believe that you’ll never come across a pen set with this much swagger.


The NOUex Razor is the closest you can get to shaving like Wolverine. With its unique approach, you can shave without having to worry about how you grip your razor.

Time for the future

What’s a watch? Something with a screen? Connects to your social networks? No? Can’t relate to it, can you?