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Crafty Crates for Stylish Cyclists

There’s no better way than a PaperSpokes crate to transform your bicycle from a simple mode of transportation to a functional cargo carrier!

The Disappearing Shower

Designed for micro-living, the My Rups Folding Shower is the first of its kind. Like a giant cocoon crafted in impermeable fabric, users can retract or open the unit to shower and fold to store when not in use.

Sparkling bottle for a sparkling drink

Bottles are by far a designer’s favourite item to re-purpose. Head over to pinterest and you’ll scroll endlessly for days, looking at the kind of stuff people do with old bottles.

Formula for the Future

Turkish transportation designer Olcay Tuncay says “closed cockpit” is the future of Formula 1. Armed with not just one, but three concepts, Olcay intends on creating a series of cars that aren’t just drop-dead sexy, but also much more safe, thanks to the new cockpit design.

Your junk will thank you.

Erectile dysfunction? Reduced reproductive ability? Groin sensitivity? These are both a man’s worst nightmare and the reality caused by most bicycle saddles.

The Razor/Toothbrush Holder, Reinvented

Are you guilty of laying your toothbrush down after using it? What about your razor? It’s not only unsanitary but just plain gross!

Ship, Set Up, and Sit in Style

Named Antilope for its long legs, this high stool design by Mario Alessiani has plenty of character despite being flat pack and quite simple.

I give this product a Thumbs up!

I’m not afraid of admitting that I haven’t been wowed by simple-product design in a while. I opened my mailbox to find that I had to feature the Nail-it on Yanko and I felt my jaw drop a bit.

The Icarus of Illumination

The Wings lamp is one of those designs that is designed with the express intent of not just being a product, but a pretty product.

Coffee Chemistry

The G-Drip coffee maker takes inspiration from the “pour over” technique well-known among true coffee connoisseurs.

A School of Stools

Haim Avgi’s Meduza stool is a creative nod to the ocean’s most interesting creature – jellyfish! The soft, sweeping curve of the legs represent the tentacles and extend through to the top surface for a playful pop of powder-coated color.

An Air Ship for Androids

Ever heard of NOD32? You might not recognize the name, but you’ll surely recognize the Antivirus brand’s robot mascot!

Kylo Ren probably shaves with this

Here’s a design that is seriously a result of blood, sweat, and tears. With over a year of research and development behind it, the Oneblade is touted as the best shaving experience you can get.

The car that can save VW

If you want to challenge reality, challenge it like a Transportation Designer. Most designers slave away trying to make their products realistic, but with Transportation Designers, sky’s the limit.

What Lies Beneath

The SVPER concept smartphone stands out with super aesthetics that are highly focused on minimalism without losing individualism.

Be an Accu-Chef

Designed around the idea that accuracy is everything in the kitchen, Commis is an all-in-one, clever combination of two (perhaps even 3) commonly used cooking accessories.

A Spin on Vinyl

An ode to analog record players of the past, the Back to Vinyl series of players are a modern take that will add style and high quality tunes to your entertainment collection.

Your music-minion

Don’t be fooled. These aren’t headsets. They’re portable audio alright, but with a ‘twist’. The MusicWrap is your dedicated audio-minion that packs powerful stereo speakers and a microphone into a slender looking package.

A’ Design Awards & Competition – Call for Entries

As one designer to another, I’ll let you in on the real deal. Publicity is everything. No one cares how many awards you may have won.

A New Breed of Bag

The Standard Pacific Rucksack and Weekender bags are designed to bring the world of adventure, travel, business and street wear together!