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Arnaud Lapierre’s Triangle Tables are graphic objects.

Details: Composed of geometric components, a circular table top and a triangular base made of squares, Arnaud Lapierre’s Triangle Tables are striking graphic objects that straddle visual art and function.

HIT students reimagine the pencil.

Details: Designers Luka Or and Keren Tomer asked third year industrial design students from the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) to re-think the idea of a pencil, each student in his own way.

A Kuiper Belt pot represents a new form of galactic life.

Details: Each pot in Katerina Kopytina’s Kuiper Belt project represents a new form of galactic life. Named for the Kuiper Belt, a region of our solar system beyond the orbit of Neptune, it’s believed to contain many comets, asteroids, and other small bodies made largely of ice.

Pleated Inflation is an amphitheater composed of 990 porous structural pleats.

Details: Pleated Inflation is the name of a permanent informal amphitheater in Argeles, France designed by architect Marc Fornes of THEVERYMANY.

Now And Then pairs ceramics with metalwork and references elements both architectural and historic.

Details: Now And Then is a collaboration in metal and clay, between architect / product designer Natascha Madeiski and silversmith / jewellery designer Linnie Mclarty, inspired by an archeological dig in Lebanon.

Dana is a lamp that plays with lines to create optical art.

Details: Inspired by artist Victor Vasarely’s “op art” (Optical Art) movement, the two movable semi-spheres of Luis Arrivillaga’s Dana lamp interact to create new works of optical art.

A glass-clad fissure separates two floating volumes in the Bal House by Terry & Terry Architecture.

Details: The Bal House project, by San Francisco Bay area Terry & Terry Architecture, consists of a single-story addition and renovation to an existing mid-century ranch house in Menlo Park, California.

Sonos Studio London: The Building is the Sound System

From the ground up, Sonos Studio London is a singular space designed to elevate the experience of listening to music as an art form of its own.

The Birth light explores the meaning of life.

Details: Designer Satoshi Itasaka, of Japanese studio h220430, ponders the meaning of life with The Birth chandelier, inspired by the weak electrical current that occurs in an ovum at the moment of the fertilisation.

A granite slab keeps Pac side tables sturdy.

Details: Pac tables are a collection of three different sized couch and side tables by designer Klemens Schillinger named for the infamous Pac man video game from which it gains a bit more than a passing resemblance when viewed from above.

Biophilia ceramic vessels symbolise steps in a plant’s growth.

Details: A collaborative project between design studio Stoft and Swedish ceramic manufacturer Zol Art, Biophilia “describes man’s instinctive love and fascination for species, organisms and processes in nature” say the designers.

Sharp lines of a metal frame contrast with the natural grain of wood in K1.

Details: K1 is a chair designed by Marta Adamczyk, that integrates a clean, simple, minimalistic form with subtle, refined details.

Jonas Rylander’s #spider60 table has 60 legs.

Details: Counted from the table top down, Jonas Rylander’s #spider60 table has 60 legs. Says the designer, “60 legs in the design gives a unique look … The tabletop in 35 mm massive oak.

These 3D printed ceramics are baked and glazed using ancient techniques.

Details: Designed by Andrea Reggiani and Davide Tuberga, their 3D printed ceramic collection represents an easy way to transfigure knowledge and ideas into concrete objects, highly simplifying the production process.

This guest apartment was designed for a cyclist.

Details: For the owner of a spacious apartment in Prague, (in Vokovice), designers DDAANN and Mjolk have transformed a modest single studio into a ‘guest house’ for visiting family members and friends.

Planks provides accessible storage and prevents clutter.

Details: Designed by Max Lamb, Planks is a furniture collection for Benchmark that includes a table/ bench seating set and a wall storage unit, both with clever storage and construction.

Jurassic Light 117, inspired by the Jurassic Coast’s Durdle Door.

Details: Designed by Paris-based Studio Dessuant Bone, Jurassic Light 117 is a stone and brass table lamp inspired by the Durdle Door, an iconic landmark of the Dorset coastline, one of Britain’s natural wonders.

After hundred-year flooding, a bistro brings new life to Karlín.

Details: Nearly destroyed by hundred-year flooding in 2002, the once unsavory Karlin district in Prague has since been rebuilt and renewed with small businesses like Nejen Bistro, a restaurant that offers homemade meals using fresh seasonal ingredients, craft wines and beers.

In profile, the Bouroullec’s TV forms a serif “I” shape.

Details: Hence the name Serif for designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec’s new line of furniture-like televisions and screens for Samsung.

The Arctic Beasts plate is “a tribute to animal beauty”.

Details: The Arctic Beasts collection of plates is an exclusive art collaboration between Tes-Ted studio, designer Antoine Tesquier Tedeschi, and Esprit Porcelaine from Limoges, France.