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Albe are containers inspired by and named for mushrooms found in Romania.

Details: Designed by Dragos Motica, Albe is a homeware collection that consists of porcelain kitchen containers shaped like edible mushrooms commonly found in Romania.

Wood, leather straps and a mirror make Le Valet.

Details: On one side, an elegant mirror with a solid wood shelf for jewelry, cosmetics or to lighten pockets and on the other, rungs for hanging clothes, linens and accessories.

Norquay Co. x abitibi canoes, a collaboration of function and design.

Artist Natasha Wittke, an avid canoeist, has brought the bold graphics her company Norquay Co. is known for – on canoe paddles – to the canoe itself.

Bow Chair is named for its slender arching backrest.

Details: Created by designer by Tom Fereday, the Bow Chair was developed on the principle of honest design, to be true to the material and process of solid timber.

Infiniti’s Incredible “From Pencil to Metal” 360° Video

Sit in the driver’s seat as the QX30 concept car is created around you For the second of two innovative films that debuted at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Infiniti’s Executive Design Director, Alfonso Albaisa, takes viewers into the design process of the QX30 concept car.

A new staircase does double duty as a bookcase.

Details: Architect Tamir Addadi was asked to convert the loft of a private house in London into a bedroom with a study, which was to include a large bookcase, while keeping to a very tight budget.

Andreas Murray: 5 or 10 Things

After we interviewed designer Andreas Murray, we asked him for a simple list of 5 or 10 things he likes right now.

2 or (3…) Questions for Andreas Murray

Andreas Murray is an industrial designer at Oslo, Norway-based Permafrost designstudio. He’s one of four partners at the firm that, together, has done product design, furniture, interiors, graphic design and packaging.

Botanica reveals the time with intricate, natural shapes.

Details: Designer Svetlana Mikhailova’s Botanica clock shows the time with intricate natural shapes cut from layers of wood.

Joey Ruiter: 5 or 10 Things

After we interviewed designer Joey Ruiter, we asked him for a simple list of 5 or 10 things he likes right now.

2 or (3…) Questions for Joey Ruiter

Joey Ruiter is an industrial designer based in Grand Rapids which is literally on the opposite side of Michigan from Detroit.

OakStool is where raw nature meets fine lacework.

Details: French designer Yohan Claerbout’s OakStool is a raw solid oak stool, stencil printed with delicate lace or graphics, for an unexpected, somewhat jarring juxstaposition.

Roan Barrion: 10 Things

After we interviewed designer Roan Barrion, we asked him for a simple list of 5 or 10 things he likes right now.

2 or (3…) Questions for Roan Barrion

Roan Barrion is a furniture designer based in Canada and the creator of the Series Z lounge, a novel combination of Mid-century design cues and bent steel rod.

Self Made Furniture is literally self made, but doesn’t look it.

Details: UAU project’s Self Made Furniture (SMF) is a new collection designed to encourage and inspire people to become makers.

Dotted is based on the freely floating, dreamy jellyfish.

Details: Eindhoven-based designer Dennis Parren created several light installations and sculptures for the 2015 edition the Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne, including Dotted shown here, a suspended light of LED strips attached to a 3D printed frame.

Mood glasses dial up viewable psychedelia, no drugs required.

Details: Bence Agoston forgoes drugs to achieve viewable psychedelia, mind expanding, hallucinatory-like images with his Mood sunglasses.

Kheops’ pyramidal structure protects and sanctifies the light source.

Details: Kheops, a Beech wood & 3D printed suspended light by Belgian designer Maxime Lagny has a pyramidal structure that “protects and sanctifies the light source” claims Lagny.

BIG20, Joey Ruiter’s latest stripped down urban commuter.

Details: BIG20 is designer Joey Ruiter’s latest stripped down urban commuter for Inner City Bikes. It’s a smaller bike with smaller wheels yet it doesn’t compromise comfort, ride position or efficiency.

How people hold cups inspired the Kop handle.

Details: Designer Akiko Oue’s Kop cup handle resembles handles of a different sort, door handles. Oue observed people drinking from cups.