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Art Movements

Michael Craig-Martin, “Untitled (xbox control)” (2014), acrylic on aluminium (© Michael Craig-Martin, photo by Mike Bruce; courtesy Gagosian Gallery) Art Movements is a weekly collection of news, developments, and stirrings in the art world.

Two New Comics Memoirs Recount Tales of Coming Out and Life in Brooklyn

A page from Meags Fitzgerald’s ‘Long Red Hair’ (© Meags Whyte Fitzgerald, 2015) The title pages that break up Long Red Hair, a richly drawn comics memoir by Canadian artist and writer Meags Fitzgerald, do so according to personal milestones that materialized during specific years.

Newly Discovered Photographs Show an Abstract Expressionist Thanksgiving

Artists (left to right) Hans Hofmann, Franz Kline, and Jack Tworkov at the Provincetown home of Hans Hofmann during Thanksgiving, 1958.

Some Doritos with Your Goya? Old Master Still Lifes Get an Update

“Kitchen Still Life with a Copper Cauldron, a Mortar and Pestle, a Leek, and a Gallon of Milk” (after Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin) (all illustrations by the author for Hyperallergic) With a bit too much time on my hands and a subscription to Adobe Photoshop I have been playing with an idea: what will happen to traditional still life paintings when elements from contemporary life are grafted into them?

How a Rare Judas Painting Survived the 16th-Century English Reformation

Unknown artist, “The Kiss of Judas,” c. 1460 (image via HKI Institute/The Fitzwilliam Museum, Image Library) During the Protestant Reformation in 16th century Europe, Puritan iconoclasts destroyed an estimated 97% of religious art in England during the English Civil War. Very few church paintings survived.

Keith Haring in Corn, and Other Artistic Thanksgiving Plates

Hannah Rothstein, “Damien Hirst” (2015) (all photos courtesy the artist, via This Thanksgiving, up your plating game and with some artist-inspired dishes courtesy of San Francisco-based artist Hannah Rothstein.

Rose Petal Mandalas, Queer Trauma, and Spiritually Intense Blowjobs

VIENNA — Figure 1: The artist AA Bronson invited me to make this photo essay of his two exhibitions at the Kunstvereins in Grazer and Salzburg.

The Hunt for Ideas

Happy Thanksgiving from Hyperallergic!

Thanks to artist Faith Holland for serving up Thanksgiving to Hyperallergic readers.

A Photographic Index of Illicit Objects Seized at the US Border

Counterfeit Louis Vuitton bags from Taryn Simon’s ‘Contraband’ (2010) (all images courtesy Hatje Cantz) On the cover of Taryn Simon’s Contraband is the corpse of a bird of prey, its body contorted over a nondescript envelope that was marked “home décor” and on its way from Indonesia to Miami, Florida, when it was seized at New York’s John F.

The Wonderland of Swedish Wooden Toys

A herd of Dala horses, county of Dalarna. 1890-1960. Wood. (© Roma Capitale –Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali –Collezione di giocattoli antichi, CGA LS 1692, 1985, 2223, 3355, 3363, 4417, 4581, 6835, 6836, 10140, photo by Bruce White, all photos courtesy Bard Graduate Center Gallery) From delicate dollhouses to globally recognized puzzles to small animal figurines, the vast variety of toys that have emerged from Sweden over time are more than just playthings.

Robert Doisneau’s Photographs of the Paris Natural History Museum During the Nazi Occupation

“The surprising lightness of a Peruvian mummy,” Musée de l’Homme (1943) (© Atelier Robert Doisneau, all images via Flammarion) From 1942 to 1943, with Paris occupied by Nazi Germany, photographer Robert Doisneau documented the ongoing work of the scientists in the city’s natural history museum.

A Google Doc Turns Into a Massive Open-Sourced Art Project

(image Hrag Vartanian/Hyperallergic) “MOTHAFUCKIN LIKE how cacasual,” “IS THIS LIVE????? dead Helllllo0o0o0ooo!

How Audubon Pranked a Fellow Naturalist with a Bulletproof Fish

Notebook kept by Constantine Samuel Rafinesque on a trip from Philadelphia to Kentucky, 1818. On the two pages shown are four fake fish described by Audubon: the Flatnose Doublefin, the Bigmouth Sturgeon, the Devil-Jack Diamond fish, and the Buffalo Carp Sucker.

Illuminating the Contents of Our Junk Drawers

Jil Weinstock, “Mrs. J Horwitz Crafting” (2015) (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic) We all have those drawers filled to the brim with objects we use only occasionally or keep simply for sentiment, knickknacks united only by the fact that they lie in an enclosed box.

The Freelance Educators Who Teach Children to Love Museums

Museum education in progress (photo by John Picken/Flickr) Museum education as a formalized set of practices is a post–World War II development.

In Uganda, a Performance Artist Confronts Her Privilege

Kristina Wong’s ‘The Wong Street Journal’ at REDCAT, Los Angeles (image courtesy Diana Wyenn, REDCAT) LOS ANGELES — Tired of being an internet activist, performance artist Kristina Wong left behind the comfortable safety of her armchair and computer to set out for three weeks in northern Uganda.

Fantastical Landscapes That Ripple Through Time

‘Jason Saager: Scenes from the Time Collapse’ at St. Paul the Apostle installation view (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic) I didn’t quite know what I was getting into when I opted to review the current show of paintings by Jason Saager at the Church of St.

Do Not Pass “Bo”: Archaeologists Unearth 2,300-Year-Old Board Game in China

A 14-face die for playing bo (all images courtesy Chinese Cultural Relics) Ever wonder how people passed the time before Candy Crush or Fruit Ninja?

Photography and Foreboding in 1970s Japan

Daido Moriyama “From Farewell Photography” (1970), gelatin silver print, 8 1/16 x 10 in (Tokyo Polytechnic University, Shadai Gallery, © Daidō Moriyama / courtesy of Tokyo Polytechnic University, Shadai Gallery and Taka Ishii Gallery) For a New World to Come: Experiments in Japanese Art and Photography, 1968–1979 offers an ambitious social and art history of a decade ignited by protest, shaped by global power dynamics, and visualized through new art forms.