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Weekend Jams: The Real Women of Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Q&A with the Real Woman of Philadelphia from Jenny Drumgoole on Vimeo. It all started because artist Jenny Drumgoole’s mom wanted Paula Deen to sign her cookbook.

A Pikachu Nightmare

Look, I know we usually only post “art” GIFs (whatever that means), but it’s Friday (whatever that means), so here’s the bestest, creepiest GIF I found making its way around the ‘net today.

Lower East Side Round-Up: UNTITLED, 47 Canal, and Lisa Cooley

Josh Kline’s unsettling “No Sick Days.” Image courtesy of UNTITLED. Not much connects the Lower East Side’s current crop of summer shows except maybe for a shared inclination towards some (much-needed) weirdness.

We Went to Baltimore: The Sondheim Semi-Finalist Exhibition

Install shot, and suspect gentleman, at the Sondheim Semi-Finalist Exhibition The Sondheim Prize is a pretty great deal; it awards $25,000 to an artist living in the Baltimore area, and $2,500 to each artist selected to participate in the finalist exhibition.

The Baltimore Highlights Slideshow

Wherein we discuss the highs and lows (but mostly the highs) of the art we saw in Baltimore this weekend.

Friday Links: Beuys Liquor and Rising Rents

Liquor distilled from a piece of a Beuys sculpture. Three artists did a performance where they distilled liquor out of a piece of a Joseph Beuys’s sculpture, “Fettecke.” Beuys’s widow called the performance “crap and stupid.” [artnet News] In scary, apocalypse-y news of the day, a new study says that we’re in the midst of a sixth mass extinction.

Systaime’s Eggs and Benjamins

This is getting posted because I fried up some eggs for breakfast, but after stumbling across this GIF by Systaime, I doubt I’ll feel like eating anything with a yolk anytime soon.

Starting Tonight, A Workshop for Palestine in New York

Image of “State of Palestine”, a fake Palestinian passport stamp designed by artist Khaled Jarrar, who adds the stamps to people’s passports As much as the art world hashes out “global issues” to death in exhibitions and galleries, it can seem as though it runs a pretty clear do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do policy.

We Went to Baltimore: The Sondheim Prize Finalist Exhibition

A show of sculptures by Keith J. Bauer The Sondheim Artscape Prize Finalist Exhibition: Lauren Adams, Kyle Bauer, Shannon Collis, Marley Dawson, Neil Feather, Kyle Tata, and Stewart Watson The Walters Art Museum Runs through August 17, 2014 What’s on view: The ninth edition of the Janet and Walter Sondheim Prize, a juried competition for artists living in the Baltimore region (including Washington, D.C.

Thursday Links: A Morning Medley of Tastelessness

Image courtesy of Bloomberg Businessweek Lay’s new cappuccino-flavored potato chips sound like a serious candidate for grossest food ever.

Hayden Zezula: .wav

If you had to express the serenity of the beach through just single sheet, then you would get this perfect GIF by designer Hayden Zezula.

Baltimore’s Alternative Art Fair: Mostly Alt

Baltimore Alternative Art Fair Charles Street Garage 1714 Charles Street, Baltimore, MD What’s on view: Over 15 artist-run and alternative spaces come together for a free art fair in a parking garage.

Thanks, Wikipedia: Codpieces, Syndromes, and Space

  All too frequently, we here at Art F City get pulled into Wikipedia K-holes. A page on physics and the colors of noise can link to a page on how the television works, which in turn links to a page on American Idol.

Artscape Diary: Three Days of Art Tourism in Baltimore

#Artscape2014 Every year, Artscape, the nation’s largest free art festival, descends on the city of Baltimore, erecting a mile-long tent city of mandala making, Jeep ads, a mainstage (mainly for smooth jazz), satellite art events, performances, and ferris wheel.

Buy a Jeff Koons “Balloon Dog” Knockoff for $500

Found on Alibaba, China’s biggest e-commerce site: a balloon dog knockoff, fabricated however you like.

Wednesday Links: Drones and Domino’s

YouTube video of a drone delivering domino’s.  Drones: Now delivering pizza. What else will we think of doing with our military technology?

David Whyte: Bees & Bombs

It’s late Tuesday afternoon and if you’ve been staring at a computer all day, you probably feel like spacing out.

David Zwirner’s Annual Pop-Up Bookstore is Next Week

Zwirner’s glossy pop-up book store We here at Art F City imagine our readers to get instant and profound satisfaction from glossy books filled with art, perhaps neatly stacked into organized piles.

Art Critics on the Move: ARTnews Gains More Gallerist Staff

Andrew Russeth, formerly of Gallerist. Image courtesy of MTV Re:Define. “Yes, I can confirm that I’ve moved over to ARTnews.

We Went to Chelsea: Misty Malarky Ying Yang

“Misty Malarky Ying Yang,” Ryan McNamara Artist Ryan McNamara, known for outlandish performances—from a ballet about the Internet to artists buried in dirt singing love anthems—presented his new piece, “Misty Malarky Ying Yang,”at the High Line last Wednesday and Thursday (Tuesday’s performance was cancelled due to a downpour).