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We are all immigrants and refugees

Iranian street artist FRZ has a simple and beautiful truth for the world, written on a wall in Tehran: We are all immigrants and refugees.

Biancoshock and Alice’s twist on World Heritage Sites

Loving this new piece from Biancoshock and Alice Pasquini. It’s their take on UNESCO‘s logo, and despite what UNESCO might say, there’s as much European heritage wrapped up in the current state of Syria as in the Palace of Versailles.

Hanging with mobstr

Another fantastic piece by mobstr. Context is king. First of all, how did he install this piece? But also, what a great spot for it!

Student loans, probably something worth fretting over

Don’t Fret has a graduation gift for the class of 2016: A reminder of the crushing debt that will likely follow many of them for decades.

Something to reflect on in France

Wow. Ekosystem, probably my favorite European street art blog, drew my attention to this piece on the beaches of Northern France.

GoddoG latest murals in Cambodia and France

Phnom Penh, March 2016 for the “Cambodia Urban Art” Festival. Goddog is a French artist from Avignon, well-know medieval city in southern France.

Meeting of Styles Melbourne 2016

Meeting of Styles Melbourne 2016 A few weeks ago now, Melbourne was host for the first time to the internationally renowned Meeting of Styles events.

Can you copyright graffiti? We’re about to find out

Rime’s artwork (left) and a suit by Moschino (right) Last year, the fashion designer Jeremy Scott quite obviously appropriated artwork by Rime for a capsule collection with the brand Moschino.

Placement makes perfect

Os Gemeos in Milan. Photo by Os Gemeos. It’s no secret that good placement can make or break a piece or street art or a mural.

Saving Banksy? A film about taking street pieces off the wall

Still from Saving Banksy This week, a curious film will premier at the Nashville Film Festival: Saving Banksy, a documentary about the legality, politics, and ethics of removing street art from the street, and what happens once you have a giant unauthenticated Banksy sitting in your garage.

Murals for Bernie Sanders

Nick Kuszyk’s Bernie Sanders mural in Greenpoint. Photo courtesy of Nick Kuszyk. Are you feeling the Bern?

From Bumfights to #BlackLivesMatter, Indecline exploits it all

Still from Indecline’s #BlackLivesMatter: Hollywood film Indecline, the street art collective known for their Rape Trump mural and the world’s largest illegal graffiti, are back at it with a #BlackLivesMatter-themed piece.

Bologna street artists support Blu with an exhibition on the street

Nemo on Bologna Street artists in Bologna, Italy are taking to the street in support of Blu, who recently organized a mass-buffing of his murals in Bologna.

Philadelphia kicks of spring with new ad busts

Joe Boruchow. Photo by Conrad Benner. Spring has sprung in Philadelphia, and the local street art community seem to be celebrating with new ad takeovers in the city’s bus shelters.

John Fekner on Blu, Bologna, and the nature of street art

Once the site of a mural by Blu in Bologna, now buffed by Blu and his team. Photo from Last week, we covered Blu‘s protest in Bologna, where he and a team of helpers buffed out all of his murals in the city (and some now face legal issues as a result).

David Choe on the beauty of Banksy’s anonymity

Banksy’s work in Bristol “Are you an asshole?” That’s the question David Choe asked last week in an essay (which is very NSFW) on his blog.

The Grey Revolt: Blu and friends return Bologna’s walls to the public, with buff

Blu’s work being buffed in Bologna, Italy Fuck the buff! Fuck the theft, love the buff! Because Bologna’s wealthiest citizens and the powers-that-be cannot be trusted with street art, Blu and a crew of volunteers are in the process of buffing all of his murals in Bologna, Italy.

Scope in 30 minutes, a review

Emoji as Instagram-able art at Scope It’s Armory Week, which means there is a seemingly endless parade of art fairs happening in New York this weekend.

Not a mural

Icy and Sot in Los Angeles. Photo courtesy of Icy and Sot. Pow! Another mural. Wow! So beautiful. But those decorative canvases-on-walls by globe-trotting muralists have been clogging up all my feeds lately.

Hanksy’s (bowel) movement trolls Trump

Hanksy outside of a polling place in South Carolina. Photo courtesy of Hanksy. Today is the South Carolina Republican primary.