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600 climate change ad takeovers blanket Paris

Paul Insect This past Friday in Paris, over 600 posters by more than 80 artists and designers were installed in bus shelters managed by JCDecaux.’s Street Art Project, curated by Vandalog

In December, an eclectic set of seven prints and editioned works from some of the world’s most interesting street artists will go for sale on…

Saying goodbye to Vandalog contributor Laura Patricia Calle

This week, we at Vandalog lost a friend and colleague, as well as one of the most promising (and already accomplished) public art advocates in the United States.

In Paris, Andreco illustrates the science of climate change

Detail of CLIMATE01 by Andreco Andreco completed a beautiful mural in Paris in the run up to the COP21 conference on climate change, which starts next week.

Labrona’s roots: Trains, back alleys, and friends

Labrona and Mathieu Connery. It’s hard to not come back to Labrona‘s art. Not only because he is one of my favorite street artists ever, but also because he is one of those who continues to create the same way he has created since the beginning, year after year, for him, on the streets, on trains, with his friends.

Helping people is complicated, especially if you’re a famous street artist or an art collector

28 Millimeters, Women Are Heroes. Action in Kibera Slum, General View, Kenya, 2009. Photo by JR. Helping people is difficult.

Has street art “sold out and gentrified our cities”?

The entrance to Wynwood Walls in Miami, Florida. Photo by Osseous. Earlier this week, the online street art community was abuzz about an article by Rafael Schacter for The Conversation, From dissident to decorative: why street art sold out and gentrified our cities.

Only hours left: Swoon’s Kickstarter Campaign

I don’t have much to add to that video other than to say this: Both times I’ve worked on with Swoon, it’s been life-changing.

Street art tackles the crisis for migrants

A still from DE-FENCE. Image courtesy of DE-FENCE. Earlier this week, two very different pieces of street art landed in my inbox within half an hour of each other.

Returning from an accidental hiatus

Michelle Angela Ortiz installing a piece for the Cit of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. Vandalog has been silent for about a month.

Tour in the Bay with Troy Lovegates

Zio Zegler. San Francisco, SoMa. “Travel broadens the mind.” Well I really hope that’s true! I had the chance to spend a few days in the Bay area, which gave me another opportunity to continue my favorite activity: urban exploration.


Because it’s 1am and I’ve spent the better part of my night scheduling tweets and Facebook posts, I thought I’d just very quickly share this latest piece by Fra.Biancoshock.

Dismaland: Teenage dream world

Dismaland closes on Sunday, but I’m a slow writer, so I only just finished my review today. Check it out on Hyperallergic.

Connecting street and studio

One of the most common questions I get from people outside of the street art world is some variation on “How do street artists show in galleries?

Dancing in the street with London Kaye

London Kaye, whose work I would usually ignore because it is more boring and derivative than The Cleveland Show, has become an accidental symbol for street art’s role as a gentrifying force.

Interview with Goon Hugs

Goon Hugs Stickers – Photo by Goon Hugs Melbourne has always had a healthy and organic sticker culture, whether it be writers with their slap tags, or the little street art characters and slogans adorning the backs of street signs, rubbish bins; actually anything with a surface that takes to a sticker.

Shepard Fairey on art, politics, and being a role model

Photo courtesy of Jacob Lewis Gallery As the leading American street artist and one of the country’s most recognizable graphic designers, Shepard Fairey himself needs no introduction.

Hyuro and Space

Photo by Marco Tani Today, I want to highlight two recent murals by Hyuro that I am completely in love with.

It’s not the size, it’s how you use it

In this era of monumental murals, it can be easy to forget that bigger isn’t always better. In a series of new wheatpastes, WK Interact has taken to the doors of New York City.

An Italian in the Big Shiny Apple

1 Gram by Nemo’s. Photo by Jaime Rojo. Two of the most provocative murals painted in New York this summer come from Nemo’s, an Italian street artist on his first visit to NYC.