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An Italian in the Big Shiny Apple

1 Gram by Nemo’s. Photo by Jaime Rojo. Two of the most provocative murals painted in New York this summer come from Nemo’s, an Italian street artist on his first visit to NYC.

The doldrums

Wheatpaste by ND’A in Philadelphia This quote from Dave NoLionsInEngland seems important to share: “It has been a while, street art has been mired in the doldrums.

We’re going to Dismaland

The view from inside of Dismaland In case you’ve been living under a rock… Banksy’s next major project has arrived: Dismaland.

Organizing street art – what for?

Example of illegal street art in Tartu by MinaJaLydia. Photo by suur jalutuskaik. Today we have Vandalog’s second guest post from Sirla, an organizer of the Stencibility festival in Tartu, Estonia.

Largely self-promotional link-o-rama

stikman in Philadelphia Apologies that this particular link-o-rama is full of self-promotion and conflicts of interesting, but I do think these are all interesting projects and I hope you do too: It takes a lot to get my excited about a mural festival, but this year’s Wall\Therapy in Rochester, NY looks great.

Exploring cities with street art (de)tours

Found on the deTour “CBD Street Art At Night: When Street Lights Become Spotlights” Editor’s note: Recently, CDH has been teaching a fantastic class about street art at the University of Melbourne.

Sabe KST officially has the best blackbook, and here it is…

For me, one of the most interesting writers in contemporary graffiti is Sabe KST. I have to give Faust credit for really turning me to on Sabe’s work, although I doubt that Faust realized he was introducing me to a writer whose work perfectly matched up with what I’d been interested in seeing from contemporary graffiti.

Saber: Bull in a china shop

“TOO MANY NAMES” by Saber at the Long Beach Museum of Art. Photo courtesy of Saber. Last month, “urban contemporary art” came to Long Beach, California.

It’s the law link-o-rama

Chip Thomas aka Jetsonorama mural in Bushwick. Coincidentally, today’s links all revolve around the law… It looks like Starbucks ripped off Maya Hayuk‘s work, and now she’s suing.

One year inside the mural machine

Murals and graffiti in Philadelphia. One year ago today, I started a job at the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.

Live a little on Coney Island

eL Seed. Photo by RJ Rushmore. Last Sunday, I visited Coney Island for the first time. I was there to see The Coney Island Art Walls, Jeffrey Deitch‘s latest mural project.

Exploring Ghent with Chris Dyer

Bue the Warrior and Chris Dyer In early spring, I had the chance to meet up with Chris Dyer in Ghent, Belgium, while he was visiting the family of his wife, the lovely Valerie.

Fra.Biancoshock invades Facebook’s walled garden

On any day, Facebook might have thousands of potential stories to show to any given user, of which that user will only ever see a handful.

The bots are coming for your tweets

The profile page for the Twitter bot @anagramatron. It’s no secret that Twitter bots can be pretty entertaining and/or confusing.

Sharing Inspiration: Noxer for Frontal Labotomy at Tender Trap

Lance de los Reyes. Photo by Darryl Nau. Since reopening in Greenpoint, Tender Trap has hosted an ongoing series of shows curated by Andrew H.

How many street artists can Hyundai rip off in 30 seconds?

Screenshot from the Hyundai ad Major hat tip to Ian Cox for coming across this one, as well as Caroline Caldwell for alerting me to Ian’s find and for research help.

The story behind this crazy Tod Seelie photograph

Tod Seelie is one of my favorite photographers, and his recent book is something that I seem to take off the shelf and show to just about anyone who stops by my place.

Sunday link-o-rama

“the beauty of un-advertising” by VladyArt in Catania, Italy Got a few things that caught my eye recently, so I’m going back to the old link-o-rama format for a day: A group of anonymous artists installed a bust of Edward Snowden at a park in Brooklyn, but the piece was almost immediately taken down by the city.

#RexisteMX and the radical distribution of protest art

#RexisteMX, an anonymous collective of Zapatista-trained activists with a focus on using street art may at first appear to be your standard street artists with a political message, but that’s not quite right.

A bucket of black paint in the heart of Mexico

Censored mural by Ericailcane. Photo by RexisteMX. Editor’s note: This is a guest post from the anonymous artist/activist collective RexisteMX.