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Marni Kotak Turns Giving Birth Into Performance Art

The Birth of Baby X, 2012 digital video, color, sound 4 minutes 30 seconds Marni Kotak, “Surviving 6 Karpas (Beth Israel Psych Ward)”, 2014, photographic plaque, 40 x 24 inches (detail) All the Meds I Took Marni Kotak is off her meds.

Palestinian Artists Transform Photographs Of Rocket Explosions Into Powerful Human Images

Image credit: Belal Khaled Image credit: Tawfik Gebreel Image credit: Bushra Shanan Images and news of the Israel-Palestine conflict have been circulating media for a few weeks now.

Kanye West And Spike Jonze Collaborate On Short Film “We Were Once A Fairytale”

Although We Were Once a Fairytale (2007) begins slowly, with Kanye West stumbling drunkenly around a nightclub, the short film offers strange but rare insight into the celebrity/artist/god’s psychological complexes in a totally strange and successful way.

Silly Pendants Transform Women’s Breasts Into Site-Specific Art Installations

The goal of Japanese designer Takayuki Fukusawa’s work is “to create things that make people say , ‘he made another ridiculous thing.’” And that he did.

Installation Takes Visitors On A Nocturnal Stroll Through An Enchanted Forest

  Latest installation by Montreal-based media and entertainment studio Moment Factory invites visitors to explore the illuminated paths of an enchanted forest in Québec, Canada.

Abstract Paintings Created With The Help Of Larvae

Emil Lukas doesn’t actually paint, and half the time he has larvae do it for him. The Pennsylvanian artist’s recent exhibition at Sperone Westwater Gallery was comprised of two bodies of work: one of paintings made entirely with fine thread, and the other artworks with many layers of larvae trails recorded in ink.

Damon Casarez’s Poignant-Yet-Hopeful Photos Of Moving Back Home After College Because Of Debt

Mikey Billings, 29, Statesville, N.C. Degree: B.A., Film studies, Full Sail University Career Goal: Film or music industry Current Job: Working part time at a malt shop Student Loans: $80,000 Annie Kasinecz, 27, Downers Grove, Ill.

Sophie Kahn Uses 3D Scanners To Capture And Cast Fragmented Women

Sculptor Sophie Kahn has merged new technology with old to haunting effect in her sculptures of incomplete women.

Jaimie Warren’s Playful Pop Culture Selfies Subvert The Form’s Perceived Vanity

Self-portrait as Pretzel Rod Stewart Self-portrait as Lasagna Del Rey Self-portrait as woman in Les Demoiselles d’Avignon by Pablo Picasso Self-portrait as Yoda in L’admiration by William-Adolphe Bouguereau Selfies are a ubiquitous mode of self-expression.

Nancy Rubins’ Transforms Children’s Playground Toys Into Large-Scale Explosive Sculptures

NANCY RUBINS ‘Our Friend Fluid Metal’, 2014. Aluminum, stainless steel, 204 x 500 x 281 inches, (518.2 x 1.270 x 713.7 cm).

The Carved Photographs Of Michel Lamoller Reveal What Lies Beneath

In his series “tautochronos”, German artist Michel Lamoller takes multiple photographs of the same place at different times, then prints and layers them, physically carving them into one image, sculpting two-dimensional space into three-dimensions.

Immersive Installation Fills A gallery With Over 20,000 Translucent Flowers

New York City-based design studio SOFTlab combines technology and craft with an installation titled We Are Flowers.

Words Leap Off The Page In 3D Calligraphy Art By Tolga Girgin

Considerably ancient art form of calligraphy is brought to new dimensions by Tolga Girgin, a Turkish electrical engineer by trade and graphic designer by heart.

Tom Phillips’ “A Humument”: An Ongoing Transformation From Forgotten Victorian Text To Colorfully Illustrated Digital Oracle

British artist Tom Phillips released the first edition of A Humument in 1970. To create this stunning book, Phillips illustrated and/or collaged each page of a found Victorian text - WH Mallock’s A Human Document - leaving parts of the original text exposed and uncovering a new story line with a new protagonist named Bill Toge, whose name appears only when the word “together” or “altogether” appears in Mallock’s original text. Of the text and his project, Phillips says,”It is a forgotten Victorian novel found by chance …I plundered, mined, and undermined its text to make it yield the ghosts of other possible stories, scenes, poems, erotic incidents, and surrealist catastrophes which seemed to lurk within its wall of words.

Michael Craig-Martin’s Wall Paintings Transform Everyday Objects Into The Extraordinary

Michael Craig-Martin has been creating art since the 1960s. His wall painting installations from the 1990s and 2000s feel current with their bright colors and flat appearance, but some of the items in the paintings, ubiquitous at the time they were captured, are now relics.

Jewelry Collection Featuring Dust Particles Disintegrates And Decays Over Time

A jewelry collection by Icelandic designer Ágústa Sveinsdóttir explores the transience of all earthly pursuits by incorporating one unusual material, dust.

Kevin Corrado’s Human Limbs DippedIn Paint Cleverly Play With Landscapes

In the photographic works by Kevin Corrado, human limbs and objects intersect with the landscape. They are painted over, dipped, and blend in the with the horizon line.

An Interactive Building That Changes Colors Depending On Your Perspective And Time Of Day

Rob Ley – May September from Urbana on Vimeo. Founder of Los Angeles-based architecture and design studio Urbana, Rob Ley has yet made another venture into the world of interactive architectural installations.

Nastasja Duthois’ Embroidered Silhouettes

Artist Nastasja Duthois creates large installations and small-scale embroidered artworks that explore aspects of shadow and negative space.

Brendan Fitzpatrick’s Photographs Of X-Rayed Toys

Australian photographer Brendan Fitzpatrick’s X-ray photographs expose the inner workings of toys. Fitzpatrick’s photographs are both whimsical and mechanical, evoking the curiosity of childhood and the desire to discover how things look and work from other perspectives.