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Marilyn Myller: A New Stop-Motion Animation Made with Styrofoam Puppets and Long-Exposure Light Effects by Mikey Please

Animator and director Mikey Please of Parabella Animation Studio just released his latest stop-motion animation project, Marilyn Miller.

Isaac Cordal’s Cement Skeletons on the Streets of Mexico

Artist Isaac Cordal is well known for his creation and placement of miniature cement figures in public places around the world as part of an ongoing series called Cement Eclipses.

Sponsor // The Art of the Picture Book

Enjoy half off the online Craftsy class The Art of the Picture Book when you sign up now. Draw an illustrated story book that will delight children and publishers everywhere.

Residents of Rio de Janeiro Take to the Rooftops to Battle with Kites

For many of us, the idea of flying a kite involves stopping by a convenience store to purchase an inexpensive plastic kite emblazoned with a movie character, and heading over to the local park to launch it into the sky where it’s promptly swallowed by a tree.

This Is What Happens When You Attach a GoPro Camera to a Moving Car Wheel

Though we may be rapidly heading toward peak GoPro, and the number of unique scenarios where the tiny video camera is used to film something is dwindling, gems like these still persist.

Photographer Captures Perfect Shadow of Mt. Fuji

While climbing Mt. Fuji in 2012, photographer Kris J B managed to capture this crystal clear shot of the mountain’s shadow at sunset.

Paper Play: A New Book About the Art of Papercraft from Gingko Press

Lucie Houdkova Andrée-Anne Dupuis-Bourret Marine Coutroutsios Alexander Korzer-Robinson Geraldine Gonzalez Mia Pearlman Cecilia Levy Just published by Gingko Press, Paper Play is a new 256-page book exploring the use of paper in contemporary art and design.

Artist Hubert Duprat Collaborates with Caddisfly Larvae as They Build Aquatic Cocoons from Gold and Pearls

Trichoptera (caddis larva) building case (studio view), 1980-2000. Material: Gold, pearls, turquoise.

An Illuminated Musical Swing Set Installed at Green Mountain Falls in Colorado

Canadian design collective Daily Tous Les Jours (previously) was recently invited to bring their fantastic musical light swing installation to the Green Box Arts Festival in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado.

Mesmerizing Studio Visits with Five South Korean Master Ceramicists

Icheon Ceramics Village in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, is home to over 300 ceramics studios where artists use traditional techniques to produce a wide range of functional pottery and artwork.

Woven Sky: A Bamboo Tunnel Installation Woven Together Like a Basket by Wang Wen-Chih

all images courtesy Cave Urban Using 600 poles of bamboo and 70 radiata pine logs all harvested locally, Taiwanese Artist Wang Wen-Chih created a massive installation that served as the entrance to the Woodford Folk Festival in Australia.

Surreal Graphite Drawings by ‘Violaine & Jeremy’ Merge Nature and Humor

Violaine & Jeremy is a graphic design and illustration studio based in Paris formed by Violaine Orsoni and Jeremy Schneider.

Hidden Geometric Patterns Gradually Revealed inside Giant Chocolate Cylinder

For a major retrospective of Dutch furniture designer and architect Gerrit Rietveld, the team at Studio Wieki Somers collaborated with chocolatier Rafael Mutter to create Chocolate Mill.

Haunting Photos of the German Countryside Reveal Scars Left from WWII Bombs

Henning Rogge, “#41 (Rotterbach und Hacksiefen)” (2013), Analogue C-print, 18 3/16 x 22 inches (all photographs courtesy the artist and RH Contemporary Art) Henning Rogge, “#1 (Stolpe-Süd)” (2013), Analogue C-print, 24 x 29 1/8 inches Henning Rogge, “#54 (Altwarmbüchener Moor)” (2013), Analogue C-print, 18 3/16 x 22 inches Henning Rogge, “#58 (Projensdorfer Gehölz)” (2013), Analogue C-print, 18 3/16 x 22 inches Henning Rogge, “#66 (Mascheroder Holz)” (2013), Analogue C-print, 18 3/16 x 22 inches Henning Rogge, “#79 (Münsterbusch)” (2013), Analogue C-print, 18 3/16 x 22 inches Henning Rogge, “#83 (Beerenbruch)” (2013), Analogue C-print, 18 3/16 x 22 inches Henning Rogge, “#45 (Bulau)” (2013), Analogue C-print, 24 x 29 1/8 inches Although WWII ended almost 70 years ago, its legacy lives on: in photographs, memories and on our landscape.

New in the Colossal Shop: Wearable Cities and Stars by Slow Factory

In a novel intersection of fashion and science, New York-based Slow Factory is utilizing imagery from NASA to create lines of translucent scarves.

Makoto Azuma Uses the Stratosphere as a Backdrop For His Latest Floral Art

Last week Japanese botanic artist Makoto Azuma attempted to go where most artists only dream of going: to space.

An Architectural Canvas of Shipping Containers Painted With Greek Gods by Pichi & Avo

Earlier this month the renown graffiti duo Pichi & Avo traveled to Werchter, Belgium to create a large, site-specific installation for the North West Walls Street Art Festival.

Stunning Photo-Realistic Graphite Drawings by Monica Lee

left: the girl with glasses by Marteline Nystad | right: Monica Lee’s illustration of the photograph Malaysian artist Monica Lee is obsessed with details.

An Amazing Collection of Mechanical Singing Bird Automata

Back in 2012 we featured a brief video about a small automata that could almost perfectly mimic the song of a bird.

Colorful Street Art on the Train Tracks of Portugal by Artur Bordalo

Music Online Givin a Hand Heart Attack Less Dependence This is how we live: Online/Offline If the artwork is on train tracks, is it still called street art?