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Andre Dubosc’s Newest Animated Zoetrope Cake, ‘Melting Pop’

French director and animator Andre Dubosc (previously) returns with his latest quirky confection, a towering animated zoetrope cake called Melting POP.

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Capture the energy and excitement of travel in spontaneous sketches! Whether you have just a few minutes to jot lines, or a half hour to make a small watercolor, start depicting your surroundings in stunning sketches.

Monumental Splashes of Stainless Steel Calligraphy by Zheng Lu

Water Dripping – Splashing, 2014. Sundaram Tagore Gallery Chinese artist Zheng Lu has long been fascinated by the properties of water, from its amorphous shape when flying through the air to the quality of light that glints across its surface.

Cruelty-Free Knit Human and Creature Anatomy Specimens by Emily Stoneking

Vermont-based knitter Emily Stoneking runs an anatomical knitting brand called aKNITomy where she transforms fluffy skeins of yarn into the anatomical details of rats, frogs, people, and other creatures.

Light Appears to Drip from Trees in these Long-Exposure Photos by Vitor Schietti

For his series of experimental photography titled Impermanent Sculptures, photographer Vitor Schietti worked with fireworks and long-exposure photography to illuminate the branches and stems of trees in his native Brazil.

New Ornate Kaleidoscopic Installations That Mimic Patterned Textiles by Suzan Drummen

Meticulously placing small, ornate materials in eye-dazzling patterns Suzan Drummen (previously) produces kaleidoscopic installations that appear like three dimensional textiles. Within these pieces Drummen likes to explore how artwork can seduce and repulse, drawing the viewer in to take a closer look at the specific details that form the larger installation.

From 1975-1980 Adam Purple Built a Circular Urban Garden in New York that ‘Knocked Down’ Abandoned Buildings

Still from Adam Purple and the Garden of Eden / Harvey Wang and Amy Brost In 1975, artist and social activist Adam Purple, known for his permenant purple attire, looked out his window in the crime-ridden Lower East Side of New York City to witness two children playing in a pile of rubble.

A New Book Celebrates the 200 Most Beautiful and Innovative Cabins Ever Designed

Built as retreats for solitude and reflection, cabins are typically found in remote areas, tucked into the forest-filled corners of civilization.

Rubber Bands with a Bow: The Art of Japanese Packaging Simplified

Japanese design is often focused on adding engaging design to unexpected places, subtly nudging the audience to look twice at everyday objects from erasers to lunch boxes.

New Hand-Sculpted Clay Portraits and Illustrations by Irma Gruenholz

In a fine balance of sculpting, painting, lighting, and photography, Madrid-based artist Irma Gruenholz (previously) creates portraits and still-lifes that could easily be mistaken for 2D images found in storybooks.

Photographer Sebastian Erras Photographs the Ornate Mosaics and Colorful Tiles of Parisian Floors Through Instagram

Photographer Sebastian Erras‘s Paris-based project has only one perspective—down. This vantage however, never fails to delight as it is captures the ornate mosaics of Parisian floors, brightly patterned tiles and scenes that exist underfoot.

Scientists Discover the First Biofluorescent Reptile, a ‘Glowing’ Hawkbill Sea Turtle

No this isn’t a clip from the latest Miyazaki anime, this is the first sighting of a real fluorescent turtle.

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Enchanting New Light Box Dioramas by Hari & Deepti Tell Stories of Exploration, Travel and Adventure

It’s been over a year since we last checked in with artist duo Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panickerof Hari & Deepti, who construct elegant cut paper dioramas inside backlit light boxes.

The Nameless Paint Set: An Alternative Way of Understanding Color

As companies like Crayola dream up more inventive and brandable colors for their crayons like “inchworm” or “mango tango,” a young designer duo from Japan created this alternative way of exploring colors by doing away with names altogether.

The Mesmerizing Process of Making a Glass Chandelier from Scratch

Walking into a hotel ballroom, say, and considering a gigantic glass chandelier suspended from the ceiling, you probably fall into one of two camps: “Wow, that chandelier is totally incredible.” OR “Wow, if that fell from the ceiling it would be totally incredible.” Regardless of which camp you fall into, you’ve probably never considered the process behind creating a genuine glass chandelier from raw materials.

New Architectural Collages That Double as Visual Poems by Matthias Jung

Matthias Jung (previously) creates worlds of surreal architecture that inhabit vast photographed landscapes.

Vertical Panoramic Photographs of New York Churches by Richard Silver

Church of St. Vincent Ferrer Richard Silver (previously) has a unique way of looking at architecture, building composite photographs from several images that seamlessly reveal a structure’s interior.

Vibrantly Hued Canvas Sculptures by Artist Duo Stallman

Meticulously folding canvas and layering color, the art duo Stallman (Jason Hallman and Stephan Stum) turn a traditional painting surface on its head, using the structure of the canvas to give their works vibrant depth.

If a Tree Falls in the Forest… These Megaphones Will Amplify Its Sound

All images by Tõnu Tunnel The soothing sounds of nature have never been easier to hear after a group of interior architecture students from the Estonian Academy of Arts decided to infiltrate a nearby forest with three giant wooden microphones.